A virtual Gallery of EsotErotic Artwork by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule
in the diverse media of pen and pencil, oil paints, egg tempera, gouache, clay, bronze, semi-digital and photography.

New drawings 2018: Maldon Moose (above) and Habitat (below) -Approx. A3 size signed prints available upon request for $23 each (email

Above: 'Sylvantica'

- oils, copper & silver leaf, moss, on mounted canvas, 73cm x 59cm/ 28.7" x 23"; May 2017.

Original available $4180; large signed giclee prints on German Etching Paper available upon request $36 - email

Below:Cernunnos & Dryad

Porcelain clay, approx.70cm/28" tall

Sculpture commission in Belgium, inspired by oil painting 'Elemental Symbiosis I' (image further below).
Working photos, pre-installation. Made for 350 eu.

New Bronze Sculpture: DIONYSOS

Edition of 7. Now only 3 remaining. $840 US each. Please email if interested. Gradual payment plans possible.

Thyrsus staff tip cast from a real miniature pinecone, wreath of hemp-stems and ivy, 'fur' garment from paperbark.
I'm stretching and twisting the wax for each so they are all different. This first one is fairly minimal -just a little on the leg he's standing on-
but this warping will probably increase with each new one (made as ordered)...

Above: 'Elemental Symbiosis I (Air & Earth)' and 'Elemental Symbiosis II (Fire & Water)'
Signed giclee prints of these two works available for $33 each or $60 for the pair (email

'Menstruum' -oils, egg tempera, copper leaf, acrylic base.

Created during Orryelle's Artist Residency at Star & Snake.

Intent to channel the spirits of the place by 'scrying in paint' (thanks for that description K.Lenore Siner) from the abstract underlayers.

The 'esoteric' is inner as opposed to 'exoteric' (outer), so the title of this Gallery may seem self-contradictory as erotica is generally associated with the physical body and its sexual expressions.
However Orryelle depicts more than just the outer forms in their interactions - hir images show the inner kundalini fire which inspires such activity, and the spirits and elemental phantasms which may emanate therefrom. This esoterotic Art is about the inter-play between the flesh and the spirit.


Above: 'Time and Fate' -Oils, egg tempera, copper & silver leaf, crackling agent. March 2016.

'Blood and Brine' -oils, egg tempera, copper leaf. Nov-Dec 2016.

The entwining blue and red serpents on the right represent blood and water, as macrocosm and microcosm of the liquid of life and our personal connection to the seas and waterways of the world.
Sphinx at Her (water-)Wheel of Fortune, figures in various states of immersion in/as water, and Babalon and the Beast on the distant cliff with a tidal wave of blood behind Her...

This image with its distinct concepts emerged progressively from my sub/superconscious and the layers of (initially quite 'random') paint.

New Limited Signed Giclee Print available:


-Oils, peacock-egg-tempera, gold, silver and copper leaf, snake scales, peacock feathers. Original sold. Detail below left, print ordering below symbolism text

Melek Taus is the Peacock Angel of the Yeziddi, a sect of heretical Jews. S/He is the Lord/Lady (for all angels are ultimately androgynous or gynanders) of Matter, and thus is beseeched for anything regarding the material world, Jehovah being considered too remote to be concerned with the physical plane and the affairs of mortals. His name is also Shaitan, and to the Orthodox Jews He is Satan, the Opposer. However the Yezzidi view of Him is significantly different, for they do not see the physical plane as something ugly or unimportant to be transcended, rather they celebrate the beauty of form.

Melek Taus is also associated with the Serpent -here seen as both the tail-biting Oroboros of cyclicity and the procreative force- and the Goat (whose Baphometic head is implicit in the apple's pentagrammatic seed-pods), and like Lucifer with the Morning Star, the planet Venus.

Here S/He is depicted with the thus-associated Goddess Venus/Aphrodite, Her form in the shape of Her planet's orbit. Over an eight -year period Venus creates the pattern of a pentagram in the sky. That this shape also exists within the core of an apple links the planet further with the Adversary to religious orthodoxy.

Thus the great perversion of mainstream religion is symbolically explicit: the apple, considered by Judaism and Christianity the fruit of original sin- contains not just the man Adam as Da Vinci depicted, but the feminine form, of the Goddess of Love. For these patriarchal orthodoxies have always feared the power of female sexuality and thus denigrated it as the origin of sin and temptation.
Abolishing these patriarchal deviations, Truly this is sacred geometry at its most magical: the perfect dimensions of the human form bridging the microcosm of the apple seeds on earth and the orbit of the planet Venus above.
'Every man and woman is a star' (AC)

-Text from 'Distillatio', the culminating volume of the Tela Quadrivium bookweb (publ.Fulgur Limited 2015).

LIMITED GICLEE PRINT Edition of 49 copies only. High-quality large (57cm x 44cm / 22.5" x 17.25") signed and numbered giclee print on a beautiful textured German Etching Paper.

Use paypal button below to purchase for $33 US (or equivalent in your currency of choice) plus postage:

Other Prints (at prices ranging from $20-$66) available below available bronze sculptures and recent drawings

Bronze Bast-Sphinx Multimammia

20cm tall. Edition of 3 only, 1 remains available (comes with signed numbered Certificate of Authenticity).

Originally released as a bronze-painted plaster edition of 5 (sold out), a very small number of bronzes of this sculpture are now available.

$850 (or equivalent in the currency of your choice). Please email Orryelle on if interested.

Gradual payment plans possible upon reservation with deposit.

Bronze Sekhmet -Ancient Egyptian lioness-headed solar Goddess of power and healing.

