Video Stills (selected by Orryelle from the footage of Michael Schoell and Peter Haren), Audio samples, Script extracts and Lyrics from the Ritual Opera:

SCENE 7 (Chariot)/ 18 (Moon):

P-Chink! Stars shine in the darkness.

JACKAL 1 carries CHARIOT Cards across stage, JACKAL 2 carries MOON card across stage, and clicks WHEEL around to Position 7.


On the 7th day of the 7th moon
An ancient bard will sing an ancient tune
Of the 7th card and the 17th rune

A short extract from this song is playing/loading now. It is from a track on the CHORONZON MACHINE CD by the HarleQuintet. Music (c)02 Orryelle.

MOON Mother enters from Stage Left, and slowly circles around the WORLD DANCER, who is by this stage on the left of the dark side of the lemniscate.

As she orbits WORLD DANCER, MOON also turns on her own axis, so that the audience first sees a waning crescent moon on the side of her pregnant belly painted white (the rest of her is cloaked in black), then full moon belly as she faces them, then waning crescent as she turns the other way, to black back dark moon as she exits.

As MOON exits, HRUMACHIS/ SUN -FOOL in Red Lion Mask- rises on the other side of the stage. CHORONZON and BABALON are in front of him with on elbows and knees (sphinx positions) with heads (CHOR unmasked) lowered.
With his slow ascent the Video projection shifts from stars of a night sky to a dawn sky with Sun rising directly behind him.

To download and hear the audio MP3 of these songs from the Choronzon Machine Audio CD, click on their titles below.
Together they form an EquiNoxious/EquiLuxurious musical trinity:

Introduction: FRESH FEVER
Lyrics by AIWAZ and Aliester Crowley (from 'Liber Al vel Legis'), Music by Kestral

Lyrics by IAHM and Orryelle (from 'The Book of Going Back by Night', chapter II), Music by The HarleQuintet.

Verse by Kestral, esrev-eR by Orryelle

Music (c)2002 The HarleQuintet: Kestral -guitar and vocals; Orryelle -violin and vocals; Evan Flux -bass; Percussion -Amordios GobblynSmyth
These tracks are from The CHORONZON MACHINE CD

There is a long .gif AINimation below which will probably take about as long to fully load as the EquinoXuliuqE (lyrics follow) track which it illustrates below:



'I am Atum
I come forth by day
Muta ma I
Go back by night

I am HruMachis
Form in the process of Be-coming.
Self-born, I give birth
As I rise from red clay

My one eye splits in twain
Twixt two eyes a third forms

-HRUMACHIS turns Red Lion mask to the right side, presenting CHORONZON BEAST mask (the integrated shadow) that was on the back of it by turning it to the left side

I look both ways in TimemiT ni syaw thob kool I
SunaJanuS JanusunaJ
rechtaWatcher WatcherechtaW

He seperates the masks
'My two heads are that of Sef'
He puts BEAST mask back on CHORONZON before him.
'...And that of Tuau'

BABALON and CHORONZON raise their masked heads up, becoming the two Sphinxes drawing HRUMACHIS/SUN's CHARIOT.

'My time is that of Yesterday, and that of Tomorrow.
I am intersection and my time is... NOW!'

He claps and the sphinxes spring into action, BABALON drawing to the left and CHORONZON to the right, alternating with the recorded counterpointing vocals of Fresh Fever Song (cont.) :
BABALON SPHINX:'I Go Back by Night'
CHORONZON SPHINX:'I Come Forth by Day'
SPHINXES then swap above lines and directional movements

Jackal OneThird asks:

Put Another Coin in the Choronzon Machine

Images (except where noted otherwise) and text copyright (c)02 Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule
Animated Cogs courtesy of SevenOaksArt