Astral Sabbat, 19th February 2000 full moon.

Planetary Focus Point: Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, South America.

Floating ecstasy
Fluidform space
Shifting shapes
Losing weight
Drifting through fleshscapes

This is the nu flesh
Maleable, plasticine
Yet somehow tangible
Sensation within mutation
Black wings bearing us through the night
Chiaruscuro of patterned colours bright
Moonmoth of Ganatahuti Thoth
Drawn to the candlelight
Between Baphomet's horns
Shub Niggurath gargantuan behemoth
Undulating with insatiable delight
Black goat with a thousand young
Wings of coal and triple tongue
Of fire, endless desire, bliss of ever-resurgent
Breath from death
Vive vel ThanatEros
Even as we Order the ChAos
A strange attractor enters a defacto
Relationship with our Sahu
Surrealist twinings of limbs and tongues
Tantric voodoo, Obsidian divinings,
Lunar limbo, illusion's silvery sheen
Lucid physicality, solidified dream

We are the Nu Flesh
The semiconscious mesh
Of form and fancy
Metafetish fantasy
The fertile earth
The bubbling cauldron, the unknown other
Catching the moon, her hornéd lover
In the chalice of the Earth mother
The silver cords draw together
In a dewy web of crystalline ether
Hecate's web, the lake´s ebb
And flow under the spider´s tide
On a sparkling trail She rides
The gentle lapping waves
Rolling in the Moon
To shore, we draw
Her down in our frenzy
Of love and lust, we bask
In Bast´s gossamer glow
A purring mass of seething teething glassy mirror flame
Warm and wet and glistening with
The Secret game
Veils are rendered and renewed
A feflective fabric of coagulation shewn
Hail the Incan Moonmother, Kia,
The Sabbat roiling in her ancient temple hearth
A vision of elation brought to Earth
Reified in Zos, the hand which hosts
The astral eye, the Rabbit in the Moon,
The castle in the sky
The seeds are sewn in cauldron Lake
In 9 months, of what to make?

-Kia vel Eros 3/2000

We resonated intensely with Gaia's Muladhara Chakra, Mt Shasta, California in October 99.
This working -the Ten-star Weaving earthing the Starstone Temple of the A:.A:. - activated links with Gaian kundalini energies and inspired the nature of the global Svadisthana working. The Svadisthana or navel chakra is of a lunar nature, thus like its corresponding lunar sphere on the Tree of Life, Yesod, the working was primarily astral. It was a traditional Witches' Sabbat, existing behind the veil, on the edge of our conscious minds. While the Muladhara/Malkuth working was of an appropriately physical nature, piercing and weaving together the ten initiates and the sephirothic energies they had each invoked into the web of matter, the Svadisthana working was an intricate lunar dreamweb. Networking was done via snail and email and All manner of sorcerors, magicians, witches, warlocks, mages, sages, satyrs, maenads, mutants, beasties, fae and otherkin beings converged for a great sabbatical congregation around over and within the waters of Lake Titicaca.

Sexuality and sensuality are major aspects of the Svadisthana chakra, so these were exploratory foci for connection within this Great Rite. We unite with our greatest fantasies and conquer our greatest fears and inhibitions in the Com-Union-al celebration of diversity. The astral plane is the realm of pure unmediated fantasy fulfillment. Thus we celebrate the total freedom of Love under Will.
The Svadisthana chakra, located about three finger-breadths below the navel in most systems, and also centered in the genitalia according to some of the Hindu tantras, is the storeplace and circulator of energy throughout the body, in ancient Chinese Taoism the cauldron of chi (energy). We danced around the Gaian macrocosm of this cauldron in wild abandon at the Svadisthana Sabbat, brewing within it the Vinum Sabbati of our united sacramental concrescence within the lake... impressing the ether and the Gaian noosphere with the bliss of fulfillment and ecstatic release in the Sabbatic Tradition.

The Means of Coum-union:

We shared this experience through simultaneous sexual activation of a common symbol, on the specified date, to link us and unite our souls in joy:

This sigil-key was inspired directly from and immediately succeeding the activations of Gaia-N'aton groupmind kundalini with the Muladhara working at Mt Shasta. The original master sigil was consecrated locally at Gaia's Svadisthana chakra on the Feb. 19th full moon, placed within an outwards-rippling mandala on the Bolivian Island of the Moon (along with a small piece of the moon donated by Alobar, the Yesod throneholder in the 11-star Working of the Horus-Maat Lodge), then cast into the surrounding waters of Lake Titicaca, Gaia's sacred Svadisthana cauldron. Those activating copies of the same sigil translocally upon orgasm sent their energies and travelled astrally to the great congregation thereby. Psychoactive sacraments, befitting the dreamlike nature of the rite were also employed by some to help facilitate their astral travel to the lake.

The link activated with the sigil was enhanced via meditation upon the Svadisthana chakra - contemplating one's navel!, or more specifically the energy centre three finger-breadths or so below the navel. The colours attributed to this chakra are alternately orange (in the spectrum working up from the base chakra red) or a lunar silver. It's tone is an extended '0oooh' (as in moon) sound, with pursed lips.

