Arriving in the UK from India I was surprised to seethe Lady with the Trident and the Lion (whom I hadbeen worshipping as Durga in the East) on some oftheir coins -a seven-sided (Star of Babalon) one atthat; and discovered this to be Brittania, a name thatapparently comes from Celtic Brighid-An (a version ofthe Goddess of Fire and Inspiration, and of the SacredWell which later became the chalice).

In Rome I visited two of the seven hills which somehave theorized to be the 'seven heads' of the Beast onwhich Babalon of the Book of Revelations rides -theMother of Abominations as the debauchery of paganRome? So another angle on the fire-Goddess developedin this picture...

Media: Pen.Drawn in Rome, London and Melbourne.

(c)05 Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule