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Titles, Artists & Info for Trackson s p o o l # 3's audio CD:


1.   Dance of the Horae  



2.   Beauty thou art my Beast




3.   Parzival's Quest






4.  Thunder Genome



5.   Babalon






6.  The Book of the Crow #2 (live)



7.   Neon Queen (ritual mix)





8.   Sekhem Shakti






9.  The 14th Key



10.   Kalikaye Vidmahe





11.  Beastfuck





12.Kelemath Obscure

Funeral Rites


13. Song for Phoolan


14. Mirror Black


15.  The Goose's Prophecy


16.   Mother


17.   MotherGoosebump


18.  I, in a Waltz, Kicking

   Red Dust...


  19.  Smoulder







Giselle Aquila. Verse written and performed by Giselle. Esraj, tabla, guitar, keyboard and Curtan by Bhringar.; Violin and singing-bell by Orryelle


Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter (DBPIT) with:  vocals: Anna Consuelo, guitar: MarioFOB (of circus joy). Recorded dec.2005 at Gattoalieno studios Roma, Italy.


ORCHESTRA-ted ChAOS -extract from improvisational performance at Angel Circus Dec '03 (Melbourne). Some of the musicians had never even met, let alone played together, and yet....  Some of this performance is going into the soundtrack of Metamorphic Ritual Theatre's PARZIVAL DVD (see inside back cover), which early edits of  were screened while ORCHESTRA-ted ChAOS played. See Track 8 for instrumental credits.


POSTHUMAN TANTRA (Brazil) -from the 1st album "PISSING NANOROBOTS"


The HARLEQUINTET - Music and sung lyrics by Kestral (guitar & voice); introductory spoken words & violin -Orryelle; Percussion -Amordios; Bass -Evan Flux; Female vocals -Kara Lamia; Choir -Heidi, Kara, Orryelle, Evan. From The Choronzon Machine CD. JOHN CROW  -(vocals, percussion) with Niall mcDevitt (guitar, percussion), Michelle Watson /Moksha (vocals) .& Shona Holborow (violin).


JOHN CROW  -(vocals, percussion) with Niall mcDevitt (guitar, percussion), Michelle Watson /Moksha (vocals) .& Shona Holborow (violin).


ORGONAUTIC. Lyrics: Alexander Nym, Music: Christian Preunkert.. Produced by ORGONAUTIC @ Positronic exclusively for Silk Milk Magazine. Re-worked version to be available on forthcoming ORGONAUTIC-longplayer "Spell" to be released in 2k6 by the Contemporary  Illuminated Seers of Bavaria  -


ORCHESTRA-ted ChAOS -invocational extract from improvisational performance at Angel Circus Dec '03 -see notes to Track 3. Celtic Harp, Panpipes, flute -Fingle;  Didgeridoo -Revere; Piano-Accordion & vocals - Mugwort, Cello -Phil McLeod; Bass Harmonic chanting, drumbreath -Ground; Singing bowl, drumbreath -Naiah; Orchestral Percussion -Ben Dickson; Sax -Danielle; Violin, Vocals, Conductor -Orryelle. Lyrics (by Orryelle) page 26.


Gerechtigkeits Liga.   Music by Till BrŸggemann and Ragnar, recorded and mixed at GL Studio London in 2005, mastered at The Eagle«s Nest Berlin.


Orryelle & Samantha Star -extract from a musickal adapation of  two traditional Sanskrit Kali mantras. Female vocals by Sam Star (, male vocals violin & percussion by Orryelle. The full-lenght version will be  on the CD accompanying the imminent new edition of 'Emit fo yrotsreH feirB A'


HARLEQUINTET & MUTATION PARLOUR -a cross-mix by Orryelle of the 'Battle with the Minotaur' track from the Labyrinth CD and the 'Babalon & the Beast' track from The Choronzon Machine CD, merged together as a soundtrack for a Metamorphic Ritual Theatre performance at ABODE Fetish Club (Melb.) '04.



(box includes.songs of  POSTHUMAN TANTRA & MELEK-THA).






JOHN CROW   -from 'The Southwark Mysteries' CD. See track 6 notes also.


SHA  (vocals and guitar) with Allis Maun on violin.



HAIRYSCARYFAERYTAILS  -Mugwort Lycanthrope and Kara Lamia.


EVAN FLUX - Verse, Synth, Piano guts,percussion.

Violin -Orryelle; Snging -Bridghit.



MUGWORT  -from a film soundtrack in progress



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