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The Limited Hardback Book (184 copies only) of Orryelle's Time, Fate & Spider Magic (front cover and dustjacket flap below) included a 2-hour DVD of ritual theatre audio-visual materials. The limited hardback is now sold out, but the paperback edition of the book is available from Avalonia Books HERE

The DVD which came with the limited hardback is now available separately directly from Orryelle's own iNSPiRALink. MultiMedia Press here (paypal buttons below):

Above: The wrap-around cover of the DVD case

The DVD includes an hour of edited footage from the Metamorphic Ritual Theatre dance production Loom of Lila, Video and pathworking of 8 Gates ritual theatre, the clockwork/clockplay (combining animation and live action) music-video Chaos Clock, and an extended Audio adaptation of The Book of the Spider with music by Orryelle and The Missing Children.

For a lo-res sample of some of the video material in Loom of Lila on the DVD, please click on the still below:

To purchase a PAL Format (UK, Europe, Australia) for $13 please click here:

To purchase an NTSC Format (USA, Japan) for $13 please click here:

The accompanying 'Time, Fate and Spider Magic' book is available direct from the publishers AVALONIA BOOKS

The BOOK of GOING BACK by NIGHT (Trade Edition)


Released previously only as a 22-copy deluxe limited edition bound in midnight-blue goat-leather and papyrus (above) by Ars Obscura, this book is now available in a more affordable large-format (27.6 cm x 21cm) edition with midnight-blue thick textured card covers, printed with gold (right) and silver (left) pantone inks of the hieroglyph of Hrumachis on the front and back.108 pages.

Printed with solar power using 100% recycled materials by Black Rainbow, this handsome volume is limited to only 444 hand-numbered copies (16 left Dec 2017).

The verses are hand-calligraphed, introduced and illustrated by Orryelle; with an extensive commentary by Orryelle and Nema.

Four Sample Pages (not in sequential order) below:

The text of this book is a transmission from the double-lion/ess Hrumachis Aker, through the masks and forms of Sekhmet, of the Egyptian and Grecian SphinXes, and (in the Third Chapter) of Babalon and the Beast.

Voices from the 'future aeon' of Maat deliver information which intersects with the currents of the Ancient Egyptian 'Book of Coming Forth by Day' (translated by E.A.Wallis Budge as The Egyptian Book of the Dead) in the present.

The book is esoteric and mytho-poetical yet has socio-political implications for our times.
The Nu Word of IAHM and its formula and application are presented, as well as the AZOTh casting and banishing system.

16 copies remaining (Dec 2017). Available via Paypal, for $28 (plus $10 postage worldwide):

iNSPiRALink. MultiMedia/Multi(sub)culturalPress (IMPress) is the publishing vehicle of The HermAphroditic ChAOrder of the Silver Dusk and affiliates.

If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you, as our iN-SPiRAL(ing)ink. is intended to iNSPiR(e)-A-Link.

The BIRTH of the iNSPiRALink.Multimedia PRESS (IMPress) was celebrated with the Launch of our first publication, 'EMIT fo YROTSREH FIERB A' -the initial limited edition of Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule's illustrated treatise on Time, Fate and Spider Magicks - now out of print but to be reprinted (in a new revised and expanded edition) by Avalonia Press (UK) in 2013.

Arachnean Trinity of the second performance of the Book of the Spider

The Official Launch of the iMPress at The Cape Lounge in Melbourne on the March EquinoxuliuqE 2oo3 was a surreal night of magickal music and theatre.
Click Here for more photos from the event.


Click on Titles or Covers below for more information and imagery about each product/ion


Orryelle's Tarot Deck: 80 cards (includes 2 alternate versions of Arcana XV and VI) with 40-page text booklet for $28

Printed with solar power using 100% recycled materials by Black Rainbow.





rehctaWatcher Limited CD

222 copies only, Signed and numbered.

