Orryelle's TRAVEL JOURNAL continued…


Reported Mon, 31 Jan 2000

Lunar Eclipse Report -Palenque


After a flight from New Orleans to Mexico City then a 12-hr busride, Aloas and I arrived in Palenque town just before dark, found storage for most of our luggage and jumped in a 'collectivo' combi-van to the Mayan ruins. We arrived just after dark to a guard with a very large gun (typical Mexican authority figure!) and a closed site. Unsurprised, we wandered off up the road a bit then off it into the surrounding jungle. Found a nice spot, did some chakra meditations and felt a bit more earthed and 'arrived'. According to our calculations there were 3 hours or so til the eclipse.
Aloas stayed with the bags while I went on a scouting mission thru the denser jungle on the other side of the road, closer to the ruins.
The full moon was very bright above. After some time I found an entry point to the very thick undergrowth. I was excited to be back in lush tropical rainforest, surprisingly similar to what I was familiar with from parts of northern NSW in Australia. The narrow path through the foliage opened onto a riverbed with just a trickle of water through it, so I rolled up my jeans and continued. At one point I ventured away from the river towards the lights of the Mayan site to spy out a possible entry. My foot immediately sunk deep into a mossy marshy thing, and upon withdrawal began to itch and sting. Uh-uh, not that way! I washed it in the river, the sting subsided and I continued, feeling rather like an amateur Indiana Jones.

I eventually reached a place where the riverbed began to thin and veer away from the lights which flickered through the undergrowth, so I set out towards them through the jungle. I soon turned back though, as it became apparent that I could easily lose my way back if the temples still proved inaccessible. Last thing I wanted was to be lost in the jungle on a total eclipse!
As I retraced my path along the riverbed, a large frog kersplotted through the shallows. An omen of things to come...

By the time I had got back to where Aloas was, a faint shadow had begun to climb the edge of the moon. Earlier than we expected, apparently our Timezone calculations were a bit off. As the ruins seemed out of the question, we decided to at least see the eclipse from a wider part of the riverbed I had discovered, where there was a gap in the leaves to see the moon. I grabbed pipe, salvia divinorum concentrate (a potent psychedelic I had not yet tried), prayer to Hunab K'u, lighter and water bottle and we set off. It began to darken rapidly as we plunged through the forest. By the time we got to the desired location there was only a slither of the moon left visible. We peered at her through the foliage as I prepared for my journey. A strange gutteral yet simultaneously highpitched roaring cry echoed distantly through the trees. We wondered what it was, discovered later it was Howler Monkeys, actually rather small and cute despite having voices that every death-metal singer wishes they had.

I read the Mayan prayer to Hunab K'u (the 'spirit of the Universe' or galactic core), asked my guardians for protection, packed the pipe and breathed deeply, sitting on some dry rocks near the edge of the riverbed. Staring up at her disappearing glint, I prayed to Hecate the moongoddess that with her I should return... Remembering the frog, I invoked the voltiguer, to leap between dimensions in this crack between the worlds. The moon vanished, the jungle was plunged into blackness, and I inhaled deeply the strange fumes of salvia divinorum.

My reality shifted dramatically. The closest I can get to describing the sensation was flattening out into a 2-dimensional plane. The world of form was gone, there were only shapes and I was squashed into a plane of yellows and reds and blacks.
I pulled myself up out of this very quickly however, even as I sat back up from the cold rocks. I was back after only a couple of minutes (confirmed by Aloas who was straight) not the expected 15-20, feeling quite here although a bit wobbly. It was still very dark, I had returned way before Hecate!
A bit disappointed, I arose and wobbled around the riverbed for a bit, pointing out a firefly to Aloas which then cheekily winked out as soon as she looked. It did soon come back for both of us though, confirming that I wasn't just off with the fairies.
Well I don't know why the salvia was so ineffective - perhaps my environment was not comfortable or safe enough to let my body go, or the tobacco pipe I had acquired in Villahermosa inept technology. Guess I'll have another go of it on the imminent solar eclipse...

At the time I was too awed by the beauty of my new environment to really care for long. We decided to make our way back out to the road for a clearer view of the moon's return. We lay in the long grass beside the road and gazed up. She came back a glorious bright orange, the colour attributed to the lunar Svadisthana chakra! A wonderful omen for the Svadisthana working on the following Feb. full moon...

The Voltiguer (amphibian 'leaper' between the dimensions in French voodoo) invocation seems to have had lasting effects. While not going anywhere much at the time, I have been leaping all over the place since in my dreams as well as my physical surroundings. A few nights after the eclipse I was feeling a bit depressed and travel-weary -I think jetlag combined with my body's adaptation to the increased intake of estrogen. I kept wondering whether it was actually time to head back to Australia and be still for a while, see my friends and familiars.
Before going to sleep I tested a method of pranayama I felt would be suitable for the Svadisthana working -breathing in and out only thru the left nostril and nadi to induce an intentional imbalance for scrying or astral work. While I intended to meditate to consciously analyze the effects, I fell asleep instead.

I had vivid dreams all night, remembered much more than usual of them, and they felt like actual astral contacts with other sleeping individuals. I was back in Australia, connected with friends and family.
Nothing much had changed, some things were still awry with certain connections. I felt the same frustration as a month or so before I left Australia, and thinking I was there physically, wished I hadn't gone back too soon as I could not afford to leave again. Towards the end of the experience it actually occurred to me that perhaps I was just astrally travelling to Australia to check it out. With this realization, of course, I awoke, relieved to still be in Mexico. I did some rebalancing right-nostril-only pranayama, took a small dose of local magic mushrooms procured the night before and headed for the Mayan temples...

Tue, 1 Feb 2000

Flesh of the Gods


The ancient Mayans used psilocybin mushrooms ceremonially, calling them 'flesh of the Gods'. Small wonder, then, that their use connected me directly into their mythos while at the temples and pyramids at Palenque.

During the two previous days I had explored and marvelled at most of the buildings at the site, spread throughout the jungle, some well-preserved in fields, others towards the waterfalls reclaimed by the jungle, crumbling ruins with tree-roots winding through them.

I had marvelled at the patterns and colours of the lichen and fungi growing over the ancient eroding stones, at the impressive huge Temple of the Inscriptions pyramid (interior currently inaccessible due to maintenance), at the labyrinthine remains of the Palace, the hieroglyphics and reliefs depicting the priests and gods of the area; and performed extended chakra meditations in the dank underground chambers.

