Below are some pictures and video from some of the shows of 'SOLVE et COAGULA', in Europe and UK 2012:





'I did not drink deep, in Tartarus,
Of the Spring of Mnemosyne,
Yet partook of a sacramental sip,
From that pool of ancient memories
But when I left, I partook not

Of the Waters of Lethe
As do those about to reincarnate,
For I had not died

Thus what I remembered
I cannot forget
And I cannot remember
what I have forgotten
I lived only to regret
Eternal child, Unbegotten


With your help, SOLVE et COAGULA could become a film!

There have been two previous feature-length film adaptations of Metamorphic Ritual Theatre productions, however this film in progress differs in that most of it will be re-shot especially for the film rather than just editing together existing footage from the live productions. This will allow more close-ups, different angles with no audience in the way, and multiple takes to get everything just right.
Additionally much of the stop-animated material of the composite statue’s construction will be recreated with newer technology and further developed skills than in the version used as backing in the live shows. For this the actual statue itself is to be reconstructed, drawing on but improving on the earlier design…

Although minimal as my first (and thus trial) crowd-funding project, with the budget of this kickstarter behind it, several professional film people are to be involved in the post-production. Full details HERE

Orryelle is offering a lot of great rewards for pledges to this crowd-funding campaign -which will conclude on Dec 7th 2016- such as signed 'Book of Kaos Tarot' decks, books, giclee prints, bronze Alchemical Chess pieces and even some original artwork, all at reduced prices.

Please support this project to make it a success, by Sharing on your various networks if not (or as well as) pledging:


Video from Solve et Coagula in Turin on 29th Sept:




The Ancient Greek bard Orpheus can never return to the Underworld after seeking his lost love there. Immortalized yet unable to appreciate His eternal body, he was torn limb from limb by the Maenads, wild-women in the retinue of Dionysos.


The disembodied head floated off down the river of Acheron,
singing ever...

A head, alone on the currents, adrift on the elements, found by the Knights Templar and become their oracle...

A head, having learnt presence, disembodied yet with heightened senses, aware now of the power of the physical form in which it is forever encased, wise and carnal, desires to make a new body...

Following are video stills and a short video clip of Solve et Coagula performances during the Europe/UK 2012 tour, inwhich Orryelle played Orpheus with different local dancers and performers as Maenads/Bacchantes in each show:



Video stills from performance, and additional filming (for an eventual film of the entire production) in Lisbon and Sintra, Portugal (Aug 17th):







Queens of flesh
The Maenads rage and prowl.
New recruits, having torn free from
Stultifying domesticity
Relinquish civilisation with a howl


Hunger deepens, teeth tear Now he is responding at last, his body writhes and twists He lashes and turns in their tightening grips
Trying to stem the bloody tide that gushes From his wrists to their lips




Performance in Haarlem, Netherlands in a 17th-century crypt (July 28th):




Dance of the New Flesh

SOLVE et COAGULA at Scarlet Imprint's Pleasure Dome event in Brighton UK (21st of July 2012):



Short video of a part of the live performance at the Pleasure Dome:





A small book with the verse of the production, written and illustrated by Orryelle, was made for the original 2011 production at the Seattle Esoteric Book Conference (limited to 250 signed & numbered copies) and some are still available.

Sample pages of this (with verse and illustrations) and audio samples of the new fully-orchestrated CD of the soundtrack, can be seen and heard Here.




In 2011 Orryelle created a life-size statue (left arm image at left) which was a composite of 31 smaller wax (some originally clay) figures in a variety of positions and poses. During the course of a black-light performance, these glowing figures floated through space to fit together and interlock progressively forming the larger composite figure.

The result of this multimedia experiment is a distillation of the process involved. Now a stop-animation film has been created of the statue forming from its composite parts. This frees Orryelle in the performance context to dance live the progressive reclamation of the whole body which the work explores, healing the body-mind split in an aptly more physical expression, while singing the story of Orpheus in the oral tradition of such mystery plays. The backing film provides larger more detailed imagery of the statue's assemblage than could be seen previously live even in the front row.


Here is a short lo-res sample of some of the stop-animation film incorporated into the live show (for the new feature film this will be recreated with newer tech and developed skills):



This new refined version of the show had its debut in Melbourne (Australia) on the EquinoX March 2012.

We hope you will support the feature film crowd-funder project to make it a success, by Sharing on your various networks if not (or as well as) pledging:

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