The HarleQuintet

Above: CD Front cover -The Nightside of the Tree of Life Machine with cyberfungal Tunnels of Set superimposed.

The HarleQuintet's CHORONZON MACHINE Audio CD is Available Here.

Six moonths after the Beltaine (southern hemisphere, Oct 2001) full moon production of THE CHORONZON MACHINE RITUAL OPERA, The CD was Launched on the Samhain 2002 full moon.

A large amount of audio-visual material has been launched in cyberspace to synchronize virtual with actual launch:

SAMPLE EXTRACTS from SONGS from the CD have been added as background audio (along with the printed lyrics) to the wwwebpages of strange and beautiful video stills from the original Melbourne production of the CHORONZON MACHINE Ritual Opera. To view and hear these images and sounds click on the animated ILLUMINATI COIN further down the page.

CLICK HERE NOW to Download sample track 'NAUGHT REMAINS'. Words and Music of this track (c)02 Kestral.

Back cover of the Audio CD -The Dayside of the Tree of Life Machine inverted, with tracks listed. There are several additional tracks -'Helios', 'Naught Remains'- which were not in the original Opera, and extended versions of the songs which were in it.

THE CHORONZON MACHINE CD is now available, either with Credit Card via PAYPAL or by mail order. To Purchase with PAYPAL (secure internet transaction company) for only $11 US (plus $6 postage) click on the button below:

The background audio of this HarleQuintet page now playing is a brief extract from the 'HarleQuin' track of the CD. (Lyrics and music (c)02 Orryelle Defenestrate).

Above: Sample page from the 16-page CD booklet: 'Ardhanarishvara' song lyrics with images from the Lovers Scene of the Opera and from Orryelle's Alchymic Wedding underlaid.

Ha! Ho! Nexhagus! Ho! Ha!

THE HARLEQUINTET are four magickal minstrels committed to earthing the Great God/dess ThemUsIKa (156) into audible ma-nifestat-ion.

Four minstrels? you query... Is not a Quintet a group of five? Ah yes, indeed, but the fifth is not so tangible as we! ...for we channel the elusive HARLEQUINTESSENCE from afar, calling in the distant songs of the Stars, the very milk of Nuit, via the DeMenTed derangements of Delerious, black leprecaun from Sirius, and under the not necessarily benevolent but always damn entertaining patronage of Nexhagus, avatar of freaks and mutants and Elder Jester of the Pre-Create (He is one of the Forgotten Ones, ancient atavisms channelled by Soror Nema), and sponsored by the persistent pipings of the Great God Pan, he who plays forever those melodies of Earth.

Siriusly now, as musickal mages we are dedicated to channeling the nu-aeonic double current of Horus and Maat through our music, via lyrics imbued with the resonance of Hekau (Words of Power) and inspired writings, and melodies divine derived from magickal formulae, sssussurating sonic sigils of the ChaOrder.

HarleQuintet Members ORRYELLE DEFENESTRATE-BASCULE (above left) -Violin, Vocals, Theatrical Co-ordinator- and AMORDIOS GOBBLYN-SMYTH (above right) -Samples, Percussion, Installations - have played together for many years as the third incarnation of the amorphous musical project known as MUTATION PARLOUR, underwhich name they collaborated in combination with Bex Hexabranchus and others to produce the initiatory soundscape of the LABYRINTH C.D.

KESTRAL (above) -Guitar, Vocals- has performed as a souloist for many years, mostly in Brisbane, and discovered and continues to develop the formula of ThemUsIKa.

EVAN FLUX (below) -Bass, Synths, Vocals- has played in Melbourne bands TARDIS and The Forgotten Ones, now plays and sings in Chameleon Vortex, is a co-ordinator for the ANGEL CIRCUS Arts Collective and also DJs as E.Z.FLUX.

For more Audio Samples from the CD, Images from the original CHORONZON MACHINE Ritual Opera, and Ainimation:

Put a Coin in The Choronzon Machine


EARTHDREAM 2001 JOURNALS -The HARLEQUINTET's strange adventures throught the Central Australian desert on Amordios' Gobblyn Bus

EARTHING the TUNNELS of SET -The Choronzon Machine and interactive extensions at Exodus new year '02 festival.

Text and CD artwork copyright(c)02 Orryelle, all other photographs copyright (c)02 Bonsai