Ancient Egyptian Mysteries


Em'Balm is a deeply restorative three hour Restoration Intensive for Body, Mind and Soul.

This ceremony is based upon the premise that both the spiritual and accompanying physical embalming practises described in some funerary texts of the Ancient Egyptians were not just performed upon the dead, but also upon the living as rejuvenatory initiations for personal transformation.

Developed in Melbourne, Australia, after extensive research into the Ancient Egyptian mysteries and how they might be re-applied today, its developers are now bringing this unique Intensive to the UK (Dec '06) and (back) to Egypt itself (NOv '06).

The Em'Balm Restoration Intensive is performed privately employing mythic symbology and traditional healing arts to bring deep restoration to the individual recipient.

The Intensive begins with an introduction to Ancient Egyptian mythology and preparations of oneself for restoration. Following this is Harmonic Chakra tone chanting and an Ancient Egyptian Chant to the Goddess Sekhmet. Then the 'Opening of the Mouth' Ceremony and also the Opening of the (third) Eye ceremony is performed so one may see in this life and speak in this life one's word of power. With harmonic balms (Tibetan bells, harmonic chanting and singing bowls) our traditional canopic jars are employed to cleanse and restore the various organs of the body.

Progressive unburdening on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels is designed to facilitate this process.

Warmed oils are poured upon you as deep tissue Temple-style bodywork is performed sequentially with traditional embalming ingredients. Neroli and myrrh scented sea-salt purifies and exfoliates the skin. Then mineral-rich Dead Sea mud and finally a warm frankincense balm as the whole body is wrapped in cotton muslin.

After careful wrapping ensuring that each part of your body remains comfortable for deep relaxation, you enter into the stillness and silence of Amenta, a rejuvenatory passage, a womb-like gestation of the soul.

The whole embalming process is intended to bring each initiate into the full embodiment of the sacredness of your sensory self.

Isis (to Nephthyss): 'Ah, sister...
Come, let us put an end to all his woe
That, as far as we can help he will be weary no more.
May the moisture begin to mount for this spirit!

'May the canals be filled through you
May the rivers be created through you
...Live! ...Arise!'


'The whole embalming experience was absolutely awe-inspiring. I am so lightened.' -Trish

'One of the most unique and transformative experiences I have ever had' -Michael.

'The mummification ritual for me was a very deep, profound and cathartic experience, carried out by loving and nurturing people. It was definitely life changing.' -Heidi

'Like a bride wrapped in white cotton silk. I felt totally reborn. Immortal. As if I re-embraced my infinite consciousness.' -Bridgit

'A journey to the inner self. The practitioners were experienced, highly sensitive and open to my individual needs and expressions.' -Yoka

'A part of me wanted to stay in my cocoon, but on opening my eyes it was like seeing the world for the first time' -Kacie

(left): Ceramic Canopic Jars made especially for this ritual in the Ancient Egyptian tradition.

The cost for this three hour restorative ritual intensive in London is 100, in Cairo it is 800 Egyptian Pounds (about $140 US).

Please call or SMS Giselle on 0061) 407 074 093 if you are interested in Embalming in London in December '06 or in Egypt in November '06, or email Orryelle:


Giselle Aquila Dip. Health Science (Kinesiology), Cert Remedial Massage, Cert. App.Astrology, Member Aust. Traditional Medicine Society.

Giselle is an accredited Holistic Kinesiologist and graduate of The college of Complementary Medicine, Melbourne (formally known as Kinesiology College of Energetic Sciences). Her extensive background in both natural healing and the beauty & Spa industry unveiled a deep accord with ancient healing traditions, most evidently those of ancient Egypt has lead to the development of Em`balm Restoration Intensives.

Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule Silver Dusk, Horus-Maat Lodge, Reiki and Sekhem.

Orryelle has been working with the Egyptian Mysteries for a decade, including extensive involvement with the inner circle of the international Horus-Maat Lodge. He is a qualified practitioner of Sekhem and Reiki which he combines with his own personalized Shamanic healing techniques and Kundalini Yoga learnt here and in India. He is an initiate of the Adinath Tantric Tradition.
Orryelle has facilitated many group rituals in Melbourne and overseas working with Egyptian and other esoteric traditions, both eastern and western, and is the director of the Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Co.

If interested in experiencing this intensive in London UK in December 2006 or in Cairo Egypt in November 2006, please call/SMS Giselle on 0061) 407 074 093, or email Orryelle: