IMPious Magazine

IMP  n. a mishievious child;            PIOUS n. having or exhibiting
A demon or wicked sprite; reverence and earnest
(archaic): To furnish with compliance in the observance of
feathers; An offspring. religion; devout; professing or
exhibiting a strict,traditional
IMPIOUS n. not pious sense of virtue and morality.

IMPious Magazine is a low-circulation print testament to the plays of Metamorphic Ritual Theatre and the workings of The Order of Chaos. Each issue contains a complete illustrated script of a Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Production, along with other articles, poetry and artwork. We Imp-art our Imp art with Imp-unity, fresh from the Imp-press. We imp-lore thee, heed the imp lore…

Below is a brief summary of the contents of the first three issues, with (click-on) examples of art and text, including the script of a Metamorphic Ritual Theatre production, 'Circe's Banquet'; and mail-ordering information:


Winter Solstice 95



Frontispiece--------------------------------------------------------------Perry Lane


'Satyrs and Maenads invoking each other'-------------------------picture by Orryelle

'Choir of Chaos'--------------------------------------------------------poem by Ebon

Untitled--------------------------------------------------------- -picture by Deaner

Weaver-----------------------------------------------------------------picture by Zya

'Arachne Ascendant' flyer and credits----------------------------------------------O

'Arachne Ascendant' play script----------text by O; Art by O & Deaner

'Harlequintet'-----------------article and lyrics by O; Art by O & Deaner

'Web-weaver'-------------------------------------------Art and verse by Laylah Lamia

Harlequintet meets Arachne?----------------------------------------Picture by Dorryn

Spider-women--------------------------------------------------------Art & verse by O

Through the web, into the void…----------------------------------Art by Zya & Deaner

'Bodyscape' (this picture is the background of this page)-----Back Cover by O


Autumn Equinox 96


Cover------------------------------------------------------------------Perry Lane


Title page-------------------------------------------------------------Perry Lane

IMP-EDI(tor)ME(a)NT editorial---------------------------------------------------O

Vortex----------------------------------------------------------picture by Tzaddi

'Into the Vortex' -----------------Article by Orryelle about his first experience

with Fly Agaric (amanita Muscaria) magic
mushrooms, the ancient 'Food of the Gods',
and the energy vortex this created in the
bone tree during his Hermes invocation.
------Illustrated by O, Deaner and Perry Lane

Song lyrics---------------------------------------------------------------------O

The Fool and the Magician----------------------text by Orryelle, tarot cards by O

-----------------------------------------(from'The Tribal Tarot') and Alex Clarke

'Post-Vortex Phenomena'------------------------------text by O, art by Perry Lane

Labyrinth--------------------poem by O, art by O and Deaner

Untitled---------------------------Poem by Dharma Trebilcock, Art by Laylah Lamia

'Dryad Family Tree'--------------------------------------------------picture by O

'Nectar' flyer: (below) and play script----------Text by O, Art by O, Jera
--------------------------------------------Kestrel, Alex Clarke, Ross Trebilcock

'Welcome Lydia'---------------------------Laylah Lamia's picture of her new child

Elegy to Mandrake the goat------------------------------------------------------O

'Icarus-Pan'----------------------------------------------back cover picture by O

IMPious #3.33

-new release Summer Solstice 97

Cover (Choronzon)------------------------------------------Orryelle
Hagalaz-----------------------Rune rant by Jeng, pics by Perry Lane
IMPEDI(tor)ME(a)NT---------------------editorial by O, pic by Perry
Contents----------------------------------------------pics by Perry
Mutation Parlour----------------------------------text and pic by O
Mutation Manifesto------------------------------------------------O
ATE-----------------------poetry & diagram by Orryelle, pic by Ooze
Zuvuya:Sabbat------------------------------------sketch by Orryelle
Self-portrait------------------------------------by Rumplestiltskin
Carnivale Saturnalia--------------------text by O, photos by Jethro
Manticore-------------------------------------------text & art by O
Circe's Banquet--play by O; Art by R.Trebilcock, Zain, O, Brab, Bex
Lycanthropy gallery-----text by O; art by Zain, Squid (below), Mark

Mutation Manifesto pt II------------------------------------------O
Thanateros CD lyrics-----------------------O; art by O, Zain, Perry
Liber TTT---------------------------------------------------------O
Poem and pictures--------------------------------------------Helene
Poems----------------------------------------------Jeng and Phoenix
Oooops-------------------------------text & pic by Peter Wonderfeel
Automatic drawings---------------------------------------------Ooze
Mutation En-cyclops-edia---------------tattoos by O, photos by many
Sibeelia---------------------poetry by O & Perry Lane, art by Perry
Back Cover----------------------------------------Art by Perry Lane

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