-Mt Shasta

On Samhain (Northern Hemisphere) Full Moon 24th Oct 1999 a series of major group chakra-workings organized by the Order ov ChAos began with the Ten-Star Weaving at Mt Shasta in California, USA.

The essence of the working was resonance with the activation/opening of the macrocosmic global base chakra at Mt Shasta via activation/opening of the microcosmic base chakras of the 10 Initiates involved in the physical weaving, and others attending physically. There were also many participating translocally, individually and in groups, sending energy to the Mt Shasta working.

When I first arrived at Mt Shasta on a solo scouting mission and vision quest a month before the group working, I was struck by the land formations around the mountain: when you climb high enough up, you can see how they actually the surrounding mountain ranges actually seem to curve around Mt Shasta: like the earth-serpent/Gaia's kundalini coiled around the Muladhara!

The Tenstar Weaving was an intense ritual for all involved. My full account of the experience is presented with accompanying photographs Below.

Our intent was attunement to the kundalini of Gaia, thus strengthening the link between the awakening collective consciousness of humanity (termed N'aton in Maat Magick) with this planetary fire. We Are a part of the consciousness of Gaia, and this is a process of awakening/realizing/reifying this.
It is felt by many that the kundalini of Gaia-N'aton will rise/awaken by December 2012, the End of the Mayan calendar, by which time this series of global group chakra workings will culminate at Gaia's Sahasrara (crown chakra), Mt Kailas in Tibet.

The Base Chakra -Muladhara- is about survival and instinct, our basic animal physical natures. Its colour is red, it's tone, 'Ohhh' on a low C and it's bija-mantra or seed-sound is 'Lam'.

The local means of gnosis and chakra activation for this working were meditation, Ganesha (lord of the base chakra in the hindu pantheon) puja (worship), extended chanting of chakra tones, and Chakra Piercings - a powerful gnosis technique developed over the last few years. This also allowed the formation of a physical symbolic weaving between the initiates.
The perineum is the ideal place to be pierced for Muladhara, but this is impractical for the weaving -as the piercings sit underneath, it would be extremely difficult to run threads between the standing initiates. Therefore most of the piercings were done just above the genitals, with the Netzach initiate opting (appropriately to her sephiroth) for a clitoris-hood piercing.
Thread was then run between these piercings to form a ten-pointed star between the 10 Initiates.

Not all of the Chakra workings at the different Global Chakras will be physical piercings and weavings, but it was appropriate for the base chakra to have something so manifest and physical.
The weaving was conducted with extended chanting of base chakra tones and mantras by all gathered, to the accompaniment of didgeridoo.
The Rite was opened with prayers and praises chanted to Ganesha, the elephant-headed Lord of the Base Chakra and Remover of Obstacles in the Hindu pantheon. Om Ganapati Namah! Om Gam Namah!, and the creation and charging of a Muladhara mandala and Ganesha yantra as a midpoint fromwhich to begin the weaving.

The 10-star Weaving formation we performed at Mt Shasta represented Malkuth, the Base 'Kingdom' Sphere on the Tree of Life which represents physical reality and thus corresponds to the Base Chakra Muladhara.
As the densest plane, Malkuth contains all the other sephiroth or levels of existence, perceptible to varying degrees. Therefore each Initiate in the weaving represented one of the sephiroth, and the resultant 10-pointed star collectively represented Malkuth, whose number is 10, containing the other sephiroth. As well as invoking their sephiroth extensively on the day of the ritual, most of the initiates had been working with, through meditation and ritual, the energies of their selected sephiroth on a daily basis in the three weeks prior to the ritual. Regular chakra work and reiki attunements, individually and in groups, were also performed by the participants during this time.

The piercer/weaver represented Da'ath or the Abyss, who in the central position does not form a point of the Star, even as Da'ath is Not a sphere as such, but the void from which the Tree of Life forms.

