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Inkof the SpiderGoats and their Ilk:

An Esoterotic Journal

Still from the Shub Niggurath Video on this s p o o l 's CD. More in CONTENTS below...

NEW VIDEO STILLS from the Melbourne LAUNCH of SilKMilK s p o o l #2:

Cover, Contents, Samples and Ordering Information for this second s p o o l follow BELOW

-stills selected by Orryelle from the footage of Zoupa, From the new short play, MeduZeus by Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Co.

Orryelle as the Patriarch Zeus (above left) berates the crowd, telling them that it has come to his attention that 'mere mortals' such as they have been meddling with the new holographic technologies developed by Mt.Olympus incorporated, and tells of the punishment of 'a young punk known as Prometheus' for daring to pirate these new technologies, which can project life-like 3-dimensional illusions into any, '...temple, conference room or even a common pub such as this.'

Zeus: 'If these powers got into the hands of mere mortals, can you imagine the kind of atrocities that would result!'

Tesssa as the Wisdom Goddess Metis (above right) -coming forth from crowd: 'Even worse than those commited by the Gods?'... ...

The dialogue continues until Metis, rubbing her pregnant belly, suggests that '...a very Old technology...' could threaten the very Foundations of Zeus' Kingdom. Zeus flies into a rage and (with live percussion thundering) swallows Metis in his swirling cape.

He then proceeds to delineate what a woman should be like, until He projects from the front of his head (conscious mind/cerebrum/resh) the Goddess of Civilization, Athena:


Tesssa as Athena struts forth to sultry jazz from behind the video screen onto which her image initially projects (above left), and assists Zeus in the re-ordering of his Kingdom, including mobile-phoning Hermes to have projections warning against Promethean defiance sent out to all the major cities of the Earth, suggesting refurbishments of the Mt Olympus Inc. headquarters (' thrones'), and massaging his aching head.

Zeus: 'I'm sure there's something else. It's in the back of my mind...'
Athena exits to get him a packet of aspirin.

Zeus' headache gets worse (bass drum gradually getting louder), He staggers about until eventually (percussive crescendo) Medusa bursts out the back of His head (subconscious mind/cerebellum/qoph). Tesssa as Medusa -dances through the crowd to tribal rhythmns.

Zeus is initially turned to stone (above left) when He sees Medusa, but She seduces Him with her primal movements and he begins to move with Her, eventually integrating this rampant aspect of His psyche -no longer suppressable. They dance together to form a Caduceus pattern with their serpentine arms, chanting each others names until these merge into, 'MeduZeus' . They then chant, 'Baph' ('Father' in Latin) and 'Metis' respectively until these merge on the second Caduceus motion into 'BaphoMetis'

They become one hermaphroditic horned figure (Baphomet, played by Orryelle, below) with primal anima integrated, dancing to an extract from the 'Pandaemonaeon' track of the Labyrinth CD:

As BaphoMet's dance crescendoes and falls with the musical finale, Athena strides back onstage in Coda. She maintains Her civilized veneer until reaching the front of the stage, where she suddenly rips open Her blouse to reveal Medusa's head on her torso -the Aegis

This MeduZeus short play was performed again at Easter Confest 2004, and will be presented a final time along with another short piece of Metamorphic Ritual Theatre on June 1st at LaMama Theatre (Melbourne Australia -bookings 9347 6142).

Above: SilKMilK Threads are pulled forth from the teat of a Spider-Goat (played by Orryelle and Allis) by a Scientist (played by Tesssa) at the SilKMilK s p o o l #2 Launch in Melbourne.

In deep canyons of webbed wefts we glide
Bereft of intent, subconscious and sublime
Art as a menstruum twixt human and divine

A Second Spool of sticky SilKMilK is spun forth from the multiple supple nipples of Shub Niggurath, The Great Black Spider-Goat of a Thousand Young

We plunge deeeper now into the Well, into the Well of ReMEMbrance, spiralling down the DNA strands, descending into the Old Ones' gaping maws with steady hands, to hold the Quills which earth our Wills, sowing seeds in mindfields left barren in the wake of the Age of Reason

Extracted from 'Secrets of Nature's Silk Weavers Revealed' :

by Tim Radford, science editor, Thursday August 28, 2003 The Guardian

A strand of spider web is, weight for weight, stronger than steel and more elastic than rubber. David Kaplan of the university's bioengineering centre said: "The finding could lead to the development of processing methods resulting in new high-strength and high-performance materials."