Especially of note in relation to my personal journey was a large stone relief depicting a figure standing on a large feline with a head at each end. It seems that Hrumachis, the 'double lion' form of Horus in the Egyptian pantheon representing the two horizons, exists in some form in the Mayan culture too, along with pyramids, sacred twins and the rest of the corellations...

In the site museum I discovered the priests of Palenque who were considered physical incarnations of /messengers of the Gods were called 'AHAU-OB'.
Amusingly enough one of the Spanish-Mexicans selling souvenirs at the ruins had asked me if I was Mayan, despite my pale skin. Perhaps it was the macaw feathers in my hair (worn by the priests of Quetzalcoatl) or the prominent probosci (all the figures in the stonework have very eminent noses)...?¿

Aloas felt like resting the day I went back so I was alone (almost oblivious to the trickle of camera-wielding tourists) in the Mayan ruins on local psilocybin mushrooms...
There were two smaller pyramids remaining to be explored on this last day (or so I thought at the time) at Palenque.

These turned out to be the most significant two for me, no doubt even if I hadn't have had the shrooms that day. They were the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of Chan-Balum -Mayan for 'Jaguar-Serpent' (both seen at left).

I climbed the wide stone steps up to the Temple of Chan Balum in the hot sun and stood before the central relief, about 6' tall and 12' wide. It was the most impressive one I had seen yet, perfectly preserved except for a few cracks which only enhanced its aging flavour. A reddish colour seeped through the stones in patches, probably cinnabar but it vividly brought to my mind the blood sacrifices the Mayans performed.
Staring at the work I could feel the power and intensity of this tropical culture, and it suddenly made sense to me how they viewed life and death, and considered it an honour to die ritually as a reward for winning the sacred ballgames. Much like Nema's view of the future 'Feast of the Hive' perhaps -maybe the Mayans had attained a similar groupmind and physical incarnation was just another alchemical process...?
I retreated into one of the shady side chambers of the temple as other tourists came up the steps, and sat in there quietly restringing my warped (from flight and temperature changes) violin.
Afterwards I descended the steps, awestruck, and went up into the Temple of the Sun next to it. The relief therein was also mindblowing, depicting Chan Balum and his father, the famous Pacal Votan, revering two crossed arrows and a symbolic shield hovering between them. There is a face on the shield, tongue out in Bes/Kali fashion; this is Sunshield, Pacal Votan's other name and seemingly like some kind of family heraldic symbol.

I knelt before it and read Hunbatz Men's daytime Prayer to Hunab K'u. I had been reading this and the nighttime one every day since arriving in Mexico, but now it suddenly clicked into place. The words rolled off my tongue, it seemed I knew how to pronounce and intone the mantras more accurately.
As I returned to the temple of Chan Balum, it occurred to me the significance of his name and role. In the Mayan mythos the sun is often shown in the jaws of a jaguar, this being its nightly descent into the Underworld in much the same fashion as the Egyptian 'sun in Amenta'.
Chan, the serpent represents the heavens. So Chan-Balum is the psychopomp, taking souls down to the underworld and back. The name Sunshield suggests that this was the Temple of the Black Sun - the sun in amenta. I wondered if it was Chan Balum also depicted in the Palace on a double lion -Hrumachis, the son behind the sun? This was later confirmed by a local information booklet about Palenque.
How apt that I was here now after invoking Baphomet and the Nightside tunnel of Raflifu (reflex of the Sun path/trump): I have begun my journey of the Black Sun with the daily ingestion of estrogen, sublimating my solar nature to bring it into manifest balance with emerging lunar-cy.

In a side chamber of the temple of Chan Balum I took a length of fresh rainforest vine I had collected earlier and began to entwine a length of it around my wrist while chanting the name Chan Balum. It encircles my caduceus tattoo, the staff of that other psychopomp, and now it has dried can only be cut off...

A picture of Chan Balum I began drawing that day on magic mushrooms


Chan Balum
Swallow the sun
Jaws of death
Sunspot hide
Chan Balum
With you I ride
Unto Amenta

Black sun
Nigri solis
Son behind the sun
Pyramids of the immortals
Syrian portals
Bliss of Abyss
Lord of Raflifu
-doublewanded, doubleheaded
Take me down -solve et coagula, change deified
Then return me to the surface

Tue, 25 Jan 2000

Svadisthana travel dilemnas

I'm in a bit of a crux, not quite sure which way to turn, hoping someone may be able to help me process my new and unexpected situation:

After a wonderful 3 days at the Palenque mayan ruins and surrounding jungle I begin to realize I probably can't really afford to get to Lake Titicaca for the proposed SVADISTHANA SABBAT -I think! It's hard to tell as local bus co.'s only deal with their own country and passage to the next, and there's about 7 countries between here and Bolivia! After my unexpected customs crisis etc. I am already in debt, and while living is very cheap down here (small tacos with rice and beans and salsa for 30c US!) buses aren't quite so and it's a fucking long way -then back. Plus I am getting rather travel weary...
Yesterday I spent too much $ in this netcafe formatting all the material about the global Svadisthana working for my website. It came out well but then I started realizing how much it is perhaps just an aptly-lunar fantasy and realistically implausible.
Discussing this with Aloas last night clinched her growing discontent with our lifestyle and travel differences -severe mood swings from my eostrogen intake probably haven't helped- and she is now on her way back to Chile, leaving me in an unfamiliar culture where few people speak English. She has taught me enough basic Spanish terms (toilet, bus station, etc.) for me to get around but the whole thing is looking more and more problematic.

Yesterday I received an email from Australia saying the locals at the cometcrater near Uluru where the global Manipura working was planned for are not ready for such a thing, although it may be possible in years to come. So now after its wonderful foundation at the Mt Shasta Global Muladhara Working the whole global chakra plan I have been putting so much energy into is up in the air.
Perhaps I should abandon it, at least for now and try to muster more support for picking it up at a later date??

I'm going to at least travel around for a few more weeks in Central America, making my ticket down here worthwhile, heading southwards until a decision clarifies...

I feel rather lost after my major 'plot' for the last few years has been dramatically upheaved (damned and blasted tower!) but ready and willing to adapt as necessary...

'Thou hast no kingdom beyond transiency,
Who art exiled amid perpetual metamorphoses' -Andrew Chumbley.

Love from the Abyss....

Fri, 28 Jan 2000

Chaak Baack - travel situations

---Aion wrote: Io Pan and Chac!

Well I went to the Chaak camping ground in Palenque the other night for a wonderful party, but I still don't know what it means...?¿

My mood and situation have changed somewhat melodramatically since my last post! I have spent much time finding travel info then Tyger helped from the US (many thanks!) as travel agent and airline 1800 free-calls don't work from here. Seems I can fly to Lake Titicaca and back for a lot cheaper than I first deemed... cheaper and more predictable than buses and it doesn't take 2 weeks!

So what to do in the meantime, as with the airfare costs I don't have mucho spare pesos to see many local wonders. Well due to my alienation I did a spell the other night to meet an interesting English-speaking freak. The next day I met a whole bunch of them - members of a travelling circus from the US in fact, with more arriving soon.
They told me about a 5-day convention on local entheobotanicals (plants that trip you out) here in Palenque starting on the 12th Feb. -Terence McKenna's first public appearance since the brain tumor was successfully removed, plus the Huxley family and a whole bunch of other mad scientists and other great warped minds. With the amount of practical preparation 'workshops' involved I suspect it will be-come a rather unconventional 'convention'!
It is an absurd $1300 US but my circus friends are planning to become involved for free as performers. After playing with them for a few days I have now joined them in this endeavour - we are recreating some local Mayan mythology (with touches of Egyptian etc. from yours Truly) to perform as ritual theatre, possibly at the actual Mayan ruins!
I'm going to travel to some other important temples (gotta find a good one for nu moon solar-eclipse draconian nu year!) near here for inspiration, come back in a week or so and work it all out with them...
At the 'Pancham' campground they are staying at (though they are about to get a house in the jungle) where I have been the last few days there is an interesting barrage of different cultures and languages from travellers.
Got stoned off my head amidst crossconversations in Hebrew, French (the 2 Freds, I call them the Freddo Frogs), Spanish, US English, English English, OzEnglish and gibberish glossolalia (my contributions)...
I should be able to to some tarot readings and even tattoos for money at this strange traveller's campground in the jungle too.

Spent a lot of yesterday chilling out reading J.M.Jenkins' 'Maya Cosmogenesis 2012' at last (copy at vegetarian restaurant of campground) and totally spinning out on all the correlations between Mayan and ancient Egyptian and Thelemic and Voodoo mythologies/currents.
I better not get into it all now, as I have to email the convention people, etc., but sometime soon.

Many thanks to everyone for their responses and encouragement...
Aion I plan to go explore the Yucatan area on my way back up from Lake T. - as Chichen Itza is there, where the serpent spectacle happens on Spring Equinox/my birthday.

Love from, The Abyss

Sun, 30 Jan 2000

Tenstar Reprise

Went for a latenight wander thru St Cristobal last night. Deserted streets. Found a ten-pillared dome in a ten-pointed star concrete mandala outside the magnificent Cathedral. Sat in the centre, did chakra meditation and tones. Great acoustics. Felt very earthed.
Apparently religion here is mostly a blend of catholicism and local indian traditions, still with chicken sacrifices etc. Kind of like Santeria! May the upright and 'downwrong' pentagrams unite!

Tried busking violin in the colourful marketplace today, no mucho dinaro (money) but a big crowd of delighted indian children. Fun!...

Tue, 1 Feb 2000


Last night a man with half his face tattooed maori-style bought me dinner and told me how to get to a strange little catholicized indian village near here (San Cristobal, Chiapas).
So today I caught a combi 'collectivo' out there from San Cristobal market:
Amidst a medley of thatch huts and modern concrete boxes was a large spanish-style cathedral painted up with bright primary colours. Inside, an atmosphere of utmost sanctity and stillness. Hundreds of lit candles, no chairs or pews, hay on the floor, plaster statues of many different catholic saints lining the walls in decorated glass cases. Indian women chanting rapidly and crying on the ground.
Not far in from the entrance there was a big sign saying outsiders could step no further, but after sitting still there for some time someone invited me further in. Maybe because I was the only 'tourist' there at the time, or because of my instinctual reverence.

I was actually kind of appalled at the conversion of indiginous people with their own strong earth religions to a fucked up patriarchal white man's trip, til I noticed that every saint statue had a large mirror attached to its chest.
...Seems the indians know its really the divine within themselves they are worshipping, so it doesn't really matter what external form they use to reflect it.

Knelt and murmured what I could remember of the daytime Mayan Prayer to Hunab Ku, and left...

Still much confused about travel to Titicaca or not. I'm already heaps in debt and its a stupid unreasonable thing to do. But whenever I go into meditation my Holy Guardian Angel -or is it my arachnean anima- insists I should go there...

Black Moon/Black Sun Rite 4th Feb Tonina

I went to Tonina primarily because it was on my way back to Palenque from San Cristobal. I had heard little about this particular Mayan site and expected it to be of little significance. Having re-routed my journey (due to bus & $ problems) from the original plan to go to Guatemala via the Izapa site, I thought I might as well check out Tonina on the way back to Palenque. I am SO glad I did! It is a wonderful site, as special as Palenque and of unexpected significance to my current spiritual journeys. Seems my HGA is planning the route for me!

I arrived at the small dirty Mexican town of Ocosingo just after dusk and wandered about for several hours trying to find a cheap hotel room (no jungle to hide in nearby, only farmlands). All the cheap ones were full and I eventually got sick of lugging my heavy backpack etc. around and settled for a more expensive (by Mexican standards anyway) one, grateful at least for the hot shower.

The next morning I waited around for hours for the 'collectivo' combi to Tonina, eating exotic fruits in the market place. No one seemed to be able to tell me with any certainty when it was due so finally, weary of the large crowd of curious locals who kept gathering around me gawking and laughing (tourists and travelers were rare here it seemed - I didn't see a single other one) I caught a cheap taxi out to the Tonina ruins.

When I finally got there early afternoon it was WELL worth the ordeal of the previous 12 hours after all. A ruins guard took a liking to me and showed me around the first crumbling buildings. We used our equal small knowledge platform of Mayan to bridge his little English and my little Spanish. He told me the stone platform area where I had entered was once for 'de sacrificio', and confirmed what people in town had said. The main temples ahead were 'de La Luna' -how wonderful! I had inadvertently come to a lunar temple (rare among the solar and stellar focused Mayans) on my magickal journey towards Gaia's Svadisthana chakra (Lake Titicaca) and into the Lunar dreaming thereof.

As we approached the main cluster of ancient structures, I marveled at the difference between this site and Palenque. The buildings were constructed in similar designs but from more rounded stones, giving them a much softer, more feminine feel.

