The Primal Horned form of Shiva, Shiva-An, is here one half of the Hindu Hermaphrodite Ardhanarishvara, and together with Shakti-Babalon, Ardhanarishvara-An the Horned Hermaphrodite is formed. From the four-petalled Muladhara lotus rises Baphomet in tantric splendour, chakras blossoming, the cobras about hir neck echoing those about hir double-wanded phallus, the serpentine tentacular trunks of a Cthulhic Trimukka Ganapati (3-faced form of Ganesh) in recurring reflections of kundalini/DNA/eternity double helixes. The great black wings of Zos Kia famulus Black Eagle frame the passionate and beatific features of this intersection of Pan Shiva and Shub Niggurath Shakti. Io Baphomet!

Drawn in Glastonbury and London, England

Media: -pen, secretions

(c)02 Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule