The Mutation En-CyclOps-Edia


This is a photographic gallery of physical mutations performed with magical intent, mostly by Orryelle:
-Tattoos, branding, piercing, suturing, implanting- The manipulation of the human form is the theme, the variations are many.
Most of these mutations have been created with magical intent or design, and many were executed in a ritualistic context.


Hecate Tattoo on Catamara Rosarium, designed and executed by Orryelle (loosely based on a traditional ancient image of Hecate Triformis).

Designed and executed in Seattle, USA, Sept 09.

A photo of this tattoo features on the cover of the new book
Hekate: Her Sacred Fires (which also contains written pieces by Orryelle and by Catamara amongst many others)

Golden Ass and Alchemical Rose Tattoo on David. Designed and executed by Orryelle in Melbourne and Warrandyte, Australia, Feb 2010.

Kali Tattoo on and by Orryelle.

Designed and executed in Varinassi, India; and Melbourne, Australia Oct/Nov 08.

Nuit (Ancient Egyptian Sky Goddess) Tattoo

-designed and executed by Orryelle in Rome Sept 08.

Baphomet Tattoo on Chriztie, by Orryelle.

Designed and executed in Melbourne, Australia April 08.

(the Swastika represents ancient pagan solar worship not the Nazis who later appropriated it. Tentacles are over scar tissue. Wings were later added but no photo as yet).

Baphomet Tattoo on Ground. Designed by Orryelle and Ground, executed by Orryelle in Melbourne, Australia 05 and 08.

Left:Pan Tattoo on Marc'Aurelio (London '07).

Below Right: Kali Creator-Destroyer Tattoo on Xristi (Melbourne '05)

EAGLE WINGS on Orryelle, sutured on by Leigh for the second Mutation Parlour performance at 'The Tripper's Ball', Aquarius Singed Fringe Festival, Nimbin, May '93. (Photo by Tiffany Gray).

TUSKS by/on Orryelle; photo by Lilith.
-self-implanted/pierced tusks through upper lip. Carved from pau-pau shell, pierced at Mutation Parlour C.D. 'Thanateros'CD Launch, Repentance Creek, NSW, July '96; worn for five days (gum erosion prevented permanency)

O with Tusks

'RECHTAW' TATTOOon Orryelle. Designed by Orryelle, executed by Dave Llewelyn; photo by Cherokee
- Qoph Nia, the backwards/inwards-looking eye of the daughter/moon; Rear cyclopic view from an attic window...


SCULPTURED HORNS (beeswax & hair) & TATTOOED HORNS on NaiEveil, by Orryelle; photo by O

Ken and Zya

SHIN/ SUN AND MOON glyph on Ken and Zya.
Tattoo designed by Ken and Zya, executed by Orryelle; photo by O.

HEAD TATTOO on Sol Nygir. Tattoo designed by Nygir, executed by Orryelle; Photo by O.


SPINNING PENTACLE Tattoo on Magda. Tattoo designed by Orryelle, Magda and Milo, executed by Orryelle; Photo by O. This tattoo was begun with the tatttoo gun attached to my nose as part of the Electric Mr Sqigil performance at
CARNIVALE SATURNALIA, while Magda was strapped to Nygir's Spinning Machine as 'Miss Blackboard', then finished later the same night in a private ritual. The pentacle suggests her oustretched figure on the wheel, the 6 and 9 shapes breaking the circle suggest it's spinning motion, obscuring the angle of the pentagram.
This represents balance to transcendance of the dualities usually represented by the 'upright' (human figure striving for the heavens) and 'inverse' (goat's-head of carnal desire) pentagrams; and also the duality of sun 6 (masculine) and the moon 9 (feminine)
The symbol was thus a sigil for invoking Abraxas, the gnostic deity of duality transcendence. It was activated after being tattooed, for the following nights ABRAXAS RITUAL II. The turning of the 69 on its side suggests also the Cancer symbol, Magda's star-sign.
It is significant that months after the creation of this symbol 696 was found to be the number by Gematria of Ipsos, the word of power of the Aeon of Maat, which was used as a mantra during the Abraxas Ritual! (The return to the 6 suggests the spinning motion)

