Northern Territory/ Central Australia July-August '98


Sun setting, sky bleeding
Serpent Dreaming
Deeply submerged
Solar plexus
Embedded edifice
Sky aflame
Stone athame
Knowing, flowing
Twixt the ridges
The familiar alien,
On Earth, builds bridges

Rainbow bridges,
Rainbow serpent
Here the Wolven folk
Have dingo allies
And the bridge twists snakelike
From Norse Ice caves through desert plains to sundrenched prehistoric valleys of Kakadu
Bridging Norse prophecy to Hopi prophecy
Of the Rainbow Tribe
To Aboriginal Dreamtime,
The Journey of many-hued Almudj
Bridging races, bridging places:
The Rainbow Bridge
Across the Abyss
The Rainbow Bridge
From Midgard to Asgard
Rainbow serpent
From Kakadu and through
The kala’d path
Between the Worlds


ARRIVAL July 7th:

Banners of the hand and eye (main magickal symbols I have been working with in the last few months) conjoined everywhere -a motif of the local Aboriginal Tribe, the Mirrar.

FULL MOON RITUAL July 9th/10th 98 -Jabiluka Uranium Mine Protest Camp:

Arrived at camp in time to organize the ritual, held chakra chanting workshop the night before in preparation.
30-40 people got involved. Dancing the Rainbow Serpent through the landscape as a writhing human chain, all chanting the chakra tones. We followed the path Set by a snake which had slithered, unperturbed by drums and people past the main fire earlier that evening. Incredible serpent energy. Began and ended spiraling around a termite mound, home of the didgeridoo-makers. Then cast circle, invoked Starstone Temple, everyone weaving their song and dance together via Dath. Used Merkabar (there upon arrival, similar to one at Omeo Rainbow Gathering) -3-dimensional hexagram in pyramid/tetrapod- to help activate Kuxan Suum, the Solar Umbilical Cord, and to ground and focus the Tiphareth energy being sent there (Kakadu is the fixed centre of Gaia's Solar Plexus Chakra) from all around the World that night.

The reason for inconsistency in Directional Elemental Attributions is that the elements themselves are forever moving and changing- wheeling with the sun and moon, ebbing and flowing with the tides and winding with the currents. And so, cast one's Circle according to the Time and Place (Sun as fire, (lunar)Sea as water, etc.)
The Medicine Wheel is after all a wheel and keeps turning...

JULY 11th -Camouflaged 'Black Wallaby' geurilla mission in the Jabiluka Uranium Mine:

Secret Age-n't 23 AHA(rpocrat) On a mission in a Crack between the Worlds
Charcoaled Immortal Imgin IMPervious invisible guardian
Slips out of the shadows
An eye in the hand of action
Pleading for the cease
Of the decimation
Heralding the Serpent
I tell them She is angry
But they seem devoid of feeling and intelligence
We feel the vague tremors in Gaia's aura
Soon we shall feel it in our bones
The Great Serpent arising

JULY 13th

Mirrar people have requested no rituals or religious artefacts on campsite. Have to keep explaining to people that permission was sought and granted earlier for Full Moon Ritual.
People keep having powerful serpent dreams.


Golden-Bronze boulders in the sun,
Monumental sheer cliffs of angular black rock
A majestic scale to humble one
To insignificance
And yet these impervious imperial rocks bounce my voice
Amplified reverberant chakra toning
At the mouth of the serpent's lair,
In the hammering sun

The black deep deep pool at the bottom of the falls
Is like a geological embodyment of the Abyss.
Swimming through it's cold inky depths chills yet elates the soul; which knows there is something vast coiled deep in it's impenetrable black lustre.
Swimming with a sense of urgency back to the jutting boulders, I see intensely bright colours each time I close my eyes, a different radiant hue each time, contrasting starkly with the ebony water I push through;
And I understand how the kalas emanate from Kali's dark womb; just as the Rainbow serpent dwells herein this abyss

DARK MOON RITUAL 22nd July 98, Jabiluka:

Deep trance from Pranayama while walking for 2 hours, waiting for a sign of where to turn off the road to do the ritual. Straight White lines shooting between my striding legs, hypnotic until I suddenly came upon a wiggly serpentine one! Warp in the road, blacker pitch, tingles in Qoph. Turned off road, sure enough -winding serpentine path of old sandy riverbed through bush, led me to two huge trees, like an ancient druidic gateway -time slowed as I stepped through. Magickal grove on the other side -cast circle, Chalice Ritual and Sigil activation for Jabiluka Mine Protest. -May Beauty (Tiphareth) Reign on Earth. Tiphareth as Connection between Kakadu solar plexus chakra (place I was at) and Glastonbury heart chakra (time I was at).