56cm tall (photo with the artist above included for scale).

Edition of 6. Only 1 remains unreserved Oct 2017 (comes with signed numbered Certificate of Authenticity).

$2300 (or equivalent in the currency of your choice). Please email Orryelle on if interested.

Gradual payment plans possible upon reservation with deposit.

Alchymic Chess set
-Bronze, with clay furnaces/rooks and glass vials/pawns blown by Cas Davey.

White side figures only shown at right.

2 only remaining of an edition of 8 only. $1600 -if interested please email Orryelle on

There are also a limited number (4 of each) of the bronze pieces in the set available individually (prices range from $66-$160). Only a few of these are left. For images of individual pieces, symbolism, ordering, and a surreal stop-animated film of the set in action, please see the Alchemical Chess web-page

Other Limited Prints which are still available:


LIMITED GICLEE PRINT Edition of 49 copies only. High-quality large (57cm x 44cm / 22.5" x 17.25") signed and numbered giclee print on a beautiful textured German Etching Paper.

Use paypal button below to purchase for $33 US (or equivalent in your currency of choice) plus postage

MahaKala - Maha Kali Yantra.

Left and Right:

The three layers of upwards-facing masculine and downward-facing feminine red triangles over MahaKala (the ultimate form of Shiva as Time and Eternity) and MahaKali-Kurukulle on the facing pages of 'Conjunctio' (the Red Book of the Tela Quadrivium, publ.Fulgur 2008) were united by the readers' turning of the pages...

Thus the conjoined Hexagrams (in 3 layers) of the Two are below United to form a multi-layered Yantra of Tantric Union, in COAGULA, (the Gold Book of the Tela Quadrivium, publ.Fulgur 2011)

Yin within the yang and the yang within the yin fractalise in the yab-yum (asana/kamakali) Hexagram.

The 12-petalled Anahata chakra unfolds around them:

Large signed giclee print of above image, the dimensions of the original pencil drawing: 38.7cm x 60.2cm

$25 (plus postage) or equivalent in your currency of choice. Limited to 56 signed and numbered copies only (20 copies remaining Jan 2018):

Hekate Trimorphe

-The 3-faced form of the ancient Thracian Goddess of Witchcraft and the Cross-roads, Keeper of the Keys and bearer of the Twin Torches:

Signed and numbered quality print of image above on thick white paper.

56 copies only SOLD OUT (Jan 2018)

Above: Hekate as She appears as a double-page Opening in SOLVE, The Black Book (Fulgur 2012, Sold Out) in the Tela Quadrivium Bookweb.


This is one of the few images in COAGULA (publ.Fulgur Limited 2011) that was unable to be reproduced in all its detailed slendour within that Golden Tome.

Due to its scale and the level of detail therein, only a large quality print can really reveal its intricacies:

Above: Isolated FemmeFaun figure from wing at full size (lo res version)

The spectacular size of the original pen and pencil drawings from which the piece was developed (mirrored in photoshop) - 74cm x 62cm - this quality giclee print is signed by the artist and numbered out of 151 copies only (38 copies left Jan 2018).
Previously only available at Orryelle's live performances and exhibitions, the remainder of the run is now also available online here for $66 each:

Above: Small detail from large oil painting 'The Wild Hunt' 2013 (sold to Nicolas Cage)


Chthonia means not just of the Underworld, but emerging from it, between the realms, erupting to the surface...

The wax heads and torsos are reconstructed for each figure from the pieces which come out of silicon molds made from the original, but the skirts of each individual wax figure (to be lost in the bronze-casting process) are being individually crafted from wax, gnarled tree-roots, lace and lichen, so that each figure calcifies something of the earth forms and nature spirits from where it was created.

Right: Original carved and sculpted wax for the first Hekate, crafted in Castlemaine Australia and exhibited at the Hekate Symposium 2013 in Glastonbury UK.

Thus each figure is uniquely imbued with the Genius Loci or spirit of place where they were created. Those pictured below were made in Sintra, Portugal, with the skirts incorporating roots collected on the full moon from the Mountain of the Moon...

Edition of nine copies only (each unique). $1300

Below: A number of images from CONJUNCTIO (the Red Book of the Tela Quadrivium, Fulgur 2008, sold out) are available as high-resolution prints in signed and numbered editions of 77 copies each, at the A3 size of the originals (twice the printed size in the book).

Please click on the thumbnails below to see larger images, read further information and/or to order these prints.

Nuit. The Ancient Egyptian Goddess of the night sky, as seen from below.

The Book CONJUNCTIO presents mirrored pairs of Sacred Twins and Divine Lovers from various cultural pantheons coupled on facing pages. They are aligned in such a way that when the pages are turned the figures are United in holy conjunction by the alchemical reader.
Therefore these prints are also available in coupled pairs for a cheaper price.

Left: 'Diana MultiMammia Lilith'

Right: 'Pan'

Left: 'Hela-Ceriddwen'

Right: 'Cernunnos-Tyr'

Left: 'Mut Nekhbet Kia'

Right: 'Amoun Khnum Zos'

Left: 'AllOne'

Right: 'Sabbat Dance'


In September 2010 Orryelle created this Baphomet, hir first work in Bronze, for exhibition at the Esoteric Book Conference 2010 in Seattle, USA.

There were only 15 copies made, each with a unique patina. $840 SOLD OUT

For the full story of the magickal gestation and creation of this piece (including more images) please Click Here

There is also an online gallery of Orryelle's alchemical artworks on Adam McLean's comprehensive Alchemy website HERE

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