Video Stills (selected by Orryelle from the footage of Michael Schoell and Peter Haren), Audio samples, Script extracts and Lyrics from the Ritual Opera:


Lights fade up.

JACKALS 1 & 2 bring out Cards 3 and 14. JACKAL 1 turns WHEEL to next position.

Preceded by her out-held Chalice, BABALON/EMPRESS emerges through smoke and projections of fire and serpents and dances onstage seductively.

FOOL (/MAGICIAN), rising, notices her:
'Well if I'm going to Die (looks at DEATH),
I might as well Live...' (looks at BABALON excitedly).

HGA/DEATH turns around to reveal young face again, now representing IRIS/TEMPERANCE.

Holding chalice before her invitingly, BABALON lures FOOL into a dance of seduction.

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IRIS/TEMPERANCE tries to mediate between BABALON and FOOL, tempering BABALON's silver cup with the golden cup the FOOL left in that direction when evoking the Water element in his circle casting (Scene 1), but FOOL pushes IRIS aside and chases after BABALON.
IRIS/HGA spins offstage, cycling through maiden/crone faces as she does so.


Music & Lyrics (c)02 Kestral

This song entire can be downloaded HERE. It is a track from The CHORONZON MACHINE CD by The HarleQuintet.

'Underneath the mound,
There's an intricate device
Devised of wood and iron
Earth so dark and cold,
Sweetly living grace
Father of Mechanics,
Mother of the Joyous mound
A tomb to lock the sweetness in
Inside a mosaic of things
Arranged to react and hummm...'

FOOL follows BABALON around the stage (lemniscate patterned dance) reaching for her cup. In the most rhythmical part of the song this reaching creates a strange Tango from one side of the stage to the other then back:

'Uncle Ambrose plants the magic seed
In the fertile mountains of the mighty Tweed
In a new green world where a magic deed
Has freed us for another spell
Heaven, Hell our home to make
You need us now make no mistake
Experiment of Avalon
>From Avalon to Babalon'

'Comes forth again to give us style,
Carry on, Carry on
I feel the whole world in the cup of Babalon'

-BABALON lowers to the ground and as FOOL follows she slices his wrists with a knife. He does not resist or withdraw, beginning to bleed into her cup, singing along with song :

'I drain my blood, I drain my blood into the cup of Babalon...'

BABALON (singing): ' Every last drop now every last drop
Every last drop goes into the Holy Grail'
-she holds chalice up high
'Every last drop now every last drop
Goes into my Holy Cup...'
-she holds chalice between her legs.

BABALON stands triumphant.
Here we are again, Here we love the Choronzon
With the gifts it wrought
Carries to this place, Realm of Logos...


An extract from this song is playing/loading. It is from the CHORONZON MACHINE CD. Words & Music (c)02 Orryelle.

Babalon ripped the skin from the man,
revealing the Beast within

BABALON dances around the stage consecutively luring him with her cup then beating him back with her whip.

She said...
BABALON: 'Look what's underneath your skin'

And he replied with a beastly grin

FOOL: 'Oh Babalon you have flayed me with your eyes,
You know what within me lies...'

BABALON: 'Well come to bed,
Cause I know what's inside your head'

The beast replied with a thrust between her thighs...

[exaggerated thrust -then she pushes him and he falls on his back]
But he was in for a surprise

FOOL: 'Babalon I am bleeding in your bed,
How can I do this when my skin is shed...'

But he kept on and he bled and bled
Babalon said...

BABALON: 'Fuck me- eeeeeeeEEEEheeheheaaaaahhh
... ... dead'.

Jackal OneThird asks:

Put another Coin in The CHORONZON MACHINE

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