JUNE 21st (Winter Solstice Southern Hemisphere) 2000

Unfortunately I am still waiting to hear back from the three people who took photographs of the opening ceremony, so the report is currently fairly devoid of pictures; hopefully I can rectify this soon...

DEMENTED DESERT DREAMINGS on the journey up to Uluru from Coober Pedy.

The number of local participants in the Global Manipura Chakra Working was reduced drastically (to about 30) due to the Earthdream solstice party (the night of the day the ritual was on) and collective campsite being relocated to Alice Springs only a week before -the local Aboriginals refused Earthdream's requested permits to have a large campsite or party on any of their land near Uluru, due to a few disrespectful earlier visitors who probably had nothing to do with Earthdream but like us looked alternative.

However I think this was probably for the best as the rite was thus a lot more cohesive and unified than if heaps of people had just turned up on the day without knowing what was going on. It was certainly a powerful ritual, and its energies and effects carried through to the larger Earthdream gathering that night and beyond, as described:

I began the solstice day with pranayama then renewed the faint red-ink firesnake rays of the Sun tattoo on my right ankle, chanting names of the SunGod/dess as S/He shone done on me -an intense way to start the day which really got my energy moving for the more intense rite to come.

At the makeshift campground near Uluru where we had been preparing the ritual, everyone prepared themselves, packed up camp (the common intent being to move on from the rite at Ayers Rock up to the Earthdream solstice party near Alice Springs that night).
We lost a few participants on the way -one couple's car broke down, another group got turned back at the entrance to the Uluru national park because their tickets had run out and they had no money to renew them.

We began the ceremony in Wave cave, a beautiful curving open-fronted cave with strange hivelike stone formations on its roof (sketch at left), near the main carpark. A few of us were there before the actual turning point of the solstice, the four people who had taken on each role smudging everyone present with each element, as had been suggested by Lyn, a druid from England, in the preceding circles. At 11:15 am, the peak of the solstice, some of us went into silent meditation for a while, the four continuing to smudge new arrivals with incense smoke (fire), water, earth and eagle and condor feathers (air).
Just before midday I opened each direction, calling the spirits and energies of each to be with us. Due to discrepencies in traditions and opinions over which elements and deities were to be attributed to each direction from prior discussions around the campfire, these were kept as general and open as possible. The exception was the East, where I ended the openings by greeting the bright midday sun shining down on us from above the rock. I welcomed Hir return, now that the solstice had turned and the days from hereon would become longer again.
I hailed and invoked the Sun with a plethora of different names from different cultural pantheons -Australian Aboriginal (Yhi, KinYa), Egyptian (Ra, Horus, Heru, Hrumachis, Sekhmet, Aten, Amon-Ra), Mayan (H'Yum Kin, KinRa, Ahau), Incan (Inti), Greek (Helios), Roman (Apollo)... ending with, 'We are N'aton ('Of the Sun'). May all people, all races and cultures be One, Under the Sun'. It occurred to me later that the Mayan word for the SunGod, Kin, is also their work for One.

As the last few stragglers wandered in from the carpark, we formed a circle at about 12:30 and sat down together in the cave, about thirty of us now, lapsing into silence as we joined hands. We then began chanting the chakra tones, each one four times, up the octave. Despite the addition of a few recent arrivals, this was powerful and harmonious as most of us were attuned to the tones and each other from chanting circles around the fire in the previous week, now enhanced by the ritual context and energy and resonance of the cave.
Rusty, who had not been to any of the chanting circles, took some photos of the ceremony and, as he was outside the circle decided spontaneously to act as a silent guardian for the rite; keeping an eye out for other presences since he wasn't participating directly. He said later that after he put up some protective shields around the cave, he felt the presence of an Aboriginal spirit, an elder woman who approved of what we were doing and gave her blessings. He checked the name she gave with a part-Aboriginal ranger at Uluru later that day, and he said she had been dead for three years. Then another spirit came from another direction, and he was angry; but this basically came from not understanding what we were doing, and once he had scoped the energies properly he also gave his approval of the 'foreign' multi-cultural ceremony.

Immersed in our unified chanting, the rest of us remained unaware (at least consciously) of these subtle presences. When we reached the blissful high C of the crown chakra, we descended back down the octave and our spines. When we got back to the 'Aaahhh' tone of the Manipura (solar plexus) chakra we remained on this tone while slowly seperating and rising; Uluru being the Manipura chakra of the planet. We lined up along the wall of the cave and resonated the tone into the rock. As planned, we then used the mudra for the 'Can' Yellow Seed glyph of the Mayan calendar to interact with the Great Rock from our Solar Plexus chakras. That it was Yellow Seed day that day was a wonderful synchronicity, as Winter Solstice is traditionally the pagan celebration of the 'planting of the seed' to be harvested in Spring or Summer; and yellow is the colour of the Manipura chakra. The mudra (ritual posture or gesture) for the Yellow Seed glyph actually comes from the solar plexus, the cupped palms extending from it outwards, so we performed this while focusing on our connection with Ayers Rock as the Manipura chakra of the planet. The sun-worshiping Mayans consider the Solar Plexus the point from which our 'Kuxan Suum' or solar umbilical cords extend out to the sun, connecting us via the sun to Hunab K'u, the 'womb of the Great Mother' at the centre of the Milky Way which the Mayans consider the galactic core and birthplace of the universe. The Earth and our Sun's ecliptic realign with this galactic core on solstice 2012, when the Mayan calendar ends with the prophesied 'return of Quetzalcoatl', the Winged Serpent -global kundalini awakening?
By focusing on our solar plexus umbilical connection with Uluru as Gaia's Manipura, we charged the collective 'Kuxan Suum' solar umbilical cord from the planet to our sun and via it to Hunab Ku. Now that this planetary cord is activated, anyone can connect their individual Manipura chakras into the matrix, which will be recharged every year with Uluru rituals each time the annual Earthdream convoy passes through the centre of Australia. These rites will also be aligned with future global chakra workings, to align the other planetary chakras with Uluru and our connection with the Sun.
After focusing on this connection to the rock and via it the sun and galactic centre for some time, performing the Yellow Seed mudra and still chanting the 'Aaahhh' tone of the Manipura, we slowly moved away from the wall of the cave and began walking along the narrow path which encircles the entire rock.
About half our number left at the carpark to drive up to the solsice gathering near Alice Springs, the rest began the long (4 hours or so) walk right around the rock, chanting the Manipura tone the whole way.
Not all of us chanted the tone continuously, but before anyone cut out they would wait for others to take up the tone, so that the tone was continued unbroken between the group for the whole 4-hour trek. In this way we encircled the rock with an unbroken 'golden thread' of solar sound.
When not chanting, we would breathe deep into our bellies, walking slowly and feeling our connection with the rock and via it the earth and the sun.

The first significant sacred site we reached in our widdershins (anticlockwise, direction of the sun as perceived in the southern hemisphere) walk around Uluru was the place where the two great serpents of the local Aboriginal dreaming, Kuniya and Liru, met. I had read about them in the Uluru aboriginal cultural centre the day before, and was amazed at how this ancient mythology resonated with the modern European idea of Uluru being the Manipura chakra of the planet. These two massive snakes, whose meeting and apparent conflict created the actual formation of the rocks, are like the ida and pingala (male and female nadis or energy-paths in the body) of Gaia. That they meet and cross at this chakra point, as in human bodies, is significant. Their names mean python (Kuniya) and poisonous snake (Liru) but the name for the python is the same as the local tribe(Anangu)'s word for the Rainbow Serpent, the great aboriginal mythic earth-serpent of the land.
The other great serpent is akin to the 'feathered serpent' of the Americas, for the Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl cult of the Mayans is based upon the poisonous rattlesnake. Arriving back in Australia after working intensively with this feathered serpent energy in the Americas, including the Global Muladhara and Svadisthana Chakra Workings, I ritually danced this serpent energy in with the local Rainbow serpent energies of Central Australia on the planetary alignment (August 5th 2000) at Wilpena Pound. Now this seemed somehow affirmed by the beyond-time resonance of the Dreamtime tale of these two serpents meeting at the planetary Manipura chakra.
Personally, I also felt a wondrous resonance with my own microcosmic chakra journies, for here in the central Australian desert for the first time since I had begun taking Estrogen for hermaphroditic reification some five months prior, I felt that I had reached an alchemical balance point within, and was at peace. With my daily intake of estrogen I had been invoking the solar God/dess Hrumachis, the 'Double Wanded One'. The double wands, to me, are the Ida and Pingala serpent energies balanced within the self. Now as my journey of attunement with earth energies via my global chakra work continued, I found myself at the place of the crossing of the earth serpents while they crossed also within my own being.
But the meeting of the snakes in the Aboriginal dreaming, as presented at the cultural centre, was not a peaceful one. They were in conflict with each other, their great battle forming and scarring the surface of the great rock. And the other major dreaming of the place is of two Tribes who also met there in the Dreamtime, and had a great conflict over two seperate 'Inmas' (dance ceremonies). The manipura chakra is indeed the chakra concerned with territory and war. It is the centre of personal power expressed in the world, of strength within society, of interaction. War is an unnecessary part of this interaction, however, and part of our discussed intent for the rite was healing this, meditating as we walked on the two snakes and the two tribes meeting and crossing in peace rather than conflict. For the Aboriginal Dreamtime is a space beyond normal time, rather than 'before' it, and the stories could relate to the coming of the Europeans and the conflict resulting from their imposing their culture on the Aboriginals and the land. This is only now beginning to heal.