The Goal:

N'aton (a name for the collective consciousness in Maat Magick ) is the great Child of the Sabbat, the collective result of this com-union. She-He is the groupmind, the human potential, the astral homunculi brewing in the Svadisthana cauldron-womb of Gaia, the coagulation of the pleasures and desires dissolved in the Vinum Sabbati, the wine of the Sabbat, potentiated by the psychic link of syncronous rapture of release.

Following is my personal account of the Working I performed at Lake Titicaca, Gaia's Svadisthana chakra, on the Feb. 2000 full moon to earth the Svadisthana Sabbat. Following it are some accounts and links to accounts of translocal participants. Anyone else who participated and would like to share their experiences send your reports to for addition to this page. Thank you.

As with the Gaian Muladhara rite, my whole being became focused on the energies of the corresponding chakra in the microcosm of my own body in the month or so preceding the rite. I was in Mexico in magickal Chiapas and there was an ethnobotanical convention up the road from the campground where I was staying. There we held the psychedelic unconvention, indulging in various psychoactive plants and extracts thereof and frolicking in the charged mythoscape of the nearby Mayan ruins. While I personally only indulged a few times, the whole atmosphere around me was charged with psychoactive resonance, and as I continued to open my channels to this environment with my daily meditations and chakra chanting, my waking life became more surreal and my sleeping dreams progressively more lucid until there was little difference between them. As I meditated daily upon my Svadisthana chakra, the astral gates of Yesod opened wide. (My strange adventures with MAGIC MUSHROOMS and MAYAN TEMPLES in MEXICO leading up to the Svadisthana Sabbat are also recorded on this site.) Despite the social extravaganza of freakish travellers from around the world the convention and unconvention had attracted, I found myself turning inward, focused on the internal energy circulation of the navel chakra.

Due to my own travel and financial difficulties and the withdrawal of other potential local participants in the Svadisthana rite for the same reason, I almost didn't go to Lake Titicaca although the networking was well under way. But my Holy Guardian Angel (or was it my Arachnean anima) insisted that I go earth the rite physically even if no one else could get to Bolivia. So at the peak of the psychedelic madness in Palenque I caught my plane down to La Paz in Bolivia, South America, to earth the Svadisthana Sabbat at Lake Titicaca. I am so glad I did -it was only the beginning of a fantastic lunar journey.

Getting to the actual Lake in time for the full moon to perform the Svadisthana rite was an extreme ordeal. Although I had left enough time to get there from La Paz where I arrived the day before, I spent so much on interesting cheap trinkets in the fascinating marketplaces there that when I got to the smaller town near the Lake, Copacabana, I discovered I had very little Bolivian currency remaining, and I could not get any money from the foreign bank in this little village, nor change the Mexican Pesos or Quatemalan Quetzals I had anywhere.
People kept telling me I should go back to La Paz to get money, but I knew if I did that I would not make it to Lake Titicaca in time for the rite. Explaining in my 'pokita Español' that I *had* to be there for the full moon to the tour co. that booked boat travel to the Isla de Sol and Isla de Luna of Lake Titicaca was an ordeal, and I was distressed for a while that after all my preparations and networking, mere practical details were going to restrain me -but finally I managed to find someone who would change the pesos, albeit with a considerable tax.
This gave me just enough to have a good meal of the world's biggest trout which live in the lake, buy a llama-wool poncho to keep warm as I had failed to find a new sleeping-bag (old one left in Palenque laundromat) in La Paz, and a boat ride to the island of the Sun and then the Island of the Moon. How I was going to get back to Copacabana and La Paz I knew not, but I had to leave it to the Fates and get out on the Lake to earth the global Svadisthana rite...


The boat left at 8am the next morning. I nodded in and out of sleep (still had jetlag from the flight from Mexico) as the little vessel full of tourists rocked and swayed across the mild waves of the lake, appreciating the beauty of my surroundings from an aptly svadisthadic semi-dreaming state. The gentle rhythm of the boat enhanced this space.
Lake Titicaca is the largest navigable lake in the World -such a great expanse of water, like a sea but fresh calm water with no real waves -truly the Svadisthanic great Womb of Gaia.

After a few hours we pulled up to the Isla de Sol (left), all piled out and wandered up the fertile hill to the cultural museum thereon. The feel of this island is wonderful, very abundantly lush and green, with little clay and thatch indian huts dotting the slightly-cultivated patchwork fields.
We watched and listened to indians in colourful costumes and jaguar-skin-vests dance around playing strange almost discordant melodies on wooden flutes and drums, then piled back onto the boat rather abruptly and headed for the other end of the Island. The visit was all rather touristy and cursory, but I knew that personally it was just a stopover for me on the way to the Island of the Moon where I was to stay overnight when the rest of the tourists were shuttled off again.