There is an 11-Star Rite currently operational within the Horus- Maat Lodge, established on the 11:11 solar eclipse and Grand Cross alignment of the 11th of August 1999.
This astral (and Beyond) 11-Star formation channelled through into physical ma-nifestat-ion as the 10-Star at Mt Shasta, via the Daathian Weaver (myself) who was in both 10-star and 11-star rites to establish the interface.

The Starstone Temple has existed for several decades as an astral temple of the A:.A:. Now it is being earthed, each Sphere brought into physical manifestation at a different Sacred Site Chakra of the Earth. The exact nature of the physical manifestations is not yet known.
The overall goal of this Great Work is to advance Human evolution and Biosphere betterment by furthing the manifestation of the Group Human Species Mind to full consciousness.
These global chakra workings are star-seedings of N'aton, progressively awakening in tandem with the stirring of the Rainbow and Feathered Serpents, the kundalini of Gaia.

Frater Achad -Crowley's magickal childe who first channelled the Maat current of magick (Balancing the force and fire of the Aeon of Horus with the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice)- had a vision of the Tree of Life Imploding in the Ma-Ion to form a Sphere. This vision is now being realized via this star-seeding, in a more tangible form than Achad probably expected: The Sphere is Gaia, the sephiroth being Earthed at each of Her Chakra points in this transitional period between Now and the Omega Point of Solstice December 2012 (the 'Bindu' to which Achad envisioned the sphere-tree would eventually implode?)

The implosion 'began' when Nema, priestess of Maat, transmitted the 11-star rite, inwhich the sephiroth are arranged in a circle, abolishing the implicitly hierarchical vertical formation of the Tree for a circle of Stones/Thrones with Kether connecting directly to Malkuth. Aion, another of the founders of the Horus-Maat Lodge, opened earthly access to the Starstone Temple, an astral nexus of the A:.A:. inwhich the spheres are also arranged in a circular fashion, but with ten points and Daath central.
This Muladhara working was the ultimate result of this formation: The earthing of the Temple in Malkuth (the physical plane).

The Tenstar Weaving at Mt Shasta was a powerful expanding mandala, and it's morphic fields will continue to replicate and resonate in ever-more-intricate concentric fractal ripples.

  Already ideas and inspiration have begun to flow towards the global Svadisthana working (Feb/Mar 2000) at Lake Titicaca, South America -info about the imminent working there and how to tune in to it astrally will be online soon- now that the Base link has been activated at a Malkuth level.
>From there the energy will flow to Australia for the Solar plexus 13-tribe weaving near Uluru mid-2000, the vision ofwhich began the entire project.

JOURNAL of the WORKINGS and PREPARATIONS leading up to the 10-Star Weaving.


Photographs by Ben. There were many more photographs taken, inc. those of the completed weaving, but I have not yet received copies. When I do I will add them to this site.

Awoke Friday (22nd Oct) morning, asked Enrique the time:  11:11 -my part in the 11-star as Daath, the 11th (non)sephira.   Went over the river from Portland to Vancouver. Scanned images of 10-star weaving initiates (those I had) and emailed them across the wwweb to the various 11-star throneholders over the planet to aid their astral link-up rituals, while Trevis (Chesed in the 10-star, bringing the vision out of the Abyss into the world of form!) drove around with Two Feathers assembling the piercing equipment.
  We left for Mt Shasta later than expected, six of us in the red truck. Stopped at Hot Springs for the night. Bathed in bliss, sweating out the city. Lapse into silence, then spontaneous chakra chanting circle in rocks and pools. Ganesha puja with bubbly 'dancing' in the hot water.
  Camped, slept, continued to Shasta. Arrived just after dark (spectacular moonrise over the icecapped mountain as we drove towards it). At top carpark, unpacking, we wondered when the others (who left Portland that day) would arrive. Literally five minutes later they all pulled up!

