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ARCANA XI - STRENGTH/LUST -Originally drawn for Orryelle's Book of Going Back by Night, this Strength/Lust card shows the wo/man fully integrated with the Beast. The traditional Strength card depicts a woman holding apart the jaws of a lion -the self finding the courage to confront the beast or shadow side of nature. Crowley updated this image in his Book of Thoth deck with the fiery Goddess Babalon riding on the biblical seven-headed Beast -not only facing but having control of the animal side of herself.

(adapted from the text Booklet that comes with the deck)

Right: Orryelle as Odin and Yoka as the Norn Verdanthi in the 'Le Pendu' Hanged Man Performance for The BOOK of KAOS TAROT new edition Launch on June 1st 2004.

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Norse God Odin/Woden hangs from the World Tree, Yggdrasil, co-weaving with the three Norns (Past, Present and Future) below Him the Rune of Gebo/Gifu - X - representing Sacrifice and the Gift. This is also the X-roads of the Lemniscate (infinity symbol) through which the tarot trumps twist and turn. The Well of Mimir/reMembrance below the Tree is formed by the coils of the World Serpent Jormungandr, whose body contains the runes or glyphs which Odin sees after his ordeal (9 days & 9 nights) upon the Tree, whose axis mundi trunk the great Dragon of Kundalini also winds up, caduceus-like.

Thus the Well of Wyrd (Fate) is also the Wheel of Wyrd -ARCANA X- seen from the other side of the Crossroads - the Norns another angle on the three Fates (Spinner, Weaver and Cutter) who turn this TARO/ROTA Wheel, and Yggdrasil is the Tree of Life the Serpent climbs (winding through the paths or trumps of the Qabbala).

Hugin, raven of Thought sits above Odin in the branches of the Tree, and is reflected by Munin, raven of Memory in the Well below (where two-faced Hela also dwells).
Odin has dropped his eye into the Well, sacrificing outer sight for inner vision, to see the runes within the serpent's coils -the book of symbols- with His inverted perspective...

-extract from the expanded booklet.

Video still from 'Le Pendu' Tarot Launch play.


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PAYPAL ORDERS for The BOOK of KAOS TAROT are now being taken:


Originally titled, 'The Bohemian Tarot' -(underwhich the original Major and Minor Arcana sets were published seperately as A5 limited-edition (100 copies) folios around 1991) I redrew about half of the major arcana a decade later to form the deck into 'The BOOK of KAOS', an inter-sect-ion of ChaOrder Magick and the aeonic double current of Horus and Maat. The introduction of these added layers of esoteric symbolism do not detract, however from the deck's original appeal of directly emotive, pagan and tribal imagery.

The 2001 Limited Edition was the first time the completed BOOK of ChAOS Tarot Deck was published as a whole. The 111 copies sold within 6 moonths.

The change of the 'ChAOS' of that edition to the 'KAOS' of this one is for two reasons:
By traditional Hebrew Qabbalistic Gematria (a system intimately related with the Tarot) KAOS = 151 = QNA, The 'Double-Wanded One' or horned hermaphrodite so prevalent in this decks imagery, especially the new alternate ATU VI and ATU XV presented for the first time in this edition, showing different aspects and interpretations of these trumps.
But primarily because K in the Hebrew alphabet is Kaph, the letter corresponding with ATU X, The Wheel, which is the Cross-X-roads of the Tarot Lemniscate and thus the fulcrum of the Major Arcana. Indeed the TARO itself is this ROTA or Wheel of Fate. Thus the Book of KAOS is the Holy Book (TORA) of the Wheel (ROTA): TARO, and the Gate (ATOR) Beyond (ATU XXIII)...

The AOS of the title thus also pays tribute to Austin Osman Spare,, the 'grandfather of ChAOS magick' who set this K-AOS Wheel turning - founder of the Zos Kia Cultus whose legacy is continued in Works such as this which promote Art as the prime menstruum of Magick...

