including BRIGID-BABALON and the BEAST

{Being the Fool Parzival's real-ization that the Holy Grail of Spirit is enfleshed in Matter...}

A Scene from The Feast of VALHALLA (Imbolc full moon Sabbat @Montsalvat, Vict. Australia)

(Photographs -some animated by Orryelle- by Adrian and Video Stills selected by Orryelle from the footage of Soncha, Zya and Ci Orse)

After an hour or so of Feasting and drinking of Mead from the never-dry teats of the shegoat Heidrun
-to the melifluous (and not) strains of cello, violin, piano-accordian and voice-
Parzival reappears in three-pronged Jester's Cap.

He bumbles through a stack of over-sized Tarot cards (from The BOOK of KAOS Tarot), selecting at random those which seem significant to the occasion and his Quest.

He draws the 3 of Staves (left), indicating that although having arrived in the Feasting Hall of Valhalla, there is Initial Completion upon his journey, yet further travels await...

Two others raise their staves with Parzival's (right).
Then he puts the Fool's sack back on the end of his Stick and sighs, ringing his Bell and gazing wistfully at the ship on the horizon in the card, 'Ah there is still further to go, yes. For I have yet to find the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny...'

Parzival draws the Two of Swords, signifying conflict and strife, opposing forces...
Suddenly a Sword-fight breaks out behind him, two warriors arguing over a loaf of bread who -a bit drunk- soon come to blows.

One is seemingly fatally wounded...

...but then in virtually no time at all he springs up full of vigour:
'Tonight we feast and drink, so tomorrow we may fight another day!'

Amfortas (calling from the stairs, clutching the red raw wound in his side): 'If this is Valhalla, where all wounds heal overnight, then why won't my wound heal??'

Parzival (bewildered for a moment): 'Methinks perhaps twas your Destiny to be wounded thus? ...and that is a little more serious...'

Parzival draws several other cards, including the 10 of Cups (left) -a card of Clan and happy co-existence- from which he acknowledges the 100 (10 by 10) In-it-I-Ates at the Feast, the Cups from which they drink and the Pentacle plates from which they eat. He then draws the Queen of Pentacles, which leaves him rather mystified, 'Now who could this be?'

(The classic moment came when Tarot Heirophant Ra'en asked Parzival in his dallying, 'Whatare you looking for then?', at which point even as he was asked the Question, Parzival drew the Ace of Cups. It being Ritual Theatre, this was of course unrehearsed!)

Parzival the Holy Fool asks all the In-it-I-Ates at the Feast of Valhalla to light their candles in celebration of Imbolc (it being the full mooon thereof in the southern hemisphere), the Festival of Lights: each in sanction of their own inner light. All other lights fade out, and 100 tealight candles glimmer in the dark.
7 red candles are also lit on the dias at the side of hall

Parzival calls the Lady of Fire, Brigid, to join us at the Feast...

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Brigid-Babalon appears on the dias, head ablaze with seven red candles. She raises Her chalice aloft and cries out:

'All legs part for Babalon
Hearts beat in time
To Her victory song
The red carpet paved
Of bodies flayed
Make way now, make way
For Babalon, it is Her day...

(She descends the seven steps down into the Feasting Hall, and strides along the long tabletops between the feasting in-it-I-Ates)

'...The sky is heavy
With the promised gift
The Ssserpent summoned
The veils lift...

'On Her joyride down
Through the portal of Seven
Turning Her back on Heaven

A woman, all bloodied and bare
Her lips part, renouncing
Beckoning the Beast
Her lips part, announcing
"...I have cum for the Feast!" '

-(Verse by Tesssa Watson, extract from full invocation performed)

Parzival: Oh Kundry awakened anew
You as Inanna descended
Oh Holy Harlot of flaming scarlet
You who are Babalon, Magdalene,
Marie Ovarie and Brigid...

...Be off with your lewd advances
For how could I adore
One who is whore
One who thinks flesh is the door?

I seek far more than your coarse and seductive heresy
I seek the Holy Grail, the Bejewelled Palace
That sacred elusive Chalice of...


Parzival finally notices the Chalice Babalon-Brigid now holds between her thighs...

Babalon (grabbing and kissing Parzival, then flinging him away again): '...All Fools must Die!'

Parzival (voice dropping from soprano to tenor): 'Oh. I better go and write my Will then...'

He goes to podium and while w-riting it with feather-quill, orates:


This is My Will
With the Coming of the Quill
May the Word be heard
Through all time and space
May the ripples of laughter
Spread from this place
The fire-birth of peace
The Feast Of flesh
The merge and the mesh
The release

May the Word be heard
This is my Will
When the Word is written
With the SwordQyl
May the Will be executed
Upon my death; the little death
The Word of breath
Ah... I inhale spirit
...Ha! I exhale flesh
Thus I manifest
My dreams; the seams
In the tantric tapestry
In the loom I weave my destiny
In the tomb I cleave my chest for thee
In the womb I leave my best for thee
This is the Will: AHA!
This is the Way - A balance
Of inspiration and expiration

The Work of the Play
Of the Sun and the Moon
The Word and the Tune
The staff and the chalice
The sword and the stone
The gates to the palace are thrown
From the eleventh portal
The immortal childe is borne
On the outrushing tide...'

(Extract from full verse written and performed by Orryelle)


(Currently playing/downloading. Music (c)02 Kestral. Introductory Words below (c)02 Orryelle.
Lyrics (by Kestral) of full song HERE.

This is a track from
The CHORONZON MACHINE CD by The HarleQuintet.)

Parzival (leafing through tome): 'Searching for the Sanctum Grasale
Searching in the Sanctum Gradale
Searching through the pages of the Ages
But I cannot find the Soma therein
I cannot drink the ink, though the Words may make me think
The Quill can only point the Way
(he follows the direction of his feather-quill up seven steps to Babalon upon the dias holding out her Chalice)

...and lead me to the brink...

(he teeters on the edge of the 'cliff' as she dances away with cup)

'The Grail is a canon of sacred Musick
{Musick = 156 = Babalon; note unintentional crown flare in video still at left}
As Plato's laws decree
But the cup is not he drink
We cannot Feast until we Bleed
For what we reap is what we sow
So fill the Holy vesself with our seed
But we wary of what enigmatic entities we breed
As we harvest our intentions
Shedding skins of old and stagnant needs...'

PARZIVAL follows BABALON around the Feasting-Hall reaching for her cup, creating a strange dance through the feasting throng...

Holding chalice before her invitingly, BABALON lures PARZIVAL.
He seeks the Grail, she keeps eluding him with it in her dance.
She holds it before Her heart, he kneels in adoration of the Grail. She lowers it to her yoni, he follows with his eyes, she removes the outer chalice and thrusts his head between her legs, then dances away leaving him bewildered...

She lures him into a close dance with her...

Parzival: 'I drain my blood, I drain my blood into the cup of Babalon...'

Babalon(singing): 'Ev'ry last drop now every last drop
Every last drop goes into the Holy Grail'
'Ev'ry last drop now every last drop
Goes into my Holy Cup...'


(From the CHORONZON MACHINE CD. Words & Music (c)02 Orryelle.)

Babalon ripped the skin from the man,
revealing the Beast within

She rips off his three-pronged jesters-hat, revealing beneath two horns with a Baphometic candle betwixt, which she then lights as he growls and prowls and she whips him back

She said...
'Look what's underneath your skin'

And he replied with a beastly grin:

PARZIVAL: 'Oh Babalon you have flayed me with your eyes,
You know what within me lies...'

BABALON: 'I am the Grail made incarnate
And I have come to satiate...'

The Beast replied with a thrust between her thighs...

[he pounces on her, but she pushes him down onto his back, and jumps on top of him]

But he was in for a surprise

PARZIVAL: 'Babalon I am bleeding in your bed,
How can I do this when my skin is shed...'

But he kept on and he bled and bled
Babalon said...
'Fuck me- eeeeeeeEEEEheeheheaaaaahhh

... ... dead.'


'...Descending Seven
My Will be done
My Kingdom Cum
In Midgard as it is in Heaven'

The full verse and more pictures from this scene and others at The FEAST of VALHALLA will appear in the forthcoming KAOZ Magazine #1



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