   We went past the meadows, into the woods and set up camp. Eventually got a circle happening. Chanted chakra tones. We each took turns talking about our roles in the weaving, and discussed other things people could do who weren't sephirotic representatives.
  Mat of the Flock wanted to be Malkuth in the weaving although he hadn't been able to make it to any of the preparatory circles in the preceding 3 weeks. Some of us didn't feel like we knew him well enough yet for such an intense connection. We discussed the other option we had come up with in the last few days after Grey Wolf had to decline the position: I could pierce and weave myself into the formation at rite's end: thus the vision is Manifested from the Void (Daath -my throne in the 11*) and therefore becomes Malkuth -physical reality. This would represent the qabbalistic idea that Daath is the hole left from this Fall to earth.
  As I became a point in the 10-star, the centre of the circle/chakra formed would be emptied: there would be No-thing therein!: A vortex into which we could then pour the energy.
  This idea seemed fine and was decided on by the circle. Mat was happy to play didgeridoo and assist with the care of the sephirotic initiates -which he did in a most Malkuthian fashion!
  Besides Ben, the four remaining participants not in the actual thread-weaving were each given the bija-mantra (seed-sound) of one of the four petals of the Muladhara to begin resonating with before sleep. Vaughn was especially happy with his 'Vang' sound as all its letters are in his name! The next morning the other three petals opted out, feeling they weren't ready for this ritual or would have to leave before it was complete, so Vaughn took on all four bija-mantras, becoming the Crossroads dancer.
  So there ended up being 13 of us present for the ritual -auspicious, especially as this Muladhara working was the foundation/seeds of the proposed
13-Tribe Weaving at
the Global Manipura chakra mid-2000; (Also Enrique, Kether in the Muladhara working, has a 13-pointed Mayan star tattooed on his chest, with an eye in the centre...)

  We awoke next morning and began our individual preparations for the ritual, each wandering off through the woods to ivoke our sephiroth, do yoga, pranayama and meditation, etc. We inserted our crystals during this period -Enrique's idea of suppositories according to the mineral attributions of the sephiroth. Hilarious as I realized what a 'Malkuth' earthing of Aion's Starstone Temple this was. In his rite (also with a central Daath as weaver) astral sephirotic 'thrones' are grown out of physical stones. In the weaving, we each had our starstones 'earthed in Muladhara'!

  By the time we all gathered together (some had gone into town for lastminute supplies) it was after midday.
  The circle and discussion to consolidate the entire process of the ritual (a basic sequence with room for freeform) took hours, then we prepared all our equipment, etc. and took it down to the nearby site of the rite, a natural circle surrounded by cedars and boulders on the mountainside.
  Throughout the day Zygoat had also been doing his last Reiki attunements for those involved who had not yet been fully attuned at a previous chakrapuja circle. Mine calmed me for the necessary focus to pierce and weave.

  So we began about 4pm, rather than 1pm as originally supposed. I was rushing quite intensely as we began to weave our energy matrix through our environment. The full moon would peak soon and I could already feel energy circuits opening up all over the globe to link in to our local mandala.
  In the centre I placed a colour plate of a hindu Muladhara chakra painting, four petalled. The clay pantacle Aion had given me for the rite, with turqoise raku dye spiralling like the coiled kundalini, fitted *exactly* over the inner circle of this picture! In the centre of this was placed my tiny bronze Nritya (Happy Dancer) Ganapati, consecrated there on my previous full moon scouting mission to Mt Shasta. I had only discovered a few days before that this form of Ganesha, which I had bought upon arrival in the US, represents the activation of the kundalini in/from the Muladhara!

  I later found out that Aion, linking in astrally as Chesed in the 11- star, also placed a Ganesha figurine in the centre of the 11*
pantacle he had dug up from his garden (buried there since the first 11star rite in the early eighties), and that its green glaze had turned to a muladhara red! What a great unplanned direct link. And effective -he even perceived from Seattle that there were 9 of us in the circle (Daath central) most of the time, rather than the expected ten!

 We began with praises and prayers to the Ancestors, to the natives of the land, to the loa and the buddha and the spirits: asking them to be with us in our work.
  Ash (Binah) began to sing a beautiful highpitched and serene native american indian song, joined by those who had caught the jist of it in her earlier rendition. As we slowly began to wheel and encircle the area, others wove various traditional, hybrid and improvised chants and prayers into the aural tapestry.
I evoked Bula (child) Brahma and Shakina Devi as the deity and shakti of the Muladhara.