After stopping at the place where the serpents first met in the dreaming for a while, we moved on, and I was soon surprised my druidic friend and mentor Ra'en coming along the path in the opposite direction. He had just come over from Western Australia a few days earlier, and although knowing we were performing a solstice ritual there had not known times or locales. We crossed staves, mine -KiaQyl- being carved by him as a gift for the inking of one of the large black snake tattoos entwined around his arms and torso. I was to tattoo a serpent-head on my own hand several days later. Another meeting of serpents...
'The gate is opening,' said Ra'en as soon as we had exchanged greetings. 'Gate?' I enquired, and he beckoned me to follow, turning back the way he had just come and where we were all going anyway. We wound along the path until we came to the nearby waterhole where lives the mythic Water serpent, 'Wanampi'. It is a beautiful site, one of the most sacred and aweinspiring places at Uluru -a dark deep greenish pool at the base of the rock, with a great cleft in the rockface above it, directly central, and a thin stream of clear water trickling down this cleft, over several red mounds, and into the waterhole. The sun was now above this cleft and slightly to its right, and shining down on the water. As it moved slowly closer to the centre of the cleft and the light on the surface of the pool increased, a gate did indeed seem to be opening. We all sat or stood around in the small wooden viewing enclosure before the pool and watched and felt the encroaching energies.
Ra'en explained to me that at solstice only, the sun aligned directly above the cleft and the gateway fully opened, and the light shining on the waters would cast beautiful rippling patterns over the surfaces of the rock above. This was the emergence of Wanampi from the waterhole. As we watched, still chanting quietly, this effect began, undulating streams of reflected sunlight slithering across the red rock. It amazed me that such an alignment would be so perfectly 'built' into a natural rock formation, in much the same manner as the deliberate gateways for solstice and equinox alignments of such man-made monoliths as Stonehenge. A magickal place indeed, the earth as sculptor refracting the beauty of the cosmos.
A strand of spiderweb drifting across above the pool suddenly caught in the sunlight. Dozens of tiny spiders were sailing out throught the air on gossamer sunlit strands, an eggsack apparently having just broken open.

We were there for quite a while, immersed in the still beauty of the place, magnetized by the ever-so-slowly-widening sungate. I leant over the railing and scooped up some magickal water from the pool in the rim of my winged Bolivian bowler-hat. It tasted clear and charged. Ra'en poured some onto the crown of my head, which was invigorating. I dipped my KiaQyl longstaff in the waters, then had him stamp the mud from the bottom of the waterhole which had gathered on it onto the Qoph eye-in-a-circle tattooed on the back of my head, imprinting it with a mud impression from the eye-in-a-circle he had carved into the bottom of the staff.
Ra'en said the gateway would not be fully open for another hour or two. I contemplated staying, but realized we had to continue on and complete our mission of carrying the solar plexus tone all the way around the rock. He remained, but told me later that the gate had not opened much more than while we were all there, it being actually a summer solstice rather than winter solstice phenomenon.