Includes oversized colour package, 18-page booklet (b&w interior, colour covers) with all lyrics and related artwork by Orryelle, 80-min audio CD. The music is of a magickal ambient style, though with a considerable range within that general atmosphere, some acoustic (violin, voices, percussion) and some a combination of this and wyrd electronica.


rehctaWatcher (collaboration with Twisted Subterranean Deathtrap)

Kalikaye (with Samantha Starr)

Cernunnos (The Wild Hunt) (with Twisted Subterranean Deathtrap & Spiney Fleshpot)

Ardhanarishvara-An (with Amordios Gobblyn-Smythe

Nectareous (with D.B.P.I.T., Evan Flux and Amordios)

The Blind Fiddler


Red Spider Black Spider

Sample Track extract: Kalikaye


The CHORONZON MACHINE Ritual Opera is now a film. The original footage from the already spectacular live Metamorphic Ritual Theatre production was edited, deconstructed and reconstructed and enhanced with effects, animations, and diverse studio-recorded music.

You can see sample scenes from The Choronzon Machine Film HERE


ink of the SpiderGoats and their ilk:

In 2002 scientists found that by isolating the web-spinning gene from spiders and injecting it into the DNA of goats they would produce a super-strong SilK-MilK. They have been trying to work out how to farm spiders for years as their webs are 5 times stronger than steel (relative to density), but had no luck because of the cannibalisticnature of spiders in large groups. They aim to produce bullet-proof vests withthe silkmilk. But why should the Military have exclusive rights to such abrilliantly surreal concept?

Therefore we are hijacking the concept for aesthetic and magickal purposes, producing our own luscious non-violent silkmilk ink; or perhaps reclaiming is a more appropriate term -after all, Metamorphic Ritual Theatre co. (a vessel of The Order of ChAOS on the outer- have been performing plays and rites about Pan and Arachne for years -this is their strange offspring...


SilKMilK MagiZenis a collective publishing vehicle of The HermAphroditic ChAOrder of the Silver Dusk and affiliates.
A square-bound print journal with an audio/video CD/DVD in the back cover, it presents artistic expressions in a range of mediums from musical and soundscape to film, painting, drawing, poetry and essays, all with magickal intent and/or content. It aims to give the reader/viewer/listener an overview of the diversity of creative expression available now and in the future from the


SilKMilK MagiZain s p o o l #4 (184 pages, 80 in full colour, with 90-min video DVD and 80-min audio CD) - The theme of this s p o o l is Alchemy and HermAphrodites.

For sample art, text, film and sounds click on cover thumbnail above)...

SOLD OUT (Nov. 2012)

SilKMilKMagiZain s p o o l #3 (includes audio CD) - The theme of this s p o o lis Beauty and the Beast, and/or Beauty as the Beast: Babalon, Durga, Sekhmet, Bast...

For sample art, text and sounds click on coverthumbnail above.


SM2 Back Cover

SilkMilk spool#2 was launched on April2nd 2oo4 Click Here for Sample Art,W-riting, Musick and Video from the 2nd Spool...

Currently Unavailable

SAMPLEART, MUSIC & W-RITING from The First Spool



The Labyrinth AUDIO CD -a diverse audio adaptation of the journey through the physical Labyrinths constructed and performed by Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Co. A meditational sonic shamanic journey through the elements to face the Minotaur. Wyrd Musick from The Mutation Parlour. Includes a live human birth recording on the final track.



Sample Track: EnTrance





Choronzon Machine AUDIO CD -Musick from the Ritual Opera, by the HarleQuintet.
New-Aeonic music to herald the coming of HruMachis, in a diverse range ofelectro-acoustic styles and moods (features several tracks not included on the Choronzon Machine film DVD, plus extended-length original versions of the film songs, with 16-page illustrated lyric booklet).


Sample Track: 151

Zoharum Records (Poland) have also published an audio CD by Orryelle and The HermAprhoditic ChAOrder of the Silver Dusk. See and hear the spectacular flash animation by Kazim for the 156=MUSICK Project HERE, and order directly from AlchembriaHERE