A Study of Aeonics

An Aeon is an Age or a long period of time, usually considered to be around 2000 years. This century has seen numerous speculations on the significance of this aeon. Various aeonic formulae and models have been projected to not only map out the progression of the aeons so far, but also from the patterns of the past to speculate on the future of our planet and our species in aeons to come.
As the encroaching millenium raises its foreboding head, theories abound as to the future of humanity. Will we suffer the biblical apocalypse, our ecosphere collapsing as we rapidly consume the Earth’s dwindling resources, or can this same advancing technology which has brought us to the brink of self-destruction save us, or at least allow our escape to another planet/ solar system/ dimension? Or does our salvation lie in rapid spiritual evolution? Or a combination thereof? What does the projected 'paradigm shift' of 2012 entail? At this time of accelerating change and impending potential disaster, various paradigms are being presented.
One of these paradigms is the emergence of the 'Quantum Age'. This theory -that there are many different realities created by many different perspectives- explains the proliferation of different aeonic theories itself. In this 'aeon of aeonics', however, there are threads of relation and a strange underlying consistency of vision, if one looks beyond the outer apparent differences of viewpoint.
The aim of this essay, then, is -rather than just present another personal eclectic vision- to show how the different aeonic formulae of various individuals, sects and cultures weave together; to form an overall collective vision of where we've been, where we are and where we're headed. I am drawing from a vast range of sources: The Ancient Greeks and Egyptians; Mayan and Aztec calendrics and various contemporary interpreters of them such as Jose Arguelles, John Major Jenkins, Robert Coon and Hunbatz Men; the prophecies of the Hopi Indians and Norse mythology; Timewave Zero experiments of psychedelic guru Terence McKenna with the Ancient Chinese I Ching oracle and DMT; the magickal paradigms of Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant, Frater Achad, Nema, Aion and Peter Carroll; the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime; Hindu and Vedic philosophies; Biblical phophecies, the Qabbalistic formulas of Tetragrammaton and Pentagrammaton; Quantum Physics; and of course inevitably my own interpretations of this multi-cultural smorgasbord of potentialities!

Let us begin with the reasons for writing this unifying essay -these reasons themselves being a part of the Aeonic tapestry. We live in a time of cultural diversity, and yet global unification. This has been called the 'Information Age'. Never before has such a vast range of information been available to so many as now via modern telecommunications networks. We have access to all cultures, all races, all places. While the depth and subtleties of direct contact may often be lost through such long-distance or virtual connections, it does allow a general overview of different cultural and sub-cultural paradigms as never before. Combined with the increased means of physical travel across the planet, these new communication technologies allow the intermingling and merging of different cultures. While unfortunately the western materialist consumer mass-production mindset is still dominant, there is beneath it an emerging global culture. This is inceasingly evident in the youth of today, who seem to be making a gradual shift fom the hedonistic mindlessness of 'Generation X' into an acceptance and integration of a multitude of different cultural aspects. There is a Hopi Indian prophecy which relates to this emerging Planetary culture. Amidst various other prophecies which have been evidently fulfilled -such as 'iron horses' and the 'cobwebs which stretch across the sky' of the above-mentioned technologies- is this passage:
'When the Earth is sick and the animals have disappeared, there shall come a new tribe formed from all cultures and all races, to heal the earth. This tribe shall be called the 'Warriors of the Rainbow'.
This prophecy was proudly embraced by the counterculture of the sixties and seventies, the hippies and flowerchildren in their colourful garb who were the beginnings of the modern ecology movement. As the ecological situation becomes more urgent, more mainstream defenders of the environment also begin to proliferate, but it is still in the subcultures that the most practical alternatives to consumer greed and environmental genocide emerge. These subcultures are becoming hard to seperate and identify. It is not unusual today to find someone who combines (for example) 'hippy' ecological values, 'punk' and tribal adornment, gypsy nomadic lifestyle, Hindu spirituality and technological equipment. Such 'mutants' -multi-cultural hybrids- are the avatars of the emerging global culture. They are the 'living art' embodiments of the 'post-modern' art theories - walking collages!
This is the same multi-cultural synthesis I am weaving herein -not a bland dominant paradigm which overuns diversity with mass production/consumption, but an embracing and integrating of the cultural diversity available to us in the Information Age. I don't want to inhibit the joy of reality selection, but enhance it by demonstrating how the different paradigms interweave.

It is vitally important that the Hopi prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors be maintained as what it originally meant -Unity in Diversity, and acceptance thereof. There are certain individuals and groups who would like to think they are THE Rainbow People and actually become quite closed-minded, unable to accept those who don't embrace their New Age dogmas or who offer fresh alternative perspectives.
The Rainbow movement has been demonstrating that it is still possible to live in harmony with the Earth and with each other. Rainbow Gatherings around the world continue to occur, removed from 'normal' society and living in an idealistic and yet effective tribal 'total consensus' democracy. However we need to expand to establish more long-term, self-sustainable communities.
This Hopi prophecy is also called the 'Thirteenth Tribe', being the new global tribe which emerges from the union of the 'Twelve Tribes' or source races of humanity. These 'twelve tribes' also exist in the Bible, whose prophecies bear a strange affinity with many of the Hopi prophecies. While the bible makes no references to a thirteenth tribe -and indeed the patriarchal christian religion is responsible for the branding of thirteen as an 'unlucky' number because of its relation to lunar/ feminine cycles - it is interesting to note that with his twelve disciples Jesus becomes the thirteenth. I have had an intense vision for a group chakra weaving relating to the idea of the Thirteenth Tribe, which symbolically unites many of the cultural paradigms and aeonic currents discussed herein. Projected for an international gathering in central Australia mid-2000, this vision is discussed in my Liber XIII

The 'no electric power' rule at most 'Rainbow Gatherings' makes a refreshing break from the gadget-orientated society most of us live in; but long-term alternatives must also be sought -new 'clean' technologies which work with rather than against the Earth's biosphere. This is beginning to happen. Digital tecnology is a lot more refined and ecologically friendly than the clumsy smoke-churning monsters of the industrial age, and electronic information distribution reduces the need for paper from trees.
It is too late to go backwards to an age without modern technology. While learning to live simply off the land, unreliant on gadgetry, is a vital process -especially for if our technological society does collapse or self-destruct -we need to also move forward into technological harmony with our environment. It is the attitudes of humans, greed and exploitation, rather than their tools which endanger us. We need to think more about what we do, and create accordingly.
In 'The Mayan Factor'(Bear and Co., 1987) Jose Arguelles writes about going 'beyond technology', claiming quite correctly that "20th Century technological comfort...is a closing off of the sense fields and a narrowing of the perceptions...akin to a caged animal suffocating on its own waste products."
Technology is also doing many wonderful things for us and our planet; offering incredible developments in medical science and global communications. Recent discoveries in genetics, suggesting this field will advance in the next ten years at the rate computer technology has advanced in the last ten years, offer the possibility that science may allow us to reshape our very flesh and forms sooner than we deemed possible. I believe the implications of 'beyond technology' in 2012, the end-date of the Mayan calendar, are that we shall move through technology into the next paradigm. Our technology will develop until we can create practically any physical reality we desire. At the point at which we realise this infinite potential, we will become aware of our inherent divinity and realize we don't actually need any tools to do this. 'Technology' will become obsolete as we transcend the materialist paradigm.

