A Labyrinth ov Verse esrev-eR vo htnirybaL A

These lyrics and artwork are from the LABYRINTH CD. For Sample Track -'The Loom of Maya' Click Here




Hole inside me
Holy Holy Mother

Into the womb
Entrance to the Labyrinth

[Normal time slows down as the listener passes through the Labia Gateway into the vaginal passage. The journey back to the womb begins. The clock slows into the Dreamtime and becomes a heartbeat as we emerge from the entrance tunnel into the Spinning Chamber...]

Didgeridoo -Ken Forge; Vocals -Orryelle Defenestrate and Bex; Violin -Orryelle ; Samples -Syahn and Amordios Primordios; Analogue synthesisers and drum machines -Helene Henbane Hexabranchus Sanguinias and PaTrick Kavanagh; Percussion by everyone.


wheels The cycles of the Sun
And the cycles of the Moon
[Singing cups begin]

On the sacred Pentacle
Turns the Wheel of Fate
Determining our path
Within the Lemnisc-Ate
Clotho: Spin the wheel of Fate
My sisters await

Turn, turn, turn
Verse, verse, verse

The wheels spin
The journey begins

Implant the seed
And what you sow
So shall ye reap
For from it shall grow
The fruit you eat"


-(Traditional Magic Circle Mantra; and Magic Square used as introduction to song, with:)

eclyc siht ecudorper esaelP
tcudorp siht eclycer esaelP

Clotho: "I'll spin you in, Begin, begin..."

Clotho spins and spins
Spins the wheel the candles flicker
Figures reel tumbling dancing crying out
Figures weaving all the screeving scrying of the mirror-wraiths of night
Banshees screaming, Griffins' flight,
Gargoylian apparitions on a mission flying to the light

Like moths to a flame
Fire under the cauldron
A broth stirred with the athame
Of the Old Ones who know what the patterns show

Take this thread and with it travel
Let your journey with it unravel

[Clotho the Spinner -the maiden, first of the Three Fates (the Moerae) -invites the initiate to spin the Wheel of Fate to determine what Elemental pathway they begin their journey on. This sets in motion the Elemental Wheels and initiates the cyclical wheel of the TARO -the Fool's journey. The wheels gather momentum and the initiate is spun into the maze.]

Samples (wheels) -Amordios; Spinner Voice -Zya ArKane; Vocals -Orryelle and Bex; Guitar -Zoid; Violin -Orryelle; Percussion and sound effects -PaTrick and Helene.


[This piece had to be left off the LABYRINTH CD due to space limitations (74 mins!); but the lyrics are included here anyway...]

The forest has a mind
It's branching ideas form the Labyrinth through which we wind
The paths withwhich we divine
The flux of borders indistinct 'twixt space and time
Instinctual invocations on the line
Between the realms
And so we sink and delve
In cracks between the worlds
And paths between the scenes
Which weave the interactions of the actions and the dreams
The threads withwhich we sew the seams
In the fabric of realities expansive
On a quest for questions to our answers?

Imp-plant a mantra in the soundground

Intense intent
Intentions bent
And bennnnding yet
To form a loop
A reel, to spin
Till we take out
What has gone in

...The broth of psycho-tropic plants
Til Atropos cuts what Clotho implants
And we look back as we advance
Around and around go the sounds we incant


Osiris, Father of us all, Link us with the Force of Fire
Sire of the will to live, protector of your children,
Charge us with the will to change
(Elemental invocation written by Nema)

Hephaestus, Hestia
Kali, Kali,
Babalon, Baal
Oduadua, Oduadua
Kundalini writhing
Writhing and rising

Vocals -Bex, Orryelle; Piano-Discordion -Ebon Bowtell; Violin -Orryelle; Percussion -Orryelle.


Fire inspires me
Water lulls me
Water lulls what Fire inspires
Fire ignites what Water calms
Fire is my pyre and Water my balm
Fire ignites what Water divines
They spin together in the ether of rhyme
Fire is energy, Water is time

Fire leaps and Water ... waits
Water spawns what Fire creates
Fire flickers and water streams
Fire spins and Water weaves
Fire manifests what Water dreams
Fire and Water at war make steam
Yet in heat and moisture all things are conceived

Guitar, violin -Orryelle; Vocals -Orryelle, Bex; Samples -Patrick


[The condensation from the steam at the end of the previous track forms drops, then trickles...]

