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The Warp of the Wyrd is the Loom of Maya. It is the tapestry of time and space woven by Lachesis -the Weaver, the Mother- of the Three Fates who control the Labyrinth. The different threads which initiates bring into the centre of the Labyrinth, given them by Clotho -the Spinner, the Maiden- when they enter, are woven together into the great web of Fate. The way these different lifelifes are woven together forms the web of inter-relationship between all beings, the etheric inter-net.
Once thoroughly woven in, the threads are cut by Atropos -the Cutter, the Crone- when you die.

The Loom of Maya is the central matrix/ source of the wyrd web. It's warp and it's weft (horizontal and vertical stitches) are the inhalations and exhalations of Fate, as she sits at her loom, drawing together the threads of individual destiny into the grand tapestry of illusion... Wyrd is an ancient pagan word meaning either wierd or word. Here it is both. The weird words of the web are woven together in this logos-matrix.

If you have warped (or wefty) wyrds to weave in, email me:

WYRD WARP is also the name of Dhama Trebilcock's production group, one of the co-conspirators of the spectacular CARNIVAL SATURNALIA

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