A virtual Gallery of EsotErotic Artwork by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule
in the diverse media of pen and pencil, oil paints, egg tempera, gouache, clay, bronze, semi-digital and photography.

Orryelle's Copenhagen (Denmark) Exhibition and Performance:

Fri 19th Aug, 7pm at Blaa Gallery, Blagardsgade 29, 2200 Copenhagen

Above: 'Time and Fate' new oils and tempera painting 2016.

A limited number (4 only of each) of individual pieces from Orryelle's Alchemical Chess set are now available. As example we see the Basilisk below... :


The Basilisk or 'little king' of medieval bestiaries seems to be a hybrid of a serpent (usually a cobra) and a cockatrice.

It fixed opponents with its baleful glare disabling them to move, and in fact in researching this set I discovered some unusual chess sets have a basilisk as an extra piece having this power of freezing others (like its serpentine kin Medusa).

It seems an apt power for a Bishop also, which is the role the Basilisk takes on the black/red side of Orryelle's Alchemical Chess set

According to Da Vincy from Pliny's writings on the Basilisk 
'It resembles a snake, but does not move by wriggling from the centre but forwards to the right' ie. it moves diagonally.

A limited number of 4 Basilisks are now available individually for $66 each.
If interested please email to check availability.

There are 2 of the 8 complete Alchemical Chess sets remaining available.
For more information about the set and images of each piece -plus the new Alchemical Chess animated video, please go HERE

A complete set, along with several recent oil paintings and drawings (example below) by Orryelle will be on display at his Catland NY exhibition and performance (above)

above: New pencil drawing - 'Positive and Negative Paroxysms of the Sabbat'

Approx.A3 size, available for $560 (enquiries to

NEW LIMITED GICLEE PRINT Now Available (March 2016):


Edition of 49 copies only. High-quality large (57cm x 44cm / 22.5" x 17.25") signed and numbered giclee print on a beautiful textured German Etching Paper.

Use paypal button below to purchase for $39 US (or equivalent in your currency of choice)

A hybrid of the Celtic and Hindu Goddesses Muse Goddesses of Arts, Poetry and Inspiration, accentuating their differences as well as their shared symbols and attributes.

Hindu Sarasvati and Celtic Brigid have deep affinities as Goddesses of the Word, of Poetry and other Arts -plus the obvious Alchemic symbol of the white swan (the main visual and alchemical link). Their differences however may seem to make this a strange combination, yet it is precisely the convergence of these apparent disparities that I feel it is important to bridge:

Sarasvati is a Vedic Goddess of Music, Learning and the Arts, especially Words, but Her relationship with them (and thus usually those of Her devotees) seems mostly an abstracted and intellectual one. Brigid however usually represents Inspiration; She is a Muse deity, mostly in relation to poetry and the Bardic arts (which conjoin words with music), but primarily of inspiration rather than Knowledge.
Brigid and Sarasvati have in common Water as a primary element, the latter being originally the name of one of the three great rivers of India (along with the Ganges and Yamuna, which both still exist in physical form), and Brigid being the traditional guardian of the Holy Well (and thus Sacred Waters in general) across Celtic lands. However Brigid is also associated with fire, an attribute Sarasvati lacks and which counterpoints well the water. Without the spark of inspiration, words may flow but not ignite. Brigid invokes the ‘fire in the head’ of the poet, ovate or bard, passion mingled with knowledge to create. This is the same basic creative energy as sexuality, but raised up the spine to fertilise the mind instead of the loins -to the Hindus it is ‘Kundalini’ -the rising serpent, shown here also as the White Snake which is one of the sacred animals of Brigid along with the white swan. Is the white of Brigid’s sacred serpent an allusion to the vertebral column of the spine, the Sushumna or central channel through which this fire snake rises to the head?
The other primary Art Brigid presides over besides Poetry is Blacksmithing, the art of forging form in fire. Related of course, but also more directly practical. So instead of the traditional mala (Hindu rosary upon which mantras are counted) of abstract spirituality Sarasvati-Brigid’s fourth hand here holds the Smith’s tongs, symbolising the practical aspect of the Arts -the manifestation of vision and inspiration into tangible form.
Here is where She differs from the orthodox Vedic form of Sarasvati, becoming more akin to a Tantric deity in the philosophy reflected - She is seen not in the traditional pure white sari, but naked. For sexuality can be a means to inspiration, not just its ascetic sublimation into creativity but its direct employment as an energetic agent thereof, not avoided but directed to send this fire upwards and inspire Art. Abstract knowledge is tempered with ‘carnal knowledge’, i.e. know-ledge embodied, true knowing with the senses rather than just learning with the intellect.
And so the representation of purity by Whiteness - without the moral overlays of Vedic orthodoxy- becomes the skin of the Goddess Herself rather than a pure white sari, and the white feathers of Her mount from which She emerges. There is a suggestion of the Swan Maiden, a motif present in many ancient cultures from Slavic tales (Mikhail Ivanovich), to Arabic (Hasan of Basra), to the Norse Valkyries who also appeared both as swans and beautiful human maidens.
Feathers become flames as the fire rises and the spectrum splits…
The Book which She holds is black rather than white, for it is only through the darkness of isolation that one can truly come to ‘Know Thyself’ (and She is a Goddess of Knowledge).

