Video Stills (selected by Orryelle from the footage of Michael Schoell and Peter Haren), Audio samples, Script extracts and Lyrics from the Ritual Opera:

SCENE 9 (Hermit)/ 20 (Judgement/Aeons):

[Includes 10 (Wheel)/21 (World/Universe) Ending...]

As FOOL sits meditating, gradually all the noise and chaos dims around him, still occuring but with decreased volume and light (master faders which all performers respond to), all fading into the background. JACKAL 1 passes behind meditating FOOL/HERMIT with the HERMIT Card, turns WHEEL to 9th position. JACKAL 2 brings out the JUDGEMENT/AEONS Card which is Egg-shaped (with a yin/yang design) and props it in front of the HERMIT (FOOL).

CHORONZON: 'The state of Niether-niether is niether the state of neither-either nor the state of niether-nor. The state of Niether-niether's niether neither-ever nor nether-ether, the state of niether-niether's either the state of nevernever or the state of nethernor'

(The above NIETHER-NIETHER verse, currently playing/loading, is a track from THE CHORONZON MACHINE CD by The HarleQuintet. (c)02 Orryelle.


JACKALS 1 & 2 remove placards of corresponding words on the Crossroads from the centre out with the lyrics:

'I'm not here, I'm not now,
I'm no when I'm no where I'm no then I'm no there
I'm no time I'm no place I'm no energy I'm no space
I've no culture I've no race I'm no pollen I'm no breed
I'm not words I'm not deeds I'm not feelings I'm not seeds
I'm not cross I'm not calm I'm not cut I'm no balm
I'm no father I'm no mother I'm no son I'm no daughter
I'm not fire I'm not Air I'm not Earth I'm not Water
'I'm not that, I'm not this, I'm not what I'm not which

The Two Bodies then Heads of HRUMACHIS return to One

WON emit ym dna noitcesretni ma I'
etc. ...

All lights and sound have faded to near nothing, except for Spotlight on JUDGEMENT Egg Card. JACKAL 3 puts WORLD/UNIVERSE Card back over WHEEL Card in Center of WHEEL.

Lightning Flash from Kether to Malkuth on Tree of Life Machine.

JUDGEMENT/AEONS Egg Card cracks in two (in the jagged shape of the lightning-flash), revealing FOOL (again) behind it sitting in lotus position looking childlike and naked again at the Beginning of the Play.

WORLD Dancer -still with slow butoh movements- completes her cycle as she gets back to her first position parallel with the WHEEL, as the last of hir slowly unravelling garment falls away to reveal hir as a HermAphrodite.

FOOL: 'Ah, it's All One after All'

All lights and sound fade to total Darkness and Silence

CHORONZON (voice in void): '…No, it's Not…'

Put another Coin in The CHORONZON MACHINE

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