(also AOS =131 =Pan, Baphomet, Truth; thus KAOS is the Wheel (K) thereof)

The Edition has two alternate versions of ARCANA XV -PAN (see below) and the HermAphroditic BAPHOMET, two alternate versions of ARCANA VI -The LOVERS and The LOVER (both below)


Union in love and lust, passionate sexual and spiritual congress - divine ecstasy.
One cannot unite with another with such rapture as portrayed in the first Lovers card above however, if one has not first united with the self.
Atu VI is about union with the anima (female within the male) or animus (male within the female) within the self as much as about union with another being.

To demonstrate this more extantly I have included in the edition a depiction of Ardhanarishavara-An, the Hindu horned HermAphrodite, complete in HirSelf.
For this card was once called, ¥The Lover. Self-love is the foundation of Love. (The three horns imply an active tantric sexuality rather than self-satisfied isolation)
The Lovers card also implies Division (another early name of the card was, ¥The Parting of the Ways'), as represented by the Sword (symbol of the Hebrew letter Zain corresponding with this arcana), but as Crowley wrote, we are ¥...Divided for Love's sake, for the Chance of Union' (-Liber AL).

As written on the arms of BaphoMet (the Knights Templars name for the horned HermAphrodite) this card is the 'solve' of the Art card's 'coagula' -dissolving via sexual union into the spirit of the UniVerse (OneSong).
And in the dissolution of ego in such union -whether ¥alOne or with a partner(/s)*- there is ultimately no 'self' or 'other' anymore anyway, as Two become One, then None.

*{Crowleys sex-magickal formula of 2=0 (Liber Al vel Legis) has been advanced by Nemas formula of 2(+x)=0 (Liber Pennae Praenumbra) and my HermAphroditic self-love formula of 1(=2)=0 (Liber Pennae-Ultim-Atum)}

The current Edition of The BOOK of KAOS was launched with a performance of two short plays relating to the new Major Arcana cards in this edition:

The ATU XV and ATU VI play was 'MeduZeus/BaphoMetis' -an exploration of the primal feminine, hermaphroditic convergence and alchymic reification.

The ATU XII play was 'Le Pendu' (the Pendulum) -playing with the old French name of this arcana, the piece swings between polarities of Past and Future, Thought and Memory.

These performances and Tarot launch occurred on June 1st 2004 at LaMama Theatre (Melbourne Australia). Video stills selected by Orryelle from footage by Matti. Black and White photographs by Kylee.

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To see a short video extract from 'Le Pendu' Tarot launch performance, go through
the mirrororrim eht
image at right.

This piece was performed again at The FEAST of VALHALLA
at Montsalvat.

An entire Ritual Theatre journey through the Major Arcana developed therefrom in PARZIVAL: The Fool's Journey on Glastonbury Tor (UK), June Solstice '05.


(From the Booklet:)
She is Mother Nature, abundance personified, and as Goddess of Ma-tter she is also the Door (Hebrew letter Daleth)-way to and from the Stars. Nurturing and fruitful, The Empress blossoms with fertility, pregnant with potential, ever about to birth another new form into the world of Ma-nifestation.
Her shield is the 7 stars of the Pleiades and of Netzach, sephiroth of Love and Victory, forming the seven-pointed Star of Babalon, the life-force.

ATU XIV- ART/Temperance

Iris, Ancient Greek messenger between humans and the Gods, rides the rainbow, tempering the solar and lunar essences in Hir two cups, mixing these male and female elixirs to maintain balance. This is Hir alchymic Art. S/he is the double-chaliced One.

The second face of this figure suggests both sunaJanus - the rehctaWatcher eht who looks kcab dnand forth in timemit ; and also Heimdall who guards the Rainbow Bridge Bifrost twixt realms of mortals and Gods in the Norse pantheon. For this card offers passage to divine communication with one's angel or future-self in the sphere of Tiphereth above. At Heimdall's waist is the great Gjallar horn s/he blows to signal Ragnarok, 'the end of the World' when the World Serpent rises -but the microcosm of this is merely the blasting away of mundane perception for cosmic perception beyond timemit when the kundalini serpent rises through the colour spectrum of the chakras.
On the Tree of Life the path of Art (the letter Samekh) leads from the lunar sephiroth Yesod to the solar sephiroth Tiphereth, so Iris is the mediator between these energies, whose essence she mixes in hir cups.
The Rain-bow Serpent s/he rides is the Rim of the Wheel of Fortune, the KalaChakra Wheel of Time -its colours or Kalas of timemit from the yoni of the black Goddess Kali, refracted through the peacock-feather-eye kteis of Netzach, and the Centaurian archer (Sagittarius is attributed to this card) who draws the bow is the archer atop the Blasted Tower (below), whose path intersects that of Temperance/Art upon the Tree.
Temperance is the Art of moderation, of knowing what proportion to include of each element, to provide the necessary Alchemy for new forms to be born/divided.
'We are united for Art's sake. For the chance of Division' (-Liber Pennae-Ultim-Atum)