Arguelles also talks of the use of global computer networks and radiosonic temples of harmonic sound (the ancient all night trance dance revived through 'techno' -even the mainstream gatherings have a vague sense of ritualism about them) - some of the only prophecies for the decade or so since 'The Mayan Factor' was published which have already manifested.
While some of Arguelles' personal interpretations and projections are perhaps over-optimistic (I intend this as praise - idealism is, as Jose himself emphasises, a great transformer even if only partially realized), his basic premises are undoubtedly sound. He sees the Mayan culture for the incredibly advanced civilisation they were, charting astronomical movements and cycles of time with a precision equal to that provided by our modern instruments. Their calendrics, Jose enthuses, went beyond mere mapping of the physical machinations of the solar system however, showing also how information travels from Hunab Ku, the galactic core, to us via our sun. As modern Mayan priest Hunbatz Men asserts in his book "The Maya: Science/Religion" to the Ancient Mayan culure there was no difference between science/technology and magic/religion. Myths are maths, each number being an important metaphorical symbol rather than just a means of calculation. Similarly in the Western Esoteric Tradition of the Qabbala, numbers have significance beyond their capacity as mere measuring devices. The symbolic values of the sephiroth are in fact remarkably similar to the Mayan numerology from 1-13 as described in Arguelles' book!
It is the division between science and magick, beginning with the 'age of reason' when industry and 'rationality' began their assault, that has been largely responsible for the current planetary crisis. Material practicality has sacrificed aesthetics and mythology in the quest for mundane comfort and conformity. But gradually this duality is being transcended. 'Science' is beginning to acknowledge possibilities that have long been known in the world of magick. Quantum physics, chaos theory and the like allow the random factors and perspective leaps that have long been confined to the realms of mysticism. Similarly, magick is becoming more 'scientific', refining its methodology, embracing the chaos/quantum paradigm, and employing modern technology as another magickal tool. This synthesis advances the process towards 2012, by which time we should totally transcend the science/magick dualism. From our current state of lingering division it is difficult to fully appreciate this concept. Perhaps our technology will develop to an extent where we can manipulate matter instantly with our minds -magick! "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" -Arthur C. Clarke
What is technology? Basically- tools, extensions of the human body withwhich we manipulate our environment. From stone axes to microchips, it's all technology at various degrees of advancement. What is 'natural'? Are we, as animals, seperate from nature? Does our use of tools differentiate us that much? There is often talk of humankind 'destroying nature' as if we are seperate from it. I'm not advocating wanton abuse of earthly resources. I'm sure our realization and reformation of the abuse already perpetrated is also part of the 'natural' process. Or perhaps it's natural for us to wipe ourselves out?

According to the Mayan calendar, we are in the last baktun, Baktun 13 from 1992-2012. Their calendar ceases on the solstice of 2012, December 21st. What does this 'end of time' portend? Does it mean the destruction of our planet? Apocalypse? Natural disaster?
Perhaps, and yet the Mayans herald it as the time for 'The Return of Kukulkan'. Called Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs, Kukulkan is the major deity of the Ancient Mayan civilization. His name means 'feathered serpent', an obvious metaphor for the kundalini energy. Kundalini is the 'serpent power' which resides in our nervous systems, rising up the spine to provide inspiration and illumination (the wings unfold at the crown of the head). It exists in almost every ancient culture. The caduceus, snake-entwined winged staff of the Greek Messenger of the Gods, Hermes, has been appropriated by western medicine. It has always been a symbol of Magick and healing. In Hindu and Vedic traditions, the male and female serpents Ida and Pingala entwine the central 'sushumna' axis of our spine, weaving between the 'spinning wheels' of our chakras. In his book Hunbatz Men gives evidence of ancient Mayan clay figurines with four dots at the base of the spine, six at the navel, etc. -the numbers of dots at each of these 'power centres' corresponding with the amount of 'petals' on each chakra in the Hindu system! The return of Quetzalcoatl, Hunbatz claims, is a metaphor for the activation of the chakras and the rising of the kundalini. The biblical flood when Noah apparently built his ark was a proven historical event. The next 'apocalypse' is supposed to be by fire. Won't it be nice if this is metaphysical kundalini 'fire' rather than literal ecological cataclysm?
What does this 'return of Quetzalcoatl?' imply? Kundalini rising in many? i.e. awakening of the collective consciousness and mass enlightenment?
Perhaps, and yet my attention has also been brought to another, related factor. On realizing that the projected site for the Thirteenth Tribe Weaving in the year 2000 is just near Gaia's (the Earth Goddess, out planet as a living being) solar plexus (Manipura) chakra, Uluru, I became fascinated by the idea of Gaia's chakras and the 'great serpent' of various mythologies as her kundalini. My search for more information led me to Robert Coon's Chalice of Life site. He shows how the two great serpents, the male 'feathered serpent' and the female 'rainbow serpent' weave through the global chakras/sacred sites. The 13th Tribe Weaving has thus become one of a series of group chakra workings at each of Gaia's chakra points, from now until 2012. Thus we resonate with Gaia as her kundalini moves through the earth. March 22nd, when this vision fully culminated for me, I later found to be the date the Mayans say is, 'The beginning of the ascent of the great serpent." I've just been on an initiatory SERPENT DREAMING JOURNEY to Kakadu and Uluru (the fixed and cardinal centres for Gaia's solar plexus chakra), and the presence of the serpent in this land is very strong. I was reminded of the Mayan mirror word 'CannaC' which means the serpent as both spirit and matter, these being thus the same thing.
Is this to be the return of Quetzalcoatl then? The rise of the microcosmic serpents in our spines, and of the great serpents of the Earth? In many ancient cultures the rise of the great serpent signifies the 'end of the World' or the 'end of time', ie big changes. To the Australian Aborigines the rise of the Rainbow Serpent signifies the end of the World. The Norse (who also apparently prophecied the coming of 'rainbow warriors', although I have yet to find evidence of this) told of Ragnarok, the battle of the Gods at the end of the World, when the chaos wolf Fenris consumes the sun and the Midgard Serpent, the great snake encircling the World Tree (Yggdrasil), rises. This tail-biting serpent was called Oroboros by the AncientGreeks and Tiamat by the Babylonians. In the bible it is Leviathan, and the Beast of the Apocalypse has the number 666. In Jewish Qabbalah 6 is the number of the Sun, suggesting as the Norse myth does that our sun may be destroyed or destroy us (depletion of the ozone layer?). The apocalypse of the bible is projected for 2000, which now seems unlikely, although not impossible with the amount of nuclear weapons stockpiled around the planet.
The Mayan view of the sun in the end-times (2012) is more positive. This final baktun in their calendar is the baktun of AHAU, which represents solar consciousness- the ascension from earthly consciousness into the solar age, when we presumably start tuning in more to the galactic core, via messages to our solar plexus chakras through our own Sun or Kin.
Robert Coon prefers the Aztec calendar, which he claims replaced the Mayan 'dead' calendar, and thus charts 2039 as the 'return of Quetzalcoatl'.
But it is not only the Mayans who have arrived at December 2012 as the date of a major paradigm shift. Terence McKenna, acclaimed author, speaker and psychedelic voyager, has created a piece of software called 'Timewave Zero' which maps out the spirals of time using the I Ching, an ancient chinese oracle. It has been demonstrated that the I Ching is actually the same programming as our RNA/DNA genetic codes -another case of magick pre-empting science. McKenna's Timewave theory, inspired by experiences with psilocybin mushrooms, harmonic frequencies of insects and ayahuasca/DMT, have yet to be disproved. My own experiences with fly agaric mushrooms (see Choronzon's Garden) confirm that time is certainly more spiralling than linear.

