From The BOOK of KAOS Tarot


From out of the stillness of the Void (1)
And through a Window in Space (2)
Comes a Word:


There is more than one God/dess (3)
There is more than one Formula
Through the vast Multi-verse of potentialities
The Quantum Qabbala branches out infinitely

Borne from a crack between
From a CHorus between the multi-verses
`I come: Hermanubis Nexhagus (4)
Elder Jester of the Pre-create,
Weaver of chromosomes
I come to reveal the new aeonic formula

In the beginning was the Word
What was the word? AHA!
Who knows? The Word was the secret of its speaker (as messenger of the Gods, I also know it -but 'tis a secret...)
YHVH -God!
Which God? Who is this YHVH?
There are many Gods and Goddesses -many Words, many Wills, Many Ways -Many Worlds.
Yet there is only One God/dess (5)
Many truths
And One Truth
Many Verses,
Many Ways
One Way (6)

I am the Keeper of the Ways
The Lord of the Crossroads
-I maintain the Barriers,
Yet am myself free to trespass where I please,
(All-ways deviating, sometimes in to Typhon's jaws I'm hooked) (7B)
I am the builder and the breaker-down
Of Ob-stacles and definitions

was the four-letter name of God
Now cometh the new formula
Of the five-letter name for Gods/Goddesses//God/dess

For each letter of the TETRAGRAMMATON,
Represented an Aeon
But there are Five Aeons(8)
And each letter of the TETRAGRAMMATON
Represented an element
But there are Five Elements (9)
The Fifth still being often ignored, for it is subtle
And sometimes silent, So it's letter shall be Sh!
Sh! Shin. Triple fire-tongue of the Immortal Child
Sh! The mudra of Harpocrat (10)
Forever innocent! AHA-rpocrat, a-hanging upside down
What is the Truth of your gender, oh masked one?
Forever laughing! AHA-rleQuin, King of Fools with a triple crown (11)
Quintessence of Quingrammaton (12)
Magus and Fool, such as I
Fifth power of the SpHINx (13)
Whose form guards the gates, Tripleveiled (13B)
Whose Name contains the letter:
Sh! Spirit shall no longer be left out of the Formula
For it exists Without and Within the other Four
(Letters, Elements, Aeons)
Above and Below them
As Harpocrat and Bes,
by Chthonos and Ycronos appointed (14)
From Nuit to Gaia
Both Windows, Five-pointed (15)
So Isis and Maat IPSOS
By the same Mouth which earths us
Birth us and Devour us
As Osiris and Horus
Thus Ida and Pingala, Od and Ob entwine (16)
So Shall we All be Divine
We Die Vines grow (17)
We Come and Go
To and Fro the Fifth
For it is the axis of the other four (18)
So the name also shall be
The redeemer (19)
And so it is an ancient formula
And only new in aspect and in application
And in its revelation (20)

So shall the Law of Fives be acknowledged (21)
For the Tree is also a Wheel
It's Spheres become spokes
And it's branching paths the turning rim
The Wheel of Tarot (22)
And the Wheel is in the Hand (23)
And the hand has five fingers
As the pentagram has five arms
So the body has five senses
And five extrusions
Wo/man outstretched, reaching for the Heavens (24)
But the hand is also the wheel
And the wheel turns
The Sabbat Goat now on the Pentagram burns
Head 58 Capud, (25)
The 3-pronged hat removed (26)
Revealing He who is Octinomos, Lord of the Chaosphere (27)
The 6 and the 9 conjoined one way, the 7 and 8 the other (28)
The Eye on the Wheel, Now again spinning, (29)
Widdershins, re-versed from creator to destroyer, ShYHVH (30)
696, into the mouth which devours, (31)
IPSOS which Spoke the new words of Truth (32)
By the same mouth
By the same bone
The Sword meets the Stone (33)
And Spirit is within Matter
Enthroned (34)
For Air and Earth,
Son and Daughter,
Father and Mother,
Fire and Water
Shall here cross paths (35)
And the AHArpocrat AHArlequin
Forever laughs
Sh! Behold the Truth of the axis, axle of Fortune's Wheel
Pentagrammaton re-turns! (36)