(-from the expanded booklet)


(From the Booklet):

Strength in Motion. The balanced soul drives the Chariot through hir social environment. This MerKaBa (light-spirit-body) is drawn by two sphinxes, the double lions Sef (Yesterday) and Tuau (Tomorrow) which later became the double lion Aker then HruMachis, the Double-Wanded One. The charioteer has these primal powers reined in his control, his spine has become the caduceus staff entwined with the double powers of Ida and Pingala, the kundalini serpents which are the tails of the Sphinxes who draw his Chariot.
The Wheels of his Chariot are the ROTA ChAOS Wheel of the TARO cycle.
The two leonine-human beasts are separate beings here rather than the composite HruMachis (see ATU 11), for they move through the manifest world of form, the realm of duality. Thus they are polar aspects, male and female, of the genderless essence or soul of the charioteer which they draw forth andna kcab through timemit and space in the realm of division.
If the soul has these forces in hir power, s/he can move freely in the World. Balance in application, focused motion, the Go-ing of the Gods.


Goat-legged Pan is the primal pagan Horned God, (deer-antlered Cernunnos to the Celts). His is the power of nature, physicality and sexuality, thus He is the Lord of the Dance of the material world, the eternal lemniscate (infinity symbol) of animal instinct.
In their condemnation of the body and matter, the Christians turned this ancient archetype into the devil and present Him as a negative archetype; But it is only materialism out of balance with spirituality that creates problems. Ultimately they are one and the same, for Pan is the primal force of nature itself, the forms through which spirit plays. He who plays forever melodies of Earth, His ancient music can bind (as in the traditional Atu 15 image of human figures chained to the devil) or uplift according to perspective. The figures in this picture seem bound to the music, but it is the music of their own animal natures which leads them on to the dance of life. Pan's seven-reed pipes play the seven tones of the seven chakras.

There is also the HermAphroditic form of the Horned One -'Baphomet' to the Knights Templar, or Hindu 'Ardhanarishvara-An'. There is now an alternate ATU XV in the New Edition depicting this form.

Some MINOR ARCANA Samples:


(From the Booklet): - The root of the powers of Earth. The material, the physical. Practicality, grounding, the manifestation of visions. Buried treasures, the fruits of the earth.

QUEEN of SWORDS: - A dark, clever woman, subtle, intelligent, an individualist, highly perceptive. Confident and charming, a skilled diplomat good at managing other people. Meticulous, quick to see any opportunity to further her cause; can be devious, even insidious, bitter. She has a severe countenance, the stone-face mask of the warrior, but can be playful (as represented by the porcupine hidden in spiky hair).
This card may represent sterility, deprivation and mourning, yet also determination.

6 of STAVES: - Victory, Triumph. Success after strife or struggle -Strength has prevailed. Not only the fulfillment of personal desire, but recognition of this by others. Public acclaim, achievement of goals.


-An intuitive, imaginative woman, fair, dreamy, good-natured, calm and tranquil. She is very receptive to those around her, and can sometimes be easily impressed or influenced. Her intuition is faultless, she has the potential of an oracular priestess, open to visions and communication with spirits. A medium between earth and astral realities.
Success, happiness, pleasure.

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All Drawings and Text (c)copyright 2006 Orryelle Defenestrate

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Parzival -The Fool's Journey. Photos and verse from the Tarot Ritual Theatre on Glastonbury Tor (UK), June 2005.

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