An Orphic Mystery Play


Recorded and mixed in Seattle USA and Castlemaine & Melbourne Australia, over a two-year period, this intricate production includes full instrumentation with the sung verses of Orryelle's Orphic Mystery Play.

Launched with the play's recent performance at Scarlet Imprint's Pleasure Dome event in Brighton (July 2012), it includes the Musical Orchestration which could not be included in the travelling version: full percussion, multiple layers of male and female vocal harmonies, violin, guitar and various elemental effects.

There is a sample extract from the track 'Orpheus Adrift' now playing (Main vocals by Kestral. Full Credits as on CD cover above), and some more linked below...

'Orpheus and the Maenads' sample.

Credits as on CD cover above

'River of Lament' -Sample from 'Baphomet' track.

Credits as on CD cover above

'Touch each Other' -Sample from 'Baphomet' track..

Credits as on CD cover above

This Audio CD is intended to complement the booklet of the illustrated libretto of 'SOLVE et COAGULA' released at the Seattle Esoteric Book Conference 2011, and is similarly limited to 250 signed and numbered copies.

Alone (in simple cover with tracklist and credits as above) the CD costs $10, or together with the book (which is $13 alone) for $17:

SOLVE et COAGULA Audio CD for $10:

(Track Samples above.
Signed and numbered by Orryelle out of 250 copies only. 57 mins long.)

SOLVE et COAGULA Book for $13:

(Sample pages below.
Signed and numbered by Orryelle out of 250 copies only.
40 pages, US letter-size (app.22 x 28cm), with mottled card cover.)

SOLVE et COAGULA Book and Audio CD together for $17:


To the rhythm of the audience or other group of participants performing the Sufi Drum-breath:

Feel the throb
Of blood in your heart
It is the drum of Dionysos
Feel the pulse
Of blood in your veins
It is the drum of Dionysos

Feel the flesh quiver and tense
Feel the skin shiver and clench
Feel the river's sliver in its cleft
Feel the snake slither in its nest
Feel it rise from betwixt your thighs
To your chest
Feel the buzzz of bees in your skull
Of reason be bereft
For Dionysos!

Below are Two Sample pages from the book 'Solve et Coagula' launched at the Esoteric Book Conference 2011 in Conjunction with Orryelle's composite Baphomet statue installation and performances, 'Solve' (Sept 11th) and 'Coagula' (Sept 10th).

This publication contains the illustrated libretto (sung verse) from the performances, plus some additional related poetry and an extensive introduction concerning the progression of this ongoing project which is aimed to culminate in Bulgaria (Ancient Thrace) in 2012.

Orryelle meditating in the purported Grave of Orpheus at Tatul, Bulgaria, July 2011, as a part of his mytho-geographical research for this Project.
Photo by Ismet

Photos from live productions of SOLVE et COAGULA can be found on the Metamorphic Ritual Theatre site.