The Order of ChAOS presents...


-A Music and Theatre Extravaganza. PART I

Being The FOOL's Journey at MONTSALVAT

(Photographs -some animated by Orryelle- by Adrian and Video Stills selected by Orryelle from the footage of Soncha, Zya and Ci Orse (c)copyright Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Co.)

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Sayeth Heimdall-Hermes, Messenger and Guardian of the bridge Bifrost, who with feathered ears hears you approach through cyberspace as readily as He can hear the grass growing in yonder field:

' -Come, O mortals, Cross the Rainbow Bridge from Midgard to Valhalla, beCome your wode-self, and Feast with the Gods!'

Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Co. presented this special one-off event at the beautiful MONTSALVAT European-style Medieval Village and Arts Centre in Eltham (/Alfheim), to celebrate the Imbolc (Sabbat Festival of the Celtic Fire-Goddess Bridgit) full mooon on Sunday the 1st of August (southern hemisphere seasonal festival) '04.

The theatrical and ritual elements of the evening interwove two major strands of mythic drama -that of the Celtic-Arthurian quest of Parzival for the Holy Grail, and the Norse mythos of Odin and the Feasting Hall of Valhalla.
Uniting these tales and various other mythological and cultural threads that were incorporated are the pervading symbols and universal archetypes of the Tarot.
For the work was loosely based around director Orryelle's multi-cultural and multi-subcultural BOOK of KAOS Tarot Deck.

Guests arrived at 5pm and followed the Holy Fool Parzival on his quest for the Holy Grail at Montsalvat

(Parzival actually sought this chalice of ecstasy at the original 'Mount of Salvation' which our spectacular Melbourne venue is named after), with interactive theatrickals around the lush grounds.

Parzival: 'This is my divine aspiration:
I seek the Holy Grail
That elusive font of inspiration
My words cannot avail

I seek the source of passion
The secret of the sacred cup I
cannot tell
A task the mask of mind can't fathom
Yet one the heart knows Well...'

Crying that he also seeks the Spear of Destiny, which he is sure it is his destiny to find here at the Mount of Salvation, Parzival leads the gathering crowd through an arbor -as the In-it-I-Ates pass through this arched passage of webbed branches, above them in this wyrd tangle crouches the Norn of the Future, whispering...

Skuld: 'Welcome, initiate
WelCome, in-it-I-Ate,
What is your Will, and what is your fAte?
I am Skuld, and my sisters await...'

Parzival leads the in-it-I-ates to a cage in the garden, where crouches Hugin, Raven of Thought, trapped in a small cage, so that when he tries to stretch his piano-accordian wings, he fails to sing and only squawks, fed coins like a broken machine stuck in a loop.

Parzival asks In-it-I-Ates to help 'free our minds' and with their aid Hugin is released...

Parzival passes a piping faun on his dance down the hill, then following hir to the Luthier's (violin-maker's) hut he puts down his bell and his stick and his sack, and takes up his fiddle...

Parzival (singing): ...The continuing tale of the snake which eats its own tail
Oroboros, oroboros, oroboros, oroboros, oroboros...

...The continuing tale of the snake which eats its own tail
Oroboros, oroboros, oroboros, oroboros, oroboros...

In-I-Ates are led by pied Parzival down the hill, to discover around a corner two cellists who now accompany his tune. They are asked to pass between them, through this gateway of musick to come find the Holy Graal...

In-it-I-ates are led past the lake and into the Gardens. There two flower maidens and a child emerge, and the maidens attempt to seduce Parzival. But he rejects them, saying he is not interested in things of the flesh, as he is on a spiritual quest, still seeing the Grail as this stage as separate from the realms of matter...

Parzival leads everyone past a second lake, and sees a dragon in its murky depths. This re-minds him of something ancient, and he summons Munin, Raven of Mem-ory, who arises from the murky waters of the sub-conscious...

Parzival beckons in-it-I-ates into the Chapel Perilous, then disappears. A small choir in white robes are before the altar, chanting to the pipe organ being played in the corner.

Enter Ardhanarishvara-An (the Hindu HermAphordite God/dess) in wedding veil and top hat:

'To the sacred marriage, you are invoked and invited,
You will see Shiva and Shakti united...

'Ardhanrishvara-An, Ardhanrishvara-An,Ardhanrishvara-An

'To the sacred marriage, you are invoked and invited,
You will see Grail and Spear united...'

'Ardhanrishvara-An, Ardhanrishvara-An,Ardhanrishvara-An

Ardhanarishvara-An exits and Parzival returns, reeling from the vision he has just had: 'I know now that I shall find these things, and bring them together. It is my destiny!...'

Leading in-it-I-ates back outside, Parzival suddenly spies a silver chalice in a natural alcove in the tree before him. Realizing this is the Grail, he kneels before it in humble adoration.
As he offers thanks, the Grail-maiden in white appears, takes the Grail from the tree and makes off with it. As Parzival reaches for the chalice only to find it gone, he sees the Grail-maiden disappearing and gives pursuit...

PARZIVAL leads in-it-I-ates up steps to the pool area. There the Grail is framed in a castle-relief...

Again PARZIVAL becomes excited and heads towards his cherised goal, but as he turns to beckon the crowd to hurry up and follow him in this endeavour, the Grail Maiden who stood statuesque above the lion-fountain now stirs into motion and carries away the Grail once more...

Parzival -with crowd in tow- follows her to a doorway where she stands framed and still with the Grail. (That's a peacock on the roof)

Again he kneels in adoration, spouting verse about the culmination of his heroic quest, and She carries the Chalice away unnoticed whilst he is lost in his spiritual reverie.

Parzival leads the crowd around the corner of the Hall and across the Courtyard.

As everyone comes down the hill and the Grail-Maiden disappears behind a tree, Parzival is suddeny distracted by the sight of a Flaming Sword held aloft by a feminine arm from the Lake...
He throws down his stick, bundle and bell and runs towards it.

He is not the only one to have noticed the Flaming Sword. A noble knight -Amfortas- kneels before it at Lake's-edge, adoring what he believes to be the fabled Excalibur.

In reflection of Parzival's own foolishness, while Amfortas is lost in his adoration, a Barbarian comes up, kicks him aside and takes the sword for himself...

Amfortas challenges the Barbarian, and when their swords meet the flame transfers to his own blade.

A spectacular Fire Sword Duel ensues...

Eventually Amfortas disarms his opponent, but the Grail Maiden appears again briefly from behind a tree.
The Barbarian points to her and Amfortas foolishly turns to look. The Barbarian siezed the stick that Parzival left lying on the ground and spears Amfortas in the side...

As he falls Amfortas cries out to Odin in his death-throes.
And in the dusk-light a vision opens up before him, as lights come up upon a God a-Hanging in a Tree:

On to: 'Le Pendu'

('The Pendulum')

A Short Play by Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Co.

- based around the Hanged Man Tarot Trump and Odin's ordeal hanging upon the World Tree, Yggdrasil.

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