There was a large stone relief ahead of us of two diagonal stepped zig-zag shapes crossing. He confirmed that these were "can", serpents. Later discovered they were also a map of the 'Tzolkin' Mayan calendar pattern.
Up some narrow steps past a throne the guard showed me a statue of a cross-legged figure broken off and missing from the belly up. He told me this was Kawak the River-God once constantly doused from a stone chute fountain just above him which channeled water from a nearby river.
Then the guard took me down into an amazing underground 'labyrinthio'. He showed me thru very quickly, flashing his torch here and there. There were square & cross shaped holes allowing in light and air. At tunnel's end I felt a surge of intense energy around the last wall, and he confirmed that this had been the altar.
The guard led me back out and walked off, leaving me to wander about the outer peripheries of the Labyrinth, crumbling and exposed to the day.

There were beautiful intricate spiderwebs stretched across the ancient stones in every mossy corner and crevice. Lunar temples indeed! I nodded in familiar homage to Arachne Moierae/Hecate, Goddess of the lunar labyrinth. I climbed some steps up into the bright sunlight.

The rest of the structures were built on the side of a large hill, so it was a gradual ascent upwards to explore them, climbing many steps into the hot afternoon sun. On the side of one building, under a protective thatch, was the most spectacular large stone relief I had yet seen, most of it intact: (the picture below is only half of it -I ran out of film!)

Two long intersecting shapes reminded me of the voodoo veve for the Manassa. At its ends, as if crucified on the diagonal lines, were two strange upside-down decorated faces; nearby a skeletal Underworld deity, crumbling glyphs and a large feline face. (I have never seen a photo or drawing of this significant piece anywhere). I wound my way on and upwards to the great pyramid at the top, wondering about the strange steps everywhere - very narrow horizontally (small feet?) front to back, yet very high vertically. Was this to draw attention to movement - 'dance' as ritual?; gnosis through exertion? - I found it easiest to move up & down, then sideways....

It was difficult for me to appreciate the main pyramid at this time as there were noisy hyper tourists at the tip. I crept around a vine clad back way, waiting but they wouldn't go away, so I did. As I made my way back down between the carious buildings, I spotted a narrow opening in the ground with steps leading down into the darkness. I climbed down into it, the damp coolness within a welcome respite after all that clambering around in the sun sweating.
It was just wide enough for me to fit, feeling my way along the damp stone walls. The steps ended and there was just earth underfoot, sloping down, the stone ceiling following this diagonal descent. As the light from the small entrance receded, the passage narrowed further so that I had to turn sideways to squeeze along, my arms scraping along the dank walls. As the darkness enclosed me the atmosphere thickened tangibly. I continued down deep into the earth, the air very thick and still, almost liquid in its density. The slope steepened and I had to move very slowly and carefully, unsure if the uneven ground may suddenly drop away beneath me.
Eventually the ground leveled out. I continued cautiously to a bend in the tunnel - it veered off to the right at a perpendicular angle, and down again. I'm not sure how to describe the feeling of being this deep underground in such a narrow confined space, pitch black. There was a strange pressure in my head, yet I felt very calm, peaceful, submerged yet alert, wary. The passage was still only as wide as my body. Steps down again. The ceiling lowered dramatically. Ahead seemed to be a long low chamber which the only way to enter was horizontally. I slid down into it. Two small alcoves branched off to the left and right. Realizing it was a body size cross shape, I backed up and out, reversed and slid back in headfirst.
As suspected I then fit perfectly (and only just) with my arms in the T of the snug cross shape. Was this once a tomb? Or was it intended for initiation rituals, some kind of ancient sensory deprivation chamber? -It was certainly effective in this function for me. I lay still in the cross, deep in the earth, feeling rather blank and content. The heaviness of my submersion and confinement was somehow comforting. Realizing how apt this was for a dark moon in a lunar temple, I smiled softly. And the solar eclipse was also imminent. I began to chant the name of Chan Balum ('Serpent Jaguar'), the psychopomp priest whose spirit I had connected with in Palenque; - sun in Amenta...

My voice echoed strangely through the underground chambers (this was the end - there were no further openings out from the horizontal cross) and I raised the volume a bit, changing to wordless droning. I found the deeper I chanted the more it would resonate, a bass rumble through the earth. I could hear the startled muffled voices of distant tourists up above. They would have some strange tales to tell of Tonina when they got home, no doubt! A feline atavism crept over me, tingling of paws elongating, - the jaguar of the Underworld.
I growled and stretched; then was silent for a while, deep breathing the absoluteness of the dark, dim serpents flickering-swirling elusively therein.

Slowly I slid out and up the steps, feeling my way back along the tunnel. When I turned the corner the dim light beckoned me gently, gradually brightening as I followed its lure.....until I re-emerged into full sunlight! There was no-one around; I stretched long and thorough, feeling incredibly invigorated.
I wandered towards a small pyramid where I had not yet explored. The sunlight & heat felt amazingly blissful.

At the top of the pyramid there were trees growing in mounds of dirt on the platform, blossoming with myriad beautiful violet-hued vulva-like flowers.
Entwined amidst its branches were three colourful gypsies, and a young Mexican kid in a psychedelic shirt who looked as if he had defected from the greyness of Ocosii town to hang out with hippy travelers. Continuing their conversation in Spanish they passed me a joint. I toked and passed it on, then picked up a fallen flower, staring at its satiny contours and crimson veins delightedly, wondering if the tree had been there during the Mayan reign - it certainly seemed to belong!

After a while the other travelers departed and I also wandered off. It seemed pertinent to return to the top of the highest pyramid after my underground journey. As I climbed up towards it I reflected on the experience - only after darkness, a full appreciation of light - and vice-versa. The cross-shape, as I had lain in at the end of the tunnel, to the Mayans represents the Crossroads of their Tree of Life - the dark rift at the center of the Milky Way - Hunab K'u - the 'black road ' to the 'Underworld'. They had reflected this cosmological map deep beneath the earth - 'As above, so below'!

Now that the site was deserted, I took the natural path to the top of the pyramid, and realized what a beautiful mandala it was. The steps spiraled around widdershins to the peak where I sat in silence for a while in the sun, gazing over the labyrinthine ruins and distant fields far below. Then I spiraled back down - unusual that up would be widdershins and down deosil - lunar temple indeed!
....On the way back towards the labyrinth I discovered another beautiful sculptural altar. Serpentine carvings and large curved stone fangs swirled around a small cave - kind of like a decorated fireplace - in which sat a head-sized perfect sphere of solid dark stone. The sign in Spanish said something like 'Monstro de Tierra' - Altar of the Monster Earth? I assumed it represented Coatlicue, the Mayan Earth Mother - 'Goddess of a thoushd Serpent Skirts' - who spawned Quetzalcoatl (the wind) as well as the Gods and Goddesses of the sun, moon and stars.
Was the sphere in Her Underworld womb-cave the Moon (dark moon?) or the Sun in Amenta?

