Video Stills (selected by Orryelle from the footage of Michael Schoell and Peter Haren), Audio samples, Script extracts and Lyrics from the Ritual Opera:


(The sound loading/playing is from track 3.33recurring of THE CHORONZON MACHINE CD by The HarleQuintet. music (c)02 Evan Flux. Each time track 3.33 recurs it is 33.3% of it's previous speed, until it disappears into infinity...)

p-chink another coin in the machine -gears start up again, Lights fade up.

JACKAL 1 parades PRIESTESS card across stage and turns WHEEL to its next station. JACKAL 2 presents DEATH card from opposite direction.

Standing up again (from machine-like staccato movement back to organic flow), MAGICIAN picks up Grimoire (in pack) and flicks through it, attempting long and complex names in various Magickal languages (Liber Samekh etc.) to call his HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL.

Eventually MAGICIAN casts book aside and begins Evoking his HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL from his heart.
JACKALS 1 & 2 bring out Mirror Frame and kneel on either side of it centre-stage.

As MAGICIAN concludes his evocation, PRIESTESS appears on the other side of the Mirror Frame. He notices her and is startled and awed.

He moves toward the mirror. Mirroring his every movement, she moves to meet him.

They meet at the frame and do a curious dance of reflection, looking at each other.

As their fingers are touching, PRIESTESS's fingers suddenly come through the 'mirror' wrapping with his. Shocked, MAGICIAN leaps back, as does PRIESTESS in reflection.

After a while he decides to persevere and approaches the frame again, as does she. They mirror-dance again then with snakelike handmovement he draws her through the frame and out of the mirror.[ JACKALS 1 & 2 exit with frame.]

MAGICIAN starts asking PRIESTESS questions. She offers him DEATH, turning from beautiful Maiden to hideous Crone (mask on back of head - black cowl) as she rises… [Sound: creaking violin]

JACKALS 1 & 2 bring out PRIESTESS and DEATH cards again and make with them the next section of the CardHouse. Lights flicker/fade, gears wind down as MAGICIAN recoils before DEATH…

Jackal OneThird asks:

Put another Coin in The Choronzon Machine