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My Alchymic Wedding

The Sacred Marriage Reified - After womanifesting his anima for 9 moonths via mantra, meditation and mutation (via estrogen intake), Orryelle Bascule (Ob) married Orryelle Defenestrate (Ob). The Childe born of this union is the hermaphroditic Baphomet. Read the report and see photos and animation from this unique Ceremony and subsequent Reception (inc. Performances)

The Global Chakra Workings

NEW: Reports and pictures from the recentGLOBAL AJNA (Third Eye) CHAKRA WORKING at Perperikon, Tatul, Starocel and the Rhodopes womb-cave, Bulgaria, June Solstice 2012

The GLOBAL VISSUDHA (Throat) CHAKRA WORKING -Saqqara and The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt Nov. '06 (Samhain full moon): Full accounts from various participants, photographs, drawings, video, transmissions.

The GLOBAL ANAHATA (Heart) CHAKRA WORKING -The 13th-Tribe Weaving at Glastonbury, Somerset, UK (June Solstice 2oo3). Accounts and images from the Ma-nifested Working...

The GLOBAL MANIPURA (Solar Plexus) CHAKRA WORKING at Uluru, Central Australia.

The GLOBAL SVADISTHANA (Navel) CHAKRA WORKING at Lake Titicaca, Peru, South America (The Svadisthana Sabbat);

GLOBAL MULADHARA (Base) CHAKRA WORKING at Mt Shasta California USA (The Tenstar Weaving );


The script, photographs and global responses from the October 1998 rituals which seeded the Global Chakra Workings (above).

The Labyrinth

Photo’s and accounts from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Labyrinth installations and ritual performances, plus lyrics from the LABYRINTH C.D.

Chakra Piercing

Theory of this unique practice, and Accounts of the first four rituals.