We continued on around the rock, still chanting. When we went past the first women's sacred site, the men in the group stopped chanting. The women kept the tone going until we had passed the area, then all the men came back in with them, the chant picking back up to full strength again. A while later the process was reversed as we passed a sacred Aboriginal men's site. The men continued the chant while the women fell silent, then joined in again when we had passed the area.
We walked on, hot under the radiant sun which followed us around the rock. I interwove other solar chants in with the Manipura tone, prayers to H`yum Kin and Kinra (Mayan) and the Aboriginal sungoddesses Yhi and Kinya. At the second male site we passed I spontaneously went into an extended didgeridoo-like chanting, rippling bass harmonics. I was quite deep in trance by this stage and found myself achieving circular breathing (something I seem to only be able to tap into by accident with chanting). When the women came back in I raised my voice back into the `aahh` tone of manipura.
A while later I went into an extended chant of the 'Sa Sekhem SaHu' mantra of Sekhem, the Egyptian 5-body energy system I had recently been attuned to in Portland (USA). This was the longest (about 30 mins) I had continued this powerful chant for, and I felt the firey energies of the Sunlioness Sekhmet surging through me intensely.

After several hours of walking and chanting we reached a part of the trail which wends away from the rock, around a large sacred area -a cave halfway up reminiscent of a great gaping mouth- which is fenced off. By this stage we were all getting very weary, and our voices were trailing along weakly, only 2 or 3 at a time. As we walked off away from the rock, our energy seemed to dissipate further. We walked far apart from each other, not in a unified group as at the beginning; each absorbed in our own reverie. The path took us alongside the road, far from the great red rock, dawdling wearily along.

Eventually the path began to wind back in towards the rock, and as we walked in towards its looming red surface, we felt our energy returning. Our chanting grew louder and stronger again as we approached the monumental stone, recharged by its pulsating vibrancy. Our pace picked up, we walked faster and faster towards it, more voices joining the rising energy, until we practically collided with a wall of the rock. We found ourselves all spontaneously pressed up against its surface, in a row, everyone in the group now chanting full power the Manipura tone. The sound resonated through the rock, which it felt like we were almost melting into. Our wide open mouths were pressed against its surface, and we could feel the vibrations of each others voices running through the rock itself. Probably because it was thus something we could now also feel as well as hear, this was the moment when we all clicked into perfect harmony. A few people whose voices had wavered out of tune sometimes now resonated perfectly, and those who had less confidence in their voices and had chanted softly before now opened into full volume and power. This was one of the most intense and powerful moments of the whole rite and walk, and totally unplanned. It seemed as if all of us, the rock and the sun, were all one being. And that the radiance we collectively emitted was reaching out to the corners of the earth, a golden solar web of sound.

After being pressed along the rock in a row for an unknown length of timeless time, we eventually seperated from its surface and slowly continued along the winding path, our strength and voices renewed. Our chanting was thus unified for the rest of the walk, for we were not now far from the Wave Cave where we had begun with the opening ceremony. Just before it we came to the Children's Cave, where we again found ourselves pressed against the rock resonating through it together.

As we crossed the narrow wooden bridge-platform back to Wave Cave, Ra`en was coming the other way. He was about to leave but decided to stay for the closing ceremony. Because he didn't know what we were doing, he stood just outside the circle, becoming the guardian in much the same way as Rusty had for the opening ceremony.
When we went back into Wave Cave, which still felt charged from our opening ceremony hours earlier, we lined up along its wall, standing all in a row at arm's-length apart, facing the rock, and as pre-planned for the closing, all performed the mudra of the Mayan solar glyph AHAU, the glyph of the final Baktun of the Mayan calendar which we are now in, from 1984 to 2012.
This mudra begins with the hands pointing down, palms facing the rock wall; the energy is brought up from the earth with the folding arms, until the hands are held in front of the face, the palms presenting an energy mirror before one for self-reflection. Then the arms are extended with palms turning to face outwards (this is also the sign of the Enterer, an Egyptian mudra for hailing the SunGod of our aeon, Horus). Doing this all together, we interfaced with ourselves (palms in) and then with the rock (palms out). The mudra is completed by then sweeping the arms out sideways, palms facing out on each side of one. This is especially effective in a group, as it can be used to rejoin a circle. As our hands moved slowly out from the rock to join each other, I could feel intensely the resonance from those on either side of me, the energy of themselves and of the rock. My palms tingled from the charge until our palms all met and we linked in reunion, joined physically as at the start of the rite in that same cave. We stood there in a human chain, still chanting into the wall of the cave. Then slowly those in the centre moved back, and those on the ends in, until we reformed a circle. We continued the solar plexus tone for a short while longer, then dropped down to the softer `Ooohhh` tone of the lunar Svadisthana navel chakra, circulating the energies within our bellies. This shift was intense after chanting the one tone on the one note for so long, then collectiving descending. I felt the cooling energies of the svadisthana tone soothing the fire of Manipura, and moving it around my body like offshoots from the pranic spiral in my hara.
After circulating the `oooh` tone for some time we moved down again, dropping together to the bass `Ohh` tone of the Muladhara (base) chakra where we had began 4 hours or so earlier. As we did this I let go of one of the hands towhich I was joined, and circled in around the inside of the circle, leading the human chain into a spiral. We followed the spiral in until I was in the centre, tightened it until we were all pressed together in this formation, representing the kundalini coiled at the base of the spine. We continued the base chakra tone throughout, and now that we were all pressed against each other the resonance increased. Being in the middle of the coil, I felt like I was being massaged with a wash of harmonic sound.