At the other end of the Sun Island we were given a bit more time to wander about the villages and hills and relax on the peaceful beaches. I almost fell asleep there, and got badly sunburned (apt) and slightly sunstroked which didn't really hit me until later.

This gave me an increased drowsiness on the way to the Isla de Luna, and by arrival I had a slight fever, a tingling in the head which had been intensified by some bouts of kambukka pranayama on the boat to try to stabilise myself.

The Island of the Moon (above) looked more dry and slightly desolate than that of the Sun as we approached, a small greyish hill of rock and scrub with a few small twisty trees, jutting out of the rolling blue lake.
As soon as I stepped off the boat, a blondhaired guy in shades (already on the island, looking conspicuous amongst the indian women in their woven shawls and askew too-small bowler hats selling drinks on the shoreside) singled me out from the other travellers, came up to me and asked if I had come, 'for the ceremony?'
Somewhat startled and still only half-awake, I asked what he meant. He told me of the old priestess (70+) who lived on the island (the small village there had only about 20-30 inhabitants) he had met in the couple of days he and his girlfriend had already been there, who still climbs huge mountains barefoot. She was performing a ceremony there for the full moon that night.

I told him I had come to perform my own special ceremony there for the full moon, with people in other parts of the world tuning in, but that perhaps the rituals could somehow be co-ordinated?
He doubted it, as he was reticent to translate my intentions into Spanish for this old woman he hardly knew himself, but that I would probably be welcome to attend her ceremony at dusk.
I also wanted to begin at twilight, but was curious about this unexpected local synchronous ritual. I wandered up the hill talking with this friendly man, Jim. There was a small cluster of Incan ruins halfway up, the first remains of this ancient culture I had seen. The stonework was very different, smoother and less stark than most of the Mayan ruins I had seen in Mexico. We didn't stop to investigate the ruins, which were enclosed in a high wire fence, as Jim told me it would be better (and free) to see them once the other tourists had gone.
As we continued to the top of the hill, I asked if he knew the Incan name for the MoonGoddess. 'Kia,' he said, pronouncing it, 'Kee-ah' as Ra'en had called my KiaQyl staff. I stopped, startled. The relevance of this to the imminent Svadisthana Sabbat working was remarkable: The Sabbatical Tradition is most prevalent in contemporary magick within the Zos Kia Kultus and affiated groups and individuals. The Kia or eye (kteis) of this current represents the 'astral or atmospheric I', which is reified within the Zos (hand/phallus) of the individual self and the physical form. The nature of this working, being an astral congregation of lunar dreaming, earthed by myself as a single individual at the relevant planetary Svadisthana (lunar) chakra point of Lake Titicaca, seemed now even more fitting. I was to 'draw down the moon', earth the lunar dreaming within the cauldron womb of Gaia. The collective Kia as astral moon oversoul of this Great Rite. The ancient Incan culture as a gnitcelfer emit ni rorrim and shaping the sabbatical current somehow...

At the top of the hill I stopped to get my bearings and rest. Jim continued down into the village, telling me how to find his temporary dwelling there if I wished to visit before proceeding with my ceremony or attending the old lady's, which was to be performed at the top of the hill where we were...

Once he had gone I stashed my pack in the bushes and sat for a while, weary and wondering when and where to proceed with my rite. Jim had told me I could probably perform it at the ruins themselves, which I thought would be ideal but was slightly dubious about the possibility of interruption.
After a while I went down to the little village, found Jim's house, where I relaxed and recharged there with coca-leaf tea. I told him I liked the idea of ritualizing in the ruins so he took me over to the nearby house of their caretaker, who was the son of the old priestess performing the dusk full moon ceremony. He was quite amicable, asked for 8 pesos which anyone was charged for visiting the ruins, but allowed me to do my ceremony at night, assuring me no-one would interupt. Jim later told me that he had also said in Spanish that he, 'was used to all sorts of crazy people wanting to do rituals there in the middle of the night...'!

I decided I should go and set up the stang (forked stick) in the Sabbatical tradition, as the 'antennae' for those tuning in astrally to the rite, and establish the space before it got dark. Then I would go up the hill for Maria's (the old woman) ceremony and return to the Svadisthana rite.

I went down to the ruins and found the gate unlocked, entered and looked around. The first thing that struck me was that the most prominent design on the central smooth brown mud wall looked like the bottom half of the Etznab Mayan Magick Mirror glyph, ie. like the reflection without the actual image which it reflected... how apt for a lunar astral rite, I thought. I didn't know yet that the design was also the *top* half of the primary Incan motif, the Incan Cross, which is visually like an inversion (in terms of insideout rather than upside down) of the Etznab mirror glyph...
It was a beautiful wall, with the laddered inlays at the top and little altar spaces further down. The flat square of earth, seemingly naturally barren of the grasses which covered the rest of the field, seemed like the perfect place to centre and earth the rite with a mandala etched in the ground.
In the surrounding rock walls were holes in the shapes of crossroads, like in much of the Mayan architecture but more intricately layered.
I sat in the earthen natural square and began to meditate, soon going into my chakra deep-breathing exercises. This finally stabilized me in the way I had been needing all day after my long journey and early rise. I felt focused and at least semi-earthed in Bolivia at last, just in time for the Svadisthana Sabbat full moon rite.