Drip drop, drip drop
Tick tock, Tick tock...

Are you clockwise or are you
Tock tock tock tock tock tock...
If you hear too many tocks you'll getIn-tock-sicated, In-tock-sicated, In-tock-sicated
A constant ticktickticktick makes you constantickpated
I would rather be sync o p ate d
Ticktockticktock, Dripdropdripdrop...

I hear water dripping
I hear clocks a-ticking
I hear water dropping
I hear clocks a-stopping

I hear water dripping
I feel my mind is slipping
And I know I have no reason to feel this way
I have no reason, I have no reason
I need no reason, I need no reason
I just feel my Way

I hear water trickling
I feel feeling tickling
Sometimes when you don't know what is real
You have to stop thinking and just feel
Close your mind and open your heart
Lock up logic ... and let loose art

Isis, Mother of us all, link us with the Ways of Water.Fierce as the tigress, subtle as the flow of ocean,Flood our hearts with love.
[Elemental invocation written by Nema]

Water's flowing, water's flowing,
I don't know which way it's going...

Isis, Is Is,
This is the tune of Neptune
This is the song of the siren
Hymn to Hathor,
Naiads and Nereids
Undines under the Ocean

Let your words all wash away
In the em-ocean let them play
Let your words all washsh away
In thbldagbn dfdfgblg blg blg mbllblglmnn
Ah... ...

Guitar, violin -Orryelle; Vocals -Orryelle, Bex; Samples -Amordios; Synths, percussion -Patrick and Helene.


[Each of the four Elemental pathways, with lyrics interwoven, converge on each other at the Crossroads of the elemental/aeonic Caduceus. The web they form via spatial (represented with stereo and volume) orientation is the warp and weft of the Loom of Maya]

Vocals -Orryelle; Other instrumentations as credited on each Elemental Pathway (fire, water, air and earth).


[Each Elemental Path eventually spirals into the centre. The chanted names of tail-biting serpents of timemit spiral in opposite directions to transport us beyond time via an aural double-helix]

Are you clockwise or are you
Are you clockwise or are you
Come dance widdershins with us

Bes, Universal Ancestor, Link us with the depths of space
Smallest of the Gods, borderline of energy and matter,
Anchor us in the uncertainty of being
[Elemental invocation written by Nema]

Journey with me to the centre of the Medicine Wheel
Follow me there where your spirit can heal
Where all the shadows melt
Where all is known and felt

Oroboros, Oroboros, Oroboros...
Tiamat, Tia-Maat, TeyaMayet, T(he)-I-am-at...
The continuing tale of the snake which eats its own tail
I hope I haven't got far to go because I've got vertigo

The learnings of the shaman and the yearnings of the Way I feel
Lead me to the centre of the Medicine Wheel
Where sex is a hex * and every dream is real
Journey with me to the centre of the Medicine Wheel
Follow me there where your spirit can feel

*['hex' originally meant a glyph, rune or spell and had no negative connotations]

Vocals -Orryelle, Bex, Helene; Guitar, Bass -Orryelle; Synth -Patrick; Samples -Patrick, Orryelle


[In the Centre Initiates meet the Weaver, Lachesis, mother aspect of the Three Fates, who weaves their threads into the Web of Fate.]

Spiels of thread, Threads of spells
All weaved into the wondrous webs
All a part of the flow and ebb
The hoops and wheels Spun and reeled
The loops and spools Strung and spieled

Into the Web of Fate
For She is the guardian of the second gate
Mother, And the Crone awaits

Soft webs, gossamer webs, webs of finest silken strands
Wound and bound with the Weaver's hands
Wind-blown webs, wind-swept webs,
Lines of Life, Cords of Power
Fasten together in this quickening hour
Threads of tales, tales of threads
All weaved into the wondrous web
Into the Web of Fate
In the Loom of Maya
For She is the Weaver and the Cutter awaits
You have passed the second Gate

The threads are drawn together
A matrix matted of matter and ether
Spun from threads of tales and tricks,
>From twists and turns of Fate inwhich
Different lifelines converge
Mesh and merge
Binding, winding, dividing, divining
..In the Web of Fate
In the Loom of Maya

Delicate webs, in-tric-ate webs;
Binding webs, Bonding webs, warm webs, wet webs, gentle lapping sticky webs...

