You are about to embark on a digital journey beyond the Wheel of Fate and Outside the Circles of Time to ATU 23.

If you have already seen the animation loading above and read the text below about my adventures to ARCANA 23 Winter Solstice (southern hemisphere) 98, please go DEEPER into Arcana 23, with new colour Ganesha/Thoth/Shaitan zoomorphic anima(l)tion and accounts of my further journeys on Winter Solstice (southern hemisphere) 99.

On Winter Solstice 98 (southern hemisphere, Sun June 21st) I combined two substances which individually had given me the most intense experiences of my life -fly agaric mushrooms and DMT. While of a similar intensity, my experiences with each have been vastly different. The combination, taken ritually within a sacred medicine wheel, was mind-blowingly effective as a method of travel. Using the snake-encircled spiderweb as a map of time, I leapt on a ray and travelled back (atavistic resurgence) to meet my former self in a crack between the worlds;

Fly agarics tend to increase awareness of self and of the cycles of fate. One becomes almost overwhelmingly aware of the infinite spirals of existence; the circles of time can be felt coming around.

On previous intense journeys with these mushrooms, this clairsentience of imminent events has been combined however with an incapacity to effect the course of The Wheel of Fate. This time, however -due to a slightly decreased dosage, a developing familiarity with some of the spaces traversed, and greater focus from daily meditation, chanting and a recent 6-month period of drug abstinence- I was able to assert some control over my experience, rather than feeling I was on a ride I couldn't get off! I have been learning how to roll with Fate, how to recreate your destiny with the subtle power of adjustment.
Adapt to be adept.

I was in the process of redrawing my Wheel of Fortune tarot card, now completed and seen as a launch(lily)pad above. I tattooed the Wheel of Fortune on my ankle (see picture on left) as part of my ongoing journey of Tattoo Tarot Tantra and as an anchor for my rite, so that I could return to the circles of time after going to the 23rd Arcana (outside the Circles of Time) via DMT. The frog, voltiguer or leaper between dimensions, jumps away from the wheel.

DMT is a substance which when smoked sends one hurtling into the other, into somewhere else inexplicable to our normal perceptions.
If you look at the spiderweb as a map for timetravel: the spiral is 'normal time'; but sometimes we can get on one of the rays and jump to another part of the spiral.
My two most intense fly agaric trips have both been on the night before winter solstice. Thus I continued this cycle, but from the Crossroads of the wheel I took DMT and rode the frog to the 23rd Arcana, another dimension altogether, outside the circles of time and the wheel of the Tarot. Even before I took the DMT, I was able to move on the web like never before, by becoming a CHorus BETWEEN the multi-verses of possibility and moving emit ni sdrowkcab. Submerged deep in the Well of Remembrance (fly agarics bring the subconscious mind to conscioussness, sometimes allowing access to previous lives) I went back to meet my former self, who has left me keys in his art and writings (discovered as progressive clues gradually over six months or so) to remember my previous incarnation and continue the work. This was an incredibly beautiful and empowering experience, the full nature ofwhich cannot yet be revealed. I was re-minded of the Last Laugh Foundation, which exists outside the circles of time. Moving away from my ritual circle into the Egghouse my friends Ken and Zya built, I re-newed my re-member-ship in this immortality found-at-ion by reclaiming my inheritance as a continuous soul. I re-dis-covered the sigil (tattooed about five years ago and recently re-emerging as a sentient symbol and a powerful mantra) of the foundation above my ankhle, which is now tattooed with the wheel, one of the upper spokes (rays of the web) just barely touching the symbol. Two days after the journey a piece of my former self's artwork, last seen about 2 years ago, finally arrived in the mail. I had requested it be sent after having a vision months ago of drawing a sigil under the rim of the table in the picture. The sigil is indeed there, and what-is-more it is Ward H, the triple symbol of the Last Laugh Foundation, confirming in 'normal reality' my fly agaric experience.

During the solstice ritual I did a lot of work with Tarot, 'dealing with both hands', forward and backwords in time, using the double current of Crowley's Book of Thoth (Aeon of Horus) and my own personal deck The Book of ChAos which is be-coming a tarot of Arachnean Maat Magick. Thus I was able to re-trace and re-weave my own destiny. I have only begun to re-cord this. I am developing a method of divination/affirmation/confirmation via ChAos Tarot, wherein the future is re-aligned by 'writing' as well as 'reading' the cards. After all, what is the use of prophecy if not to re-direct that foresight as necessary, form-u-lateing a more satisfactory out-come. Due to the nature of Fate, however, your redirections were of course all-ways meant to be!

Thus I re-dis-covered the power of the Word, withwhich one can, in a true state of uncensored divinity, shape reality as one Wills. Then when (when then) I took the DMT, while activating another sigil, I went to Arcana 23 and fully real-ized how much -in its beautifully and subtly twisted way of ravelling and unravelling -the tapestry ot time and space all-ways turns (inside)out to be ex-act-ly and perfectly as everything was all-ways meant to be!

May you too re-dis-cover your True Will, your inheritance as Written by your former self, heralded by your future's-elf/HGA and executed by your (double) current self.

Thus the re-cording of my journey begins. Since solstice in-form-ation has continued to flood my synapses. I seem to have opened some kind of floodgate to the akasha which I have maintained access to even after fully grounding back into 'normal' reality.

To go deeper into Arcana 23 with me, to see colour zoomorphic anima(l)tion and be drawn into the vor-text-ural account of my further explorations on Winter Solstice 99, click HERE -bon voyage!...

Art and Text(c)99 Orryelle Defenestrate

The background sound now playing/loading is an extract from 'The Last Laugh Foundation' -words and music (c)2oo3 Orryelle Defenestrate, from the CD with the SilKMilK MagiZain s p o o l #1

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