is a ChaOrder Magician and Baphometic avatar somewhat obsessed with physical reification and Malkuthian manifestation. While s/he does enjoy shamanic and astral journeys via various trance techniques (occasionally inc. extreme entheogens such as Ayahuasca or fly agarics), s/he is not content to just travel to other dimensions, rather enjoying bringing back aspects of them to the physical plane.
S/he is thus constantly reburbishing hir Temple, that is the physical form seen as a malleable tool: Physical mutations as magickal acts (chakra piercing and weaving, Tattoo Tarot Tantra, etc.), Body Art, Sex Magick and Environment Sculpting.

As a vessel for these processes and others, hir Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Company presents public rituals aiming to transform rather than merely entertain the audiences - who thus be-come the initiates, sometimes being led through environmental installations (such as Labyrinths woven through the woods) while interacting directly with other characters.
Such ritual theatre is infused with universal symbology gleaned from Orryelle's studies of alchemy and comparative mythologies (especially Egyptian, Hindu, Norse and Greek).

Other ongoing outlets for expression and initiation are the ever-expanding digital archives and galleries of The Mutation Parlour; and the underlying/overflying HermAphroditic ChAOrder of The Silver Dusk, a global multicultural and multisubcultural blend of tradition and innovation.

With its emphasis on ART (in all its diverse forms) as the prime menstruum of Magick, The Silver Dusk are one of the major heirs of AOS's Zos Kia Kultus.
The Silver Dusk is a lunar, arachnean, artistic and intuitive response and counterpoint to the more solar and structured magick of the Golden Dawn and their heirs. The Silver Dusk culminates the Cosmic Day of contemporary magickal revival begun with the Golden Dawn, as a Cosmic Night unfolds...

The ChAOrder in recent years has co-ordinated group rituals at the various sacred site Global Chakras of the planet. Having performed the first six (Mt. Shasta, USA; Lake Titicaca, Bolivia; Uluru, Central Australia; Glastonbury, England; Giza & Saqqara, Egypt; and various Dionysos sites in southern Bulgaria) the work is soon to culminate at the global Sahasrara/crown chakra Mt Cook (New Zealand) in Dec. 2012.

A prolific visual and sonic artist, Orryelle finds drawing, painting, sculpture, theatre, photography, animation, verse, video, violin and voice effective ways of earthing magickal currents.

He co-developed with other ChaOrder in-it-I-ates The Choronzon Machine, a Ritual Opera and musickal-mechanical-magickal device for generating analogue fractals, is the co-ordinator of iNSPiRALink. Multimedia Press, editor of this IMPress's SilKMilK MagiZain, and created The BOOK of KAOS Tarot Deck.

One of Orryelle's current major projects is the Tela Quadrivium fourfold Alchymic Bookweb being progressively published by Fulgur Limited:
Sept.'08 saw the launch of 'Conjunctio' (the Red Book), the second volume 'Coagula' (the Gold Book) in Jan 2011 (both now sold out), and 'Solve' (the Black Book) published July 2012.

In the last decade or so Orryelle has also been involved in The Horus-Maat Lodge, channeling several double-current Libers such as Pennae-Ultim-Atum and The Book of Going Back by Night, in which HruMachis deems hir Hir prophet and scribe (well one of them!)
Other affiliations and initiations include the AdiNath and Aghori tantric traditions; S/He is also the Australian ambassador of The Dionysian Underground (and therefore the founder of the Dionysian Down-Underground).

A long-term physical mutation in 2000 was HermAphroditic reification via mantra, mudra, ritual estrogen intake (for nine moonths) and urethra-stretching, culminating in hir reified Alchymic Marriage as a WoManifest Wedding Ceremony with Self.
(Some of the changes from this process have been magickally maintained since, after estrogen intake was ceased.)

Portrait of Orryelle (c)04 Heidi Valkyrie

Bio by Nema on the Fulgur Esoterica site