  The sun was bright and warm still and we were a colourful bunch, painted with sigils and dressed according to our sephira; dancing gradually faster round and round now in clouds of dust. The drum and didge grounded and spurred our voices and our movements. Ganesha mantras began and were slowly taken up by others, until we were all singing various chants and praises to the elephant-headed lord of the base chakra. I moved to the centre and drew with my 5000-year old Ekudanta (tuskquill) Draqyl shortstaff the Ganesha Yantra in the sand, branching out around the Muladhara mandala, invoking the balancing deities in each corner and petal.

The others sat around in a circle, chanting Om Gam Ganapati Namah (bass) and Om Shri Ganeshysnarah (mid/treble) and swaying rhythmically.
I did the Trihandhra Mudra to exchange the energy (via breath) between the yantra and my heart, then between the yantra and the hearts of each other initiate in the working. ('As within, so without.' -AOS.) The photograph below somehow captured this energy transferring to Zygoat (Yesod).

As the Ganesha puja ended and everyone had exchanged energy with the yantra, we chanted the 'Lam' hindu bijamantra (seed-sound) of the base chakra for a while, then each took our place in the circle as the sephirotic representatives, ready to be pierced.
  An interesting aspect of the working which came up a few days before it was that the 'righthand path' of traditional tantra uses diagrams and geometric patterns as their yantras, while the 'lefthand path' of tantra uses the human form as their yantras. Thereform by weaving a geometric mandala (ten-pointed star) physically with thread between ten human bodies, we were combining these traditions with a 'middle path' of equilibrium. The actual shape also reflected this idea in that it consisted of two pentagrams, one of white and one of red thread, interwoven. The obverse (wo/man as-piring to the stars) and a(u)dverse (goatshead -wo/man grounded in the earth) pentagrams conjoined. Duality is transcended in the connection between heaven and earth, microcosm and macrocosm. The Starstone Temple was earthed! ('Every Man and Woman is a Star' -AC)
  I scattered the juju potion Yi had given me around the circle, another connection with the ancestors and the morte for Samhain full moon (Blood Moon!).
  Enrique began the individual sephiroth invocations with full power. He used merkabah full-body mudras, strange highpitched sounds and incantations in Ouranian Barbaric to effectively represent the creative impetus of Kether.   Gaudi then spoke a verse (just one -a uni-verse?) in praise of Nuit, invoking Chokmah. Ash invoked Binah, Trevis Chesed, Amanda Geburah, Sheridan Tiphereth, Jaimie Netzach, Joshua Hod, Zygoat Yesod, each effectively and succinctly. Then I did the sign of Harpocrat, invoking Daath in a descending silence and stillness.
From this voidspace I ever-so-slowly rose to my feet and approached Kether.

We all began to resonate the low C'Ohh' tone of the base chakra, continuing this throughout all the piercings (over an hour), with each initiate chanting Godnames relevant to their sephiroth over this drone at the point which the piercing rods penetrated their muladhara region.

 The first two piercings were extremely difficult, as the jewellery did not slot into the ends of the piercing rods as snugly as with the equipment I am used to using. The result was that I had to actually pierce Enrique twice, the first being too deep for the equipment available.

The Chokmah piercing was also troublesome and timeconsuming, and I could feel the tension rise in the circle as everyone wondered if they were all going to be such ordeals!   Fortunately I quickly adjusted to the unfamiliar equipment and the rest of the piercings went smoothly.

It was incredibly intense work doing ten ritual piercings in succession, and I wonder how Phoenix handled doing thirty in a row for Pentagrammaton!

  In addition I gave each initiate a full massage of the base of their spines and surrounding area just before performing their piercings, also vibrating the muladhara vocal tone at close range into this region.   While all this occurred Vaughn moved slowly from one corner to the next of an invisible square around our circle, resonating the bijamantras of each of the four petals of the Muladhara mandala (Vang, Shang, Kshang, Sang) successively at each quarter while unfurling from fetal to fully-stretched postures like a blossoming lotus.