So I seem to have started this essay with the end. This is probably because the end IS the beginning. It is most likely a return to the primal shamanic Dreamtime when matter and spirit were undifferentiated. Flipping through the lemniscate: Here we are again at the Gates of Dawn, where the Piper plays his pipes. He draws down the moon with his tune and the Gates open. Osiris rises.
Thus the procession began, the progression of the aeons. Let us now examine each age from the beginning until now, and various interpretations thereof.

The Beginning has been called variously the Dreamtime, the Shamanic Aeon and the Nameless Aeon. It is not really the beginning of time as such but a prologue to it, as time was as yet unrecorded and not even necessarily acknowledged. It is too long ago for us to know. Like the future, it blurs into myth and speculation. 'History' as the recording of events, had certainly not begun.
To the Aboriginals of Australia this was called the Dreamtime. It is the time of myth, when the Ancestor Spirits created the World. One of these ancient being is of course the timeless Rainbow Serpent, Almudj.
Another archetype of the Shamanic Aeon is Pan. As representative of the primal and ancient atavistic animal in man, the Horned God/dess was 'all' in this aeon. Thus came the Greek word Pan, meaning 'All'.
Aion tells of this Nameless Aeon and the Pan Current in his Book of Gate called Pan, ascribing various Qabbalistic and other occult symbologies to this primal entity. Pan is 'the beast' within humankind, dominant before civilization began. Thus the end-times with their 'Beast of the Apocalypse' again link back to the beginning. 666 is the number of Man.
But this 'Nameless Aeon' is all-ways present, thus the recurrent symbology/mythology of the Horned God/dess. It is the central core or axis of the aeonic caduceus/lemniscate, the sushumna through which the other aeons weave and cross. Just as the beast is always inherent within us despite the veneer of civilization -our underlying animal/instinctual natures- so too is the central dreaming always there, submerged as it may be under some rationalist or materialist paradigm. And to it we shall re-turn...

