?nihtiw s'tahw ,rorrim ,rorriM --------------- Mirror, mirror, what's without?

?nihtiw s'tahw ,rorrim ,rorr The mirror CRA CKS, in reply
The face CR ACKS, in return,
The mind, already CRAC KED, now overturns
The inside's out, the viewer doubts
Her own reflection
The mirror invites a closer inspection
An introspection of intention

In retrospect, another mirror waits behind, mirroring mirrors, which are reflecting reflections of
Wishing wells wishing you well
In whose depths you may divine
Another reflection, the future reflecting the past,
As into the well the present is cast
A CR ACKED look back, from first to last

Retrospective resonance
Shards of impermanence
Projections into possibilities to come
Infinite reflections
Indefinite definitions of perspective
Conjecture is reflexive

Fractured filaments of the firmament
Shards of the impermanent,
The patterns of the infinite, scattered fractals
Myriad mirrors of magical imp-laments

Concepts s ha t t e re d

CRA CKED reflections of CR ACKED conceptions of C RACK ED reflections of CR A C KE D con ceptions of C RRa ACKKE D reflections of CR A CKED conceptions of C R A CKE D reflections ov CR ACKED conceptions of CRA CKED reflections of CRAC

?nihtiw s'tahw ,rorrim ,rorriM -------------- Mirror, mirror, what's without?


The crux of the CR ACKS
The flux of the facts

The flux of the facts
In the crux of the CR ACKS
The fucking of fears
The CRA CKS at the crux
Of the waaaarrrrppp of the Wyrd
The flames of the flux
Of the names of the tracks
The paths of the maps
Of the dreams and the facts
In the crux of the C RACKS in the overlaps
Of morphic fields rippling and stippling
Their way through the fields of play
The crux flux reveals
The CR ACKS in the facts
Where the dreams yield their harvest
Nearest and farthest distorted
Now and then contorted
Circuits of deja-voodoo
Tattoo your brain, Pain aborted, converted
Perverted to Rhythmns of bliss
That tangle and twist
Out from the center back to where you entered
The clockwork clockplay foray
In the dream // machine intersection
Reality Vivisection

Background Music playing/loading is an extraxt from the CRUXULF Trax ov the CHORONZON MACHINE CD Music & Words on this page (c) 02 Orryelle