We uncoiled, still chanting, then sat down together. We released each others' hands and touched the earth, the rock floor of the cave, grounding out the energy into its depths. Then at last we were silent, and the silent was deafening. Release and relief flooded our tingling charged beings.
I rose and went to each quarter, closing the four directional gateways with silent sweeping gestures.
The rite was complete. Everyone jumped about laughing and hugging each other. Then Ra`en pointed out to me how many of us there were who had done the entire walk chanting around the Rock, and I counted our number for the first time -thirteen!
Not only is this the traditional coven number for pagan magickal ceremonies, but it is also the number of the Mayan Solar glyph AHAU, the mudra ofwhich we had ended and rejoined the entire ceremony with.
It is also significant in that the Manipura working originally envisioned for the Uluru working was the Thirteenth-Tribe Weaving, a weaving together of 12 cultural archetypes by a 13th representing the new tribe of global crosscultural unity (see Liber XIII). While that working has been shifted to the Anahata working at Glastonbury, England (2002?), it was certainly a culturally diverse group of people involved in the Uluru rite, including participants from Australia, England, Germany, Netherlands and South America.
There were also thirteen participants (unplanned) in the Ten-Star Weaving at the Global Muladhara Working at Mt.Shasta, California. It occurred to me later that this mrophic resonance could have something to do with the fact that I have been doing 13 (it being both a lunar cycle and solar -zodiac plus central sun/ Mayan AHAU- magickal number) breaths on each chakra in my daily meditations for the last few years...

418 (The Great Work) = 13 (by compression) = Achad ('Unity') = 1. H'Yum Kin (Sun/One)! N'Aton!


Soon after the completion of the rite most of the participants drove up to the Earthdream 2000 Solstice party that night near Alice Springs. We all arrived around midnight, and after the 5-hour drive were surprised to find ourselves still fully charged from the ritual. Throughout the night we kept running into each other on the dancefloor and around fires and conferring on how much energy it had given us. The party was originally supposed to be near Uluru and it felt as if we had brought the energy of the magickal place up with us. Other people at the party who had been wandering around Uluru that day revealed various responses to our chanting posse passing them around the rock. Jack said he continued to hear our 'aahh' tone for the rest of his journey around Uluru after we had passed him. Innana saw us for a moment as a group of blackskinned aboriginals before she realized it was us.

It was a wonderful party; everyone present seemed in their power and expressing such. As with other Earthdream parties, many of the local Aboriginals (who had offered us the site for the party) attended and enjoyed the multicultural freakshow.
I was talking to Ra'en that night about the Uluru dreamings of the two snakes and the two tribes meeting at the Rock, and how we had meditated on reconciliation of these warring tribes. He said he had been told by a local aboriginal there that that story, as presented at the Uluru cultural centre, was only the Men's version, and that the Women's version (Aboriginal traditions are quite seperated in terms of gender) was quite different -in their tale, the two dreamtime tribes met and lived together in peace. As the Men's tale of conflict was over different Inmas (ceremonies) at the rock, our successful rite and the response of the Aboriginal spirits -despite a buildup of potential resistance to it and the whole Earthdream endeavour from the Uluru people - seemed relevant to this. It seemed we just needed to look at the story from a different perspective than rewrite it, allowing the conflicts of the past to be forgiven and thus heal. As a reifying hermaphrodite, I felt privileged to be able to appreciate both sides of the dreaming!

