Orryelle's TRAVEL JOURNAL continued…


Wed, 19 Jan 2000

New Orleans Crossroads Council


Tuesday 18th Jan 2000


Alobar, Loki, Alex, Aloas, Orryelle

Minutes of the Meeting

(I decided to go for a formal approach to make Chelodonia think about the doghairs on her suit some more... )
Minutes? What about seconds? More, more... we want more chili pepper rum, more acid, more gunga pipes, cigars, chocolate, coffee, magick, mirth, madness..
Actually personally I want more sleep right now but that can wait til after breakfast and I get on the plane. 2 flights to Mexico city, a bus to Villahermosa and I won't have to *fully* awake ('Zombies seen in transit from New Orleans to Palenque') til we (Aloas and I) get to the Temple of the Jaguar to take some Salvia Divinorum during the eclipse and slip through the cracks between the worlds (choruses between the multiverses) ... see you all thereabouts or something...

What a night we just had, each invoking the Voodoo deities corresponding with our HML 11-Star Rite Sephira and Trumps according to the correspondences in Lu's deck, drawing multiple versions of the cards from an array of assembled decks (4; or 5 if you count the tiny version of Rider-Waite ones we dipped in the brew and ate) and constructing a large Crossroads veve with them after ritually brewing the recommended sacrifices for the corresponding loa together and passing the sacrament around...
The centre of the veve was on a magic mirror, we formed a human chakra-chanting pentagram, and Alex showed us later the diagram of all this he had drawn a few nights earlier...!

As I am about to depart Loki has promised to supply the Maps and Details soon... (see below)

Then we went out to the backyard, turned on the fountain and Alobar, Aloas and I did Order ov ChAos versions of the Horus-Maat Lodge Initiation rite for Alex and Loki.
Then I unexpectedly became posessed by Masa La Flambeau -this was Alobar's invoked deity for Yesod, but I guess they all got mixed up in the brew!- and reflected everyone's invoked deities back at them in sardum dna hceeps esrever. Of course when I got to Alobar's Yesodic mirror Masa La Flambeau bounced back and forth between the two mirrors for quite some time before forwarding itself to round two.
Performing the backwards dancing of loa-calling I realized why voodoo resonates with me so well...
Perhaps my invocations of the magick mirror spirits last night went back in timemit and that's why I got into mirrormagick already... ?

Anyway, see you all in the cracks...

From: "Loki23 de Carabas"

Interzone Report: Qabala Crossroads

Thu, 20 Jan 2000

Physical Layout of Crossroads.

Below is the physical layout of the crossroads we opened in the rite reported by Orryelle. There was a profound absence of dog hair noted, although the cats were quite drawn to the event. Eris (one of the Siamese) hung out for most of the rite intently watching the center of the crossroads.
Notes are being compiled on the details of the rite itself, but this layout is being forwarded for y'all to analyze as ye will....


Orryelle-NE point-Da'ath
Alobar-NW point-Yesod
Loki-SW point-Binah
Alex-SE point- Geburah
Aloas- W point – Netzach
---Sitting in pentacle formation

Magick Mirror in center with Dr.John card at NW corner and Possession card at SE corner of mirror. The crossroads gate was constructed out of four decks: Oryelle's Hand Made Book ov ChAos Deck (OT), Alex's Death Tarot (DT), Aloas' Cosmic Tribe Deck (CT), Loki's Celtic Deck (CD), and Alobar's copy of the Nu Orleans VooDoo Tarot (no notation neccessary). At the center of the crossroads/mirror were placed, one upon the other, the following cards from bottom up:

Legba, Elegua, Marassa, Priestess (CT), Magick Mirror, and a clay Elder Sign

Following are the cards for the crossroads built around this center:

North Leg (cards listed N-S):
Lovers(CT), Temperence(DT), 3 Swords(CT), Hermit(OT), Les Barons, HAnged MAn(CD).

South Leg (listed N-S):
Les Morts, Masa LA Flambeau, Hanged Man(CT), Lovers(CD), Death(DT), Lovers(DT)

East Leg (Listed E-W):
Zombie, 7 of Cups(CT), Oshun, Hanged Man(DT), Yaguo, Strength(CD).

West Leg (listed E-W):
3 of Swords (CD), Lovers(OT), Ochosi, Guede.

Feathers of Maat were layed at the NE and SW corners of the gate. Four images of Ganapati were paced on the mirror facing in towards the center of the crossroads.
Below is a sigil we constructed at the end of the rite by combining the crossroads, the Marassa symbol, the N'aton symbol (reflected), and the rune of Opening.
This ends the interzone report on the physical layout of the gate.

Loki23 de Carabas
Mea Non Culpa

Text copyright © 2000 Orryelle Defenestrate and Loki Carabas.