Yet the five can be split
Five dimensions become apparent
Made up of the 2 and the 3 (37)
And we leap beyond the Wheel (38)

(1) From out of the stillness of the Void -the Void being Daath, the Abyss, where dwells Thoth, Tahuti the Scribe, invoked by this scribe through immersion in that void via the Death Posture

(2) Through a window in space -The Window is the glyph relating to the Hebrew letter He - the mother and the daughter, Isis and Maat, in the aeonic formula, and the Star Tarot Card. This is a transmission from the stars, from Nuit, Our Lady of the Stars, the unmanifest (again, the void), whose symbol is the pentagram. This is also a reference to the scribe who transmits the message, Orryelle (an oriel is a window in an attic) Defenestrate ('to throw something out the window')

(3) The Pentagram has become the main symbol of the neo-pagan movement. Here the pagan pantheons are suggested, with their multidtudes of deities; branching out to the multitudes of different pagan mythologies and perspectives, and further to the multitudes of different religions and cultures in general

(4) Hermanubis Nexhagus -Hermanubis is a composite of Hermes -the Greek Messenger of the Gods; Anubis the jackal-headed Egyptian guide to the Underworld (the Pentagram is a symbol of the Underworld in Egyptian mythology); and Hanumen, vedic monkey trickster born from an egg. Hermanubis represents the guna of motion and activity on the Wheel of Furtune. Nexhagus is one of the Forgotten Ones of the Maatian current, the Elder Gods. He represents uncontrolled change, and is the avatar of freaks and mutants.

(5) Yet all religions are one religion. The universal symbols and threads which weave through the different myhologies of the different cultures. Each deity or pantheon of deities a different mask of the same fundamental essence, the Quintessence or element of Spirit. Being beyond gender, it is represented by the Gynander or, on earth, the Hermaphrodite.

(6) The Way= Tao = Kether (spirit, the fifth element)

(7) ACHAD means Unity. The word has the value in Qabbalistic Gematria of 13, which is the number of the tribe which is forming from members of all the Twelve Tribes (source races/cultures) united, according to the Hopi Prophecies. Frater Achad (Charles Stanfield Jones) was the magician who first earthed the Maat current. The Twelve Tribes also exist within the Bible. The Thirteenth Tribe is the emerging global tribe, who celebrate diversity yet are unified by the awakening Collective Conscioussness, Na'aton. The Thirteenth Tribe is woven together from the twelve. Arachne, the spider-Goddess, is the Thirteenth sign of the lunar zodiac. Arachne is the eight-limbed one, Lolotehe, Kali -Creator and Devourer, Goddess of Time and cycles.
The Thirteenth baktun is the final baktun or cycle of the Mayan Calendar, spanning from 1992 to the Crossroads of their Sacred Tree, Solstice 2012.
13 = 8 (Chaosphere/ Octave/ eight directions) + 5 (Pentagram/ 5 aeons, 5 senses, 5 elements, etc.)

(7B) Typhon, that old drag-on the Wheel of evolution -the reptilian brain. The Elder Gods.

(8) Five Aeons: Y=Yod-The Age of Osiris, the Patriarchy. H=He- The Age of Isis, the Matriarchy, and the V (Vau) and the final He: the ages of Horus the son and Maat the daughter, which flow forward and backward in time to form the double current. The Added S or Sh = Shin, the letter for spirit and fire, the central Dreamtime axis to which we re-turn, the Shamanic aeon where we began, the coming Pan('all')daemon('spirit')aeon, age of the Hermaphrodite, in the Alchemical sense of the marriage of the Sun and the Moon.

