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Selections from Orryelle’s illustrated TRAVEL JOURNALS/Roving Magickal Record.

This is an Index of my strange and surreal adventures travelling the World. A major motivation for these journeys was the performance of  GLOBAL CHAKRA RITUALS  at Gaia’s (the planet as a living entity) Chakra points, a quest which continues into 2012.

Along the way, I have also engaged in many other interesting rites at various sacred sites and temples of ancient cultures, occasionally indulging in local psychoactive sacraments, and reifying magickal contacts made astrally and through the internet...

Most of these journals are from a decade or so ago. More recent accounts and pictures will be added progressively...

Adventures in the Netherlands and New Millenium Tower of Babel Rite Fantastique Fuckups in France
Surrealism in Spain
Voodoo Qaballah in Nu Orleans
Magic Mushrooms and Mayan Temples in Mexico

— Chiapas: Palenque (inc. Ethnobotanical Convention and unconvention), Tonina, Yaxchilan, Bonampak, San Cristobal.

Shamanic Journeys in South America

— Valle de la Luna, Tiwanaku, Cusco, journey to Macchu Picchu and Ayahuasca trip high on Huaynu Picchu.

Equninox Equilux and Birthday Blood Rite in Mexico

— Chichen Itza, Yucatan. Plus Monte Alban and Palenque.

Solar Serpent Journey

— Northern Territory/ Central Australia July-August '98

The Earthdream Journals

— With many strange and beautiful photographs- of the magickal musickal adventures of The HarleQuintet through the Central Australian desert June-July 2001 in Amordios's Gobblyn Bus, on the EARTHDREAM website.

Extract From Orryelle's Adventures in India 2005