I passed the half-statue of Kawak again and paused murmuring His name reverently as I swigged from my water-bottle. It didn't seem right this River God being all dry and dusty, so I splashed some 'agua' through the wire fence which surrounded Him. As it trickled over the thirsty stone I felt a sudden flood of energy and began to move with fluid grace. Kawak showed me a wonderful water dance as I chanted his name. It felt like my limbs were moving of their own accord, forming stepped serpentine diagonal undulations which intersected each other centrally, crossing at my navel. I realized this was the same basic design as the stonework at the foremost temple on the hill, and that this design is not just 'can' (serpent) as the guard had told me, it is CannaC, the positive & negative serpents which entwine the Cosmic Tree. Looking at at a book on Mayan astrology a few days later, it all clicked into place: put this design in a box and you have ETZNAB - the hieroglyph of the 'Magick Mirror'. The male water-serpent reflects perfectly the female fire-serpent, as in my Mayan name 'AhaCannaC'akNan' (or 'OdXOb' in the voodoo pantheon) - how perfect that the pattern representing this is also Etznab, glyph of the Magick Mirror. The words 'KawaK' and 'CannaC' are of course also reflective - even as the moon reflects the light of the sun - thus Words of 'absolute Truth' in the Mayan esoteric Zuvuya esrever language.

So my Magick Mirror journey continues, from the initial message from Masala Flambeau in Spain, heralding the beginning of the making of the Magick Mirror, to my possession by Her (a voodoo Loa) in New Orleans, presumably towards some kind of reflective culmination oat the imminent global astral Svadisthana Sabbat next full moon....

Realizing how much less significant an experience the tomb-tunnel underground crossroads would have been with a torch, I ventured back into the Labyrinth before leaving Tonina. I'm so glad I did! Walking slowly along dark wide earthen corridors, one turns a corner to a beam of light through one of the small square windowholes to the lush green forest outside. The first had 3 spiders weaving webs across it - spinner, weaver, cutter I presume?
One continues along, back into the dark, feeling along the wall, until after several corners once again a beam of light. A second window-hole lined up with the first - a tunnel of light and air to the outside world. One continues to curve into the center. There is a central shaft which the guard had shown me earlier, above with more windows opening out to the Labyrinth below - a brilliant design.

When I turned the final corner and was greeted with a cross-shaped (Hunab Ku again!) beam of green light, I was enraptured. Breathing deeply, I felt each chakra in my body ripple and blossom like a flower. (As with the Hindus, the energy centers were seen/felt by the Mayans to be petalled. They used the same word for chakra and flower: LOL --- L-vibration O-Sacred, L-vibration Another reflective word of perfect Truth, vibrating both ways in timemit.)
As the energy burst from my crown in a shower of violet, I remembered the beautiful violet flowers on the tree at the top of the pyramid, and Laughed Out Loud. To the Mayans the pyramid form represents the ascent & descent of energy from Hunab K'u to Earth (Kether to Malkuth/ Sahasrara to Muladhara). I turned from the Humab K'u Crossroads portal to the far wall at the end of the Labyrinth which it illuminated - the altar, long-cleaned but still charged - did a short song and dance of joyous appreciation to/from Kulkulkan/Quetzalcoatl, and wound my way back out.....

418 (The Great Work/Alchemical Marriage) =(by reduction) 13 (both lunar and solar no.) =Achad =Unity =1


As planned, I arrived back at Palenque late that night. The completion of a cycle. I had first arrived there for the full moon lunar eclipse. Two weeks later I had returned for the Nu Moon Solar Eclipse. According to Robert Coon, whose geomancy is one of my main reference sources for the global chakra work I am engaged in, Palenque is the 'planetary androgyny balance centre'. My journeys there certainly reflect this, although I would also include the lunar Tonina site nearby as a part of this energy nexus.

Just after I arrived at the Palenque 'Pancham' campgrounds it began pouring with rain, and I had to find shelter fast. I was unsurprised as I had heard on the way back that Tonina is also a temple of Chac, the rain god, whom the RiverGod KawaK is a form of.

I awoke early next morning with rain still pounding down around the wall-less thatch hut I was in, and went back to sleep. That was I later found, around the time of the eclipse (partial solar), not that I would have seen anything through all the grey clouds.
I awoke later still feeling invigorated and quite tranced out from my experiences at Tonina. I had obviously already performed a black moon/black sun Rite of unexpected intensity the day before (my HGA accommodating the then-imminent downpour?); nevertheless I felt moved to go down to the Palenque ruins and do a more specifically 11-star orientated Nu Moon/ Nu Sun/ (Chinese)Nu Year rite.

ADDITION WHILE EDITING: I recently discovered that who the guard called a 'river God' is much more: His name is spelt CAUAC not 'kawak' and this is also one of the Mayan calender glyphs. And it is about precisely the information which I received from the 'statue' -'fire on the water' -the water serpent reflecting the fire serpent -an amazing confirmation of my experience!

Nu Moon Nu Sun Chinese Nu Year

Salvia Divinorum Rite

I wanted to take Salvia Divinorum concentrate -a potent psychedelic- in the Jaguar Temple to complete the cycle begun on the full moon lunar eclipse on first arrival at Palenque two weeks earlier. I had smoked Salvia then, but in the jungle outside the ruins, and had been somewhat unsatisfied with the experience...

I had wanted to have my friend Spencer accompany me as a non-partaking minder, it being only my second attempt at the Salvia concentrate and feeling I had not had a full hit of it on the lunar eclipse; but he was busy with moving into his new house so after some consideration decided to do it alone anyway...

The rain cleared up mid afternoon so I headed down to the ruins, thinking what a perfect day it was for the experiment in that the wet weather would probably mean few tourists in the ruins on this Tuesday afternoon.
I was right but unfortunately there were still enough of them around to be annoying. As it was near closing time I entered through the closer exit gates and moved rapidly uphill through the jungle which the older ruins was dispersed through. So by the time I arrived at the main area, then went back into another patch of jungle to find the Jaguar temple, I was already quite out there just from all the fast walking.
The Jaguar Temple is a powerful small ruin, quite crumbled in parts but with an intense presence about it. I sat inside and meditated for a while. Some tourists came by, chatting and peering, and I realized I could not take the salvia there without the possibility of interuption. Though relatively out of the way it was still on a path. I remembered one that wasn't a small broken-down temple nearby which I had discovered while prowling catlike through the jungle on mushrooms weeks ago, probably a tomb by the looks of it...