In Qabbala, the underlying esoteric tradition behind what became the biblical exoteric religion of Christianity, there is a formula called Tetragrammaton. This is a four-lettered (tetra=four) word for God in the ancient Hebrew Alphabet: YHVH -but it is also a magickal formulae for four successive aeons. As the Qabbala apparently has its roots in Ancient Egyptian Lore, these aeons each bear an Egyptian deity as their symbolic 'figurehead' or title. The first letter, Yod, represents Osiris, the 'He(h)' Isis, the 'Vau' Horus and the final 'He' Maat: The father, the mother, the son and the daughter.

The Aeon of Isis, the Matriarchy, actually preceded that of Osiris despite the apparently contradictory order of the letters YHVH. This was the first actual 'aeon' of history, or more accurately at this point, 'herstory'. Not much was recorded yet, but civilization had definitely begun. The Mother, Goddess of Fertility, reigned as agriculture started. The moon and the Earth were worshipped and venerated as sacred Goddesses, basic pagan culture flourished.

Then gradually the Patriarchy came in. The advent of the solar calendar brought in the Aeon of Osiris, the father. Solar pagan cults flourished. Organized religion began. Christianity began its slow spread across the world, becoming eventually the dominant paradigm as it displaced the old world mythologies and pantheons with its monotheistic dogma of 'one (male) God'. Simultaneously we saw the rise of materialistic scientific rationalism and the advent of industrialization. Technology began to progress at an accelerating rate, and art became submerged beneath this onslaught of practicality. Magick became esoteric, occult, hidden. Ritual, the dance of the common people with the elements during the matriarchy, became the cloistered province of the patriarchal priesthood. Those few who continued the ancient ways did so in secret, fearing the wrath of the fundamentalist church and its inquisitions.

Nevertheless magick and paganism did continue, and as science became ever more dominant, Aleister Crowley emerged as a figurehead of occultism. By this time practically anyone who dabbled in magick was branded 'black' or evil, so rather than try to deny this Crowley exploited a sinister image as 'the wickedest man in the world', playing the adversary and attracting many who were frustrated with the mediocrity of the Church and State.
Crowley's practises actually introduced an element of 'science' to magick like never before, introducing more precise methodologies while still revelling in the pure poetry of ceremony and ritual.
In 1904 Crowley inaugurated the 'Aeon of Horus', the Crowned and Conquering Child with his receipt of the Book of the Law, 'Liber AL vel Legis' The aeon of the Son or Child was born with the purging of the first World War, which Crowley saw as the cleansing of the rubble of the Old Aeon. Horus is the hawk-headed warrior lord, son of Isis the mother and Osiris the father, whose throne he inherits in the ancient formula of Tetragrammaton.

The influence of Crowley and his work on the occult world is huge, stretching to many dimly-lit corners of various secret sects and orders. The independent receipt of similar information, also with hawk imagery, by others such as psychic Uri Geller, psychologist and psychedelic revolutionary Timothy Leary and quantum philospher/author Robert Anton Wilson, fuels Crowley’s claims of transmissions from extraterrestrial sources, apparently through Sirius star; or at the least confirms the seeds in our collective consciousness planted by the ancient Egyptians (a culture very similar in architecture and astronomical interests to the Mayans) who worshipped Sirius.
On the outer, the aeon of the Child also indeed seems to be manifesting. Since the fifties a new spirit of youthful rebellion has emerged from the conservative values of the patriarchy, from the advent of rock music to the hippy flower power movement to the reactionism of punk to the current synthesis of all of these subcultures (and more) into a new breed which often embraces both modern technology and old world spirituality. Pagan, pantheistic and even animistic attitudes re-emerge and the christian church begins its decline into stagnation.

