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Choronzon's Garden

Strange nectareous orchids blossom and winding psycho-tropical creepers twine and writhe through the fecund fantasia of flowering form. Venusian dragon-fly-traps snap and clatter amorously, clamouring for the hovering shimmering shiverbuzz draconian wingthings which dart and gleam through the shuddering stamens which stand like seminal sentinels of their blooming brethren below. Petals glow phosporescent and a-glisten with dewy globules of concentrated fructification. Nebulous nettles listen, folded like lobes, unfurling and curling their leafy little toes in throes of self-birthing earth-bursting unction. Every bud and thorn has its own intrinsic function in the garden of souls, the moulding of larvae and lava and life in the frenzy of growth, the fresco of putrescence, the irridescence of newth, toiling through soil, the beauty of birth.

In the centre of the garden is the Great Tree. The One Tree, the strong tree with the mighty trunk, from which dance six great branches splitting into smaller branches, gnarled fractal fingers leav-ing their mother-father in a sprangle of diverting paths and buds, down to the intricate twisting twigs and blossoming sprigs of fanning flowers. There is a hollow in the trunk, a fathomlessly deep dark chasm of potential, and above it the Tree forks into Three, One central shoot pushing upward, ever upward pointing relentlessly to infinity.

The Tree is a complex device, a simply wondrous symmetrical asymmetrical intricate system; a cabinet of possibilities filed into branching categories with sub-sets and super-strings of infernal and supernal ecstatic outrage and gentle harmonious hummming, a singing strumming of chords and weaving of wyrds, letters and icons, glyphs, myths, paths and channels, carved and tunnelled in an earnestness of growth from the roots of establishment.

This Great Tree of Life is a living thing; though deep-rooted in the soil of tradition, its branches ever-branch, it is an evolving unfurling fractal dance of infinite permutation, a photo-synthesis of carbon copies and new bodies and forms, ever-yawning, its Abyssmal maw feverishly jettisoning fresh spores.

The Great Tree is a device, its mechanisms well-oiled and precise, its wheels spinning, sprockets turning and levers lurching in harmonies divine. Beneath the lilting Music of the spheres are the gentle whirring of the gears, the churning of the fears in the belly of the Great Beast, brewing the vine-wreathed wine of ecstatic release, the fruits of the feast of form and flesh, the merge and mesh and melt and meld and welt and weld in the threshing of soil.

The Garden is a part of this great Machine, winding through its ever-spreading knotted roots; its bio-mechanical gardeners gleaning pollen from its floral bed, harvesting the orgasmic joy which drops from their organic dread, weaving the threads twixt the spindles and pulleys, the wires and the vines, seeding the garden with a little inkling of the grand twinkling design.

Welcome to Choronzon's Machine. The Machine is a Garden, the Garden is a Machine. We are its organic mechanisms, in its metabolic Morphogenetic fields of play. The Machine is Choronzon's play; the play is Choronzon's Machine. He plays in the nursery, his Garden of possibilities, cultivating strange and hallucinogenic plants in his factory of forms, he guards the gates to the great void from which it is All borne...

CHORONZON's GARDEN is be-coming the archive section of THE MUTATION PARLOUR for accounts (mine and those of others) of experiences with psychotropic plants.

To begin with there are only a few (only the first of which is recent and new to this site), but more will be added soon:

DWELLING on THE THRESHOLD -A group 4-hour DMT and syrian rue trip in the desert (Alice Springs, Central Australia). Due to a technical mishap we only had a threshold dose, but the results were interesting nevertheless. The trip(s) which helped spawn THE CHORONZON MACHINE Ritual Opera.
-4th-5th July '01 -Beginning of the Dog Days (Sirius rising) and full moon eclipse.
-by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

ARCANA 23 Part I - Smoking DMT at the peak of a Fly Agaric mushroom trip. Spiderweb timetravel (includes animation)
-Winter Solstice '98
-by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

ARCANA 23 Part II - First time eating DMT with Syrian Rue (for an intense four-hour trip). Om Gam Ganapati Namah! (includes anima(l)tion)
-Winter Solstice '99
-by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

AYAHUASCA TRIP -Overlooking Macchu Picchu, in Peru, South America.
-Shivaratri Feb. 2000
-by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule