The Order of ChAos presents





October 20th, Libra New Moon. Planetary Air Element and Throat Chakra (Great Pyramid, Egypt.)

Shunyata Awarehouse, 10pm.


(Note: There are not many stills from this 2nd performance as one of the films jammed. It is hoped that some stills from the beautiful video recording of the night can be added at a later date.)

A beautiful edited Video (from 2 cameras) of this 2nd (weaving) ritual performance is available for $20 Aust. or $15 US (includes postage) Email enquiries to Orryelle:


<Black light on Microcosm>


Alchemist in Workshop pouring glowing white elixir through glass bubbles and tubes. He speaks of the quintessence he has attained, and ponders how to earth it.

<Lights up on Macrocosm.>


All the Bird-masks of Maat are perched on their Sephiroth branches of the Tree of Life. There is a Cauldron/ Well at Yesod, inwhich swims the Loon .

Each of the bird-mask characters speaks the invocation from the Starstone Temple f or their Sephiroth-branch.


The eagle/swan of Kether swings down from his branch, becoming The Hanged Man, swinging back and forth like a pendulum. One of his eyeballs drops out into the well.


Hanged Man/Odin: To my former self, I bear little resemblance,

As I cast mine eye back, back into the Well of Remembrance.

I sacrifice outer sight for inner vision,

My view is inverted, I look within,

Growing new eyes, under the skin.

For nine days and nine nights have I hung from the World Tree,

And I with my one eye I see

The patterns woven in the webs

And in the well below their secrets ebb

The wind whispers their names, As Yggdrasil’s sap runs through my veins.

<breathy panpipes> I see the runes, And the wind whispers their tunes.


The Raven caws from the Chesed branch of the Tree.


Odin/Hanged Man: Ah Hugin, raven of Thought, I hear you calling from the branches



The Loon, donning a raven mask, echoes Hugin. from the Well.


Odin: And Munin, raven of Memory, I hear you reply from the Well above


Hugin and Munin continue to reflect and echo each other with sound and movement, alighting from the Tree to do a reflective dance to cello, double-bass and violin (played by the hanged man), then returning to their branches.


Loon (taking off Raven mask): I just remembered -I’m not actually Memory, though I dwell in the Well of remembrance. I’m just a reflection of you Hugin, but beneath the surface I’m not Munin the raven. I’m actually just raven shit. It’s only a mask. I’m actually the Loon, lunar moon maiden in the cauldron of the Old Ones, the lunar loom.



Odin, plunging his sword into the Well: I re-new my Re-membership in The Last

Laugh Foundation. (Birds on Tree tickle him) A-HA! A-HA! AHA!


<Light fades up on Circle as Hanged Man casts it.>


Hanged Man casts circle and does invocations in each direction, while Spinner turns the wheels of the Spinning Machine. The Godforms appear briefly (Osiris rising over wall with sun-lamp) then disappear as corresponding Elemental Initiates enter. For the final Harpocrat/Above invocation Hanged Man comes down to earth.


Odin, inverting: I have died on this Tree, I descend like a ghost,

As Spirit, I seek return to my host


As Odin puts his feet on the ground, he and the other four elemental initiates chant the high <Oh> tone of the macrocosmic base chakra, beginning the octave.

Odin/Harpocrat goes over to his arm (spirit) of the pentagram.



The Sacrament-bearer rings chimes as the signal for transition between each of the chakra layers following. She then introduces each chakra with an invocation, inc. Robert Coon’s global chakra meditations for the 20th Oct., and offers an appropriate sacrament (eg. Water for svadisthana, fire-smudge for manipura, etc.) around the circle of elemental initiates as they are woven together.


Iris/Innana removes one of her seven coloured veils at each chakra, releasing what each represents as she dances to nakedness at Muladhara/Malkuth.





The Sacrament-bearer/Cutter enters the Circle, holding aloft a cup of smoking dry ice as she does her speech for sahasrara.

The five elemental initiates visualize an etheric invoking pentagram of spirit above their heads as they chant the crown chakra <NNNG> tone, joined by harp and bells. The Spinner leaves her wheel and enters the circle.





Iris passes around her cups with a sacrament from the Cauldron-Well to the audience.

The Owl/ Weaver and the Heron flutter down from their perches (Binah and Chokmah). The Weaver takes her position in the centre of the Pentagram, in front of Spinner and Cutter, forming a 6-armed 2-legged 3-headed kama-kali spider formation with them, and weaves with white thread a pentagram -invoking of spirit:- between the ajna piercings (jewellery retained from Pentagrammaton Part I) of the five elemental initiates as they chant/hum the third eye <MMM> tone, joined after a while by harp and plucked strings. Spinner and Cutter exit.

The Heron finishes his dance and ‘flies’ offstage.





The Throat Chakra (invoking pentagram of spirit) is woven, <EEE> tone is chanted, joined by electronic sounds. Ibis/Thoth emerges from Abyss/ Daath. With an eagle-feather quill he inscribes each letter of the PENTAGRAMMATON formula YHVHS on the foreheads of the elemental initiates as they are pierced. They each begin chanting their letter as it is inscribed, building up until on the final ‘Shh’ of Spirit the chant and the lights fade out into darkness and silence.




The five Elemental Initiates begin a whispered AHA mantra in the darkness.

The Loon/Maat rises in the Well, unmasking, bearing the sword left there by the Hanged Man, and the scales:


Maat: I’m not actually a Loon, or a Raven

I am Maat, the dancer of the Mask ...


The mantra gradually builds into tumultous laughter .

Maat comes over to Circle and attaches a different feather to the anahata piercings of each light-hearted initiate, according to their element.

The Heart chakra pentagram is woven (invoking pentagram of air), with the <AYY> tone being chanted, joined by panpipes, shukuhachi and amplified heartbeat.

The crow and the rooster alight and dance, then fly off. The rooster crows as it exits, heralding the hawk’s return...




<Lights fade up briefly in Microcosm then back down.>


The elixir in the Alchemist’s bubbles and tubes has returned to red (life).

The Solar Plexus chakra pentagram (invoking of fire) is woven. The <AHH> tone is chanted, joined by strings and percussion (heartbeat also continues).

The Hawk/Horus alights and dances. The Loon/Maat faces off against him, returning to Macrocosm.





<Strobe light on Macrocosm, increasing speed as battle intensifies.>


Percussion, full orchestra, electronics and heartbeat, all increasing tempo and intensity with the action.

The Peacock/Aphrodite and the Hummingbird/Hermes alight and cross-dance one way and Horus/Hawk and Maat/Loon cross-dance the other, alternating paths and selected lines from the CROSSROADS poem:


Cross roads Cross borders

Cross chaos Choss order

Cross air Cross earth

Cross son Cross daughter

Cross father Cross mother

Cross fire Cross water


Spirit initiate: 'Ida and Pingala , Od and Ob entwine,

So shall we all be Divine

We die vines grow

We come and go

To and Fro the Fifth'


Eventually Hermes/hummingbird, Aphrodite/peacock, Horus/hawk and Maat/loon all come together in the centre of the Macrocosm simultaneously. At this meeting Maat ‘slays’ Horus with an exaggerated sexual thrust of her sword, while the Peacock and Hummingbird embrace. All four characters fall to the floor.


<All lights and sound cut, including fast-paced heartbeat>

<After a pause light fades back up on Macrocosm.>




Baphomet the pandaemonaeonic hermaphroditic horned God/dess arises slowly from the midst of the four strewn bodies, with horns, hairy legs, serpent phallus, yoni, breasts and eagle wings. S/he is doing the 'As above, so below' solve et coagula mudra.







Of neela bindu born.


I act with,

The horns of a goat,

To bring the Urge to Earth.



I think with,

The wings of an eagle,

For ascent, flight of mind, descent, or clarity in birth.



I feel with,

The spine of a fish,

For water’s surrender, the tender Eye, and permission to cry.



I yearn with,

The tail of a lion,

For the Will of the fire-born, to fly.



And fifth, element mine,

Is hu-wo-man.



"For when two become one,

And one becomes nothing,

Then you taste the true ecstasy",*

Then you begin.


For I am She,

And I am He,

I am She’va,

I am Shak ti.

I am one

In Shivo’ham.



I am He,

And I am She,

I am He,

I am Yod,

I am He,

I am Vau,

Shivo’v Pan,

Pan of Shiva,

An of Pan,


Pan I Am!


An I am!


I am I, I am O,

I am hand, I am eye,

I am beyond breath,

And I do not die.

I am YOU,

And YOU are I.


With the rain between my twin fires,

And the perfume between my legs,

I do bless thee

And thou dost bless me.



Blessings Begin.


(verse by Phoenix)



<Lights fade back up on Circle.>


Iris mixes and pours gold and silver elixirs (goatsmilk and honey, sacred substances of Pan) over the five initiates from her cups.






The <OOO> tone is chanted as the Navel chakra (invoking pentagram of water) is woven. Baphomet presides over the Astral Sabbat. All the birds and other characters enter and dance around the cauldron, getting progressively faster and more manic, shrieking and cackling as they swap masks and other bits and features of various creatures. Demented offbeat Harlequintet string polka.


Hermes: The Tree is also a Wheel,

It's spheres become spokes

And it's branching paths the turning rim Of TAROT


Some characters jump into the cauldron, emerging with different masks, some characters emerging joined together into various weird hybrid entities. Characters invite members of the audience up to join the circle-dance.


Chant: Mutating mythos, into the cauldron,

New formations of the Old Ones.

Solve et Coagula!


Abraxas rises from the cauldron.


Whole cast: Abraxas!



All the Sephiroth Birds huddle around Abraxas in a big pile as S/He steps out.

Baphomet/Spinner is joined by the Weaver and the Cutter. The Three Fates merge and stir the cauldron, whisper-chanting 'Vinum Sabbati'. The entire cast join the rising chant.


Hermes (as the music and action climax): The oils of the Sandhis bubble in the cauldron,

Until the world of sense is secreted as a single globe in its fiery midst.

The Three Fates/Norns pull out the winged eye-globe (of Odin) from the cauldron, which they hold aloft with one hand each. It 'flies' (fishing line) away.

Everyone throws off their masks and costumes, bringing us down to Malkuth, physical reality, and the...





The <OH> tone of the base chakra is chanted, joined by didgeridoo, double-bass and slow drums, as the base chakra pentagram (invoking of earth) is woven.

Baphomet picks up the fallen sword and plunges it into a stone/ pile of earth, then takes hir earthy throne.


Spirit initiate/ Hermes: IPSOS

By the same mouth, By the same bone,

The sword meets the stone.

And spirit is in matter enthroned. IO PAN!

< Black Light on. The seven layers of thread pentagrams glow with white light>


The Alchemist enters the Macrocosm. He pulls the sword from the stone as The Cutter cuts the threads between the five initiates, each initiate adding their letter of the reversed Pentagrammaton formula to the chant as their threads are cut, forming ShYHVH -Shiva the Destroyer. The Alchemist does Banishings (Nema’s six-fold), an elemental initiate exiting for each direction as their chant fades out. For the final ‘Below’ (Bes) banishing Baphomet sinks down into the earthy throne. Alchemist closes the Circle with his new sword.


<All lights out.( Drumming and dancing -The Sabbat continues..)>



A beautiful edited Video (from 2 cameras) of this 2nd (weaving) ritual performance is available for $20 Aust. or $15 US (includes postage) Email enquiries to Orryelle:




Writer/Director/Hermes/Hanged Man -Orryelle

Alchemist/Osiris -Zain

Elemental initiates:
Fire -Jimmy
Water -Nia
Air -Jade
Earth -Nick
Spirit -Orryelle

Isis: Chmise

Horus/ Hawk (tiphareth): Luke

Maat/ Munin/ Loon (yesod): Carli

Spinner/ Baphomet: Phoenix

Iris: Sophia

Weaver/ Owl (binah): Deb Greentree

Sacraments/ Cutter: Heidi

Peacock (netzach): Scardi

Heron (chokmah): Evan Flux

Ibis (daath): Jason Gasglow

Hugin/ Raven (chesed): Jedda

Rooster (geburah): Nick

Hummingbird (hod): Alexi

Music: Amordios (samples, percussion); Orryelle (violin, panpipes); Zain (panpipes); Toni (cello); Natalia (harp); Robin (didgeridoo); Alex (double bass); Kelly (guitar); Ben (percussion, shukuhachi); Bex (vox); Patrick (mixing); Helene (analogue synth, vox); plus entire cast and some of audience chanting.

