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Insectoid hive -----SWARM!
Inside the hive it's warm
Eggs are incubating
The Queen is fascinating
All the drones

The drones drone
Buzzz and suckle
All fuck the Mother
Droning drones
Fuzzing moaning hive
Buzzzing humm of life
Hive mind
Binding drumming thrive
All-one alone
A thousand drumming bugs
Sect of semblance, assembly of asexual a-sect-u-all kin
Unity of hive-mind drumdance kind (are you in?)
Kindred one-mind multi-bodied being
Being a-buzzz (are you in?)
Are you in the sect?
Are you in-sect?

Centipede by Squid

Many Insect species have a HIVE MIND . Individual bodies within the hive/tribe/colony share a single consciousness. They are linked in such a way that although individually their brains may be minute, together they form a powerful and intelligent collective being.
Prime examples are ants and bees, observation ofwhich will verify this information.

Humans are gradually linking in a similar fashion; the latent group mind or collective consciousness of the human species is stirring. Technologies such as the internet and other telecommunications are giving us access to all cultures, races, times and places, linking our minds globally. Such tools can enhance our connections and open gateways, but they can also make our psyches lazy -it is important to exercise our natural psychic abilities through such practices as meditation, music and magickal ritual to balance and enhance more accessible technologies. IF the Y2K bug breaks down technology in the new Millenium, will we have established enough global webs to transcend the medium of their inception?
Or will organic technology blossom after its warning stagger and implement the means of our advancement, as a vessel of humanity's evolution into Homo Veritas, the Gaian hivemind? Genetic engineering and virtual realities have the potential to hurl us into a multiverse of dynamic growth where anything becomes possible even on a material level. I have had vision of strange honeycomb matrix houses which grow and morph like living things.
The psychoactive compound DMT sometimes gives us an inkling of what the future could be like if the hivemind awakens in time to prevent our destruction.

If you look at the universal threads running through mythologies of different ancient cultures from diverse corners of the planet, you'll find that The Web has always been there... It's just becoming more tangible (see Websight performance synopsis).

We are all insects caught in this web, and yet the web is also a hive and we thrive within it.
The spider at the centre of it all, the weaver-Goddess, creator and destroyer -Kali/ Orchill/ Urdu/ Arachne (though oft she wears a triple veil) is the enigma of fate. She weaves together our individual destinies in the loom of Maya, the great tapestry of illusion which is our material existence. When the spider-Goddess eventually devours us and our individual lifelines are cut, we are absorbed back into the etheric ocean, the universal soul, perhaps to reincarnate...

But if our precious planet Earth is to be saved from the ravages of greed and exploitation, we must develop collective consciousness while in physical incarnation. The ego often rejects the idea of such a merging, struggling to maintain individuality, so precious in the culture of humankind.
The solution is the emergence of double consciousness. We must merge into a collective consciousness while maintaining our individual identities, thus allowing arts to flourish simultaneously with the immediate sharing of ideas, information and emotions. If one could feel the suffering one inflicted upon another directly, malice would decrease drastically and planetary consciousness evolve rapidly enough to save our civilization, which teeters on the brink of acceleration or collapse.

High Priestess Nema presents the concept of this double consciousness in her book 'Maat Magick' (Samuel Weiser). In Level 4 of the Theory and Practice sections of her manuscript she offers meditation techniques for contacting the collective consciousness, sometimes known as 'N'aton'. Her vision of this energy is an androgynous 'golden-skinned' human who is a blend of all races and sexes. Her book celebrates the magickal Double Current of the Goddess Maat and the God Horus, figureheads of the Aeon of the child. We've gone through the Matriarchy and the Patriarchy... now things are finally balancing out in an age that is just An-archy, the age of the alchemical HermAphrodite.
One of the symbols/emmisaries of Maat, Egyptian Goddess of justice, truth and balance, is the Bee. The hivemind of N'aton is implied.

N'aton sculpture I have seen (and felt) N'aton as a multi-limbed semi-human, semi-insectoid entity. The sculpture depicted at left -first exhibited in the 'Websight' exhibition/ performance came to me during a magic mushroom (goldtops) trance. I had ritually placed two crossed logs in a fire to transmute the symbol of the cross-stitch (gebo rune= partnership) from monogamy to polygamy, opening myself from an insular relationship. Later I began to play with some plastic doll parts which had mysteriously appeared at my residence. Without any conscious objectives I crafted the creature by fusing the plastic with flame. I didn't know what I was creating, I felt like I was channelling some external energy. As I completed the creature on the ledge in front of the fire, I looked up to see a mass of ants on the end of one of the still-burning crossed logs. Escaping the flames, they crawled out over my (their?) insectoid sculpture.

A few weeks later I found 'Maat Magick' in a bookshop, a manuscript which affirmed 'my' already-developing theories on the Horus/Maat double current and contained many theories and practices synchronous with my own. Such phenomena continues to accelerate...

N'aton animation
As a part of the Maat Magic project of stirring the sleeping N'aton, I have animated this sculpture as seen at right. Here is the second stage of a sequence of progressive animation work. The initial N'aton animation was ritually launched on the August Full Moon, as a reification of astral activations of N'aton via the 11-Star Rite of THE HORUS-MAAT LODGE on the August 11th New Moon/ Solar Eclipse/ Planetary Grand Cross Alignment. For the full significance of this alignment see The Introduction to THE BOOK of GOING BACK by NIGHT

The first half-roll of film I took of the sculpture all overlapped, resulting in the multi-exposure the animation now ends with; a special message from N'aton...

(c) 99 Orryelle

CYBER TEMPLE of THE HORUS-MAAT LODGE, soon to include a section on N'aton

The 13th-Tribe Chakra Weaving -Visions of Ma-nifestat-ion



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