(9) Fire, earth,air, water and spirit which underlies the others, just as Kether penetrates all other Sephiroth. In terms of the aeons: Osiris (Y) is the creative fire or seed, Isis (H) the receptive water, Horus (V) the air towhich the fire returns as steam, and Maat (H) the final earth of manifestation. The letter (S/Sh) is not attributed to one specific deity, as it underlies All.
(10) The finger to the lips is the Mudra (ritual gesture) for Harpocrat (Hoor-Paar-Craat), an aspect of Horus as the Immortal Child, forever innocent. As such s/he is essentially gynander, as young children have yet to define their gender. The abbreviation of Shin, Sh, the AHA mantra and the Harpocrat mudra all suggest silence, secrecy and subtlety.

(11) AHA is the mantra of the Immortal Child, contained in the sigil of the Last Laugh Foundation. The Harlequin is ATU 0 the Fool, yet also ATU 8: Justice/ Adjustment, Maat ('Truth') as the Mask-dancer of illusions. Thus A (=Aleph=0=Fool/Harlequin) is reflected through the window (H/He= Maat/Isis in the Pentagrammaton formula) in the formula AHA. The triple crown is the three-pronged jester's cap, also reflecting the trident forms of both the letter Shin and the Last Laugh Foundation sigil. Laughter is one of the most direct links to Spirit, thus the Quin in the jester's name!

(12) The Quintessence is the essence of Spirit, the fifth element which underlies the other four.

(13) The four powers of the sphinx 'To know, to dare, to will and to be silent', each relate to an element and to an animal which the sphinx is a composite of ; and the Fifth as the combination thereof. The sphinx as this composite thus contains in it's spell-ing 'shin', 'spi' of spirit, and the X for the X-roads which S/he guards.

(13B) The triple veils reveal the maiden/spinner, mother/weaver and crone/cutter faces of Hecate, Goddess of the Crossroads, Spider-Sphinx who guards the gates

(14) Harpocrat and Bes have been appointed positions of 'above' and 'below' in invocations and banishings. These are their astral stations in Time and Space, as appointed by the fractal froth entities Chthonos and Ycronos who create this intersection.

(15) Nuit and Gaia are both represented by the pentagram or 5-pointed star, thus suggesting the easy passage from unmanifest to manifest, through the windows opened with this symbol-key. The letter He= Star (ATU 17)= window in the Qabbala.

(16) Isis is often associated with Nuit, and Maat earths this star energy in her age of Ma-nifestat-ion.

(17) Ida and Pingala are the male and female serpents/kundalini currents which entwine the central 'sushumna' axis of our spines, just as Od (Oduadua the firesnake) and Ob/Aub (the serpent of time and cycles) entwine the caduceus staff of Hermes.

(18) This is the Formula of Dionysus, God of the vine, who dies and is reborn. Our spirits are eternal, we are all inherently divine.

(19) The Pentagrammaton fomula when written with Sh in the middle, as the axis, forms Jeheshua, the Hebrew name of Jesus, the redeemer. The Christians used this formula, the father -YHVH of the Tetragrammaton becoming the Son YHShVH

.(20) The Pentagrammaton formula applied to the aeons is a new angle on an old doctrine, one that it is now time to reveal, replacing the redundant four-letter formula. The book of Revelations is also suggested, in that in this the Age of the Child the son shall return as prophesied, whether this be seen as the biblical Second Coming of Jesus, the inauguration of the Aeon of Horus, or Quetzalcoatl/Kukulkan whom the Aztecs and Mayans are expecting back early next century (2012/2039), or all of the above -according to your chosen religio-cultural paradigm.

(21) The Law of Fives of the Discordians. 5 senses, 5 elements, 5 fingers, etc.

(22) The Wheel of Fortune, axis of the major arcana of the Tarot, traditionally has ten spokes to represent the ten sephiroth of the Qabbala. Thus the paths of theTree of Life, the Tarot Trumps, become the turning rim. The Wheel of Fate turned by Hecate, the moerae. It is her lunar loom, Arianhrod's silver wheel.