Traditionally Sarasvati is usually depicted with both Swan and Peacock. The white swan represents purity and spiritual transcendence -partly because they can apparently sift milk from water- while the beautiful peacock often represents pride and obsession with appearances and the physical. So here we have a new reflection on this, the material realm as merely a reflection of the spiritual, which in itself can take pride in its beautiful appearance in this mirror! -The spectrum of manifest reality reflecting the unity implicit in pure white.

Yet essentially the swan is actually in and of itself also a symbol of the union of opposites in Hinduism:
'Hamsa' the Swan is considered a symbolic union of Garuda (phoenix) and Naga (snake) -traditionally enemies- due to its serpentine neck ( of which the White Snake up Brigid’s spine is yet another reflection). As creatures of the air and the earth (compare also Quetzalcoatl as Feathered Serpent), this union could be considered a rectification of the body-mind-spirit split so prevalent in religious orthodoxy.

-From the text of DISTILLATIO .

The original canvas (oils, egg tempera, copper and silver leaf) will be on display and available at Orryelle's New York Exhibition & Performance.

Above: Bronze Sekhmet #2; and #1 with Orryelle at his show in Gallery X, Dublin Aug '15.

(56cm tall, $2300 each. 2 remain unreserved of an edition of 6 only, please email Orryelle on if interested)

Alchymic Chess set (bronze & clay, with glass pawns blown by Cas Davey).

3 remaining of an edition of 8 only ($1600 -if interested please email Orryelle on

New web-page about the set, with images of each piece (a limited amount of some of them are now available individually also), information about the symbolism and film-work of the set in action.

Below: Video of paintings from DISTILLATIO morphing into each other, dispersed with theatrical alchemical extrapolation, with glassware by Cas Davey.

The hardback edition of DISTILLATIO (right) is still available from UK publishers Fulgur Esoterica HERE;

or for signed copies ($55 US or equivalent in your currency) of this White Book or the previous (out of print from the publishers) Black Book SOLVE direct from the artist/author, please email Orryelle on


The 'esoteric' is inner as opposed to 'exoteric', so the title of this Gallery may seem contradictory as erotica is generally associated with the physical body and its sexual expressions. But Orryelle depicts more than just the outer forms in their interactions - hir images show the inner kundalini fire which inspires such activity, and the spirits and elemental phantasms which may emanate therefrom. This esoterotic Art is about the inter-play between the flesh and the spirit.

Because the Pen-is mightier than the sWord.

There is now a new online gallery of Orryelle's alchemical artworks on Adam McLean's comprehensive Alchemy website HERE

Some details from other colour works in Distillatio:

Above: Detail from large oil painting 'The Wild Hunt' 2013 (sold to Nicolas Cage, prints available soon).

Above: Detail from 'Cauda Pavonis' (oils, egg tempera, gold and silver leaf), the Opening of Distillatio:

Skanda riding His peacock, representative of the 'Cauda Pavonis' or Peacock's Tail colour phase of Alchemy.

Recently released limited prints that are still available:

'With the Milk of a Gazelle, Isis with the head of Hathor heals Hoor's eyes on the Hooreyeson'

Photo by Chris Compton

Oils, egg tempera, gold leaf, blood, milk (cow & human)

This is the first print available of Orryelle's new Colour works.
A 30.5cm x 45.7cm (12" x18") high-quality giclee print on semigloss archival paper, which captures well the sheen of the gold leaf and varnish-heavy original.

Signed and numbered by the artist out of 77 copies only. Now available for $31 or equivalent in your currency.

