Just as everyone began to disperse after the Handfasssting Ceremony Ra'en reminded me that the bouquet had to be thrown. We called everyone back together and warned them that the bouquet included a large chunk of bone, so heads up. It was a beautiful arrangement of flowers, including death lilies and gorgeous Waratah blossoms, procured by someone who had no conscious idea of their symbolism in relation to the Goddess Babalon whom I had invoked in the ceremony; with long-stemmed peacock feathers sticking out the top.
There was a frantic melee of people jumping up and Evan Flux, one of the bridesmaids, was the lucky (wo)man who caught the bouquet. He's probably still wondering just what this means...

After an hour or two of chilling out chatting and chai after the wedding ceremony, the guests were gathered together again for the presentation and subsequent consumption of the special wedding cake. Once everyone was present and relatively quiet, the spectacular sculptural cake was unveiled: A seven-tiered sponge and icing Tower of Babel. It had been placed upon a great boulder, as Ra'en introduced, 'The Ivory Tower [offwhite icing] which sits on the Rock of Tradition, In the Seas of Chaos.'

The cake, crafted by Bruce, had a bit of a funny lean to it. It was basically a simplified culinary model of the Tower of Babel construction built by the Balloon Co. theatre clan for their spectacular New Millenium Rite at the start of the year (click for photos and story), thus linking my wedding to that rite which began my whole Baphomet journey with eostrogen as a reifying agent. I had made a giant veve in the ashes (Ashes = 131 = Baphomet) of that great tower, of the Marassa (sacred twins in Voudoun) united at the Crossroads; and this same veve had been used as the central design for the Wedding Ceremony which had just occurred. For the Alchemical Marriage of Sun and Moon sits twixt Tiphereth (sun) and Yesod (moon) vertically on the Tree of Life, and twixt Hod (Mercury/Hermes) and Netzach (Venus/Aphrodite) horizontally. This Crossroads is the intersection between the Art/Temperance card/path and the Blasted Tower card/path. The Wedding Rite was the Alchemical Art trump exemplified, marrying sun and moon both within and without. So now this Cake ceremony coda was performed as a link through time from culmination of my journey of hermaphroditic wo/manifestation, back to its initiation at the new year Blasted Tower rite.

The seven tiers represented the seven chakras, and sticking in the top of the cake -where usually sits the little porcelain figure of bride and groom- was a makeshift Caduceus: small starling wings and tessalated diamond crystal atop a transparent pen-barrel and single-pan-pipe-reed miniature staff, wound around with two rubber snakes, one with silver and one with gold markings. These represented the serpents Od and Ob which I had married in my serpent-arm caduceus dance of the wedding rite, and the Ida and Pingala nadis which wind up through the chakras.

Once the cake had been unveiled I began to tell the tale of the Tower of Babel -of how it was built by the Babalonians in an attempt to reach the heavens, and how they sent an archer up to the highest peak to shoot an arrow off into the heavens - the Arrow of Art. As I told of the growth and increasing complexity of the Tower's structure, I placed little jelly babies along the rim of each progressive layer, different coloured ones on different layers. I explained how the people on the upper levels of the tower began to lose communications with the people on the lower levels. Each became a dgierrt system unto itself, and the dkgwer iojwvn occupants of each level stopperedjeio fj talking with each tut otherdaseg. Evenas as I nyrg babble about the babbledon about the break dgwlrtkaer downof cgaetcvcommmunicationsd commun bet weenrt the different layer s my own commmuni cationsle be ganto break dow n asdfe as I told vrtr thedvp tale... the Babblebabblebabbleonians babbledon bab elle defiv ofge found that they could no long er stand under each others linguage sdportqe. they no lvaer lunger understooded each other bruiler's words dkes and the tower's fuctions began to break downn rew toegnbd afl as... andgg Babbel Bible Babel Bubble bou bleor r bnu bibble on bun d . Asd as I spake these dribbleon drabble as I babbled on about the Babbleonians babeling onn and ass I dribbled into gossamer glossalia gibble gabbble greufdmbblmble gibberishgbitfs... others, first those who had been pre-briefed on the scenario, then random congregationistsz who caught onto the diyer idea of gobbergabble glop bewgan to drip their drop their triptrap triple trupplebubbur ston baibleihodloog hjrogs dotdkv ftngedjit into the soupy glop of clotted neolinguisticated esoteristerical terra leog noir hybrid espanol dotcom other neuron dzu bulul h'yumm Kin Znox sporeonbab elle le emit bddfdsfl rkfkeohgnasd voenvla e ckfj3dk v si binary4o6dahljsdflhg x c dlsl isp contrary egkdo chai singales thai thi amin amen freeformfrormFren Francaise fastflipbeterigibbet franchise fundaflupit gubbin est eres um moy latino eurotrash dammerweiden blended ocker ben bisted barby babelsprachen di lemisci bisci blahhbleon...

...I hadn't been sure how or even if the crowd would pick up on the idea of a glossolia babblefest but was pleasantly surprised to find the whole congregarious congregation babeling on in a blindingly cacophonous caphoconus nun nulldeblitz of corruscating lysdexic infelible grasplin linkuistication of different gibberishscapes of degenerererating occultese taxilinga spashtikundammerhagen est vold und groot ...ep

...The pitch and intensity of this rose as I made the little jelly people bif each other and fall off the tower of BibelBabble into the seas of chaos. I took the caduceus out of the top of the cake. Everyone (both those of jelly and those of flesh) was screaming and yelling drqwelling angrily in confusion and fumblmmmble fusion of different g garblediglukets...

... ... until it reached fever pitch and with a burst of rolling thunder from Amordios's sampler the lightning struck and the Tower burst into irridescent flames. A lit strip of alcohol-soaked hessian on the back of the cake allowed the conflagration to ignite as the lights went out dramatically. Struck with the lightning-stroke of realization, from Kether to Malkuth, I cried out, 'AHA!' in revelation. Then I began to babble on again, but those I babbled to now looked at me with wisdom and understanding, and while they babbled back in gibberish as incomprehensible linguistically as my own, our intent was now one of communication and understanding, so that our gestures, expressions and intonation implies the gist of what we were saying though the words were apparently nonsensical.

I did this first with the few co-conspirators with whom I had devised the scenario, then with random guests who did understand me also, proving that communication is foremost about intent, language being merely a means. The whole atmosphere calmed drastically, into a peaceful babble of confirmation and understanding, so different from the harsh conflict of confusion prior to the Tower's conflagration.

As the flames began to flicker down I looked around for a knife to cut the cake. All I could find was my decorative Bolivian athame from the altar, and this seemed most apt for it had a monstrous gargoylian face on its hilt. I raised it up as Tiamait primal serpent from the seas of chaos, saying something about chaos engulfing the Tower of Civilation. Bridesmaid Barrington yelled out, 'But I like civilization...' to which I replied, 'Me too, that's why I want to eat it!' and chomped into the first piece, then beginning to hand out slices of Babbel (with both hands and tongue).

The bassy crunch of slowed-down eating sounds rumbled rhythmically forth from Amordios's sampler and I moved over to the microphone for a live rendition of the 'Atey Ate' track from our Labyrinth C.D. while people Ate their cake. Words I had written years earlier now had new meaning in the context of the Wedding ceremony:

'Anim-ate your anima, Activ-ate animal Ate-avisms...
Insemin-ate the lemnisc-ate, Mut-ate your perception
Initi-ate, In-it-I-ate, initi-ate affinity with infinity...
Consume-Ate, Consume-ate, consumAte the marriage of the Sun and the Moon... ...'

And consumate the marriage I did, inserting the Caduceus from the top of the Tower into my urethra -consecrated years earlier as the vagina of my anima (Eye as Kteis and Kia) and progressively stretched since- so that the crystal and wings stuck out the top. The snakes I entwined around my phallus, invoking the Double-Wanded One and wo/manifesting Baphomet as in Levi's classic image. I brought myself to an implosive non-ejaculatory orgasm, sending the gnosis back in timemit, realizing then why I had received some of the 'divinatory' phenomena leading to/fro this equinoxuliuqe rite, such as the lyrics above. For what is divination after all except noitarujnoc esrever ?

