The axis is as
As Is,
As is
Abrahadabra axis
The axe is
The labris
Which cut the cleft
In the warp and the weft
Of the web of the wyrd

The axe is
The axis
Of Abraxas
Who with the axe acutely
The crux as


The egg cracks as
Abraxas hatches
The hatchet
The axe hacks at
The axis nexus
And the crux cracks
As Abr'axIs
Is As
The Egg cra X

This is the Magical Axis of the Mutation Parlour, the cross at the centre of the Crossroads of the Labyrinth, the Abrahadabra Axis, the Abr'axis, Abraxas's (gnostic deity representing the merging of dualities) egg; the Virtual point correspondent to the Here and Now of real time and real place. Chthonos and Ycronos here converge.

From (clicking on) the egg above hatch the events and performances of Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Co., the publications of INSPIRALink. Mulitimedia Press and other such vessels of The HermAphroditic ChAOrder of the SILVER DUSK (and affiliates) now occurring or very imminent, as in the process of construction/creation, i.e.ink-u-baiting. New sections of this site often reside in the Cosmic Yolk within the Egg above temporarily when first going online (it is continually updated).

IS Infinite Stars
IS Infinite Space
Ice is
Melted in the mouth of Isis
Isis is
Represented by Iris
She who pours cups
Down and up
She who sups, who sips

Iris is
I resist
Isis is
Is Is
Is bliss
Is this
Is As
As Is

Iris is
Messenger of Isis
Reflection; If
The image persists
The egg cracks
The black offers
A gift
The raven gives this
The raven bears bliss

Iris is
In the eye of Isis
The peacock eyes
Stars in the sky
I Nuit
Infinite Space and Infinite Stars
Intimate Rise and Intimate Scars

(c) Orryelle 1998