Thus stabilized, I opened the directional gateways with Nema's 6-fold elemental invocations, and set up the trident stang as an 'antennae' for those tuning in astrally/ participating translocally. As Aion had reminded me, the 'forked stick' is a sabbatical tradition, to call the Horned One. I decided on a three-pronged stick to represent Pan in Hir nu-aeonic hermaphrodic form of Baphomet, the third (middle) prong being the candle twixt hir horns, representing the transcendental merging of dualities.
I had looked around the sparse patch of small trees at the top of the island earlier and not found any good three-pronged branches, so I opted for the tip of a deer antler I had with me, which I was given, appropriately, in the town at the base of Mt Shasta. It seemed a propitious link from the Gaian Muladhara (Base) Chakra Working there as well as an obvious symbol of the Celtic Horned One Cernunnos. For the third prong I used an actual candle, melted into the alcove between the two forks of the antler tip.

With DraQyl, my shortstaff TuskQyl of Ekudanta Ganapati, I etched in the dirt the Svadisthana Sabbat Sigil (left) which participants worldwide were using to tune in to the working. Then in the centre of this I placed the trident stang, stuck in the ground at the Crossroads of the earthen sigil. This felt right and I lit the candle, vocally and energetically consecrating the trident as an astral 'tuning fork' bywhich others may attend...

I lapsed back into silent meditation for a short while, then took most of the dried mushrooms and peyote brujo (cactus buttons) Spencer had given me in Palenque, washing them down with water from my copper chalice and a prayer to the Moon Goddess.
I decided to wander up the hill and perhaps catch some of Maria's rite...
As I wandered up it was already beginning to get dark, and I wondered how much I had already missed, for she too had intended to begin just before dusk.
On the horizon large turbulent clouds began to form, rolling in with the darkness.
Jim and Iris were at the top of the hill, huddled in blankets. They said Mariah's short but powerful ritual was already over. She had blessed the setting sun and the rising (though not yet visible) moon and Mother Earth ('Pacha MaMa' in Quechua Incan), and humanity's connections therewith, while burning sweet incenses and blessing all with song and gesture.
While mildly disappointed that I had 'missed' it on a mundane level, it seemed apt and wonderful that I had been opening the conduit for the global svadisthana working simultaneously with her rite on the same island.
I sat with Jim and Iris watching the sun disappear. Then we turned our gaze to the other side of the encircling island horizon, (the side of the island which the ruins were on) but there was now a dense layer of black cloud and naught could be seen of the rising full moon, though She could be felt...
Above this layer of thick cloud which sat just above the dark calmly-rippling waters of the surrounding lake, the sky was clear, a deep cobalt-blue.
Suddenly lightning flashed starkly on the horizon, first on one side of the island, then on the other as if in echo...
I bid Jim and Iris good night as I felt to return to the ruins and resume my rite. As I returned I once again felt quite weary, and decided I should lie in deep relaxation before continuing. I did so prostrate within the circle I had established before the Incan mud wall, breathing deeply into the earth. The atmosphere had changed palpably while I had been gone.

After 20-30 minutes I arose, much refreshed, and stretched, then laughed: for as I did so the moon finally rose up above the cloudlayer, which was streaked again with lightning and now rumbling thunder. She shone out white and full and luminous in the dark cobalt sky.
'Kia!' I cried in salutatory celebration of now knowing her 'local' Incan name to add to more familiar greetings, 'Kia! Kia! X'Yum Ixchel! Luna, Lunae. Isis, Ariadne, Arianhrod, Arachne, Hecate Moerae...'

I looked to the other side and saw how now that it had darkened, some clumps of trees formed a bizarre silhouette on top of the hill. They looked distinctly like the outline of a llama sniffing the butt of a two-headed camel! For the rest of the night this formation on the horizon made me giggle every time I looked at it. Nearby was another tree which looked like a bird with wings spread as if in takeoff -a rising phoenix-like apparition.
The area of the ruins had begun to feel very different. I could vaguely feel presences beginning to cluster around the stang, and drifting around freeform in the densifying night air.
I lit a candle in a little alcove of the mud wall. It shone brilliantly, illuminating the stepped patterns above strangely. Inside the alcove I noticed a lurid lime green lichen clinging to its roof, almost phosphorecent.
I decided to establish a svadisthana mandala before my gnosis deepened, as I could feel the peyote and mushrooms begin to take creeping effect upon my psyche.
I began to lay this out on the ground a little way from the stang and the sabbat sigil etched in the ground around it. I placed on the earth a page from a chakra book with a beautiful colour svadisthana mandala on it. The thing I really liked about this is that the mandala of the Muladhara (base) chakra was on the other side of the page, thus touching the earth, and this was the actual copy of it we had collectively charged in the centre of the Muladhara tenstar weaving at Mt Shasta -creating a talismanic continuity between the progressive global chakra workings. This was also consolidated with the use again of Aion's ceramic kundalini pantacle in the centre of this page, as it had been also central in the Muladhara working.

