Photographs below from performances of Loom of Lila Ritual Dance Theatre in UK (Edinburgh Fringe & London) and Italy (Modena, Rome, Tuscany, Palermo) in late 2006 now up, along with those from the original Melbourne production.

This was the first time several (4) Australian members of the MetaMorphic Ritual Theatre Co. have travelled and performed together in more than one locale, so it was a rare opportunity for Europeans to see more than a solo show.


Loom of Lila is available as an hour-long fully-edited video on the DVD accompanying Orryelle's book 'A Brief HirStory of TimEmiT fo yrotSriH feirB A' from iNSPiRALink. MultiMedia PRESS



'LOOM of LILA' Ritual Dance Performance



18th and 22nd August @ The Forest Cafe Edinburgh. Fringe of the Fringe.


While there we also created a new Fringe of the International Book Festival much to the consternation of the less-theatrically-minded organizers of the main festival, who disapproving of Giselle's book-dress (above) and our antics were thus told to, 'Keep it under the covers. Do not take your literature literally, do not embody the Word...'

8th September (full mooon) London @ The Speaker PalaceWith ORGONAUTIC (Germany), ORCHAStra-ted ChAOS (Australia/UK/Germany improvisational collaboration), CHORONZON MACHINE film screening and Silver Dusk art exhibition.

16th September near Modena:
Circolo Arci "Discarica"Reggio Emilia



In addition to Loom of Lila we performed an improvisational set of live music and dance (above left), with Giselle appearing as the Black Madonna (above right) for our Italy debut.
Photos by Marc'Aurelio

EquinoX 23rd Sept Rome at Ex-Mental-Hospital 'S.MARIA DELLA PIETA'

With D.B.P.I.T. Post-Industrielle Trumpeter

30 september at "Stalkernoiser", Palermo (Sicily).





Loom of Lila was initially inspired by this statue of Kali-Arachne (right) which Orryelle continued to create in conjunction with the development of the show. The statue was a more ambitious project than first realized and was only completed just in time for incorporation into the first performance, with the last-minute construction by Taz of a metal skeleton for structural support after She was resurrected from the ritual burning -images above- of the Goddess of the funeral pyre, of death and rebirth. Video footage from this rite has been incorporated into the production.

The documentation of the live ritual dance together with the pre-created effected filmwork (initially for projection in the performance) have been compiled with other MetaMorphic Ritual Theatre material into a 2-hour DVD available with the new revised edition of Orryelle's book on Time, Fate and Spider Magicks,
'A Brief HirStory of TimEmiT fo yrotSriH feirB A', which was launched at the second show of Loom of Lila and is available online HERE.

The hands of the statue contain figures (fingers as legs) -image below- a concept which is applied kinetically in the film and live dance.




11 dancers together form the face (above -as inspired by an image of Dali's, and left- dancers performing the Sufi drum-breath in face formation) and hands of a giant Kali-Arachne figure, a composite deity representing both the multi-armed creator-destroyer Mother Goddess of the Hindu pantheon, and Arachne as a spider-being who weaves the connections between microcosm and macrocosm and also the threads of Fate/Destiny (as a unification of the Greek Three Fates or Moerae who as Spinner Weaver and Cutter of life's thread are also arachnean in nature).
Dancers break away and individuate, only to find they are still a part of the whole, but influencing as well as being influenced by it...

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There's also another Loom of Lila video sample via HERE


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