The original large canvas (120cm x 79cm) featured in Fulgur's inaugural Esoteric Art exhibtion I:MAGE in London in May 2013.

"With the Milk of a Gazelle...' is an image for Distillatio (the White Book -final volume of the Tela Quadrivium bookweb, coming from Fulgur Limited in June 2015)

The Ancient Egyptian text 'The Contendings of Horus and Seth' (Papyrus Chester Beatty I) tells a strange tale of the healing of Hoor/Horus' eyes by Isis after His epic battle with Set (who is depicted in the corresponding pages of Solve tearing out Horus' left eye). Where lay Horus' sundered eyes, Lotuses grew from mounds in the earth, and on these fed a Gazelle.

Horus in His rage after battling Set, angered at Isis' compassion for His enemy, beheaded Her. However She immediately took the head of Hathor (His Lover, whereas Isis is His Mother), milked the Gazelle and with this healed Horus' eyes, which are traditionally associated with the Sun and the Moon, now blooming upon the crepuscular Horizon.

A tiny milky nerve-plexus lotus begins to grow in the back of His eye-socket, while a venomous scorpion echoes His own posture in the merging of apparent dualities with medicinal poisons. The swan-like Alchemical vessel with which She extracts the milk is echoed in the similarly semi-transparent segmented vessel of the scorpion's exoskeleton, through which runs a blood-red thread from sting-tail to red Set head.
Hathor (Hut-hoor) means House of Horus, ie. the Sky, and She holds His solar orb betwixt Her horns, rebirthing His vision.

The lunar ritual involved in the creation and consecration of this work is a prayer for the healing and transformation of the Warrior spirit, an aspect of human nature that must be channelled and focused for the most positive ends, rather than denied or suppressed.


Chthonia means not just of the Underworld, but emerging from it, between the realms, erupting to the surface...

The wax heads and torsos are reconstructed for each figure from the pieces which come out of silicon molds made from the original, but the skirts of each individual wax figure (to be lost in the bronze-casting process) are being individually crafted from wax, gnarled tree-roots, lace and lichen, so that each figure calcifies something of the earth forms and nature spirits from where it was created.

Right: Original carved and sculpted wax for the first Hekate, crafted in Castlemaine Australia and exhibited at the Hekate Symposium 2013 in Glastonbury UK.

Thus each figure is uniquely imbued with the Genius Loci or spirit of place where they were created. Those pictured below were made in Sintra, Portugal, with the skirts incorporating roots collected on the full moon from the Mountain of the Moon...

Edition of nine copies only (each unique).


Based loosely upon an illustration from the medieval Alchemical manuscript 'Rosarium Philosophorum', this image depicts the Alchymic siamese twins- Red King and White Queen -splitting back into individuation from their union. The Crac k of the Cosmic Egg becomes the lightning-flash from Kether to Malkuth as undifferentiated spirit returns to the world of form....

Large Signed giclee print of above image from the Gold Book COAGULA (Fulgur Limited 2011, sold out), the dimensions of the original pencil drawing:

38.7cm x 60.2cm

$25 US (plus postage) with Paypal button below.
Limited to 56 signed and numbered copies only. (Original Sold).

MahaKala - Maha Kali Yantra.

Left and Right:

The three layers of upwards-facing masculine and downward-facing feminine red triangles over MahaKala (the ultimate form of Shiva as Time and Eternity) and MahaKali-Kurukulle on the facing pages of 'Conjunctio' (the Red Book of the Tela Quadrivium, publ.Fulgur 2008) were united by the readers' turning of the pages...

Thus the conjoined Hexagrams (in 3 layers) of the Two are below United to form a multi-layered Yantra of Tantric Union, in COAGULA, (the Gold Book of the Tela Quadrivium, publ.Fulgur 2011)

Yin within the yang and the yang within the yin fractalise in the yab-yum (asana/kamakali) Hexagram.

The 12-petalled Anahata chakra unfolds around them:

Large signed giclee print of above image, the dimensions of the original pencil drawing: 38.7cm x 60.2cm

$25 US (plus postage). Limited to 56 signed and numbered copies only:

Hekate Triformis

-The 3-faced form of the ancient Thracian Goddess of Witchcraft and the Cross-roads, Keeper of the Keys and bearer of the Twin Torches:

Signed and numbered quality print of image above on thick white paper.

56 copies only (ONLY 7 COPIES LEFT March 2016), approx. 11" x 17" (28cm x 44cm). $18 (plus postage):

Above: Hekate as She appears as a double-page Opening in SOLVE, The Black Book (Fulgur 2012, Sold Out) in the Tela Quadrivium Bookweb.