On top of this I placed the copper chalice Aloas had recently given me. For a lunar working a cup seemed the appropriate centrepiece. I filled it from my waterbottle then, reconsidering, emptied this and took the cup down the little winding path to the rocky shore of the island. There I filled it from the waters of Lake Titicaca, withwhich I returned to the ruins and our circle therein. With the cup in the centre, I then placed various magickal objects around the mandala page -chrystals from the Mt Shasta working, Spencer's dreadlock, the femur witch-on-broomstick I had found in LaPaz the day before, and an assortment of talismans and tokens from various people who were tuning in to the rite from afar, to aid the links.

Then I selected from my drawing folder six pages to form the 'petals' of the lotus mandala: First my picture of Dwimukkha Ganapati (two-faced form of Ganesha) as the Double-Wanded One.(Picture further down page) S/He seemed to be an appropriate figurehead for the svadisthana sabbat, Ganesha being generally attributed to Yesod and the moon, and Baphomet/Octinomos whom I had hybridised hir with in this picture being the 'Lord of the Sabbat' -a hermaphroditic rendition of the multi-cultural Horned God who traditionally presides over such orgiastic gatherings...

Another recent picture of Ganesha seemed appropriate too -of Him fucking someone with his trunk- a strange Svadisthanic metaphor- so I used this as another paper petal.

Next came 'The Orgasm of Baphomet' depicting an array of strange satyrs, dancing nymphs, maenads and faunicating fauns forming from the fluid ejaculation of a great pair of conjoined genitals... Little did I know that hours later I would be astrally enmeshed in such a scene.

Then there was a drawing of a great semi-human semi-feline Hrumachis/sphinx figure in sexual communion with several other strange and delightful lithe beings. (picture further below)

The final petal pages were JaiMa's Netzach collage (left), a copy I had from the Muladhara working. Netzach is the other sephiroth besides Yesod which I most relate to Svadisthana due to its sexual and sensual aspects;
and a drawing by my friend Innana (right) which has an appropriately lunar and Arachnean feel and imagery, also providing a conduit for her and other Australian participants to tune in to.
After laying out the pages I drew more rounded petal-shapes in the earth with the Ekudanta DraQyl staff, then expanded this out to form the Ganesha yantra, as like the svadisthana chakra it has a six-petal lotus central. As I did this I chanted Ganesha mantras. Om Gam Ganapati Namah. Om Shri Ganeshayanara. I began to feel his large and joyful presence...

After I had completed this mandala, I stepped back and looked at it. It didn't look or feel quite right, something to do with its positioning and angle it seemed... I shrugged and took out my instamatic camera to record the mandala. For three shots in a row the flash for no apparent reasion did not go off; by the third (I only had one roll of film) I took this as a sign that something was definitely wrong. Putting camera aside, I contemplated the mandala for a while, then realized it was supposed to go on top of the original sigil I had drawn in the earth. I had created two 'centres' and they needed to be overlapped.
So I took the stang out of the ground, thinking, 'now where the fuck will this go?' and placed the central mandala and pantacle over the sigil, rearranging the talismans and petal pages around it. Then as I placed the copper chalice on the pantacle it struck me... of course! In this Great Rite the spirits were demanding I unite the staff and cup. (where the fuck indeed!)
With great reverence I slid the stang, candle still lit between the prongs of the antler, into the water within the chalice. There it remained throughout the sabbat, a totem of divine union -the YoniLingam.

I redrew the Ganesha yantra around the mandala, while chanting a Ganesha mantra. I flashed on Hir as the Double Wanded One, Baphomet with double genitals as in one of picturepetals of the mandala.

I returned to the centre and began to masturbate while staring at the patterns of the various mandalic layers, feeling their etheric ripples within the Incan temple space. The sexual energy there was incredibly intense, I felt immediately and immensely aroused. The 8* deepened my gnosis. I could feel various spirits and elementals spiralling around me and the svadisthana mandala. I built my energy further with pranayama, using only the left nostril and Ida channel to further facilitate a dreaming trance and Yesodic astral receptivity.

I saw Dwimukka Ganapati again and a third face formed from and betwixt the other two -now becoming Trimukka Ganapati, the three-faced form of Ganesha.

Hir great curving tusks were the waxing and waning moons, and the circle in the centre of Hir yantra before me reflected the full moon above.