(23) Wheel of Fortune =Kaph (20) =Palm, suggesting that the wheel is the centre of the five elements of the pentagram or five fingers of the Hand (Yod/10/Hermit)

(24) The human figure stretched out, head arms and legs forming the five points of the pentagram, as demonstrated in Leonardo Da Vinci's classic picture.

(25) Names of Baphomet, the ancient 'horned one', as the 'talking head' purportedly worshipped by the knights templar. Eliphas Levi transposed the goat's-head over the inverted pentagram, creating an image dualizing the one described above, representing wo/man bound to carnality.

(26) Baphomet has a candle of illumination between his two horns. Again, the letter shin and the AHA sigil are suggested.

(27) Octinomos= eight-letter (magickal) name. Another title of Baphomet, relating him to the 8-spoked Chaosphere the Tree/Wheel is becoming in the quickening of Quantum Qabbala (the fission and fusion of different cultural traditions)

(28) Baphomet as the Hermaphrodite, the earthly incarnation of spirit, reflecting/fusing the Maat/Harpocrat gynander. As Hermaphrodite s/he is the union of sun (6) and moon (9) , vertically on the Tree; and also of Hermes (8) and Aphrodite (7), horizontally on the Tree. Both these pairings equal 15, the number of the Devil /Pan Tarot Card which is often interpreted as Baphomet. Thus a gate is opened at the Crossroads of Art/Temperance and the Tower

(29) The Devil /Baphomet card, ATU 15, is represented by Ain, the eye. Thus dreams (the eye) are earthed/ manifested (the hand/pentagram) -This is the formula of IO, the hand and the eye of the Zos Kia Kultus united- causing motion (The wheel/palm)

(30) Baphomet as the marriage of the Sun (6) and the Moon (9) (embodied in the flesh), spins anti-clockwise, and the Shin re-turns to the beginning of the formula, creating ShYHVH -Shiva the Destroyer, who is also considered hermaproditic in some ancient vedic texts. Re-flex of YHVHS the Creator (re-turns to)...

(31) The eye/ Ain (70) of An (Shiva-Pan/Baphomet) on the pentagram/hand (+10) = (80) Pe, the tower card, the Mouth which devours, symbol of the Maat current, the number of which is 696, suggesting the sun/moon (6/9) hermaphrodite in motion on the Wheel. The apparent duality of goatshead/wo/man outstretched is blurred and transcended -all is flesh/spirit! BAPHOMET=131=Pan=Truth ('Maat')

(32) IPSOS is the word of the Aeon of Maat. It means 'by the same mouth' or 'by the same bone'.

(33) Ideas manifested. IO! The Arthurian mythos is also suggested.

(34) Baphomet as the 'triple-crowned' King. Pan was the only God of the Greek pantheon who lived on Earth. Kether in Malkuth.

(35) The hermaphroditic Crossroads on the Tree of Life described above. Also the Crossroads of the Mayan Sacred Tree, Hunab Ku the galactic core/womb of the great mother which our sun's ecliptic re-aligns with on Solstice 2012.

(36) The formula YHShVH returns in a new context The 'second coming' of Quetzalcoatl/Kukulkan in 2012.

(37) The five-dimensional future-world glimpsed in the DMT state and digital art, comprised of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional inter-sect-ions. Escher was a prophet!

(38) The 2 dimensions and the 3 dimensions combined = 23 as well as 5. Thus the pentagram/hand/wheel can be leapt away from into ATU 23, the Other, Outside the Circles of Time...

Art and text (c)98 Orryelle Bascule

PENTAGRAMMATON RITUALS -Liber Pentagrammaton was launched with a two-part transglobal ritual in October 98. Script and photo's from the chakra weaving/quantum qabbala ritual theatre ceremony in Melbourne, Aust.

ZUVUYA -An essay on Aeonics, revealing the context of the above material.