The night of the party I was invited by Ron, the DJ playing at dawn the next morning to open his set by playing some violin with a didgeridoo player. This felt wonderfully apt for the whole atmosphere of reconciliation at the party, greeting the rising Sun with a jam between a European and Aboriginal instrument, and it went well despite one of the microphones dying at the last minute and us having to share the low ground one, crouched over it in the dust!

After that I was back on the dancefloor, recharging with the rising sun. There were people from all over the world dancing together joyously. I looked up on the nearby hill where there was a large banner saying, 'Global Climate Crisis'. It seemed inappropriate in that atmosphere of multicultural sharing, so I climbed the hill and ripped the 'Crisis' off the bottom of the banner -a symbolic act. I went up to the summit of the hill and looked at the beautiful landscape stretching out around us, serpentine ridges surrounding the strange little carnivalesque encampment below, pulsing with sound and life and colour, banners and flags flying. On its peripheries smoke still drifted gently up from all-night fires in teepees. A hawk wheeled serenely overhead.

I took off my shirt and, perched precariously in a tree at the top of the hill, saluted the bright morning desert sun in Hir golden glory, invoking RaHoorKhuit from the hawk above, then transmuting its energy into that of Hrumachis, the lionform of Horus, alighting from the tree and running on all fours back down the hill and, rising, spinning sufistyle onto the dancefloor as the music crescendoed. The heat of the sun felt wonderful on my new breasts.

Later, dancing with Keith, we interweaved his two-baton juggling dexterity with my feather-wielding feints and spins in a nigh-impossible display of unpractised co-ordination between two people - probably due to our connection via the Manipura working the day before. After this it occurred to me just how solar and Manipura-based the whole Earthdream journey is: its primary energy emanates from the solar plexus, the centre of social interaction.
The whole trek is about performance, communication and interaction -reconciliation with aboriginals, spreading awareness about nuclear mining issues, and a fantastic range of solar exhibitionism -juggling, acrobatics, music, dance, theatre... aside from the structured shows and performances prepared by various individuals and groups, all of these arts are also combined spontaneously on the dancefloor at the techno parties, providing an outlet for everyone to express themselves.
There is also the emphasis on Solar power in Earthdream, one of the P.A.s being run from solar panels and 'solar not nuclear' one of the common slogans. Solar Power is the most obvious solution to so many of our planet's dwindling energy resources.

War is supposed to be one of the attributes of the Manipura chakra. It is indeed related to social interaction and power plays, but this same solar external energy can be expressed in many other ways -and dance is primary amongst them. We can assert our selves on the dancefloor, work out interpersonal dynamics in the interplay of bodies and movements in this new global forum for creative expression, release, resolution, reconciliation and empowerment. The dancefloor is the solar arena of the Nu Aeon.

'Every Man and Woman is a Star' (-A.Crowley).

Vive N'aton!


The return journey from Alice Springs to Melbourne in Rak's borrowed van was a sometimes harrowing but mostly absurd affair. The drivers ended up running on ganga and sleep deprivation and the engine was held together with gaffa tape (yes literally!), and as we lost the roll old pieces holding other bits of the van together had to be transferred.
Miraculously, the van did eventually make it to Melbourne, although personally I bailed at Adelaide and caught a bus, feeling on the verge of sanity after 4 days in that Barrel of Monkeys.

The main reason I went in that van was because we stopped by at Uluru again the day after leaving the Earthdream gathering (about 4 days after solstice) at Alice. I had wanted to return to the Great Red Rock to further earth the energies from the Manipura Working with a rite completing my SunLion/ess ankle tattoo and executing a solar serpent tattoo on my right hand.