I dropped the moonrock Alobar (Yesod throneholder in the 11-star of the HML) had given me into the chalice. An actual piece of the moon (from a comet colliding with it), this seemed like the perfect magnet to 'draw down the moon' and fill the cup with lunar energies.
I poured some of Peter (Malkuth in the 11*)'s home-made Abramelin oil in to help earth the rite and provide another link and a distinctly thelemic element, also adding amber (burnt and crumbled on the candleflame) and other assorted sacraments to the chalice. I was creating a Vinum Sabbati -the energies of various translocal participants were going into the sabbatical 'cauldron' brew along with their talismans. All the while I chanted continuously the 'Oooh' tone of the svadisthana chakra, which rippled through various gentle harmonic fluctuations...

As I began to masturbate the visions came through more powerfully, borne on moist wings of rapture. Spirits swirled into a whirlpool centred arond the cup and stang and the svadsithana mandala rippling aout from their conjunction. Like a giant hymen the veils tore asunder and witches wetly straddling their broomsticks, cavorting satyrs and lust-maddened maenads poured in writhing throes into my widening field of perception.

Great Long spindly limbs reached through the undulating hordes, drawing them together, drawing them into convergence: The many arms of Arachne, the lunar spider-Goddess of Fate. She wove a great web with the silver cords stretching from the navels of each participant, a web of dreams and fantasies, meshing together the silver strands of ether into a tantric tapestry of delight.

All manner of strange creatures writhed through the throng: creatures of hoof and horn, creatures of wing and tail, of feather and scale borne on musky currents of freeform ecstasy. Couples drifting in tandem, merging together and apart in liquifying fractals of flesh. I recognized some of my friends within the attendees, glimmers of familiarity in faces warped by fantasy. A couple of kin from Australia flew past conjoined, in forms of sleek black, dragonscales yet somehow also panther fur. I felt the energies of mages of the Horus-Maat Lodge I had recently met. Others were masked beyond recognition, and there were many there I knew not, disincarnate spirits attracted to the gathering as well as the astral bodies of physical beings. I was riding amidst these phantasms, adrift in the mists of Kia, stretching paws and wingtips of delicate stroke brushing against the formless flesh of the witching horde; a shimmering vibrating breeze of light amidst the undulating sylphs and winged salamanders; and yet too was I aware of Zos, my individual physical self rooted to the earth, toes clenching in the dirt, phallus held lightly in hand.

I stroked myself gently like the winds which swirled cooly around my face and neck, then harder as the vapours coagulated into airborne pools of molten bodies, splitting and merging in endless copulation.
I moved away from the central mandala to the candles I had set in the altar alcove of the earthen gateway-patterned temple wall. I took out my journal and pencils and began to draw, chanelling my visions rapidly onto the page. I continued to masturbate slowly with my other hand, prolonging my pleasure and gnosis it seemed nigh-indefinitely as I sank into the timeless joy of the astral sabbat. The spirits poured through my tingling form and out onto the page. My pencil was moved by kundalini not by my mind, strange enraptured beings in orgiastic dance of supernatural grace across the paper.

(It is a great loss that this picture was in the journal lost with the rest of my pack in my subsequent Journey to Macchu Picchu a few weeks later. I have tried to redraw it or portions thereof with no success -for it was not 'me' in the usual sense of self which drew it; rather my Kia or atmospheric self at One with the All of my environment.)

The astral throng was thickening. Feline females of slender sensuous splendour purred and rubbed their sleek soft forms against the smooth pink skin of nubile nymphs with multiple rows of lust-engorged breasts. Great vines wound serpentine through the bodies, still growing, leaves and buds blossoming from their twining lengths and silken young red-green floral tips thrusting into dripping orifices.

One huge feline face loomed through the delirious mesh with sticky tyongue lapping the nectars which dripped from every shivering pore. Bursting forth form petalled buds on its great hoary head, great horns grew twisting out and up and around, curling like bone fern fronds through the elongated limbs which wove each other through the tantric tapestry. So pressed and even merging were the faunicating figures that it was the spaces in between which drew the most attention, those electric avenues of space and potential magnetized by imminence. A pause a shudder a crack between worlds, a world between cracks, moist and inviting. A palpable scent, an ambrosia on the air.

And in the distance thunder rolled through the clouds on the horizon, where more spirits rode forth on broom and beast through the black churning night towards the beacon of Cernunnos' stang within the chalice.

Through the ever-shifting mass of weightless bodies could be seen the great cat face, now lion, now jaguar, but mostly puma, snout elongating, jaw stretching until it appeared as the rubbery-lipped face of a Great Goat: Pan-Pangenitor, Baphomet, Octinomos -Lord of the Sabbat.

The Head, with great lips succulently puckering into a grin of insatiable delight. The body below was lost in a writhing mass of frenzied suckling forms. Every now and then a wet red mouth or other orifice would fall away, revealing glimpses of the swollen organs which rippled across the beast's abdomen: the thousand erectile teats of Shub Niggurath, Great Black Goat of a Thousand Young. And swollen phalluses thusting up between them, penetrating the undulating mass with avid abandon. Vaginas clutched hungrily from the folds of damp black fur along the great goat-thing's body, some gnashing blood-bespattered teeth, while clusters of penises sprouted abundantly from its abdomen like electrified tentacles, pumping semen lava-like into the loom of flesh. Globs of this irridescent plasma would form into yet more spirits, dancing into glorious birth amidst the glassy fabric of the pulsing ether.