NEW MOON RITUAL -23rd July, Mindels Beach, Darwin:

Met Gog at Markets. Delighted as he can help open a channel to Glastonbury -Gaia's heart chakra, global meditation on that site that night- as he grew up there and his mother is one of the Guardians of the Tor. He tells me of the two great trees at the bottom of the Tor hill, called Gog and MaGog. Two big trees the night before had been in the 'Horus(son)' and 'Isis(mother)' positions when circle was cast.
Link-up Ritual on beach. Painted Hexagram (for Anahata and Tiphareth) on chest with purple ochre found on the beach.
Gog and I read Robert Coon's 'Invocation of the Omega Point'. Astral drinking of the Elixir of Life from the Tor Lion-head Fountain/Chalice.


In this land the elements are all-pervading. Harsh stark land, but with pockets of lush tropical rainforest. Reptilian escarpments, quartz boulders.
Antmounds tall as a person, castle-like. Primordial ophidian energy. Insistent searing sun -Gaia's Solar Plexus Chakra indeed!
Many beautiful birds. Up here I get to actually see physically the symbols of the Masks of Maat I am working with in my alignment of Sephiroth with Gaian Chakras:
Huge golden-brown sunhawks wheeling and swooping on large glossy ravens. And the Ibis -majestic emissary from the abyss -connecting all levels with regal irridescent rainbow-hued feathers.

Proudly proclaiming myself complete master of my own destiny, I completed my redrawn Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card, then came up north on a strange compulsion, conflicting with my urge to nest and study in Winter, on bus still wondering.
Wonderful rituals, seen some beautiful places, done my time at the blockade. Want to go now, but transport/financial delays, still in this strange primeval tropical land, and I wonder, was it a good idea for me to hook Hermanubis's opposable toe in the jaws of Typhon in the new card?

JULY 30th:

Skinned a 7-foot golden-brown solar serpent (the head and first 7 inches or so of this later became the phallus of Baphomet in the Pentagrammaton Rituals) found on the road between Darwin and Kakadu.
I missed the bus I waited that extra week to catch. Totally pissed off, then got offered a lift down the Centre of Australia, stopping at Uluru, the cardinal centre for Gaia's Solar Plexus Chakra!

3rd-7th AUGUST:

Saw a traditional aboriginal dot painting in a gallery in Alice Springs, in the exact pattern of the Qabbala, with 11 spheres and most of the paths. Curator said it was 'termite dreaming'. I thought of the Starstone Sephiroth ritual around the termite-mound at Jabiluka and almost cried.

Went to prospective sight for The Thirteenth Tribe Weaving (cannot yet be named) -felt the intense energy of the place, didn't get right to the middle due to sign confusions and limited time. Began to sketch out my SUN Tarot Card on the way in.

Found a dead eagle. Cut off wings, claws, head. Spontaneous song and dance while laying down the body, honouring the great bird's spirit. Kept repeating 'Walla. Walla-warru' throughout 'gibberish' chanting. Amazed to find in the cultural centre near Uluru the next day -that is actually the local Aboriginal name for the wedgetail eagle!

Kata Tjuta and Uluru were intense, visually and energetically. Bascule affirmation ritual (feeling the balance of sinking sun and rising moon poised on the tip of eagle-feather wands at dusk) from the fulcrum of the rock, after tattooing AHAU Mayan solar glyph above 'sun' ankle with sewing-needle and yellow ochre. Found a strange high-pitched windy tone, resonant with harmonics, since been unretrievable. Walked around base (2 hrs) of Uluru at the following sunrise. Realization that the Aboriginal dreaming is the landscape. Matter and energy are inseperable, as in the Mayan mirror-serpent word Cannac

That night incredible Rainbow Sunset at dusk while driving away from Uluru. Every colour of the spectrum sitting low on the endlessly-flat desert horizon, in every direction -Almudj risen to the surface!

8th/9th AUG -Full Moon Eclipse Ritual, Wilpena Pound:

Full moon eclipse felt intense, though not visible from southern hemisphere (around noon). After wandering all night midst beautiful white paperbark gums sheening silver in the full moonlight, I climbed up onto one of the serpentine ridges which wind along the rim of the valley for sunrise. Wandered around more in the thaw of morning, returned to summit (even the surfaces of the rocks are like giant snake scales) for ritual. Chakra chanted, scattered Phoenix's flowers from an earlier ritual. Opened gate to Mt Fuji for global meditation, flew around it in the clouds as Hermanubis.
Intense realization that I was at a place apparently on a leyline with the Bermuda Triangle, and had been on that same leyline last full moon eclipse, when I received my new last name Bascule when using the ABRAXASIXAXIS MAGIC SQUARE at Hanging Rock.