BAPHOMET/ AZAZEL TATTOO on Phineas Phreak/ Peter Pan-ic, by Orryelle; photo by O
-Executed over five 2-hour ritual sessions, the first three at a Sydney Warehouse Squat (twice spontaneous fires broke out with no apparent cause), the last two at a 'MINDVIRUS' exhibition opening and at the Old Adelaide Gaol, Adelaide Fringe Festival '94. O's 3rd tattoo, first with his own gun, made especially for the occasion!

HORUS EYE TATTOO on Mykhael Maddox, by Orryelle; photo by O

-'If this is the Age of Horus, Let the Syrians return,
Oh come let them adore us, Fortune's Wheel turns
If this is the Age of Horus, Let the Syrians return,
Oh come let them deplore us, For we are not so wise
Unless with foolish facial fancies We can see through Syrian eyes' -O

PAN TATTOO on Orryelle, designed by O, executed by Ooze, while Rumplestiltskin poured honey and goatsmilk (sacred substances of Pan) on O. See "LIBER TTT" for pictures from this ritual.

SPHINX TATTOO on and by Orryelle; photo by Cherokee
-Begun in the desert, completed in a studio in Perth with ritual ivy and amber.


PENTACLE TATTOO on Marcus by Orryelle; photo by O
-The patterns on the different arms represent the different elements attributed to them. Marcus instinctively got this magickal symbol done around his left eye before finding out that he had a brain tumour which would apparently make him blind in that eye. Eye still fine years later, Marcus died in a car accident in '95. May he rest in peace.

HAND/EYE TATTOO on Luke. Tattoo conceived by Luke, Designed and executed by Orryelle; Photo by O. The pages around his armband are to be filled in gradually throughtout Luke's life, actions on the right from the hand, dreams on the left from the eye; until eventually dreams meet actions...

PAN TATTOO on Jaia. Designed and executed by Orryelle and Pan. This tattoo began to 'draw itself' in welts as we tattooed tripping in a hollow tree at a Confest Festival (93?). I followed the welts which formed ahead of the lines to complete the picture. The top butterfly was already there from when Jaia was thirteen.
During the work, Jaia was crouched in such a position so that I could copy his figure onto himself. He now wants me to fractalize it by tattooing a little satyr on the tattoo Pan's shoulder, then another on that one's shoulder, ad infinitum to the best of my ability...

ARACHNE TATTOO on Laylah Lamia, by Orryelle; photo by O

CADUCEUS STAFF TATTOO by and on Orryelle; photo by Cherokee
-After lugging all my tattoo gear over streams and through jungle for a post-gig ritual, I discovered my friends' home in the Channon, northern NSW, only had solar power. I adapted my equipment, by-which time the sun was rising to re-power the panel. Weeks after this direct solar injection I read that Hermes received the original Caduceus (ancient symbol of magick and healing) as a gift from Apollo, the Sun God.

OoC BELLY BRANDon Orryelle, by Revere; 1st two photos (double exposures) by Jethro, other two by Jody Dorman (POLYMORPH) -Done in the Mutation Parlour at the crossroads of the second Labyrinth installation on the last night, the design of this brand is both a sigil for the Order of Chaos and a union of the traditional symbols for the sun and the moon, thus symbolizing the alchemical Hermaphrodite. Parlour surgeon Revere's instinct to leave the wire on for an extended period of seven seconds caused my navel, hit by the point in the middle of the brand, to retract about 4 cm into my belly. This gave it the semblance of a new sexual organ, an unexpected orifice appropriate to the hermaphroditic spell.

Do you wonder why people do such things to themselves? Read 'THE MUTATION MANIFESTO' for the theory behind these images.

(c) 2009 Orryelle and individual photographers as credited

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