Guitar -Zoid; Violin -Orryelle; Double bass -Alex; Vocals -Orryelle, Bex



3 Fates
{The Three Fates merge into a kama-kali formation, triple-headed and eight-limbed. They become a single Goddess -Kali, Hecate, Urdu, Orchill or Arachne.
The Ancient Greek tale of Theseus vs the Minotaur is an esoteric key to the hidden existence of Arachne, the 13th sign of the lunar zodiac which was suppressed by the Christian patriarchy. The Arachne birth-time is the second half of Taurus (half a bull -the Minotaur) in the solar zodiac and the first half of Gemini (half a pair of twins -Theseus). These two meet in the centre of the Labyrinth, Arachne's web.
Thus the merging of the Three Fates heralds the meeting of the Initiate as Thesea/Theseus with the Minotaur, their animal self, the beast within, and also their anima or animus, the other gender within. These aspects are after a struggle re-integrated. Aeonically, the re-union represents the double currents of Horus and Maat (the twins) merging into Baphomet, the Hermaphrodite. }

Spinner, Weaver, Cutter,
Maiden, Crone and Mother
The Three Fates converge,
Energies spiral and surge and soar
As Thesea/Theseus meets the Minotaur

Thesea(s)/Minotaur: 'Who are you?'
'Who am I?'
'I am you'

'In Lakesh' (Mayan proverb meaning 'I am another yourself')

[The Initiate (Thesea/Theseus) 'dies' in the tomb/womb, his peaking heartbeat (increasingly audible since the Spinning Chamber) stops.]

Vocals -Orryelle, Bex; Drum machine-Amordios; Metal percussion , drum and electric guitar-Orryelle; Samples -Amordios, Patrick, Tony Sawrey; Piano-discordian -Ebon; Panpipes -Zain; Drum-kit -Louie Burdette; Heartbeat sequenced by Marcus .


Click HERE for more information about the Chakra Tones and audio of them being chanted.

We 'are divided for love's sake,
For the chance of union' (-from A.Crowley's Liber AL vel Legis.)

Ohhh [Muladhara/Base]
Ooohh [Svadisthana/Navel]
Aaahhh [Manipura/Solar Plexus]
Ayyyy [Anahata/Heart]
Eeeee [Vissudha/Throat]
Mmmm [Ajna/Third Eye]
Nnnggg [Bindu/Back of Skull]
Ohhh [Sahasrara/Crown/Universal Base]

[8 different vocal tones, one for each chakra, one on each note of the C major scale, as the spirit of the slain Minotaur ascends the spiral stairwell to Caer Arianrhod; the magickal singing Cups of the Sun and the Moon interweave over these chakra tones from left to right speakers to form an aural Caduceus, representing the rising Kundalini]

Vocals -Orrryelle, Bex, Zain, Zya, Ken, Mitch; Singing Cups -Ken and Zya]


The winds they blow and the tides they ebb
And Arachne ascends Her wondrous web
In the 13th hour She assumes Her power
On the 13th day of the 13th moon
In the 13th hour She has come to devour
With dementia to the tune... of...


>From Shamanic to Religious through the Aeons
And now we're leaving the Rationalist Aeon
As we go into the... ...


Baphomet, IO Pan, Shiva-An/Shakti
The Horned One Reborn
Hermaphroditic and three-Horned
The Marassa united
Black-winged, cloven-hooved and second-sighted
Kanacheta, Kanacheta
Atum, Atum, Atum
Manic Panic/ Yonic Sonic
Fuck the Patriarchy
Fuck the Matriarchy
Let's just have An-Archy
This is the Age of the Horned Childe

[The Marassa are the sacred twins in the Voudoun tradition. Kanacheta is Ouranian Barbaric for the Horned Hermaphrodite, Baphomet -the modern incarnation of Pan. Shiva-An is the Horned form of the creator deity of the Hindu pantheon, hermaphroditic when united with Shakti. Atum is the hermaphroditic creator deity of the Egyptian pantheon.}

Vocals -Orryelle, Bex, Helene; Drum machine, Samples -Amordios; Guitar, violin -Orryelle; Drumkit -Louie Burdette.