But I jump ahead of myself... in linear timemit I did not consumate the marriage straight after the cake ceremony, but much later in the webwomb which that night became my bridal chamber. In the meantime there was more music, as people digested their slices of Babbel and Wren, Bel and Hiedi costumed and prepared themselves for a live performance of my Lunar Adoration


This was beautiful. With webwomb weaving as a backdrop, they danced the maiden, mother and crone phases of the moon as I narrated the verses and played violin, the lights going out on cue as the cutter cut the thread of life and the invisible dark phase ensued. At beginning/end of the cycle the three came together in choreographed triple Goddess kama-kali formation.

After the performance of Liber Qoph vel Hecatethere was more recorded music, then live music from the incubatory stages of the band HarleQuintet - Kestral's Olde Shoppe and Glittering Mournful songs, my Circus Circuit, Melek Taus and Hand of Harlequin songs, and eternal stoned jamming into the wee small hours of the morning as the Reception crowd gradually dwindled...

The next morning I produced the blood-filled caduceus- my hermaphroditic equivalent of the blood-stained sheet waved from the bridal chambers in some traditions.

The day after the marriage I experienced some extreme strife, tensions from before the ceremony built to a peak now being purged from my system. But since then I have felt whole and a deep sense of peace in my being, despite some turmoil in my outer life and relationships.

I went into a somewhat insular meditative stage for my Honeymoon, opting for my new bedroom (first home I have had in over a year, moved into just before the wedding) as the desired location. Zygoat's picture of a self-fellating figure went up on my bedroom door under the makeshift 'Just Married' sign, flowers and black and red lace wedding garter, which I'm sorry to say I just couldn't get off my thigh with my teeth no matter how hard I tried...

Synchronicity and serendipity increased in my life, magickal phenomena relating to the marriage and my whole hermaphroditic journey continuing to wo/manifest daily, ripples forward now as well as kcab from the Great Rite. Things I needed began to manifest more readily in my environment without any conscious sorcery to procure them.

I had withdrawn from the estrogen prematurely, as there was a delay in receipt of my last batch from Spain. This combined with an extreme stomach sickness caused my whole system to purge in the week before the wedding. This was extremely difficult what with preparations and all but I am now grateful for the challenge. With my outer source of animanifestation unexpectedly cut off, I had to call forth that part of myself from deep within my own being for the ceremony.

The late batch of estrogen arrived a week or so after the wedding so I decided to take it for the hermaphroditic performance rituals I had booked for the month or so after the marriage. These invocations of Baphomet and of the hermaphroditic peacock angel Melek Taus flowed well and were a consolidation and presentation of my journey before the public eye.

A final aspect of my Initiation into Womanhood came into play during this coda-like final cycle of eostrogen intake, one that seems more apt for after the self-wedding than before: -my first sexual relations with another male since I began taking estrogen (I am not attracted to many men generally). It was very different from my previous rare homosexual encounters, and was with someone who is not usually of a gay or even bisexual orientation himself. The experience has really obviated some of the changes I have undergone.
I seem to have finally got my once-rampant jealousy under control as well, something I have been working on for at least as long as I have been interested in hermaphroditism, and is intrinsically related (see Frater Achad's Liber QNA).

Watching the wedding video also clarified the changes in my being, in casual footage of me playing music, dancing etc. as much as in the more deliberate invocations of the rite -certain attitudes, nuances in my face and movement -subtle yet perceptible progressions in my evolution into a more balanced being -changes I have bound myself to and retained in the challenge of estrogen withdrawal...

When I took the last name Bascule years ago as a counterpointing alternate last name to Defenestrate, I had no idea I would be womanifesting my anima to this degree and marrying myself. And yet, now it becomes apparent why I had two last names -for the chance of union. Now I am Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule.
The red lion and the white eagle have become the white lion and the red eagle.

Above: "Fractal Self-Birth" Pen Drawing (c)2001 Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule
All my magickal work with Hermaphroditism over the last few years has culminated in this last nine moonths, progressive invocations solidifying through the layers of density as I BeCome Myself.


Words and Images (c)2001 Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

Background Music is an extract of the 'Ardhanarishvara-An' track from THE CHORONZON MACHINE CD by The HarleQuintet. Lyrics and Music (c)02 Orryelle.

An EDITED VIDEO of My Alchymic Wedding Ceremony, Reception and Performances is Available. Please Email for Ordering Information.


Tower of Babel Nu Millenium Rite, Netherlands

COMING SOON: BECOMING A HERMAPHRODITE -Notes and Images from my Eostrogen Journey