Though unplanned, his pace synchronized incredibly well in that almost every time he ended up doing one of these resonances directly next to and behind an initiate being pierced. Several initiates commented later on how wonderful this felt, and it certainly helped me with my work!   Amanda (Geburah) began to sway when pierced. She resisted the faint for a while, but Ben jumped in and supported her from behind, allowing her the Strength to let go and flow with it, collapsing into his frame so that we could all remain standing.

  Immediately after doing Sheridan's(Tiphereth) piercing, the halfway point of this part of the ceremony, it got too dark to see properly -sun in amenta! -and I had trouble fitting the tiger eye bead into her jewellery until Mat shone in a torch.
  As the piercing continued by torchlight it began to get cold and Ben -our photographer and a fantastic emotional, energetic and physical support for all of us- went around adding various warm clothing items to the sephirotic initiates, even lifting their legs one at a time for shoes and socks so they would not have to break the circle! We all kept our hands joined for most of it, continuing to chant the base 'Oh' tone of the Muladhara chakra in union throughout, circulating with our varied breaths the grounding tone.
  We each became quite weary but found the strength to continue, energized by gnosis to extend beyond our usual capacities of endurance, what with the cold, the extended standing and chanting, and the piercings.   I gathered a few drops of blood from the piercings (of those that bled -about half) in the little jar which had contained Yi's Juju sacrament.

  Jaimie's piercing was particularly intense as she had opted for a clitoris hood piercing rather than just above the genitals like everyone else; a choice appropriate to her throne as Netzach/Babalon. After some gentle clitoral stimulation I pushed the piercing rod through the hood easily enough. She shrieked rather intensely but I was later informed it was a more ecstatic than painful experience for her. The nature of this piercing had not been previously known by the other initiates so little shockwaves of mixed responses went around the circle.
  After Zygoat(Yesod)'s piercing I knelt in the centre for a while, resting, deep breathing and feeling the deep pulse of the earth. With a breathed 'Om Gam Ganapati Namah,' I rose again and pushed the final piercing rod through my own lower lower belly, invoking Malkuth, then pulled the ring back through and sealed it.
  The effect was instantaneous after all the intense concentration of performing the other 9 piercings. A gnosis flooded me which was somehow simultaneously very grounding and earthy, yet also carried me beyond the physical plane. I took my new position as Malkuth within the circle of ten, joining my 'Ohh' tone and hands to the others and completing the initial circuit of the Tenstar formation.
  Stepping out of the centre, I also stepped out of my role as Daath, leaving naught but a void in the middle, thus symbolically re-presenting the QBListic mythconcept of Daath being the hole/void left when Malkuth fell.
  We then filled this hole with our combined energies as the tenstar, joining hands and beginning the ascent up the chakras, octave and spectrum.   We had all been chanting the single 'Oh' tone of the Muladhara chakra on low C continuously for at least an hour by then -during all the piercings- so when we shifted up to the D note of the scale and the 'Oooo' tone of the Svadisthana chakra it was quite a dramatic shift. The visualizations turned (quite palpably for me) from red to orange.
  As it got darker and colder Mat Ben and Vaughn built two large blazing fires near the circle, piling up rocks behind them to reflect the heat onto us. Thank you, wonderful helpers!
  After 5 breaths and intonations of the Svadisthana tone we moved up into the D note and blossomed into the very extroverted golden solar 'Aahh' Manipura tone, 5 long intonations, shift, and so on upwards until we reached the high 'Ohh' of the Sahasrara. The feeling at this point was one of pure rapture, connectivity to all life on the planet. I sprinkled rose petals lightly on everyOne's  heads.

