KaLikAya KALiKia

- Jai Ma! Jai Maya! Jai Mayet! Jai Kali-Ma, Jai Kali-Maya, Jai Kali-Ka Jai KaliKaya!
Jai Ka lick Maya Jai Kalikaya Kali lick Maya
Jai Kali Kala, Jai Kalikaya Kala, Jai Maya, Jai MayalicKali kala, Jai Kia!

The tapestry of time (Kali) and space (Maya) are interwoven in the tantra/loom, in the wombs of creation, the double halls of Ma-nifestat-ion.

The Magickal Kalas
The coloured web
The ebb and flow
Waves which Come and Go
As Kalas from their clefts
Weaving the warp and the weft
Of the web of Fate
Which they Ate
As it seeped forth from them

O net of jewels
Spindled, spooled With rolling tongues
And spun out into etheric strands
Of lust warp-woven Through supple hands
Spindlefingered play of tension
Sends feathery ripples Into Morphic pools
The Orphic lilting Of petals folding out
From lips of crimson enfolding
The Black Goddess within

From Kali Come Kalas, pale and translucent
Veils of intent, latent shall
Be Secreted from the
Realms of infinite

-From 'Zuvuya: Sabbat', an esoterotic graphic grimoire in progress.

Media: -pen, paper, blood, sperm, saliva

(c)02 Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

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