Khnum Amoun Zos

Amoun -depicted her in His phallic form of Amun-Min (Min is a Fertility God) as in stone reliefs at Karnak, Luxor. He is a part of the divine triad of that region together with His consort Mut.
Amoun is a later recension of the ancietn primal ram-headed God Khnum of Elephantine Island (whose temple there is probably hte oldest known temple site in Egypt). As a Horned God of Fertility (and of the Nile which was intrinsically related to this principle in Ancient Egypt) He is also related to the Goat/Ram of Mendes. Here He is depicted with the raised arm of Min wielding Flail, but also the crescent scythe -similar in shape to the Shepherd's crook -has been added behind his back to link with Osiris and demonstrate their relationship as early Agricultural Gods (Osiris was also sometimes depicted ram-headed)...-from the text in Conjunctio
In Coagula the imminent sequel, Ba-pho-Mut is created from the union of the horned head and masculine form of Khnum and the black wings and feminine form of ...

The above image is fromOrryelle's Graphic Grimmoire 'CONJUNCTIO' published September 2008 EquinoXuliuqE by Fulgur Limited (sold out).

The Book CONJUNCTIO presents mirrored pairs of Sacred Twins and Divine Lovers from various cultural pantheons coupled on facing pages. Theyare aligned in such a way that when the pages are turned the figuresare United in holy conjunction by the alchemical reader.
Different reflective relationships -alchymic opposites and complementaries- are explored b e t w e e n the pages.

The plate of Mut Nekhbet Kia in the Grimmoire faces one of Khnum Amoun Zos.

Drawn in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.

Media: -pencil.

11" x 17" (approx.A3) size signed and numbered print, limited to 77 copies on quality off-white acid-free paper - $16:

Original For Sale: $700. If interested please (Orryelle)

Paired with Mut Nekhbet Kia $23 for the 2 prints:

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