  On the way back down the chakras, musical octave and colour spectrum, visuals began to chrystalize in my minds-eye, starting aptly enough at the ajna tone. The rather non-specific feeling of shared bliss began to form into webs of light connecting us all in the double-pentagram ten-pointed star, from our third eyes. (Note there were as yet no physical threads between us.) This shifted with out chanting to the throat chakra, also extending out beyond our immediate circle, threads of light/sound (synaesthesia beginning) stretching faintly off into the distance. These shifted and folded into rippling beehive cell-like hexagons contrasting with the pentagrams in our immediate circle.
  On the Anahata (heart) chakra the pattern of the whole really clarified. I felt along with emotional surges a blossoming of the chakras within each individual in the circle, this then fractalizing out into the ten-pointed human chakra ('spinning wheel') of the circle itself, within the blossoming global chakra of Mt Shasta.
 I could see very distinctly the visual impression Vaugn's vocal resonances and motions had made upon the astral plane: the four petals unfurling bejewelled from  the spaces inbetween (diagonally) the crossroads of the Ganesha yantra drawn in the centre of the circle.
  On the Manipura tone descending I felt out strands of connectivity to the sun, and a feeling that we were each a microcosm thereof -'Every man and woman is a star' -AC. I remembered that N'aton translates from Egyptian as 'of the sun'.
  Svadisthana brought the visions into clarity while simultaneously making me aware of their place/plane.   We returned to the low 'Oh' tone of the Muladhara base chakra where we had begun, and I stepped back into the centre to weave. The threads -red and white embroidery cotton- were wound around my Ekudanta (One-tusk) Ganapati Tuskqyl DraQyl shortstaff. I had wondered how this staff was somehow also a quill, and now as the threads unwound from it like a spindle, it became obvious. I smiled, remembering my consecration of the staff as the tusk quill of Ganesha (lord of the Base Chakra!) at Mt Shasta on the previous (autumn equinox) full moon.
  The white thread was tied to Enrique -Kether- 's muladhara piercing, then unwound across the circle to Gaudi -Chokmah- 's, then to Ash -Binah- and to Trevis -Chesed- then as Amanda -Geburah- was woven in she began to feel faint again. Before she could fall Ben supported her from behind again and we all carefully lowered ourselves into kneeling positions.
 After a pause to make sure she was okay, we completed the first pentagram, tying the thread from her back to its source at Kether. I took my position as Malkuth again (this felt right -now that my vision was manifesting on the physical plane I could no longer be Daath) and the second pentagram was overlaid, woven while kneeling from Tiphereth to Netzach -Jaimie- and on. We were all still chanting the  muladhara tone as we passed the Tuskqyl spool around. Sighs interdispersed this as we tied the red thread back from Malkuth to Tiphereth (Earth to Sun!), meditating on the manifestation of the collective consciousness of N'aton.
  The full moon rose above the mountainside during the final strands of the weaving and glowed luminously above us.
  The Tenstar weaving was complete! We stretched back and its form tightened into a near-perfect tenpointed star. As others continued the muladhara tone, individual initiates vocalized their intentions -what they were earthing- and realizations. I began with, 'The physical plane is as delicate and fragile as the others. May all beings exercise care and love in their activities within it. May all humanity know that we are all connected by a vast fine web, and thus tread lightly and carefully, knowing that each move sends ripples out along the strands...'
 This had been my major realization during the final (physical) part of the weaving, as we slowly and very carefully wove each other together. I felt a great love  in the sharing of this ordeal, and the care necessary as most of us were very weary and rather fragile by this stage.
  We tend to think of the material plane as rather dense and heavy and thick, but it is actually very fine and delicate. We need to appreciate this to prevent further wanton destruction of the earth's resources, and to heal the damage done.
  Other invocations circulated. I cannot remember all of the specifics, but they mostly concerned earth-healing, the spread of the realizations and inspirations from the working outwards in morphic ripples, the earthing of the collective consciousness, the awakening of N'aton (Hir name was chanted by us all for quite some time), collective kundalini arousal, the earthing of the dreams and visions of those linking in from the 11-star collegiate, and the dispersal of awareness of the interconnectivity of all beings.
 One final resonant 'Lam' (bija mantra of the Muladhara) and then the thread was cut. Amanda -Geburah- began this process then the scissors were passed around the circle, each initiate releasing themselves. As this proceeded I proclaimed, 'May we each know that though we sever these physical threads we are and shall always be connected, to each other and all life, and so though individual and alone, we are allways AllOne. Blessed bee!'