When I first read that Horus had a twin, Maat, and that Crowley felt her age was coming next, in another 2000 years or so, I was confused. If they were twins, surely their aeons would be concurrent? And this seems to be what is happening in modern society. While the patriarchy still has some dwindling hold on things, we are emerging into an age of sexual equality. The reactionary extremism of the Feminist movement has allowed the return of the feminine as a powerful political and spiritual force. This is linked with the growing ecological movement, with a long-due return to veneration of the Earth as a living entity, Gaia. It is the Age of the Child indeed, but that of the Son and the Daughter -Horus and Maat. It was a relief and confirmation to discover that there is actually a growing magickal current along these lines -the Magick of Maat, Goddess of Truth and Justice. This Egyptian deity, who traditionally weighs one's heart against a feather at death, represents truth and balance, and this is indeed her role in the modern world.
Crowley's Magickal Child, Frater Achad (‘Unity’-numbering 13 in Qabbala!) or Charles Stanfield Jones, inaugurated the 'Aeon of Maat' in 1948 but was largely ignored and rebuked by Crowley for this action. In 1974 Priestess Nema recieved a transmission from Maat, 'Liber Pennae Praenumbra', during a timetravel working. Working within the Thelemic tradition established by Crowley, her angle on the 'double current' of Horus and Maat is that the Maat current is coming backwards from a future aeon (thus the Maat current reflects the atavistic resurgence of Spare’s Zos Kia Kultus) when time is perceived differently, manifesting now through those open enough to receive the information, the 'mutants' who are the avatars of the coming race of 'homo veritas'. The aim of Maat Magick now is primarily to awaken the collective consciousness of humanity, linking us all in universal empathy. It is hoped that this can be achieved in time to save our planet.
Magickal historian and aeonic scholar Kenneth Grant elucidates on the nature of this backwards-flowing current in his book, 'Outside the Circles of Time' (Frederick Muller Limited, 1980). He draws threads between Maat and the Arachnean (Arachne is the 13th sign of the ancient matriarchal lunar zodiac) re-turn of lunar worship (Wicca and the neo-pagan movement), while also establishing the relationship between Maat and Horus. Achad called the aeon of Maat the 'Ma-nifestat-Ion'. Our increasingly materialistic paradigm seems to be creating exactly this.

In this current age Quantum Physics and Chaos Theory embrace and unify both science and magick. Peter Carrol's 'Liber Null and Psychonaut' (Samuel Weiser) established the idea of 'Chaos Magick', a new outlook on spirituality embracing multi-culturalism and mult-belief-systems, more scientific in approach even than Crowley's. The term he derived from both the topical 'chaos theory' emerging in science and mathematics, and the work of artist and sorceror Austin Osman Spare (1888-1956), who introduced the ideas forwarded by Carrol of personalized magickal symbology based more on innovation than tradition. A contemporary of Crowley, this attitude of Spare's was an extension of Crowley's own experimentation. While much more of a traditionalist than Spare, Crowley did adapt the traditional magickal systems and symbols he used to his own ends. A part of this was his minor mutation of the Qabbala. As eloquently put forth by Frater -0+ in his essay on Quantum Qabbala, we must in this age continue to update such ancient models and formulae to avoid becoming stuck in the rut of the patriarchal tradition which has employed them for so long.

As a part of this process, and as supreme Magus/Fool 2’3’of The Order of ChAos, direct descendants/ascendants of Spare's Zos Kia Kultus, I now re-present the revised formula of PENTAGRAMMATON: The fourfold formula of Tetragrammaton is being replaced by the fivefold formula of Pentagrammaton. In the tetragrammaton the letters of the father, mother, son and daughter also each represent one of the classic elements -Fire, Water, Air and Earth respectively. As usual, the etheric fifth element of spirit, the quintessence which underlies and imbibes the other four, has been largely ignored. After the initial inspiration of the concept of Pentagrammaton, I discovered that there is actually an ancient esoteric doctrine reflecting it -the formula YHShVH. This is a name of Jesus the Redeemer, Yeheshua, just as the YHVH is the name of his dad Yehovah. As I had surmised, the fifth letter is Shin, the triple firetongue which represents both spirit and fire. Interestingly, this letter is placed in the middle, just as spirit resides in the middle of the traditional elemental medicine wheels of most pagan and tribal cultures, as well as modern witchcraft and ceremonial magick. Again, this is the sushumna or axis of the aeonic caduceus/lemniscate. It has all-ways been there, and to it we shall re-turn. Just as the pentagram is as valid an elemental model as the medicine wheel, the letter Shin can alternatively placed at the beginning or end of the formula: YHVHS with its plural form suggests there is 'more than one God' ie the pagan animistic pantheon is implied, or the S suggests the feminine, ie. God/dess. ShYHVH spells Shiva, uniting the western and eastern traditions with YHVHS as the creator and ShYHVH as the destroyer (re-turning to). Shiva is basically the Horned One of the eastern traditions.
My transmission Liber Pentagrammaton reveals the new angles on the formula. It was released with a two-part transglobal Pentagrammaton Ritual in October 98.