I found it again without much trouble and it felt right. A little dark alcove within seemed the perfect spot for an uninterrupted short journey.
I took from my pocket a beautiful beadwork necklace I had found in San Cristobal, which has ten golden squares with purple dots in there centres. Naming each one after a sephiroth, I used this as a link to the HML 11*, I being the 11th, the 'non-sephiroth' of Daath which relates to the Vissudha chakra, the throat around which I now encircled the band...

I spiralled around and then into the small stone temple while inhaling the word, 'IPSOS' then sat doing my chakra breathing meditations. I stopped on the throat chakra, invoking the throne of Daath/Harpocrat and lighting a candle before me. I then pulled a tarot card for my imminent trip -the 3 of Swords, pain and sorrow and suffering!
This did not bode well but I was determined to persevere so I pulled another card with the silent question of how I could avoid or overcome this potential painful outcome. I drew the Ten of Cups, the card of Tribe, of coexistence with others in mutual understanding and happiness.
As a lone traveller in a strange land, the only Tribe that seemed relevant at the time was the Horus-Maat Lodge, performing synchronous nu moon rituals.
I also took the 3 of swords card as a warning and completed my chakra work, rather than leaving myself in the Vissudha/Daath Abyss for my Salvia intake...

I combined masturbation with kambukka pranayama to raise the Dragon/Serpent/Quetzalcoatl power within me, and felt quite charged by the time I was ready to partake of the psychoactive sacrament. I breathed deeply for a while then drew deeply from the pipe, inhaling all of the salvia divinorum in a few long breaths.

The salvia concentrate (x10 in intensity of the regular dried leaves) took me so far from my normal perceptions that I can only really describe, in fact only really recall or semi-understand with those normal perceptions the process of return. I don't know where I went -it was almost like a blackout... my first memory is of a vast yellowness, inwhich 'I' was somehow reforming from an incomprehensible bright void. I seemed to come back on some kind of diagonal tangent, folding back from severe molecular dispersion into my form. The last part was somehow (words seem very inefficient to attempt a description) like long orange-yellowish stalks, snapping back together to form my being somehow, little particles interlocking and re-lacing to recreate my 'reality', surroundings as well as self. Then I was back, I opened my eyes and there I was in my not-yet-quite-familiar-body lying on a blanket in the little stone temple with pipe on the ground amidst the stone rubble piled around me.
It had once again seemed very rapid, that no sooner had I smoked the stuff than I was zooming back to this dimension, and had not really had more than a scant glimpse of that incomprehensible other it had fleetingly flung me into. It had not been an unpleasant but neither particularly pleasant experience, and I felt kind of disconsolate now about its inconclusiveness and lack of any real discernible form or tangible result or lesson.
I sat up and went back into meditation, and this seemed to enable me to prolong the effects of the drug somewhat, and make use of them withing physical reality. I went back into chakra breathings and found I was hyperaware of every pore of my being, I seemed to be able to breathe through the vertebrae of my spine where I felt the dragonpower tingling and twisting. I sucked this up into my brain and then back down and around via the kechari mudra and felt quite blissed...

After some time I emerged from the manmade cave and spiralled out and around chanting, 'Abrahadabra!' although I did wonder just what I was trying to reify!

I returned to Pancham campground quite elated and put on my golden silk jacket with Chinese glyphs of Joy and prosperity all over it in celebration of the Chinese Nu Year of the Dragon. Although I had not experienced any obvious connections or astral contacts during the rite, I felt as if other HML members performing 11* rites around that time period had somehow helped me through the experience, and subsequent mail (especially Tyger's dream,etc. -does it make more sense now Tyger?) consolidated this. That night I smoked some pot, further exacerbating the tingling in my head, and played music late into the night with other travellers.

The next day I felt absolutely awful. My energy was really low despite a late rise and I felt fuzzy, vague and very depressed all day. This is very rare for me, and seemed to be some kind of hangover combined with emotional dissatisfaction, despite the beauty of my environment.
The rite I had done the day before the eclipse, in fact my whole initiatory experience at the Tonina labyrinth, on no drugs, had been as intense (in a different manner) as the Salvia trip, and a lot more enduring and earthed in this plane. I felt I had perhaps gone too far having the salvia the day after, and felt (still feel) in no hurry to try it again. I find DMT of a greater intensity and more playful, more able to be explored and that there is something to be gained from it, rather than just having my being blasted briefly into some yellow netherealm then folded back into itself. Perhaps I had too much? Or perhaps its just not my thing...

My visit to the Jaguar Temple inspired the drawing at left. The plaque outside said that there had once been (now there were only a few crumbly corner glyphs) an engraving on the back wall of AhauOb ChanBalum ('SerpentJaguar') with jaguar heads at the end of his limbs. As the Jaguar was usually depicted in Mayan iconography swallowing the Sun, this seemed relevant to my black moon black sun trip the day before at Tonina.

The original drawing was more Mayan-iconographic and flat, whereas after losing it in my travel journal in Peru months later this attempted recollection turned out inferior, more figurative and strangely like a self-portrait. Perhaps I was ChanBalum once?

(Linking February 2000 Nu Moon Rites of the 11-star Collegiate of the Horus-Maat Lodge)

Sat, 12 Feb 2000

Yaxchilan & Bonampak

I just got back from checking out a couple more local Mayan sites. Bit of a trek as the tourist industry has a lot of the cheaper transportation bought up to make them almost inaccessible without overpriced meal/hotel/tour package deals. So much walking, insectbite rash driving me crazy... worth it all though!

Yaxchilan, ruins in the jungle on an island which can only be accessed via a hour's calm ride on a thatch-roofed boat, has lots of huge wonderful steles. On a strange hunch I was looking for the Harpocratic Stele of Concealing... it remains concealed however... Aha...
Also wonderful dark tunnelled temple full of small bats which shriek and whistle and flutter about your head.

Bonampak is the only Mayan ruins with intact colour paintings on the walls. They're awesome, beautiful colours, patterns and adornments. The more I look at this culture the more it strikes me how similar it is to the ancient Egyptians. Especially the way the figures and heiroglyphs line up along the temple walls (similar colours too) to tell stories...

Thu, 17 Feb 2000

Halfmoon rite -SSS & Moonbase Astral Temples


I arrived back in Palenque from Bonampak and Yaxchilan the day the ethnobotanical convention had started. The next day upon returning to Panchaam campground down the road from the hotel where the convention was, I was amazed at how many freaks had arrived in the vicinity. Apparently every time one of these conventions is on a lot of strange people who can't afford it's overpriced fee turn up at Pancham down the road. The last few days there were indeed a psychedelic unconvention of surreal magnificence. Abundances of mushrooms from the surrounding fields plus various other weird substances filtering down from the convention.
I had a few mushrooms the first night, drew and played lots of music. Walking up the road late at night with my circus friend Spencer to see if the convention organizers would be interested in our ritual theatre prospects, I felt a powerful swirling cone of energy between myself and the moon. Noticing it was halfmoon, I remembered Tyger's unicorn working. The cone of energy became like a unicorn's horn, a spiralling white glow between myself (focused into my svadisthana/navel chakra) and the moon. I began to trance and almost astral travel while walking, but shortly we arrived and the connection left my conscious mind.