Lights: Michael

Stage manager: Dharma Trebilcock

Set construction: Amordios; spinning wheel/chaos clock by Nygir

Drawings and text (c)98 Orryelle Bascule

Photo's (c)98 Dharma Trebilcock, Orryelle Bascule, Ben and Lenny.


The Bird-Masks of Maat are related to the Return of the Bird Tribes. A different feathered mask/dance is used to represent each of the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life/Qabbala. The bird tribes

are according to some sources the Star People, and Maat Magick is a current borne backwards through time from a future aeon. The Maatian symbol of the Feather and the feathered masks

divest the secrets of Flight -the power of the Gods is in the 'Going'.

The waves of star-magic and flight iconography in our aeon span from the stargate and bird-tribe ideals, through DMT zones and Mayan prophecies, the Maatian gestalt through to

Arachnean star-earth weavings via the Starstone Temple of the A:.A:.

We don't need to physically go to the stars yet -there is enough energy and information coming in from them, if our channels are open enough to receive it, to sustain and transform us and

thus our planet. Awake! The alien 'other' awaits within!




Translocal Pentagrammaton Rituals and Transmissions:


(email extracts):


'Topy PandrogynE met to raise energy to participate through intent.

First we gathered together and did some preliminary body rubs to get thee energy circulating physically. Then we arranged ourselves in a circle to raise sonic energy with drums, Didjeridu, Tingsha belss and singing bowl. We began thee focus ov intent for this energy to join that which was being aroused in Australia and around thee world with thee help ov a Reiki sending pattern. One ov us walked around thee circle with a Didjeridu using it to vibrate thee spinal column ov each participant by slowly moving thee opening ov it up thee spine while intoning it. Once we felt suitably exalted, we bagan to vibrate thee tones ov thee chakras going up thee central column and visualising thee spheres in their colors. We did this several times for each chakra, then lapsed into silence to send thee energy into interface. Once we reached thee Sahasrara, we joined hands to form a seven pointed star, then vibrated our way up thee column more rapidly, then entered spontaneous vibration ov tones as they came to us for a while.

we sent thee vibration into thee world carried on thee tone ov thee singing bowl.' -Coyote 299


(This is significant in that energy was sent from 7-pointed (stellar and Venusian energies) to 5-pointed stars (earth energies) as symbols in several rituals which led up to and inspired Pentagrammaton,, unknown to TOPY Pandrogyne who then helped us manifest this physically! -Ob)


* * *


' The 'word' I clearly heard was *Pentaha* which by qbl = 151 or QNA; coph nia....the Double Wanded One.

(note: since realized this also =5 (pent) initiates/elements x 7(AHA) chakras! -Od)

> Also- Vision of the Chakras channeling the Penta-energy as: the top three chakras were one-point-up pentagrams, the bottom three chakras were inverted pentagrams and the central Chakra was an upward and a downward pentagrams intertwined....thus making the 10-pointed star- the shadow of the 11 star...



Oct 20, 98 (Pentagrammaton Praxis)

Filled with Seed

The Star descends

4 Arms reach out

to Form 4 Mountains

The 5th Head roars

The Silent Cry of Baphomet


The Seed Star burns

Thru 7 Gates

Reaching Out

With 5-Fold hands outstretched

Grasping the hands of others

Across the world

Five lines conjoined

Five angles formed

Five Tears are shed

Five Eyes are born

Five Winds blow free

And scatter the rays

From Heaven



Thru the Living

And their Graves

Finally Woven

In five-fold Web

Within the Earth

Penta-ha stars gleem

Renewing Rebirth

Of the Tribe Unseen...'

-Aion 131


LIBER PENTAGRAMMATON -the writing which inspired the ritual theatre above, revealing the symbolism inherent within.

ZUVUYA -A new essay on Aeonics, revealing the broader context of the above material.

CHAKRA PIERCING Technique and Practice

LIBER XIII -Vision for a spectacular Thirteenth-Tribe Weaving in 2002