Now available online:

This is one of the few images in COAGULA (publ.Fulgur Limited 2011) that was unable to be reproduced in all its detailed slendour within that Golden Tome.

Due to its scale and the level of detail therein, only a large quality print can really reveal its intricacies:

Above: Isolated FemmeFaun figure from wing at full size (lo res version)

The spectacular size of the original pen and pencil drawings from which the piece was developed (mirrored in photoshop) - 74cm x 62cm - this quality giclee print is signed by the artist and numbered out of 151 copies only.
Previously only available at Orryelle's live performances and exhibitions, the remainder of the run is now also available online here for $66 each:

Below: A number of images from CONJUNCTIO (the Red Book of the Tela Quadrivium, Fulgur 2008, sold out) are available as high-resolution prints in signed and numbered editions of 77 copies each, at the A3 size of the originals (twice the printed size in the book).

Please click on the thumbnails below to see larger images, read further information and/or to order these prints.

NEW: Nuit. The Ancient Egyptian Goddess of the night sky, as seen from below.

The Book CONJUNCTIO presents mirrored pairs of Sacred Twins and Divine Lovers from various cultural pantheons coupled on facing pages. They are aligned in such a way that when the pages are turned the figures are United in holy conjunction by the alchemical reader.
Therefore these prints are also available in coupled pairs for a cheaper price.

Left: 'Diana MultiMammia Lilith'

Right: 'Pan'

Left: 'Hela-Ceriddwen'

Right: 'Cernunnos-Tyr'

Left: 'Mut Nekhbet Kia'

Right: 'Amoun Khnum Zos'

Left: 'AllOne'

Right: 'Sabbat Dance'


In September 2010 Orryelle created this Baphomet, hir first work in Bronze, for exhibition at the Esoteric Book Conference 2010 in Seattle, USA.

There were only 15 copies made, each with a unique patina, $840 each and come with a signed, numbered and wax-sealed certificate of authenticity on papyrus from the artist. SOLD OUT

For the full story of the magickal gestation and creation of this piece (including more images) please Click Here

Below: Clay Bast-Sphinx figure created April-June '07.

Edition of five -SOLD OUT.

-animated photographs by Orryelle.

CLICK on THUMBNAILS Below to see a larger rendition of the IMAGE and information about its content and intent, and prices (where available) of signed prints:

Originals of several of these pieces are also available, prices on request. Any enquiries please email (Orryelle).

of lifesize clay Kali-Arachne statue.

Above: Kalas from Kali

'Details from 'Kalas from Kali''

Above: Lilitu
(animated thumbnail)

Left: 'Shiva-Kali Yoni-Lingam'

Right: 'Gaia Shifts Her Ass-emblage Point
(or 'The Reason why Dali's Elephants have Lonnng Legs')'

Above: Webwell

Left: 'Shub-Niggurath'

Right: 'Babalon Brigid-An'

Above: Maenad-Wheel

Left: 'Webbed Delight'

Right: 'Daughter of Bast'

Above: Ardhanarishvara-An


Above: - 'KaLikAya KALiKia'

Left: 'Vinum Sabbati'

Right: Tattoo Tarot Tantra

Left: - 'Eros, Psyche and Thanatos'

Right: - 'HruMaChis ThanatEros'

Above: - 'Calling up the Spirits of the Woods and the Wind'

Left: - Witches' Sabbat

Right: - Svadisthana Sabbat Mandala

Above: -GAM

Left: - LafcursiaX

Right: - Nightspider

Above: -'View Through an Attic Window'

Left: - 'Fractal Self-Birth'

Right: - 'Creator-Destroyer' -Atey-ATE.

Above: 'Dryad Family Tree'

Left: -'Orgasm of Baphomet'

Right: -'Said the Satyr to the Sphinx'


EsotErotic Images from Orryelle's BOOK of ChAOS TAROT Deck:

Left: - The Lovers

-Major Arcana VI

Right: - 6 of CUPS

-Minor Arcana card

Left: - Pan

-Major Arcana XV

Right: - 8 of Staves

- Minor Arcana card

Above: BAPHOMET - alternative Arcana XV Card. The Horned Hermaphrodite.

(original sold, prints unavailable)

Several of these pictures and more esoterotic Art (and w-riting) by Orryelle is in

SilKMilK MagiZain

s p o o l s #2 and #3

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