 'Blessed bee!' echoed around the chakra/circle with various degrees of relief at our release. We stood slowly and stretched out our bodies, reaching skyward. 'Nu-nuit, nu-nuit, nu-nuit!' we chanted, then collapsed on the ground, prostrate and intoning 'Gaia-Ma, Gaia-Ma, Gaia-Ma' into her depths, earthing our dreams and visions.

  We sat around the fires warming our chilled bones, eating and drinking, sharing visions and chatting for several hours before we had recovered sufficiently to perform the final part of the ritual, the planting of the physical cedar Tree ('of life').
  Many had experienced similar visions and feelings -webs of light between the other chakras, petals unfolding around us, spinning colours, and also roots reaching down from our feet and connecting us with the networks of the trees and the mineral strands across the planet.
  Eventually some of us took turns digging the hole in the centre of where our circle still emanated, removing the Ganesha, pantacle and mandala (well the physical painted one anyway!).
  Everyone gathered around for a final 'Ohh' chant as we sunk the little cedar tree into the ground and I 'watered' her (the daughter, Malka) with the drops of blood from our muladhara piercings. The ritual was complete!

  The next day I awoke with a very heavy feeling. My connectivity with the earth was overwhelming me somewhat. I felt severe pain at the damage that was being inflicted upon Gaia, and cried for several hours.
  I had to remember the lesson of Kokopelli, the American Indian Horned God, whose song I had sung (with violin) during the post-ritual party the night before. Kokopelli carries a burden-basket, representing awareness of the pains as well as the joys of the earth. Yet he plays and dances: his lesson is that no matter how heavy our load, we must sing our song and dance our dance, for with this awareness comes the realization of the sacredness of every moment.
  My mood lightened as we packed up and left the mountainside.

  I had been thinking of going straight from Mt Shasta to San Fransico, but it seemed too sudden a disconnection from the initiates I had woven with in the last month, and I went back to Portland to hang out with them all for a few more days at least.

  2 days later I went with Zygoat to the forum at the Sekhet-Maat Oasis of the OTO. Arriving late, I discovered the subject to be Qabbala, and almost walked straight back out -I felt I needed to give the subject a bit of a break!
  But I sat down and began leafing through the information booklet which had been handed out. A few pages in was Achad's "Jacob's Ladder" diagram (at right). It shows  4 interlinked Tree of Life models, each with Malkuth 'plugged into' the Daath void of the Tree below. It suddenly clicked that this was exactly what we had enacted in our ritual: By planting the physical Cedar Tree in the centre, nurtured with the combined energies of each invoked sephiroth via blood, toning etc., we were growing a new tree from the Daath of the one we had established symbolically with the weaving!
  Memories came flooding back of a vision I had experienced when first starting to explore Qabballa years ago: seeing how the Tree of Life model fit with the Flower of Life (a universal geometric mandala intrinsic in all natural forms and in the iconography of almost every ancient culture), it seemed that the non-symmetrical shape of it with Malkuth coming out the bottom prevented interlinked trees from fitting the pattern of the ever-expandable Flower mandala comfortably. The Jacob's Ladder model with Malkuth plugged into the Daath of the Tree below (which makes sense given the nature of these spheres/non-spheres) solved this, so that the trees could interlink eternally like DNA strands.
  The usual model only shows 4 Trees however, each representing one of the Four Worlds. When a few days later I received a report from Australia about the synchronous working my friends did over there, I realized there had actually been 4 trees involved in the Global Muladhara Working: the micro 11-star formation they wove between Innana's sephirotic voudoun dolls, the 11-star collegiate of the Horus-Maat Lodge linking in astrally to the working, the actual Tenstar Weaving at Mt Shasta, and finally the cedar Tree we planted in the central Daath of this weaving.

