_s p o o l # 3

SilKMilK s p o o l # 3 is dedicated with love to the memory of Tasha Imagin8, and includes a tribute to her life and art.

The theme of SilKMilK
s p o o l # 3 is the Woman and the Beast, and/or the Woman as the Beast: Babalon, Durga, Medusa, Sekhmet, Bast...

SilKMilK S p o o l # 3 is 80 pages including full-colour (inside and out) covers -see image above- and a full-colour esoterotic hermetically-Sealed Section (2 more pages of colour than previous s p o o l s), perfect-bound (square spine)
with a full-length (80 mins) Audio CD, for $18.

Orders are Now being taken:

Video stills from performancy at the Melbourne Launch of
SilKMilK s p o o l #3.
(More such images at bottom of page)

Left: The funnelweb spider and Her egg-sac which birthed its thousand young in the corner of the editor's room on the very night this third s p o o l was completed...

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             s  p  o o  l  # 3




Front Cover


Inside Front Cover


Title Page









The Scarlet Woman & The Beast:

Conceptions of Babalon


'Faerie Queen Birth'


'Grimorium de Argentum Virgium',

'Daath of Babalon', 'Parson's Crater' & 'Magistelli'


Strength/Lust  -Evolution of an Arcana


'Holy Grot', 'Symphony',

'Dance of the Horae' & 'Charioteer'


In the Eternal Now  &  Changing Sides


Chronicles of the Spawn of Atalan


The Folds of Dreams





'Black Madonna'  and 'Dakshin Kali'


Foetal Fox & Family


Earthing OrCha at Orchha


esoterotic Hermetically-sealed section

(colour centrefold)


Art & Poetry


The Book of Shakti-Babalon


Summoning of the Conjuror of Heresies


The Gospel of Babalon



The International Surreal & Visionary Art Forum


'Celestial Consort', 'Nemesis', & 'Beloved Hades Man'


'To Walk  Amongst Your Whispers', 'Hands Eyes

 & Wet Teeth' & 'My Fantasy of Bridge Id'


Tribute to Tasha Heidinger


Extracts from Liber Lillith: Sepher Suucubae

inc. Lilith-Goddess Invocation


Releasing the Shadow


Extract from 'My Hero: A Wild Boy's Tale'



'Miracle Art'


'Bound' & ''Torach'

Post- Solstice Post-Script



Audio CD Contents Page



 Scene from Metamorphic Ritual Theatre's 'Parzival'

at Glastonbury Tor  (UK) Summer  Solstice '05





Watercolour Painting by Heidi Valkyrie


'BeastWoMan (Protean)' digital painting & anagrams by Taz


Logo by Ci Orse. Text by Orryelle. Picture by Fr.Sandan


'Hornucopia' illustration by Heidi Valkyrie


Editorial Wyrd Web by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule.

Illustrations by various artists as credited within


Picture by Kim Evans


Essay by Shade Oroboros. Illustration by Tim Neate.



Pen drawing by Heidi Valkyrie


Verse by Blair MacKenzie Blake.

Illustrations by Orryelle and Taz


Essay written and illustrated by Orryelle


Poetry by Giselle Aquila. Illustration by Orryelle



Words by Katherine Cunningham. Picture by Orryelle


Text received and Annotated by Frater Kaotec


Verse by J.Eichenbaum. Pictures by HeidiV& Tim Neate


Essay and Invocation by Hermeticusnath.

Picture by Frater Sandan.


Poems by Peter Moore and Hermeticusnath..  Picture by Tim


Pencil Drawing by Yoka Vixen Vermillion


India Travel Journals '05 extract by Orryelle


'Baphometisphere' by Taz, 'Kalas from Kali' oil painting by

Orryelle, & 'The Fall' by Kuba Feidorowicz


'Hel' picture by Tim Neate. Verse by Eve Cadmon


Transmission via Hermeticusnath /Aion131


Words by Axtya the Drugvant. Picture by Orryelle.


Words by Ilaktra Drugvant via Alison Rockbrand.

Pictures by Orryelle, Heidi and Frater Sandan


Text by Johnny BeinArt. Painting by Karl Person


Poetry  by Bridghit Ella Fay


Poetry by Evan Flux, Picture by Tim Neate



Verse & Art by Tasha & Heidi, Photography by Zoe


Essay & Verse by Jakob Starseed.

 Pictures by Orryelle, Nemo and Taz.


BioGraphic Essay by Ground


Fiction by Tristram Burden. Art by Johnny BeinArt,

Frater Sandan & Tim Neate


Text by Satin. Picture by Johnny BeinArt


Installations & Photography by James Ridder

Installation by Arachne, Photographed

 and Annotated by Orryelle


Track Titles by Artists as listed. Picture by Edgar Franco



Video Stills selected  by Orryelle  from footage by Tor.

  Verse by Orryelle                                  -inside back cover


Lilith Painting by Taz                                       -Back Cover



BACKGROUND IMAGE on this page is 'PROTEAN' by TAZ. An alternate version of this painting is the frontispiece (inside front cover) of the print MagiZain

SilKMilK 3 MagiZain & CD ($18):

SilKMilK s p o o l # 3 was launched in Melbourne (Australia) (Freyaday the 13th Jan full mooon) and in London (UK) (Satyrday the 18th Feb '06).

(Left and Right: Video stills from Yoka's performance at the Melbourne launch. More stills below.)

Left: Orryelle performing a MahaKali & MahaKala mask-dance at the Melbourne Launch

Yoka's 'Beauty as the Beast' performance at the Melbourne SM3 launch was accompanied by live improvisational musick by ORCHESTRA-ted ChAOS, conducted by Orryelle (violin)).

Once the waiter's under wraps, her domestic self re-emerges and she schizophrenically attempts to clean up the mess...

...Eventually She realizes her beast-self in unsupressed freedom, integrates it and leaves naked and new...

An inkredible synchronous birthing! These little spiderlings -shown here with their mother on Her eggsac in Her web woven over Zain's picture of an arachnean priestess and her alien baby- were born in the corner of this editor's room on the night (just after solstice) when I finished formatting the new SilKMilK s p o o l for publication!