An illustrated treatise on Time, Fate and Arachnean Magicks

By Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

While S.J.Hawkings' 'A Brief History of Time' is a scientific apprehension of Time, This Brief HIRStory of TimEmit... is an artistic and poetic one.

From Greek Chronos and Hindu Mahakala to the feminine mysteries of Fate -from the Moerae and Moera to the Hoerae- this mythic HirStory (a union of history and herstory) explores the far reaches of time, and its warp in the Web of Wyrd.

Time's spiralling course is followed through art, verse and magick, bringing us to the eternal present then offering practical ritual frameworks for using web mandalas to map time onto a spatial plane and explore different potentialities of our mutable destiny, offering the reader the opportunity to carry the ideas presented into the future through personal application.

This new revised and expanded edition (now 164 pages, the first edition was only 64) includes:

An extended Arachnean Grimmoire
The use of Tarot for Conjuration as well as Divination
Foldout colour triptych of the Norns by Taz (lo-res version below)

Additional illustrated appendices on the 13th-Tribe Weaving & Orryelle's life-size Kali-Arachne statue

(photos below left as Chinnamasta, and below right as Kali Smashanavasinyai, Goddess of the Burning Grounds)

The accompanying DVD includes an hour-long fully edited film of Loom of Lila (sample extract at bottom of page), the half-hour 8 GATES shamanic journey video (inc. interactive pathworking introduction), audio adaptation of 'The Book of the Spider' by Orryelle and the Missing Children, and 8-minute Chaos Clock music video.

Finding it's place within the modern Magickal Revival, this tome also reveals The HermAphroditic ChAOrder of the Silver Dusk, whose lunar artistic magick offers a culmination of the cosmic day begun with the solar scientific magick of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The text is fully illustrated with numerous explanatory diagrams and maps and some fine Arachnean Artwork (including many full-page plates) by the author (example below).

The iNSPiRALink. Edition of this book is now out of print. However a revised edition of the book will be printed and distributed by AVALONIA Publishing (UK) in 2013.

Catch (double-click) the fly (at the top of this page or buzzzing somewhere around it depending on whether the javascript is working now or not) for an extract from the additional inspired verses (and commentary) of 'The Book of The Spider' from the Book...

Click on Image Below for Quicktime (lo-res) Video Sample from the DVD accompanying the Book.
(Violin & male vocals by Orryelle, female vocals by Sam Star)

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