The Great Black Goat's face grinned up at me from the page below, reflecting strangely the White Head above me.
The page was filled to bursting with entwined figures in the great dance of death and birth. I closed the book and returned to the mandala, stared into the depths of the cup. The moon was therein, shimmering faintly in the waters from the womb of Gaia, attracted there by the moonrock within. Spiderlike tendrils seemed to call from the cup with hissing whistling whispers of bliss. Having caught the dreams of Kia within the eye of the chalice (as in Nema's 'Mooncup Rite'), I withdrew the stang, lifted cup's rim to my lips and swallowed a single small sip.
I replaced the cup in the centre of the Svadisthana mandala, tipped back my head and stared up at the full belly of the Moon Mother glowing down from directly above the centre of the Incan temple. In the moon I fleetingly saw a rabbit's form (the Mayan 'Rabbit in the Moon'-symbol of fertility), which then morphed into a great cat head -Lady Bast, smiling softly in the satisfaction of eternal pleasure.
And down on the nearby shore the turqoise waters of the great lake gently lapped white rocks.

I gripped engorged phallus tight and with my other hands slid the tip of the antler stang into the moist eye of my penis. It's pink lips closed around the horn and I gradually pushed it deeper into the microcosmic vagina of my Arachnean anima.
With trickles of vibratory delight I pushed the horn further in, stretching my urethra ever wider. My other hand stroked the shaft in soft yet increasingly rapid gestures. I closed my eyes. The mass of undulating astral flesh around me now seemed to pulse in ecstatic unison; one great heartbeat pumping blood out to every engorged organ. I withdrew the stang and a great shudder swept through me. I looked at my opened eye below and it stared back up at me, a single red and white tear beading from its opalescent depths. A great throbbing, in my head and reverberating through my entire body, and rippling outwards across the swirling chiaruscuro of pink and purple congealing figures... Louder, ever louder, yet silent; and a great convergence, tensions snapping and swirling like springs of coiled flesh and bristling intent.

I thrust my hips involuntarily towards the centre of the mandala, caressing myself in time with the great throbbing hearbeat of nature. The eye of the chalice beckoned me, its water rippling. Then with wave after wave of interminable euphoria I ejaculated, into the central chalice, and across the shimmering petals of the mandala. I closed my eyes and saw One great Eye, the Ain, the Eye of Baphomet; the opening Eye of Shiva-An, annihilating me; The Kteis of Kali, birthing me; the Eye of Oneiros, the astral Eye, the Eye of Kia (and I the Hand of Zos), the Eye of the Moon, the Eye in the Centre of the Cyclone. It was my first ejaculatory orgasm in several months so the gnosis was powerful and immediate. All was calm, a great sea of serenity. I floated formless into the formless Ain, the Void. The last flickers of individual figures faded into the shapeless sea, the waveless womb. Coagula et Solve. All had become One, N'aton, and now was None.

I lay on the earth and drifted in the void for a while. Eventually I arose, wishing to conclude the Rite before I completely lost myself to Oblivion. Lifting the pantacle and picture from the centre of the mandala, I dug a small hole in the earth at the Crossroads of the Svadisthana Sabbat Sigil etched in it, and there planted a single seed of a Mandrake plant (the only one I could find of three Rialian gave me), the root ofwhich is a potent aphrodisiac traditionally used in the flying ointments made for access to the witches' sabbat. I replaced the pantacle and walked ever so slowly down to the waters' edge with the steaming chalice. I cast liquids, moon rock, sacraments, talismans and all therein back into the waters of the lake, the great womb of Gaia. Moonlight rippled across the waters as they gently lapped the shores...


When I arrived in Bolivia two days before the Svadisthana working, I knew next to nothing about the Incan culture, assuming it to be similar to Mayan and Aztec, but its is rather unique. I became fascinated with this not-so-ancient culture as I continued to explore their ruins and legacy in Bolivia and Peru.
Their main symbol, I soon discovered, is the Incan Cross, which is the same shape as the outside of the Ganesha yantra. So I unwittingly carved the main Incan symbol in the ground upon arrival in one of their temples! The centre of this cross is represented by the puma -and Titicaca, I soon learned, means 'Puma rock' after a formation on the Isla de la Sol. So no wonder a great puma face was so dominant in my sabbatical visions!
If you combine the Incan Cross and the Svadisthana mandala, you get the Ganesha yantra! (see diagram at left). Another interesting thing about this cross is that if you combine its attributions in the centre, you get -a Sphinx! -Egyptian hieroglyph of Hrumachis the double lion of the two horizons.