A herd of genetically engineered goats in the US is already providing the proteins for spider's silk in their milk. But the secrets of the spider have been tricky to unravel. Researchers worked out the chemical structure of the silk almost a decade ago but that did not solve the mystery of how orb web spiders, for instance, could hold a store of liquid protein and spin up to seven grades of reliable polymer cable from it, using only dead flies as energy.
An ordinary web, spun in a morning, may contain 30 metres (98ft) of silk. One orb web spider had been seen to produce a silk dragline of 300 metres in one go. But the silk is a liquid which stiffens into a cable only when spun.

Well this second sticky s p o o l of SilKMilK has been quite some timemit in the spinning, but now it stiffens not into a cable but a book, even as a spider's web is a book of runes and symbols, and even as a spider's body itself within that web contains 'book lungs' -strange sheets of skin in the abdomen like pages through which their air is inspired and inspiralled...
May this Wyrd Web of intersecting vectors and veves inspir-a-link for all ye who inspiral in to read the inspiral-ink within...


SM2 Cover

SilKMilK s p o o l # 2 was launched on April 2nd (2oo4) -the date Frater Achad inaugurated the Ma-Ion (aeon of Maat and Ma-nifestat-ion)- see flyer below and video stills above

It was a wonderfully atmospheric night of strange theatre and stranger musick (the audience was a tad odd too).


TEAR of JOY -Cover Painting by Dominic Ryan (shown above)

CONTENT(meant) - AnAtomical Art Map by Orryelle


IMP-EDITor-me(a)nt -by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

The EROTONOMICON Pt II: CONGRESS, CUM & DEMONS (click title for sample extract) -by Nathaniel Harris

Liber 116 being 'The SPINNERS of the DIAMOND LIGHT' -by Medusa 161 (Sulien Leybourne)

'LILITH' and 'MERMOTHER' -pictures by KARA LAMIA

'LET NOT my TEARS FALL UNNOTICED (The Joyful Art of LACHRYMOLOGY)' -by Blair Blake McKenzie

'BATTLE HYMN of The DIONYSIAN UNDERGROUND' & Other POEMS -by John Constable >< Crow

'WIND PATTERNS', 'SILENCE' & 'CYCLES of INTENT' -Verse by Mary Hedger

'AZOTh -The Sign of the BLACK EAGLE in ALCHEMY, MAAT MAGICK, ZOS KIA CULTUS and INCAN SORCERY' (Inkludes HRUMACHIS YANTRA presentation and AZOTh Banishing) -click title for sample. -Written and Illustrated by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

Esoterotic Hermetically-SEALED SECTION -full-colour Shub Niggurath centre-fold (the spidergoats adorning this very wwwebpage are from this collage, being just a few of the Thousand Young spawned therefrom)

'The DYING GOD' -Short Story by Terv Terran

'FEELING the LEEG' -Magickal Fetish Fiction by Natasha Beaulieu, Illustrated by Dale Keogh

'JOY in the SHADOW' & 'BAPHOMET' -Verse and pictures by AION 131

'BIRTH of the ENTITY' (click title for low-resolution web-sample) and 2 other Plates from CODEX : SZhieaom, an unfinished Graphic Novel by Jason Glasgow

Liber TTT : 'TATTOO TAROT TANTRA Part II' -W-rite-n and Illustrated by Orryelle - Liber TTT Part I, this essay's precursor published several years ago, is viewable HERE

'WEAVING the 13-Star in INK and BLOOD' -by Orryelle, with photographs by Geothro and Mary Hedger

'HECATE' -Verse by Tesssa Watson, Illustration by Orryelle

'Inaugural Wo/Manifesto of The SILVER DUSK' (click title for similar essay in SILVER STAR online Magizine) -Words and Art by Orryelle.

'A ROMANCE (Malkuth)' -by Alexander Blok, illustrated by Orryelle

'DESCENT from the DOWN-UNDERWORLD' -A True Tale of Wyrd by Orryelle


SilKMilK SOUNDS (and Video) CD -Track Listing & Audio Samples HERE

Includes SHUBINk. Short Film & Animation. QuickTime SAMPLE Extract

SOME STILLS from this short film:

Bacchuspiece: Cellisti by Sha.

Back Cover Collage (shown above) by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, incorporating photo by Geothro

SilKMilK S p o o l # 2 is 78 pages inc. full-colour covers and a full-colour hermetically-Sealed Section, perfect-bound (square spine) with a full-length Audio & Video CD for $18.

Orders are Now being taken:

SilKMilK SOUNDS -Track Listing & Audio Samples HERE

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