CRUX ov the CRAX

[The Initiate's thread is cut by Atropos, Crone of The Three Fates, who ushers them into the Mirror Chamber containing the Spiral staircase, to reflect infinitely in the transition between death and rebirth]

Drum-machines, Samples -Amordios;
Vocals, violin -Orryelle


[Each of the four Elemental pathways, with lyrics (see homepage) interwoven, split from each other out from the Crossroads of the elemental/aeonic Caduceus] Vocals -Orryelle; Other instrumentations as credited on each Elemental Pathway (fire, water, air and earth).




Horus, elder brother of us all, link us with the Arts of Air
Hawk-headed warrior lord, liberator of your siblings,
Free our minds with winds of change
(Elemental invocation by Nema)

Sylphs and Will-O-the-wisps
gossamerGlossolalia spksqpefscvecsdkjspefosdjdfdfsdapdssq... ...

Inhale a mantra
Exhale a mantra
Inspire a mantra
Expire a mantra


Vocals - Orryelle, Bex, Zain, Mitch, Ken, Zya ; Panpipes -Zain.


..Nuit... Samples/synth -Patrick; Vocal -Bex


Maat, elder sister of us all, link us with the energy of Earth.
Lady of the scales of justus, Dancer of the mask of balance,
Unite us in shared work.
(Elemental invocation by Nema)

The driads rise from the bark
The druids rise from the dark
Cernunnos, Cernunnos come unto us
Kokopelli, Ceridwen, Demeter,
Pan Pangenitor,
Coatlicue, Gaia, Gaia


Didgeridoo -Ken; Chanting -Sol Nygir and Orryelle; Rocks -Helene; Giggling Gobbling Goblins -Orryelle, Helene; Drum -Orryelle; Synth -Patrick; Samples -Syahn, Amordios


[ROTA chant and magic square from Spinning Chamber re-versed with:]

Please recycle this product
Please reproduce this cycle

Re-verse re-verse re-verse
Re-turn re-turn re-turn

Credits the same as ROTA in the SPINNING CHAMBER.


[Back out through the vaginal passage to be Reborn from the womb of the Labyrinth, with the anima/animus/animal-self reintegrated]

Credits same as for ENTRANCE, plus the live birth by Zya Arkane of LilGimel Iannu Syzygy Arkane...

Firewebs photo (c)99 Jethro, Other Images and Words (c)99 Orryelle Defenestrate.
Music (c)1999 Musicians as credited

Mixed and Engineered by PaTrick Kavanagh at St Peters Studios (Sydney) -(02)9516 2689.
Digitally Edited by Marcus Kellor (Melbourne) -(03)9482 7063

Much of the LABYRINTH C.D. was recorded ritually, jams in St Peters Studio within invocational frameworks, cauldrons with fire or water (according to the elemental theme of the piece) providing atmosphere and also live elemental sounds which can be heard on the tracks.
Then it was a gradual process of effecting, appending, mixing and editing the abundance of potential material into the conceptual parameters of the journey.


-Which was also the EXHIBITION OPENING of the Works (Painting, sculpture, installation, photography, drawing) of Orryelle and dolls of Innana -was wonderful fun. This Launch (27th July 99, Melbourne, Aust.) featured Performance by
METAMORPHIC RITUAL THEATRE CO. choreographed to Tracks from MUTATION PARLOUR's new LABYRINTH C.D., plus live music by Tardis and a lustrous BANQUET at SUBTERRAIN Performance Cafe

Heidi as Atropos, Cutter (Crone) of the Three Fates.
This photo has not been digitally effected!

Left -Jesse as Clotho, Spinner (Maiden) of the Three Fates

The ritual performance at the CD launch/exhibition opening was well-documented, as can be seen from the stills (well they were still til I put them through the .gif animator program!) now on this page. There will be extracts from the digital video footage on this site soon...

The Crowned and Conquering Child
-Horus (played by Evan Flux) becomes the Sun God of the New Aeon, while Maat (Kali Foster) weighs the heart of the slain Osiris against her Feather.

Mummified Osiris is granted safe passage through Amenta (the Egyptian Underworld).

The SUBTERRAIN PERFORMANCE condensed the essence of the theatre of our LABYRINTH installation adapted for an indoor venue. For the full story behind these images, see the LABYRINTH pages.

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