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Sun, 9 Jan 2000

I am now safely at Peter´s (Malkuth) place in Barcelona, Spain. I figured it would cost as much to stay in Paris longer while sorting out my travel probs as it would to bus it down here and see some new wonders of the world.

Basically British Embassy said I couldn't get back into London to catch my flight to New Orleans (airline won´t change locations) now my passport is marked, but I have discovered I don´t need to go through British customs if I *fly* to London just before my plane leaves for the USA and am only at the airport. Extra dollars, but cheaper than an extra flight to the US. ¿¿phew¿¿ (Spanish keyboard)

Sun, 9 Jan 2000

Earlier tonight Peter showed me two of the buildings designed by Antonin Gaudi near here. Amazing - surrealism you can walk around inside, like tripping without drugs. So curvaceous and organic, if all architecture was like that I´d feel a lot more comfortable in civilization.
Aparently many of his arched works are designed upside-down with ball-bearings and string over mirrors -no wonder I felt so comfortable in them!

Sun, 9 Jan 2000

Shocks and balance

--- Sienna555@aol.com wrote:

-Balance is essential. But wouldn't a shock knock those scales off balance in the other direction, if not applied carefully?

Yep. But it often then swings back the other way. For an experiential example: I helped blast the Tower of Babel/Temple of Marduk on nu year. Surprise, surprise, sudden change I end up in France unexpectedly and everything I try to negotiate with Babel/civilization goes screwy for a while. Then I end up at Chartres Cathedral and understand why I knocked myself off kilter - to find a new appreciation for systems, reason, civilization, time, order - via the shock of them not working for a while - and thus bringing them back into balance with chaos, dreamtime, intuition on nu moon - the Art path between Tiphereth and Yesod which crosses the Tower path.
Balance via imbalance: Lafcursiax! (Nightside tunnel on the Tree of Life, reflex of Justice/Adjustment path/trump).
I haven´t been able to get any estrogen yet, but what a hermaphroditic journey Europe´s been so far anyway...!

Tue, 11 Jan 2000


--- Denny wrote:

Try this on for size: -the 5 pointed star/gateway is key to Pan. As Babalon (7) is mate of Pan - it has always interested me that the 7 & 5pt stars = 12 Pt star-
but oddly- now I see that their Son/Sun/Daughter is the 13th pt..... Delicious, no?

Yum. Also 5 (Pentagram, law of fives, Pan etc.) plus 8 (octave, sabbats, chaostar, chakras inc. bindu, etc.) = 13. It coalesces quite nicely with your 7+5 formula! Fuck I just realized now that also as 7+8= Netzach/Aphrodite + Hod/Hermes = HermAphrodite so 7(+5Pan) +8(+5Pan)= 12 (solar) + 13 (lunar) -hieros gamos, the sacred marriage of sun and moon…

Speaking of which, I finally got some estrogen today!
I almost gave up when I couldn't get it without a prescription in Amsterdam (I'd thought, if anywhere…!) , but I just went into a chemist in Barcelona and they handed it right over with no questions)…
Seems my spiritual hermaphroditic journey has now progressed to a point that manifestation becomes possible, the nu moon ritual at Chartres cathedral signifying the beginning of the cycle.

The Baphomet working at new year (see end of Nu Millenium Report) seems to have been effective to the point of preventing me from getting in to London where I probably would not have been able to get the Estrogen.


On Tue, 11 Jan 2000 "Frater Aurora Conari" wrote:

I love it! You do a working in a cathedral (Chartres,France) whose design was influenced by the Knights Templar - and it opens a connection to Baphomet(their God) for you!

Wed, 12 Jan 2000

Recent Rites

Lots of magickal activity for me lately after the hiatus to deal with red tape:

Funny with all this Labyrinth/Minotaur stuff coming up again: For those who were on this list that far back: I found the Golden Thread a few days ago. Almost identical to the one lost in our Labyrinth rituals in April last year, this fine silken cord was an off-cut in a Spanish fabric shop. It cost me 100 pesos (about 50c US)- apt that I should find it just after my work in the Chartres Labyrinth. It´s funny that physically I have started taking Eostrogen to feminise, yet mentally I have been strengthening the solar/reason/left-brain stuff.
Intense Baphomet invocation last night when I took the first estrogen pill, inc. autosexual activation of appropriate sigils etc.

The night before, Peter and I drew a maize crossroads on the kitchen table and offered some of the meal he cooked to Legba and Ganesha, to open the gates and clear the way for my passage to New Orleans. It could be difficult getting back through US customs now my passport is marked no entry by English customs, especially as I just discovered I have to go through customs at the Washington stopover not New Orleans itself.
Any energetic or magickal help would be appreciated, especially from Washington listmembers due to proximity. I am arriving in Wash. at about 4pm on Saturday...

Today I went out to the beautiful little town of Sitjes, sat on the beach for several hours meditating, chanting and doing yoga, then performed Bertiaux´s Lucky HooDoo rite from Peter's copy; seemed an apt location to open contact with ´ancient Atlantean magicians beneath the sea´ who take frog, fish and serpentine forms.

Afterwards I wandered the narrow streets between the old Spanish castles and museums, then hailed Atum as the Red One, Lord of the setting sun - for the sun was a bright red orb, the most crimson and spherical-looking I have ever seen it, suspended glowing in space (no rays or surrounding colours in the deepening sky) above the waves then sinking slowly and gently ´below´ them... Beautiful!

Fri, 14 Jan 2000

Voodoo Customs

Last night Peter and I did a couple of tarot readings with Lu´s New Orleans Voodoo Tarot (thanks Lu!) about my imminent customs ordeal -seemed apt as *NO* is my destination and hopefully not the response of the officials!
The first reading was an overview of the situation with the Marassa (sacred twins) veve, the second to discern the positive and negative influences on it with the Crossroads Legba veve. A nice pattern as it is a combination of these two veves which I have using lately for my Baphomet invocations (see Nu Millenium Rite) The negative influence is Oshu Ochosi (Earth), the positive influence is Yaguo (also Earth). Interestingly both cards feature arrows and Yaguo also a bow, relating to my recent journeys with the Art/Temperance card/path.

Peter and I are about to make the appropriate offerings to each with dinner, and elephant chocolates for Ganesha, breaker down of Obstacles!

(And yes, I aim to look and act as nice and normal as I can for Customs too.)

... coming through at 4pm tomorrow Satyrday arvo...

Odu Legba

Om Ganapati Namah
Om Gam Namah

Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

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