We pulled into the smaller Uluru carpark, the perfect site for my rite as I could see the markings of the first meeting of the great Dreamtime serpents Liru and Kuniya on the Rock without venturing too far from the carpark with the noisy tattoo gun and heavy carbattery to power it.
The people I was travelling with had not been to Uluru on the way up to Alice Springs, so they wanted to walk all the way around the rock. Rak had wanted to participate in the Manipura rite but had been confused by the last-minute relocation of the Earthdream party and not made it, so we decided to have a small chakra chanting circle at Wave Cave to link into the energy. I walked with them from the carpark round to the cave, where we sat and chanted the
chakra tones, seven of us if you count the big blue monkey Rak insisted on lugging all the way around the rock; then they continued on around while I walked back to the carpark.
On the way back from the chanting I felt the gnosis from the Manipura rite hit me again. I felt charged with fiery energy, and began to chant solar mantras as I walked, coming up with this one:

H'Yum Kin
We Are All One
Of the Sun

... and with it the realization that 'N'aton', Nema's received name for the fully-awakened collective consciousness of the future is in Egyptian not just 'Of Aten' the sundisk. Aton is a combination of 'Aten' and 'Amon' who were the two major sungods in the later dynasties of ancient Egypt, their cults rivalling and competing with each other for supremacy. Their resolution into a single name, 'Aton' suggests the idea of unification, that are All 'Of the Sun' ('N'Aton') regardless of what name or form we wish to worship Hir with.

Upon return I dragged my tattoo equipment and the removed car battery to the edge of the carpark and set up. Mixing a little of the red earth of Uluru in with my red tattooing ink, I etched the Sun lion/ess's face into the centre of the firesnake mane I had tattooed around my right ankle on solstice morn, while chanting and INvoKing Hrumachis/Harmachu (lionform of Horus), Sekhmet and Mithras (photo at left).

I shifted up to my right hand and tattooed the red forked tongue in the soft cleft twixt thumb and forefinger, then cleaned the gun and needle, changing from red to black ink, and continued the firesnake tattoo, chanting the names of Odudua and Damballah Flambeau (voodoo), Kukulcan and Quetzalcoatl (Mayan/Aztec), and Liru and Almudj (Aboriginal). I carved the spirals deep into the knuckles of my thumb. It turned out nice and dark, and the gnosis at the time was quite fine: The kind of sharp focus one attains from deliberately inflicting pain on oneself and transmuting it. I felt like I was transmuting the poison of Liru, the poisonous snake. It was wonderful to finally complete this tattoo, which I had designed at the Kukulcan pyramid in Chichen Itza, Mexico, loosely based on the great stone Feathered Serpent heads at the base of the pyramid steps. Merging this mesoamerican serpent energy now with the local Australian earthserpent energy was a culmination of this meeting and merging twixt feathered and rainbow serpents which had been integral to my magickal work since the Nu Moon Rite at Wilpena Pound which began it.
The jaw movement of the tattoo is effective, as rudimentarily demonstrated by the animated photos of it below:

When I finished the tattoo dusk was approaching, but the others weren't back yet from their walk around the walk. My hand was stinging sharply, a burning sensation, so I wandered down to the nearby waterhole, home of the Wanampi watersnake.
Suddenly realizing how apt this was, I dipped my burning hand into the cool green pool, asking that Wanampi may soothe the fires of the firesnake and cool her sting. He did so, and I laughed joyously at the deep relief of this meeting.

DEMENTED DESERT DREAMINGS on the journey up to Uluru from Coober Pedy.

Earthdream 2000 Travelling Festival and Convoys.

WILPENA POUND MAY 2000 - An account of my experiences at the initial gathering for Earthdream 2000 and my rites there for the Planetary Alignment on Samhain nu moon, beginning the interweaving of the American feathered serpent and Australian rainbow serpent energies.

Nu Moon Rite and other Earthdream adventures at COOBER PEDY, South Australia -Orryelle takes the 11-star solar throne of Tiphereth in preparation for the Manipura Rite above.

Global MULADHARA (base) Chakra Working -Mt.Shasta, California, USA; Oct.99 Samhain Full Moon.

SVADISTHANA (navel) Global Chakra Working -Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, South America; Feb.2000 Full Moon.

Global ANAHATA (Heart) CHAKRA Working -The 13th Tribe Weaving at Glastonbury, England; June Solstice 2003.

GLOBAL CHAKRA WORKINGS -The Collective Vision.

SOLAR SERPENT JOURNEY 98 -Journal of my personal initial journey in 98 to Kakadu (and the Jabiluka Uranium Mine Protests on there) and Uluru, Gaia's Manipura Chakra, following the t(r)ail of the Rainbow Serpent down through Central Australia to Wilpena Pound in the reverse of the current Earthdream 2000 route. What goes down must come back up!...