  Another interesting facet of this model is that Kether overlaps with Yesod. I relate this to N'aton (Unity consciousness, therefore Kether/Sahasrara) being in our dreaming (Yesod, the astral plane).   Presumably as the Tree of Life continues to implode, fulfilling Frater Achad's (whose very name means 'Unity') vision, N'aton will eventually manifest in Malkuth...

REPORT from INANNA of MICRO-WEAVING linked in to Mt Shasta rite from Melbourne, Australia:

On days leading up to Mt Shasta rite a spark ignited my
will to work the 11 star on a micro micro level so I
made ten 13 cm dolls
sewed symbols on there stomaches wrote there
sethiroth on there arm , sewed
red triangles pointing down on there base chakras
gave them some goat hair
pubes, little faces wrapped them up .
    Made alittle black daath spider with dead spiders
and a stone from Mt
Masidon in he belly wrasped her though some unused
spiderwebs annd wrapped
her up with the others , Every one met at Kahn's: Kahn, Zya,
Jimmy, Jade, Venom, Skadi, Heidi and myself.
We sat around chatting weaving our hair onto
the dolls, mixed a concoction of blood, bleeding blood,
Zya's breast-milk and spit into a jar , sewed the dolls in a circle on a bent wire,
painted our dolls with the potion ;
chanted and meditated mediating between dolls people and the planet
wove the dolls into a ten star though their base chakra sex triangles
Daath dangeling in the centre ready to crawl down(out)
into the night side tunnels.


Image by Jaimie

The above report revealed to me some fascinating subconscious patterns in the work which laid the foundations for the Mt Shasta Ritual:
At the same time last year (October full moon) the PENTAGRAMMATON RITUALS were performed in Melbourne Australia, inwhich five initiates, each representing a different element, were pierced at all chakras and pentagrams woven down between them. This ritual laid the foundations for the Tenstar Weaving.
The group TOPY Pandrogyne tuned in to PENTAGRAMMATON from Portland, performing a synchronized chakra ritual. Seven of them participated in this circle, thereby spontaneously forming a seven-pointing star to send energy to our five-pointed star on the other side of the planet. This unexpectedly reified our use of sigils sending energy from 7-pointed to 5-pointed stars in the leadup to PENTAGRAMMATON.
One year later the Mt SHASTA TENSTAR WEAVING was performed, and becoming aware of the strange counterbalance in process by the participation in the physical tenpoint weaving of two members of TOPY Pandrogyne who had been in the 7-pointed star sending energy to the 5-point weaving in Aust. in 1998, I wrote and encouraged participants in Pentagrammaton to have a circle sending energy back to this side of the world this year, linking in to the weaving on Mt Shasta.
Without planning or even knowledge of the above from the participants, seven participated in this! Jimmy was the gatekeeper rather than a part of the doll- weaving chakra-circle, so it was seven women who linked in from Australia, two of whom were in Pentagrammaton the year before. Seven Sisters -the aboriginal myth of the Pleiades springs to mind.
So what is the significance of this recurrence of circles of seven sending energy to circles of five and ten?:
Seven represents stellar energy, information from the stars. The seal of the A:.A:. or Astrum Argenteum is the Seven-pointed Star of Babalon. Traditionally the number Seven represents the planet Venus, the Sephiroth of Netzach on the Tree of Life -this is the sphere of Love, Sexuality and Sensuality. So it is suggested by the subconscious symbolism recurring in these workings that there are stellar influences involved. Our destiny is written in the Stars! And that the motivating force behind these rites is NETZACH -LOVE. Io Babalon/Venus/Aphrodite!


JOURNAL of my solo VISION QUEST/SCOUTING MISSION to Mt.SHASTA on the previous (Autumn Equinox) Full Moon


CHAKRA PIERCING -Aims, technique and History of the Practise.

Global SVADISTHANA (navel) Global Chakra Working -Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, South America; Feb.2000 Full Moon.

Global MANIPURA (Solar Plexus) Chakra Working -Uluru ('Ayers Rock'), Central Australia, June Solstice 2000

Global ANAHATA (Heart) Chakra Working - The Thirteenth-Tribe Weaving at Glastonbury Tor, England, June Solstice 2003