My conception of the archetype for this extra letter applied to the aeonic formula is in contrast (yet ultimately complementary) with that of Jesus -it is Baphomet, the Hermaphroditic Horned God/dess. Both Creator and Destroyer, s/he is Kali Panphage Pangenitor. The image of this primal being has returned to us in modern magick through the Knights Templar and Eliphas Levi. Crowley, and Peter Carrol's Illuminati of Thanateros have also used this entity as a figurehead. (It has unfortunately also fallen into the hands of silly 'satanic' cults who can't seem to seperate the ancient Horned God from the 'Devil' created in his image by the Christian Church they purport to despise.)
Baphomet basically represents the primal instinctual nature of humanity -as such it seems natural for it to be either male or female or both, and thus most accurately represented (being a sexual entity) as hermaphroditic. While there is no historical evidence of the use of the name before the Knights Templar, Qabbalistic gematria suggests 'Baphomet' (=131=Pan) is actually an ancient formula. Could this hermaphroditic form of the Horned One been the original vision, and the masculization of Pan/Cernunnos a part of patriarchal his-story? There are ancient hindu and vedic texts describing Shiva as also being hermaphroditic, as was the original creator Atum in the earliest versions of Egyptian mythology.

In Iberian Craft, the magickal tradition of the region where the Knights Templar formed, the goat's-head super-imposed over the pentagram, with horns, ears and goatee forming the points, is a major symbolic key of initiation. Leonardo da Vinci overlayed the human figure over the pentagram/pentacle, and this has become a symbol of man aspiring to the heavens, the goatshead of the inverse pentagram thus becoming a symbol of man bound to carnality. This is a dualistic Christian perspective however. Baphomet is God/dess and Demon/ness, ultimately beyond these moral distinctions created by 'civilization'.
Baphomet is perfectly represented by the letter Shin. Hirs is the sexual passion and animal instinct of fire, but also the pure spirit of the Hermaphrodite, a traditional symbol of the alchemical marriage. The solar (masculine) and lunar (feminine) currents are united within the self to produce a balanced soul -not so different from Yeheshua, (whose 'second coming' is sometimes related to the return of Quetzalcoatl) after all!
Thus, the hermaphrodite is a symbol of the central dreaming axis throughwhich the male (Osiris/Horus) and female (Isis/Maat) serpent currents of the aeonic lemniscate (infinity symbol/ figure 8) caduceus cross:
Aion calls this axis the Nameless Aeon -as a primal essence it is ultimately beyond titles and symbols. Peter Carrol, in his chapter on 'Aeonics' in 'Liber Kaos' (Samuel Weiser) calls it 'The Shamanic Aeon' in the beginning, and projects at the end of his study of the ages that we are now going into the 'Pandemonaeon'. I prefer taking this name to its Greek roots and spell-ing it ‘Pandaemonaeon’ -suggesting both our current age of ChAos (undoubtedly as we fragment into a trillion different quantum perspective-realities) and also translating into 'All(Pan)-Spirit(daemon)-Aeon', suggesting a re-turn to the central dreaming axis. So perhaps the Nameless Aeon has All-ways had a name?

The pentagram or five-pointed star is a symbol of the earth in neo-paganism, but is also the symbol of Nuit, the Egyptian Universe Goddess who represents the unmanifest. Thus it is the most common symbol of magick, the means by which we can bring our hopes and dreams to earth, into manifestation. It is a star, and it is the human figure.
Crowley emphasised this fact: 'Every man and woman is a star'. The work of the A.^.A.^. , the Astrum Argenteum or Silver Star, continues to guide the 'spiritual evolution of humankind' from (and to?) the stars via the astral plane.
There is a large element of 'star magic' within the Maatian Current also, including feathered masks which I relate as much to the 'return of the Bird Tribes' prophesied by American Indians and embraced by 'New Age' culture as to their alchemical origins.
We seem to be approaching a major Cross-Roads. In the escalating frenzy of the millenium, it seems that something big is imminent, as we sit poised on the brink of destruction or breakthrough. In his book, "Maya Cosmogenesis 2012", John Major Jenkins reveals the results of decades of searching for astronomical reasons why the Mayans set solstice 2012 as the end-date of their calendar. He discovered that at this time the ecliptic (path) of the Earth's Sun lines up with the galactic core, Hunab Ku, which according to the Mayans and Arguelles is the source of information transmissions to our species, from extra-terrestrial intelligences or the galaxy itself as a sentience (an extension of the living Gaia concept). The Mayans called this alignment the 'Crossroads' of their Sacred Tree.
If this is applied to the model above, it seems that Crowley's inauguration of the Aeon of Horus was somewhat premature. Astrologically, we don't move into the Age of Aquarius, which is also considered the Age of the Child, until 2008. When it is considered that 'aeons' usually refer to periods of at least a couple of thousand years, it puts things into perspective: that this is actually only the beginning of the great transition, the Crossroads flip into the next great arc of the wheel. As usual, esoteric theories precede their exoteric manifestations -enlightened beings such as Crowley, Achad and Nema are prophets of the coming paradigm shift, into the presently-incomprehensible Aeon of the Immortal Child. Osiris and Isis merge at the Crossroads into the hermaphrodite, then birthing/splitting again to form the Twins, Horus and Maat. The galactic core our sun's ecliptic aligns with in 2012 is visible as a dark cleft in the middle of the Milky Way. The Mayans called this Crossroads the 'Path to the Underworld' or the 'Dark Path', and it was considered to be the 'Womb of the Great Mother' from which the universe was born; thus it is the means of rebirth through death and relates to Star-mother-goddesses such as Nuit or Isis, from whom the new aeonic child (ren) shall be spawned in 2012.
Perhaps the first apparent 108 years of the Horus age Crowley inaugurated are the reign of Ra-hoor-khuit, the hawk-headed warrior lord aspect of Horus, then the quickening into the Omega Point of 2012/2039 presents a shift into the ‘forever innocent’ (immortal child) aspect of Horus, Hoor-paar-kraat (‘Harpocrat’) which pairs with Maat as the two masks of the child gynander, the harlequintessence.
At this omega point not just Jesus or Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl will return, but all of our mythic archetypes will manifest for those who believe in them, in the great crossroads of all paradigms. Time itself will be percieved/manipulated differently. Our full potential as Homo Veritas will be eventually realized as we all link minds and ultimately, souls.
Thus we re-turn to the Dreamtime where we began, as the great serpent of time, Tiamait/Orobororos, swallows hir own tail, in what the Mayans call 'Zuvuya' -the circuit by which everything returns to it's source. This is the end result or ultimate Truth of the backwards-flowing current of Maat. In Qabbala Truth (‘Maat’) =131= Pan ('All') = Baphomet. Maat’s symbol is the feather of truth.
According to Kenneth Grant, TzITz is a fabulous bird of Jewish legend and also means ‘to be feathered’ or ‘fledged’. Its number, 190, is also the number of QTz, which means ‘the end’ or ‘the appointed time.’ Being a Qabbalistic rather than Mayan scholar, Grant fails to note the full cross-cultural significance of this: QTz suggest Quetzalcoatl, the ‘feathered serpent’!
The Mayan language has both backwards and forwards words, and those which read both ways are, like the mirror figure 131, words of ultimate Truth. Thus the number 13, sacred to both the moon (lunar cycles) and the sun (Mayan 13th baktun -solar consciousness), are mirrored and united in this Qabbalistic key.

The international chaos magick group IOT has as its axiom 'Nothing is True. Everything is permitted' (as Crowley said: 'Do what thou Wilt'. ) There are no rules -this is niether matriarchy nor patriarchy, it is just an-archy!

But in the future 'Everything is True', for the future is Maat ('Truth'). Think about this for a while, it may help you understand the backwards and forwards-flowing nature of emiTime... The Axis has all-ways been there.

In his study of Aeonics in 'Liber Kaos', Peter Carroll ends up wondering whether in this aeon we will end up scrabbling over tinned food in the post-apocalyptic rubble, or flying through the stars. This seems to be the question everyone's asking, but ultimately, either way -no matter how far we advance or extend ourselves into the multiverse of possibilities, we'll still look within and find only ourselves -an animal housing the quintessence of spirit.

Orryelle Defenestrate/Bascule 8 dO X Od 7

August 1998 9