Alobar, then Yesod (lunar/astral sephiroth) throneholder in the 11-star rite of the Horus-Maat Lodge, who gave me the moonrock, consciously forgot about participation in the Sabbat, yet had a powerful dream (how apt for Yesod!) of it at that time. From New Orleans, he accurately perceived that the gathering presiding deities were Ganesha, Xochipeli (Mayan God of psychoactive plants, and I was on mushrooms and peyote from Mexico) and a great Cat-God/dess! His full account and those of other members of the 11-star collegiate participating in the Svadisthana Sabbat can be found HERE.

Another aspect of local Incan mythology I discovered after the rite is that the Incan sunGod 'Inti' is supposed to be born from Lake Titicaca -womb of Gaia indeed, and it fits with our intent of awakening the collective consciousness 'N'Aton' -a name which from Egyptian translates as 'Of the Solar Disk'. There are legends of a great disk of gold being found near Lake Titicaca. I fell asleep an hour or so before dawn but Jim told me the next day that the sunrise as he saw it from Isla de la Luna was the most glorious he had ever seen, and several translocal participants reported strong images of a rising fiery phoenix. The global kundalini moving on towards the next chakra, the solar Manipura, also comes to mind...

Personally, the results of this ritual were immediate. In addition to the increased psychic connection I felt with other participants and humanity at large, my lunar dreaming continued to intensify over the next month or so as I journeyed to Valle de La Luna in Bolivia and Macchu Picchu in Peru, where I wrote the lunar adorations of Liber Qoph vel Hecate and began to receive Chapter II of The Book of Going Back by Night. These adventures peaked with an Ayahuasca trip high in the Andes mountains which opened my circuit to N'aton wider than ever before. These further lunar journeys are recorded online as my SHAMANIC JOURNEYS in SOUTH AMERICA.

All images and text above copyright (c)2000 Orryelle Defenestrate

Below are two more reports from translocal participants in the Svadisthana Sabbat (more to be added as I receive them), and further links.

Svadhisthana Sabbat was dOnE solO, 3E accidEnt/Li shEdulEd mysELF tO wErk that 3E wuz trancE dancing tO tribAL tEk.nOw bEats, 3E fOcusEd On svadhisthana lOtus with Sigil in kentEr Expanding within Gai's khildrEn..3E gathErEd thee sExual energiEs, which was abundant/Li prEsEnt, intO a gigantick web-matrix...3E was prEtty high off ov thee moO.N & magick, & 3E'm surE thee ganga hElpEd by nOw..3E trancEmutEd thee wEb intO watEr & visualizEd thee Earth having a hugE orgasm, shOoting out ov hErE sEx khakRA- thus sEnding thEe nrg off..
kEep within l-ov-E & kOumntakts.

Ov & rust,
(aum) Jai Ma (kali hum)

On the full moon I got stuck in Villahermosa and everything was loosing it's collective mind. I saw a miss mexico pagent in the streets, women with no faces of their own but merely plaster and makeup moulded to the likliness of a lovely countenance, it was frightening to say the least. Then I meandered into a fist fight where two men were smashing each others heads into the pavement and they both stopped for the briefest of seconds to glance up and glare at me before going back to their deadly game. All the while I was aligning myself with the mooon and trying to focus my energy in my navel and not on the armed guards with machine guns standing out in front of mc donalds. It was a wild goose chase I went to change my quetzales for pesos but found out that they dont do that there so I had no money to return and nothing to do and it was all very surreal being stuck in a land of mexican shopping malls when all I wanted to do was to shimmy off to Bolivia.
I did make it back however and by the time I returned home I wasn't in the best mind frame for travel but I did it anyways, overloaded my left channel, built up my navel with vase breathing and smoked a heavy dose of bruho. I promptly lay back and felt myself forming into the body position of the egyptian mummies, arms crossed on my chest, and found myself not only contemplating my navel but becoming my navel. From there the rest is mere visions and images, emotions and energy.
I felt myslef on the moon, felt myslef slide up there on a spiders thread of blue and orange. I lingered briefly but I next found myself feeling as though I were emerging through a warm and womblike water sphere, things were still definitly blue and orange. From there I remember seeing a small island but my attention was focused elsewhere, it felt as though I were floating on an aircurrent but I knew that it was pure energy radiating from the lake. It was awesome and I still lack the words for it all. The rest seems to me like a dream, different forms different shapes different entities and everytime I think of it all the images change and I wonder wether the line between fact and fiction imagination and rreality has not lost itself almost altogether in my conscious mind, I hope soo. Truth in her dress finds facts to tight in fiction she moves freely.

Spencer Ames

REPORTS of experiences of HORUS-MAAT LODGE participants in the SVADISTHANA SABBAT

THE GLOBAL CHAKRA WORKINGS -The vision behind these progressive rites from 1999 to 2012.

GLOBAL MULADHARA WORKING -The tenstar weaving at Mt Shasta, California, USA, Oct. 99 full moon, which laid the foundations for the above rite and subsequent Gaian chakra workings.

GLOBAL MANIPURA CHAKRA WORKING -Uluru, Central Australia, June Solstice 2000.

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