The expensive hotel where the convention was is kind of semi-integrated with the jungle and has some psuedo-Mayan buildings, but felt kind of clinical and sterile (stench of chlorine) compared to the natural ambience of Pancham. We wandered about for a bit but it was lateish and nothing much was happening -people had just arrived and were chilling after the first day's lectures.
Back to Pancham, with lots of goblinesque glossolalia and dancing under the moon on the way.
Pancham was still exuding mushiness, but after more play for a while I snuck off into the forest and sat to meditate.
After some chakra breathing exercises I went to the SSS astral temple, it being halfmoon waxing. Floating down into the ring created by the Ouroboros, I was surprised to find a large pillar of red and black flame in the centre of the temple. My first thought was red flame of force and fire -Horus, black flame of balance -Maat. Then I remembered the working Tzeenj and Lilith had done in the SSS temple on the nu moon/chinese nu year of the Dragon - invoking the red dragon of Eros and black dragon of Chaos. *nice* work guys! That this rite had left such an immediate visual in the astral temple reminded me how powerful sex magick is, and of thus how powerful the imminent Svadisthana Sabbat could be...

Wanting to then transfer the energy found at the SSS Temple to the HML Moonbase temple for Tyger's unicorn working, I shrank the red and black flame into my belly, much as Ganesha carries the word in his belly. With it flickering therein I went floating off to the Moonbase Temple, going down into the crater. In the first room the feline female figurine was not still as last time. She was writhing and wriggling around and purring, apparently on heat...
I went into the egg-shaped room and stared into the magick mirror pool. Rather than releasing the flames here as expected, I found the whole room shrinking down and centering into my belly with the flames as I returned to body-consciousness.

So there I was sitting meditating in the forest, highly aware of the microcosm within my belly. The snake from the SSS temple had coiled up -it was the kundalini within the muladhara base chakra. Its head was rearing up from the centre of the coil and beginning to split into two heads. Flickering fire-tongues from its mouth were the red and black flames. The lunar egg from the moonbase temple sat in my svadisthana chakra, and the water magick mirror pool within (the swirling ganesha swastika globe from the SSS temple in its depths) began to bubble and boil from the kundalini flames rising up around this cauldron... ...

Thu, 17 Feb 2000

Valentine's Day rite

On Feb 14th I went back up to the ethnobotanical convention in the daytime to see about participation. I met a few interesting people while waiting for the organizer, but most of the discussion seemed centred on the means rather than the end -drugs, how to extract them from plants, chemical compounds, what each person's tried, blah blah, nothing about the experiences, magick or lessons thereof.
The organizer was very conventional. No matter what interesting possibilities I offered (ritual theatre, discussion of Mayan cosmology in relation to psychoactive plants, interactive underworld initiations for participants up at the ruins, etc.) he just kept going on about money and schedules, even though I knew several of the speakers (inc. McKenna) had not shown up and many of the attendees had expressed a desire (and even come down to Pancham for) a counterbalance to the intellectual discussions.
I left quite disgusted, telling him I guess just because something's about drugs doesn't mean it's openminded, and went back to the unconvention at Pancham...

There were some musical performance happening at Rakshita's vegetarian restaurant there that night for Valentine's day and we had been invited to participate. Turned out to be a much better setting anyway, and several people came down from the Convention for it...

We (five of us) opened by chanting the Chakra Tones or '7 powers of Kukulcan', then went into some freeform music for a while. I sung and danced my Kokopelli song then we moved everyone downstairs to incorporate fire performance (no walls in the restaurant) outside.
More jamming with fire juggling. Then Spencer appeared from the bushes in his giant horned rabbit suit. These people I have been working with (from Washington, Vancouver in the US) are strangely obsessed with rabbits, which keep popping up in their lives. In several traditions, inc. Mayan the rabbit is associated with the moon, and with fertility, so it seemed appropriate that we ended up doing this show on Valentine's Day (and with the rising lunacy towards the Svadisthana Sabbat). Of course someone turned up in the audience with a live rabbit!

As Spencer was hopping around in the bushes, a large frog (real) hopped out unexpectedly between his legs. They hopped around together for a while much to everyone's hilarity, then le voltiguer disappeared into the stream...

I approached the horned rabbit in cloak and macaw feathers, chanting the Mayan 'Ti Tech, Ti tech X'Yum Ixchel' (to you, Jaguar Goddess of the Moon) while he cried, ´Calanten in Hunab K'u, Calanten!' (take care of me, universe, take care of me). I grabbed him, drew dagger and sacrificed him to the Moon-Goddess, then walked slowly off into the night.

Zelda, painted white in wispy white veils, ever so slowly butoh-danced towards the rabbit's still body. Wafting her veils over him, she unzipped the rabbit suit. Spencer sprung up, revealing the skeleton I had painted over his body, with big juicy heart showing through the ribs.
'Dios,' he cried to me who had circled back to the balcony, 'In Poopsy Caal' (I thank you with all my heart!).

I took up my violin and we launched into my whimsical Circus song as he juggled fire and danced about in his bones...

Thu, 17 Feb 2000

Final madness before leaving Palenque.

In my last night and two days at Pancham we endeavoured to execute the tattoo I had half-designed for Spencer. Amidst the madness of the unconvention this was quite an achievement, but the headspaces we did it in were quite apt for the work - a Mayanesque vision serpent coiling around his hip onto his lower spine. Emerging from its wide jaws were a horned rabbit (yes he is obsessed with them) harlequin, which in turn breathed out in smoke the water bird which was already tattooed there by someone else.
I did the rabbit in the day on a single magick mushroom, giving it one spiralling horn between its floppy ears like a demented lunar unicorn, with little bells hanging from horn and ears like a jester hat. During the work a woodpecker began tattooing a nearby tree like a demented echo.

Just before dusk there was a workshop in the Pancham temple on body mudras for the 20 Mayan calendar glyphs. This was great. At the end I showed the group the alternate Etznab (magick mirror and sword of truth) glyph that Kawak (riverGod) had showed me at Tonina. Of course it turned out to be Etznab day!

Then there were some speakers from the ethnobotanical convention up the road come down to give some free talks at Pancham. One of them, a German woman, wants to include some of my pictures in her forthcoming book of visionary artwork.
After them I spoke briefly about the use of psychoactive substances in magickal ritual, and using meditation techniques to enhance psychedelic journeys.

Eventually, after both indulging in some very strong mushroom tea which was going around (and around), Spencer and I got back to the tattoo (the new gun is beautiful thanks Tyger!) at about 2am. As there were people sleeping all around the campgrounds by then, we had to lug the car battery we had borrowed, plus a big wooden bench and all the equipment up a trail off into the jungle somewhat, through a tunnel of foliage which although very dark was also very colourful in our headspaces...
Soon as we put it all down multitudes of ants, ticks and other insects began to attack us. We thought about finding somewhere else then went fuck it, we have to get on with it or we wouldn't get it finished (big job). So we set up. As soon as I started up the gun all the insects left us alone. Whirring like a giant cybernetic mosquito, I guess it sounded like we had a bigger stinger than them -which we did.
It went really well once we got the candles propped up in the trees on the right angles. After completing the basic shape I dispensed with pen, filling the draconic visionserpent freeform with all manner of psychedelic twisting and turning psychedelia. Some of the best art I've ever done (and yes we did both still think so the next day!)...
(Photos of this tattoo to be added when I get them!)
Some curious spider-monkeys swung around in the branches above our heads during the process.

At about 4am the candles, water and toilet paper (for wiping off ink) all ran out at once, so we had to do the tail the next day. I wanted to go up to the ruins anyway, as it was my last night there...

Off I went, running up the road then cutting off into the jungle on the path I had found on my first night (lunar eclipse) at Palenque to avoid the guards.
Following the riverbed ankledeep in cool water through the jungle was beautiful, with patches of starlight (moon had gone down now) coming thru the foliage and fireflies flitting about.
Trod on a slimy frog, we both jumped. Same spot where I had invoked the voltiguer on the lunar eclipse!
Creeping along I found my way into the ruins and up to the Temple of the Inscriptions. It was beautiful at night, a whole different feeling. No one else about made it different too of course.
I climbed up the pyramid steps, finally realizing why they were so high-spaced: on hands and knees it was easy and natural, running up stealthily like a jaguar.
At the top I tore a small hole in the insect screen - this temple had been closed for renovations or something the whole time I had been there - and began the long descend down into the Tomb of Pacal Votan.
The journey down into the depths of the pyramid was great, but at the end there was a small metal door preventing me from getting close enough to actually see the inscriptions and famous relief on the tomb itself with the torch I had borrowed. Oh well...

When I emerged back to the top of the pyramid, the sun had begun to rise across the ruins. What an awesome sight!
I crept down and across to the Palace, spiralling up into the high Observatory Tower therein, the other 'out of bounds' area (Gods know why!). The view from the top was spectacular. The various buildings of the palace below had beautiful stone mosaic work glowing softly in the dawn light.
At the top I did the salute to the sun and read the daytime prayer to Hunab K'u actually at dawn (when it is supposed to be read) for the first time -invigorating!
I am lucky no-one saw me, doing yoga at dawn on the top of the tower in my scarlet dress!

I ran off to the temple of the jaguar in the jungle before it got too much lighter, and did my chakra meditations there.
When the ruins opened an hour or so later I wandered out and the guard asked me to leave as I didn't have a ticket. They let me just walk off though, I think they took one look and put me in their too hard basket (I later discovered I also had tattoo ink smeared all over my face!), especially when I started mumbling, 'no speak mucho espanyol' and 'Calanten in Hunab K'u, calanten'.

On the way back I found a little caduceus staff of winding vines and a small dead rattlesnake with beautiful diamond patterns like in the tattoo, which wound around the staff perfectly. I later skinned it to make an Ouroboros necklace...
After I swapped with someone a tarot reading for a much-needed massage, Spencer and I finished the tattoo that afternoon, chanting the chakra tones (he said the vibrations of this helped transmute the pain) as I tattooed the 7 heart-shapes of the vision-serpent's rattle...

then I stashed some sacraments and rushed off to catch my bus to Mexico City. From there, my flight to Bolivia and Lake Titicaca.
As I rushed off to catch the bus, there was the most magnificent strange sunset I have ever seen: a huge Hunab K'u crossroads shape of black cloud in the centre of a swirling miasma of red and orange fire, distinctive draconian and serpentine flame-forms spiralling out from it across a turqoise sky.
The lacandon indians of the Palenque rainforest consider Palenque the navel of the world. If the svadisthana chakra (Lake T) is threefinger-breadths below the navel, the Gaian macrocosm seems to spatially echo the microcosmic distances within the human body. This also fits with Robert Coon's concept of Palenque as the planetary androgyny centre, and all the crossroads imagery at the Palenque ruins.
Guess I gotta go back through between the svadisthana and manipura workings...

We joked about these strange little mossy caves near the ruins being miniature temples of the 'faery Maya' or something. I don't know where the purple light in the photograph came from! (photo (c)2000 Aloas Kino)



APPENDIX: Mayan Prayers by Hunbatz Men

Prayer to Hunab K'u for Daytime:

With the rising of the Sun we receive your words, God/dess

Because with your light we awaken and contemplate everything.

We also contemplate ourselves because we are your children.

This is why at dawn we surrender ourselves to you

So that you may protect us and teach us your wisdom.

It is your visage that looks upon us and contemplates us, God/dess.

This is why we surrender to you, God/dess Hunab K'u.

And we surrender our children

Just as out parents surrendered us to you.

God/dess Hunab K'u, you know what you make of us

We ask you, God/dess Hunab K'u, to show us the path.

Help us, God/dess Hunab K'u, to regain fraternal love.

We ask this of you, God/dess, Giver of Movement and Measure, so that we do not lose ourselves. Oh God/dess, Hunab K'u!

Prayer to Hunab K'u for Nighttime

Already the God Sun has set, and the Goddess Night has risen.

The butterflies shine amid the heavenly flowers.

Our thoughts are in you, dear God/dess.

Because you are our hope; into your hands we surrender ourselves.

You know what you will make of us, Hunab K'u.

The night, Hunab K'u, is your hand which closes.

And within it everything happens.

As the seed buds, as the flower emerges and blossoms.

In this way is born the human being.
In this way everything occurs in God/dess's hands.

Take care of me, Giver of Movement and Measure! Take care of me!

To you I surrender my body and my spirit.

Text, drawings and photographs except as where otherwise credited copyright © 2000 Orryelle Defenestrate.

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